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You Can Call Me Your Fool

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“Adora!” Catra says with a cackle. “Don’t be an idiot.”

“I’m not...I mean I didn’t say anything.”

“What?” Catra laughs again, snatching the bottle of rosé out of Adora’s hand to take a long swig. “You literally just said-”

“Well it’s true!” Adora defends before snatching the bottle right back.

“No one had a crush on me in high school!”

“Catra.” she places her palm against Catra’s cheek...well, more her ear. She’s definitely drunk. “Everyone had a crush on you in high school.”

“Are you kidding? I was such a bitch! And I wore those cat ears like, every day for three years.”

“Aw, I liked the ears.” Adora pouts and moves her hand up to run her fingers through Catra’s hair where her silly cat ear headband used to sit, staring at the spot with glazed eyes like she’s picturing her sixteen year old best friend. It’s a struggle to not close her eyes and relax into the gesture.

“They were fine until Ro accidentally ran them over I guess, but still.”

“No still!” Adora pulls her hands away and Catra sighs quietly under her breath. “And you had those pants.”

“Pants?” Catra asks, totally bewildered.

“Mmh,” Adora says with an absent nod. She shoves their shared bottle into Catra’s hand and leans over for the packet of cookies on Catra’s coffee table. “They looked good on you.”


“Pretty sure Lonnie liked you.”

Lonnie? Okay, no more wine for you-”


“Lonnie and I butted heads all the time!”

“Fine line between...hang on, I know this. It’s love and..and wrinkles.”

“You’re absurd.”

“Fine lines and wrinkles!”

“I think you mean; fine line between love and hate.” Catra tells her with a roll of her eyes before draining the bottle and setting it firmly on the side table behind her. Adora’s watching her with a pout. “What?”

“What about Glimmer?”

“Glimmer Moon?” Surely she can’t be serious…

And yet; “Uh huh.” 

“Gross, did she even like girls?”

Adora’s brow furrows and she seems to sink into the couch. “We made out.”

“At a party.” Catra points out, swallowing down irrational irritation at the memory. “You were both drunk. Besides, wasn’t she just trying to get some guy's attention?”

“That’s what I’m saying ,” Adora says emphatically, swaying slightly with the force of her words, “She was trying to get your attention. Cause she had a crush on you.”

Catra scoffs, if there’s one person in the world who definitely did not have a crush on her in highschool, it was Glimmer Moon. “Please.”

“She had a sex dream.”

Ew! Why the fuck would you say that to me?”

Adora stands abruptly. “I need more wine.”

“Okay, counterpoint; you definitely don’t though.”

“Do so.” Adora wanders off toward the small kitchen and Catra huffs. She’s serpentining slightly on her way, so if Catra doesn’t want to clean up a mess in her kitchen she had better follow her.

Sure enough, by the time Catra manages to get her ass off the couch to follow, Adora’s got an array of shit spread across the counter. There’s a few bags, looks like Adora found some tortilla chips and pretzel sticks. She’s also pulled out all the veggies Catra has in stock, which isn’t a lot or anything, but what the fuck does Adora think she’s doing? There’s also a cutting board with a lime sliced in half and a sloppily chopped onion. 

“How did you manage to do this much damage in the time it took me to get in here?”

Adora looks up from the fridge where she’s standing with the door wide open. She blinks owlishly like she’s trying to recognize Catra before a lazy grin spreads over her face. Catra feels her face get warmer and moves further into the kitchen to start tidying up after her friend. If anyone needs more wine here, it’s Catra. 

“What happened to the prosecco I brought?”

“It’s in the door, dummy. Seriously, what is all this shit?”

Adora pulls out the bottle with a triumphant, “Aha!” then turns to Catra with a dopey grin. “Will you make me guac? I tried but…”

“But?” Catra prompts with an impatient huff when Adora trails off, staring into the middle distance.

“I couldn’t find avocados.”

“Yeah, well I don’t have avocados, so you’re SOL I guess.”


“Don’t whine at me dude.”

“Wine!” Adora seems to remember then that she has a bottle in her hands. At least she didn’t drop it. Catra shoves past her to return her food to the fridge and cabinets. “Where’s your corkscrew?” She pauses and chortles. “Screw.”

Stars…” Catra mutters. Then, standing back with her hands on her hips, she gives Adora a look and says, “It’s a screw top.”

“Oh!” Equipped with that knowledge, Adora takes the top off the bottle and chugs a good third while Catra watches on. She’s mostly unfazed, waiting patiently for Adora to tire out. She can’t help the tug of amusement at the corner of her lips however, which is unfortunate. Adora pulls the bottle away from her lips and holds it out to Catra. She’s reaching over for it when Adora steps closer, right into Catra’s space making her breath catch….just to fucking burp in her face.

