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A Father A New Life Start Book 2

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Welcome to A Father A New Life Start Book 2, as we know Harry or should I say Hadrian was adopted by one Severus Tobias Snape due to almost being killed by one Vernon Dursley.

His new name being Hadrian Jameson Severus Snape.

We know that Hadrian is somewhat of a shy young man after what has happened to him but he is getting more and more confident as the story went on.

We also know that Ronald Bullius Weasley has been cast out and has become a Muggle, his magic bound so tight that he would never be able to use his magic again as well as any of his children in later years, he also has a new family as well, we might be seeing them again over the course of chapter/years/books not sure yet.

We also know that Ginvera Molly Weasley has now become a slave to the Weasley family as her magic is also been bound, she in other words is a Muggle slave, I don't condone slaves in no way shape of form it's only for the story ok!!

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is now in prison after being brought to court I wonder what is going to happen to him now, will he stay there or not??, I have plans don't worry

Hermione Jean Granger is now a werewolf which no one wanted and I thought it would be a twist and how I'm going to plan it is going to be fun so watch out. She has been a bully to Hadrian since he was adopted and it was all because of what Albus had wanted Hadrian to be, a sacrificial lamb.


We also can see some blushing relationships starting we all know about Wolfstar 🐺🎆 and everything but I wonder what is going to happen to Remus John Lupin and Sirius Orion Black?, how is their relationship going to go?

We also have Sniddle if no one knows it's Severus Tobias Snape and Tom Marvolo Riddle relationship which I think we need more of, it's a nice relationship in my book. Tom is known as Tomas Malakai Sötétség and he's been living in Hungary before coming back as a Lawyer and then he becomes Headmaster.

He also have a blossoming Darry relationship starting and I think it's kinda cute sadly I won't go through anything sexual as this is not one of those stories where I will write it all.

I hope you all like this book 2 when I get up and writing it as this is just a quick review of book 1 mind you.

I'll be drawing new front covers for the stories as I'm trying to find one where I can put our SMOL bean on as well.


sorry it's short but thats book one in a nut shell