“Ugh! You’re so fucking nasty, Adora!” Catra snatches the bottle and turns on her heel to return to the couch. Adora follows her, cackling all the while, snacks evidently forgotten-thank fuck.

“You know who else I bet had a crush on you?”

“Not this again.” Catra falls into her seat and takes her own long pull of prosecco, wincing slightly at the burn of fresh bubbles in her throat. 


“No way! I made him pee his pants at the water park in third grade. You don’t come back from that.”

Adora snorts. “I forgot about that. No, not boy Kyle, girl Kyle. Huntara’s girlfriend senior year?”

“Ugh, she was such a drip.” 

A shrug and Adora reaches over, making grabby hands for the bottle of wine. “Probably why she liked bad girls.”

Bad girls?” Catra bends over with the force of her laughter.

“You know what I mean!”

“What? That you were a pussy in high school?”

“Pussies,” Adora says sternly with a finger wagged in Catra’s face, “are powerful.”

Catra takes a moment to mull that over before conceding with, “Fair point, a goody two shoes then.”

“Uh huh, then tell me why I always had to be the one to buy our weed.”

“Cause you were the only one with a job.” Catra answers plainly, taking the bottle back and polishing off what little Adora’s left for her. She’s gonna be wrecked tomorrow, and Catra plans to tease her mercilessly for it over brunch. 

“Whatever, there’s clearly only one thing to do.”

“Are you saying you wanna buy me weed?” Catra asks with a winsome smile.

Adora scoffs playfully and makes an attempt to shove Catra’s shoulder with her own. She mostly just falls into Catra’s lap for a second before Catra shoves her off. “We gotta ask.”

“What are you saying?”

“If everyone had a crush on you?” Catra only blinks in response. In her best game show host voice Adora says, “Survey says…”

“I’m want to, what? Contact our entire graduating class and ask them if they had a crush on me to, what? Prove a point?””

“Don’t be silly, Catra.”


“We’ll do a twitter poll.”

“Absolutely not.” 


“Adora, no.”


“Not happening.”


“Yeah, no, definitely not happening.”

Adora stares her down and Catra does her best to look as stubborn as possible. Suddenly, Adora stands and stalks away. Before Catra can call after her, Adora reappears. She has two shot glasses and Catra’s bottle of good tequila in her hands and if looking at Catra with a challenging gaze, one eyebrow raised as if daring her to say no.

“I hate you.”

Adora laughs and scurries over to the couch. “No you don’t!”

Catra watches her pour them each a shot, getting almost as much on her table so she will be buying her a new one tomorrow. She picks them up and hands one to Catra, they clink and knock them back. Adora makes a dramatic hiss and winces, but Catra just lets the booze slide down her throat. She slams the glass down and taps the tabletop for another with the short nails on her point and middle finger. Adora stares for a moment before looking up with a mischievous grin. She pours them another....and then a third. And from there the night gets hazy…

Catra wakes up Saturday morning with a pounding headache and the flavor of death in her mouth. She groans and rolls over onto her back. The move puts her almost on top of her best friend, who lets out a groan of her own. 

“I hate you.”

“Mean.” Adora grumbles, voice rough with sleep.

“Why did you have to pull out the tequila?”

Adora hums and repositions, snuggling into Catra’s side. She throws her arm around Adora’s shoulders to keep it from going numb. “To get my way.” Then she gasps and Catra grumbles at the spike in volume. “We gotta check the results!”

“Coffee first, asshole.”

Adora pauses. “Fine, yeah, good call.”

More motivated than her host, Adora rises from the bed and Catra listens to her pad off toward the bathroom with her eyes closed. It feels like she’s only just dozed off again when Adora returns to shake her back awake. 

“I had to use your toothbrush.”

Catra growls and opens one eye. “That’s disgusting.”

She just shrugs unrepentantly. “I couldn’t find mine.”

“I threw it away, it was like five months old.” Catra snaps her eye closed again and rolls over. 

“You’re literally the only person I know who replaces their toothbrush that regularly.”

“I’m also the only person you know who’s never had a cavity.”

There’s a long pause before Adora admits, “Okay, you have a point. I only use it when I stay over though, it should last at least twice as long.”


“Okay, seriously though, can you please get up? I’m hungry.”

Catra growls again but Adora doesn’t relent. In fact, Catra can practically feel the way she’s staring at her. She sits up to glare at her. “Fine. But you're going to the bodega to get me a new toothbrush.”

“Fine. But I get to borrow your super soft hoodie.”

“You’re gonna stretch it out!”

“You’ve heard my terms.”

“Whatever, get out. My mouth tastes like ass.”

When she walks out the door three minutes later, Adora is still laughing. 

Half an hour after that they’re at the diner around the corner from Catra’s place. It’s hopping given that it’s mid morning on a Saturday, but DT is at the host stand so they’re seated quickly. Adora pretends to study the menu but when a frazzled looking Perfuma wanders over with a carafe of coffee moments later they’re both ready to order.

“Okay, it’s time.” Adora says ominously before Catra’s even finished swallowing her first sip of coffee.




Adora rolls her eyes impatiently, as if she’s not the one being super vague. “The poll Catra?”

“Oh, right.”

Adora huffs. “Whatever, I’ll check it myself!”

“You do that.” Catra mumbles, watching her over the rim of her coffee cup. Adora snatches Catra’s phone off the table and unlocks it for herself. After a moment her brows furrow. She slides her finger across the phone screen once...twice...a third time. “So?”

Adora looks up with a confused little frown pinching her face. “Just one.”

“Response?” Catra snorts. “I told you no one was gonna-”

Adora shakes her head. “One yes.”

“Wait seriously?” Catra leans across the table trying to get a look at the screen. “Gimme!”

Adora allows Catra to snatch her phone back so she can look for herself. “I don’t understand.” 

Sure enough there in the yes column is one vote, coming in at 7%. “Damn,” Catra says with a light chuckle, “I can’t believe over a dozen suckers voted on this.”

“We shoulda left it open longer. It probably didn’t reach the target audience or something.”

Catra looks up to give her friend a strange look. “Huh? This is like...a solid third of my followers, who else was it gonna reach?”

“But still, just one ?”

Catra shrugs. “One more than I thought there was gonna be.”

“That’s stupid.” Adora grabs Catra’s phone back to study the screen once more. 

“Who do you think it is?” Adora doesn’t answer so Catra is left to ponder the question on her own. A minute later Perfuma wanders back over, arms laden with their order. “Hey Fuma, can I ask you something?”

“Oh sure.”

“Did you have a crush on me in highschool?”

She lets out a tinkling, seemingly involuntary laugh then claps her hand over her mouth. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Did you have a crush on me in high school?”


“Hmm, didn’t think so.”

“Maybe if you’d taken me up on some of my offers to meditate together…”

“Gross-no offence.”

Perfuma rolls her eyes. “I still say it would do you some good.” she mutters.


“Anything else I can get you ladies?”

“Nah, we’re all set. Thanks Fuma.”

She nods but hesitates before walking away. “Adora? Are you...okay?”

Catra looks over to see Adora has pulled out her own phone, leaving Catra’s in the middle of the table. She glances away from her own where she’s tapping away, maybe texting or something? “Hmm? Oh, yeah, thanks Perfuma.”

Their friend looks to Catra for confirmation. “She’s fine, just got it in her head that the entire class of 2013 was obsessed with me.”

“I never said obsessed.” Adora mutters.

Realization dawns on Perfuma’s face. “This is about your twitter poll.”


“I voted no.”


“Seriously, let me know about that meditation. I’m teaching a community class Wednesdays.”

“Sure, whatever, thanks for the food.”

“Let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks Fuma.” Adora mutters after she’s already too far away to hear her.



“Pay attention to me.”

Adora snorts at the whining but does set her phone down. “Sorry, I’m here.”

“So? Who do you think it is?”

“I-who knows?”

Catra nods absently. “What if we asked?”

“Who?” Adora asks with a laugh.

“I mean...only like, a hundred people follow me. Less than half went to high school with us. Subtract out all the people who play for the wrong teams…”

Adora laughs again and pauses with her mug of coffee halfway to her lips. “You want to ask...everyone?”

Catra grins. “You got anything else to do today?”

Adora tips her head, considering Catra for a long moment. “We’re getting ice cream with Merms later.”

“A nice break then.”

“You’re serious.”

“Curiosity killed the cat…”

“They might not admit to it.”

“...satisfaction brought it back.” Catra sings.

“You know what? I’m in.”

“Hell yes!” With Adora on board, Catra digs into her food with gusto. 

“We need to make a list, and some way to keep track. A chart maybe?”

Catra rolls her eyes. Around her pancakes she says, “I think a list in your notebook will be fine, Adora.”

“Whatever, do we even know where to find everyone?”

“Well...we’ll start with the ones we do know where to find, and go from there.” 

Adora nods her agreement, and that’s how they find themselves in the suburbs an hour later, knocking on the door of one Glimmer Moon.

She answers the door looking perfectly put together, just like when they were in school. “Adora...Catra? What are you guys doing here?”

“Sup, Sparkles?”

“Hm, just the same as ever, eh Catra?”

Catra grins at the accusation. “Adora said you had a sex dream about me back then.”


“I did not!”

“You did so.”

“I told you that in confidence, Adora.”

“I didn’t say anything!”

“To be fair,” Catra says, fully amused by this point by the bright red staining both her companions faces, “We were a couple bottles of wine deep.”

“Seriously, what do you want?”

“Well, given that you had a sex dream about me and all-” Glimmer groans and rubs roughly at her cheeks. “Did you have a crush on me back then?”

“Yeah, no.”

“Yeah? Or no? Come on, Glitter, don’t be shy.”

“You know I’m married now, don’t you?”


“Whatever, no, I didn’t have a crush on you. I mean you were hot and I was a budding bisexual, but your personality was insufferable.” She pauses to look Catra up and down. “Like I said, clearly nothing has changed since then.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Catra sees Adora making a note of Glimmer’s response. “Well, thanks for nothing.”

“Anytime. And you,” She points at Adora, who looks up in alarm, “karma’s gonna get you good, you hear me?”

Adora smiles sheepishly. “Yeah, I hear you.”

“Alright, later Shimmer.”

With one last huff, their old classmate slams the door in their faces. Unfazed, Catra looks over to Adora. “Who’s next?”

“Uh...Starla lives not too far from here.”

“Starla? Like your prom date Starla?” A sour feeling gathers in the pit of Catra’s stomach.


“Well it’s clearly not her, right?”

“I mean, not necessarily.”

“I mean, if she was into you…”

Adora shrugs and turns to make her way back to the car. “Doesn’t mean she wasn’t into you too. Might as well check while we're out this way.”

Catra huffs but follows behind her. “Fine, but we’re getting out of the suburbs after this.” She looks up and down the street and shivers. “Freaky.”

Adora hops in the car, laughing at Catra’s clear distaste. She throws on a playlist and Catra shifts awkwardly at the song choice. “Is this Danny and Alex?” she asks as Adora pulls away from the curb. 

“Hmm? Oh, yeah, Friends Kiss Too?”


“It came up on my discover weekly.” Catra rolls down her window and props her arm up. “You’ve heard it?”

“Sure have.”

“And you didn’t send it to me?” Adora shoots a smirk in her direction and Catra rolls her eyes, turning to stare out the open window. “I’m offended.”

“Sorry, didn’t realize your music taste was any good.”

“Wow! Brutal.”

“Olivia Rodrigo? How basic of you.”

“Wha...hey! Clearly that’s not what I was referencing.” She pauses to consider before adding, “Kind of a bop though. Cue it up, will you?”

“No.” Catra tells her, even as she grabs Adora’s phone to do so.

They fall into a comfortable silence, listening to the music and letting the breeze cool the air between them. Catra’s cheeks still feel flushed. Starla actually lives just a few neighborhoods away from Glimmer, so soon enough they’re pulling into the driveway of another average looking suburban home. Adora skips up the path, seeming awfully eager to see her old gal pal again. Catra takes her time following, making Adora wait for her. She gives Catra a look when she gets there, but wastes no time ringing the bell. 

They hear someone call out from the bowels of the house and wait patiently until Starla herself answers the door. She looks shocked, which is fair, glancing between them. “Oh...hi.”

“Hey Star!”

“ are you?”

“Yeah, good, I-”

“Hey,” Catra interrupts tactlessly. “You didn’t like, have a crush on me in high school, did you?”

Starla is looking in her direction now but side eyes Adora when she answers with a clearly confused, “No…”

“Great, see ya.”

“Wait!” Catra sighs at being held up. “You know, I’ve actually been looking for a couple girlbosses to-”

“Yeah, nope, we’re leaving.” Catra grabs Adora’s arm. She follows easily enough, but protests being dragged away.


“We gotta go.” 

Adora turns halfway to wave back at Starla. “Sorry! Good to see you!” They climb into the car and she turns to Catra with a bemused look. “That was rude.”

“She was trying to recruit us for a mlm, Adora.”

She lets out a short laugh. “Excuse me?”

“It was so obvious.”

“That she was trying to recruit us?”

“Duh, are you gonna start the car or what?”

“For a...mlm? Why would Starla be trying to be recruiting us for a men loving me-”

“Oh for shit’s sake! Multi level marketing, idiot.”

Adora’s brows pinch together. “Multi level…”

“A pyramid scheme?”

Ohh. Oh. Really?”

“Just start the car, Adora.”

“Psh.” Adora leans over the center console to press a quick kiss to Catra’s cheek. “Thanks for looking out for me, bestie.”

Catra scoffs around a smile. "Yeah, well. It’s a big job, but someone’s gotta do it I suppose." "So true.”

Catra rolls her eyes fondly and takes control over the music for their ride back into the city to meet Mermista. Adora complains about her choice of ‘sad girl emo shit’ until Catra threatens to switch from Lucy Dacus to Julien Baker. However, when La Vie En Rose comes on, Adora is fully into it. Which is fine, Catra guesses. Soon enough the music is cut off and they're hopping out of the car once more. Mermista texted Catra to let them know she’d gotten there early. So they head inside to order their own scoops before heading in her direction. The whole way Adora is doing her best to dig her spoon into Catra’s dish. 

“Knock it off, dude!”

“I just wanna try it!” She pouts. 

“You know they do samples, right? You tried like, eight of them?”

“Well yeah, but I felt bad asking for any more.”

“Great, so why don’t you feel bad mooching off mine?”

“Uh, because you’re my best friend? You still have to like me even when I’m being annoying.”

“Hm, wouldn’t push your luck there, babe.”

“I feel secure in our relationship, but thanks for the advice or whatever.”

“I hate you.”

“I know. Oh, there she is. Mermista!”

“Ow! You’re gonna burst one of my eardrums one of these days, I swear.”

“Aw, if I haven’t by now, I think you’re gonna be fine. Merms!”

“Damage adds up over time. I could be hard of hearing by the time we’re thirty.”

“Fine, then I’ll buy you a hearing aid, will you hurry up?”

“Sorry not all of us have your freakishly long legs, I’m not fucking running to keep up with you.”



Finally, their friend looks up from her phone. When they get a bit closer she gives them a deadpan look and asks, “Why didn’t you text me?”

Catra huffs at the insolence but Adora just laughs, dropping into a cross legged position on Mermista’s blanket. Catra follows suit, curling her legs under herself. Adora shakes her head and asks, “Why didn’t you look up when I was calling you?”

“Uh, because I didn’t hear you? Obviously.”

“Hm, a likely story.”


“How ya doing, Merms?”

“Fine, Hawk took me out on the boat this morning.”

“Aw, date!” Adora coos, making another attempt to steal from Catra. She just elbows her in the side. 

“It was not a date.”

Adora pauses her assault to side eye their friend with a knowing grin. “Sure it wasn’t.”

“Whatever, what have you two been doing?”

“Someone has a crush on me.” Catra grins slyly, pausing her defense long enough for Adora to finally snag a bit of her ice cream. “Asshole.”

“Don’t be a sore loser, Cat.”

“Is this about your twitter poll thing?” 


“I saw that.” Mermista looks between them, expression unchanging. “I said no.”

“Gee, thanks Mermmy.”

“You bet. What was the deal with that anyway?”

Catra laughs and looks to her best friend. “Wine Drunk Adora was convinced everybody was in love with me in high school-”

“They basically were!”

“so she made a twitter poll.”  Catra pauses. “Well, she plied me with tequila until I agreed to make a twitter poll. Even though I told her that no one did.”

But,” Adora cuts in, snagging another bite of Catra’s food-which earns her an elbow in her ribs. “one person said yes. So now she wants to know who it is.”

“Right…” Mermista’s eyes trail lazily between them for a minute, like she’s watching a tennis match in slow motion. “So what have you been doing all day exactly?”

“Asking around.” Adora says. 

“Did you know Glimmer Moon had a sex dream about me in high school?”

Mermista’s eyebrows fly high and Adora groans, her face burning. “I still can’t believe I let that slip!”

“Are you kidding me?” Catra asks with an incredulous laugh. “I can’t believe it took you a decade to fess up. Thought you told me everything, Greyskull.”

If at all possible, Adora’s face goes even redder. “Not everything.”

“Adora,” Catra admonishes, “You call me to tell me everything you’ve eaten in a day.”

“I did that once! And you have to admit, it was pretty impressive.”


“Once-ish then.”


“So…” Mermista interrupts, looking for all the world like she’d like to leave, “was it Glimmer then?”

Catra shrugs. “Apparently not. We talked to Starla too.”

“Apparently she wanted to rope us into a pyramid scheme.” 

Mermista groans. “Oh yeah, she’s into that essential oil shit these days. She messaged me on facebook. I didn’t even know I still had a facebook.”


“Totally. So, who else is left on your list?”

“Well, we DM’d girl Kyle, cause she’s outta state now.”

“She forgot who Catra is.” Adora says with a snort.

“Fuck off! And eat your own damn ice cream.”

“But yours is better.”

“Sucks to suck, dummy.” Adora pouts and Catra turns away. “Let’s see, oh it was a no from Perfuma-which I figured. Spinny and Net might have voted, but they’re still together somehow, so I think it’s safe to assume it’s not them.”

“Oh, I messaged them.” 

“What? Why?”

Adora shrugs and manages to get another bite of ice cream, but this time she dribbles hot fudge across her lap. Idiot. “No stone unturned. They said no though.”

“Told you. Anyway, that leaves Huntara, Scorpia, Trap, Lonnie and Emily. There’s a couple guys who might have voted but I think I’d rather not know if it was them to be honest.”

“Well if it helps narrow it down, Sea Hawk voted no.” Mermista tells them. “We saw it at the same time.”

“Ooh, that does help!” Adora grabs her notebook out of her bag and makes a note. 

“Do you think whoever it is will even be honest with you?” Mermista asks, surprisingly interested. Then again, the girl has always loved a good mystery. 

“Maybe not.” Adora answers, looking up from her notes.

“But I have an excellent bullshit detector.”

“So, where are you off to next?”

“Honestly, I’m getting kinda tapped; still hungover.” Catra says, looking over to Adora for confirmation. “I think we might wait till tomorrow to wrap it up?”

She nods, “Yeah, I should hit the gym today anyhow.”

“Cool, well I can give you a ride home if you want, Catra, but I should head out in ten minutes or so.”

“Ooh, if that’s okay with you, babe, the gym’s in the opposite direction.”

“Sure, works for me. Thanks Mermmy.”

“Whatever, don’t make a big thing of it.”

The three chat for a few more minutes before parting ways, and Catra follows Mermista to her sleek, little blue sports car. Instead of starting up the car, her friend turns in her seat to give Catra an even look. 


“So. What about Adora?”

“What about her?”

“Well you’re like, in love with her, right?”

What? No! She’s my best friend.”

“Uh huh, I’m not hearing a no.”

“I definitely just said no.”


“You’re so fucking weird.”

Mermista turns and finally starts the car. “Well who do you want it to be then?”

Catra blanches. “I-no one in particular. I’m just curious.”

Mermista turns, putting her arm on the back of Catra’s seat, to check her blind spot. “You seem awfully pressed for just morbid curiosity.”

“Okay...I mean, what are you saying?”

“What if it was Adora? How would you feel?”

“It’s literally not though. We wouldn’t be going on this stupid, wild goose chase if it was.”

“Mm hmm.”

“Seriously, what is wrong with you? I do not like Adora.”

“Fine.” Mermista is quiet for a deceptively long time, because when she breaks her silence it’s with, “So, explain the last fifteen years to me then.”

“I have no idea what you’re going on about.”

“I’m sure.”

“Adora doesn’t want me, not like that, okay?” Catra answers, barely keeping the bite out of her voice. Mermista continues to side eye her.



They stop at a red light and Mermista turns to look at her. “Stop being stupid at the expense of your own happiness.”

“I’m not! Why are you so invested in this anyway?”

“In what? The ‘will they won’t they?’ couple of the century?”

“Oh please!”

“I’m just saying.” The light turns green and Mermista turns away from Catra once more. It feels like a ten pound weight is lifted from Catra’s chest. “There was a betting pool senior year, you know.”

Excuse me?

Mermista nods. “Sea Hawk lost two hundred bucks.” She gives Catra a haughty look. “It’s why we didn’t get a limo for prom.”

“I’m sorry, what was this bet exactly?”

“That you’d get together by prom. A few people put money on graduation though.”

“Uh huh.”

“Lonnie and Frosta, that underclassman? They split the pool.”

“Wow, that’s...really fucking invasive.”

Mermista shrugs, no hint of guilt in the gesture. “Entrapta started it.”

“Fucking hell.”

They turn into Catra’s apartment complex and Mermista rolls to a stop. “Just...think about it.”


“You could do a lot worse.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“So could she.”

“Got it.”

“And D’riluth?”

What Mermista?”

“You’re a fucking idiot if you don’t fess up when the opportunity presents itself.”

Catra stares at her for a minute before climbing out with a growl, slamming the door closed behind her. 


Adora wakes up Sunday morning with a weird sinking feeling in her stomach. She could reflect on why, but when she rolls over and sees she’s overslept by twenty minutes she decides to skip it. It’s probably nothing anyway. She grabs her phone off her side table and scrolls through her notifications. Nothing major, a couple likes on twitter, some emails that can wait another day, and a text from Catra. Adora’s stomach flips and sinks further. Maybe she ate something weird.

Catra: hey, still on for 10? Scorp has a shift at 9, figured we could start with coffee.

Adora sighs and texts back an affirmative, but thinks maybe she should go for a mint tea instead. She climbs out of bed and gets dressed for her run. She’s short on time but it ends up being a good call; the steady pace and the thrum of music through her earbuds helps clear her mind. Of course, when she returns to her apartment twenty minutes later, sweaty and out of breath, to find Catra sitting in front of her door the sinking feeling comes right back. Maybe some self reflection would have been a good call after all. 

“Not sure I’ve ever seen you looking so hot, Greyskull.”

Adora huffs and shoves past her to unlock her door. “I assume you’re speaking literally.”

“Obviously. Do you have eggs?”

“Why, are you making me breakfast?”

Catra pauses in the doorway to frown at her. “You didn’t eat before your run?”

“I had a smoothie. Are you coming in or what?”

“Yeah, yeah. And yeah, I can make something for you too.”

“And why are you making something here? I thought we were meeting at the coffee shop.”

“I forgot to go grocery shopping.”


What? There are much more important matters to attend to this weekend.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Uh, finding out who has a crush on me. Obviously.”

Adora stares at Catra for a second. “Obviously.” She turns away to start walking down the hall even as she says, “Make whatever you want, I’m gonna shower.”

Catra calls after her, but Adora doesn’t hear what she says. She’s already too far gone into the recesses of her own mind. Under the spray of the shower she finally takes a moment to sit with her thoughts. She doesn’t like them; shocker . She knows she put herself in this position, she’s the one who strong armed Catra into posting that stupid poll anyhow. And now they’re running around town to find out who has a crush on Catra. Adora’s best friend. She sighs and lays her head against the cool tile of the shower wall as steaming water continues to pound against her back. 

Naturally they’re starting the day with Scorpia. Might as well plan on ending the day there too. Everyone knew about Scorpia’s crush. Even Catra, though she still seems to be in denial about it. At least she’ll have time to go grocery shopping when they finish early. Peeling herself off the shower wall, Adora finally starts to actually bathe herself. 

It’s not like Adora’s a total mess over this. It’s fine! She's just confused really, being gay with a hot best friend will do that to a person; it's not like she has feelings for her. She just doesn’t think she should have to participate in playing matchmaker is all. Evidently Glimmer was right, karma’s got its claws dug firmly into Adora’s back. She laughs mirthlessly at the thought as she lathers shampoo into her hair. A knock on the bathroom door startles her so bad her eyes fly open and soon the left is stinging with shampoo.


“Adora?” Concern is clear in Catra’s voice as she opens the door to let herself into the bathroom.

“What’s up, Cat?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yep, totally fine.” Her voice is clearly strained, but Adora hopes she won’t be called on it.

“Okay...I can’t find any onions.”

“Uh...they’re not on the counter?"

“Oh no, they are. I just decided to skip the most obvious place.”

Adora laughs, though the sound is drowned out by the water streaming down her face. Once she’s pretty sure all the soap is out of her eyes, she pulls back and wipes the water from her face. “There might be an open one in the fridge. In the little door cubby with the butter.”

“Weird, but okay.” Without another word Catra exits and Adora sighs. It’s gonna be a long ass day. 


The thought rings true even before they make it out the door; Adora really woke up on the wrong ass side of the bed. Struggling doesn’t even begin to cover it. By the time they make it to the cafe where Scorpia works all thoughts of mint tea are gone, and Adora finds herself ordering a quad. 

Catra side eyes her at the order. “Dude, what is up with you?”

“Nothing.” Adora grumbles back. “I just didn’t sleep well. Isn’t Scorpia supposed to be here?” She looks around, but Sven took their order and a perky looking teen whose name tag says Flutterina is working the bar. 

“Yeah, she must be on break, I texted her though. Let’s just sit and have our drink, alright?”

“Sure, that’s fine.”

They find a free table and after setting her stuff down, Catra goes to wait for and fetch their order. She sets the cups down upon her return and flops in her chair. Before she’s even settled Adora has guzzled down half her cup. “Okay, seriously, are you okay?”

Adora scowls at her. “You know pressing doesn’t help, right?”

Catra’s eyes go wide and a single brow lifts, but she throws her hands up. “Point taken. I didn’t-”

“Wildcat!” Adora drinks nearly to the bottom of her coffee cup. Catra stands as Scorpia approaches their table and allows herself to be enveloped in a bear hug. It’s her and Scorpia’s thing . Just her and Scorpia; no one else gets to hold Catra like that. Setting Catra down, Scorpia finally acknowledges Adora’s presence. “Adora, hello!”

It’s friendly enough, but it’s no secret that Scorpia’s never really been Adora’s biggest fan. Her friends used to chalk it up to jealousy, but Adora’s never been so sure. It’s probably her personality, whatever facet that’s prevented Catra from- Adora nips the unproductive line of thought in the bud. “Hey Scorpia, good to see you.”

“Yeah, you too.” 

She pulls up another chair and Catra falls back into her own. “So, what are you two doing here?”

“So,” Catra laughs, suddenly nervous. Just as suddenly Adora becomes consumed with a loose thread on the hem of her tank top. “this is sort of...weird, but did you see my twitter poll?”

Adora sees Scorpia’s cheeks turn pink from the corner of her eye. “Uh...about the crush thing? Yeah, why?”

“Well, someone voted yes.” There’s a pause wherein Scorpia either doesn’t get or chooses not to acknowledge the implied question. “Was it you? I mean, well what I mean to say is, did you...have a crush on me? In high school.”

Adora looks up for Scorpia’s answer. She looks uncomfortable, rubbing the back of her neck and chuckling awkwardly. “Well I...I mean I did. I’m not the one who voted yes on your poll though. I um, I felt...weird? Voting yes. I figured you already knew, I wasn’t exactly subtle back then.”

“Oh. I uh, I didn’t. Know, that is. I guess I wondered once or twice but…”

“Right. Well. Like I said.”

“Yeah, no. Totally.” Catra cringes and Adora resumes her struggle with the loose thread.

“Okay, well my break is about over so I should probably hop back on. Are you still coming for game night on Friday?”


“Great!” There’s a pause and Adora looks up. Scorpia is standing again, looking at her uncomfortably. “And Adora, you’re of course totally welcome to come as well…”

“Oh.” Adora would be lying if she said she wasn’t surprised. She’s also pretty sure she’s not imagining the relief on Scorpia’s face when she says, “I already have plans that night, but thanks.”

“For sure, for sure. Alright, well I’ll see ya!”

After Scorpia wanders back behind the counter, Catra turns to eye Adora. “Plans? You have a hot date I don’t know about or something?”

Adora just scoffs. “Are you ready to go?”

Catra frowns but nods slowly. “Sure…”

“Great.” Adora stands abruptly, tossing her empty cup in the bin and moving toward the door without looking to see if Catra is with her.

“Adora?” Catra’s voice comes from half a step behind her, and Adora slows long enough for Catra to fully catch up.

“Guess I was right, huh?”

“Right? Right about what?”

“I told you there were a bunch of people crushing on you in high school.” She’s trying for teasing, she’s not sure she hits the mark though.

Catra laughs anyway. “I’m not sure two people counts as ‘a bunch’, Adora.”



A couple steps further and Adora realizes that Catra’s stopped in the middle of the path. There’s a small park between the coffee shop and where they parked, and they’ve landed under a stretch of trees. The shade is just cool enough to leave small goosebumps on Adora’s arms and legs. 

“Why are you stopping?”

“What is up with you today? I don’t wanna push but I just...stars, Adora, you’ve had a bug up your butt since I got to your apartment. If you’re not up for this today-”

“I’m fine, Catra. Would you drop it?”

“You’re being weird.”

“I’m just worn out. I have a lot on my mind.”

“A lot on your mind? A lot on your mind, what does that mean?”

“Nothing! It means what it means. Can we go please? We’re gonna miss our appointment with Entrapta.”

“Adora.” She doesn’t appreciate Catra’s tone; it makes her feel like a petulant child and eats up the last of her patience.

Enough, Catra. I said I’m fine, so either let’s go or you can call it.” Catra stares at her, bows furrowed in a look of uncharacteristic concern. “Whatever.” Adora huffs, “I’m going to the car. Take your time, I guess.”

Adora turns on her heel and resumes her path back to the car. It takes a minute, but soon she hears Catra behind her. They climb into the car within moments of one another and are on the road in record time. No one bothers to put on music, and the ride is spent in awkward silence. Adora hates it, even more so because she knows it’s mostly her fault. When they get to the building where Entrapta works, Adors shuts off the car with a sigh, but makes no move to climb out. Catra doesn’t so much as unbuckle. 

“I’m sorry I’m cranky.” Adora says.

“You’re fine.” Catra’s voice is unusually small, and it makes emotion well up in Adora’s chest. “Sorry for pushing.”

“You’re fine.”

Adora watches two minutes tick by on the dash clock. “You wanna go in?”

“Yeah, we’re gonna be late. Let’s go.”

The building is intimidating. Entrapta works for some high profile robotics company, and an assistant is in the lobby waiting to take them up when they arrive. It’s all very...sterile. Adora feels underdressed in her shorts and striped tank. She wonders if Catra feels the same but her face is impassive. Taking a leap of faith, Adora reaches out for her hand. Her heart stops in the ten second it takes her best friend to clasp her hand back, and restarts the instant she gives it a comforting and familiar squeeze of reassurance. 

The elevator lets them off on the eleventh floor, and they follow the assistant to a corner office. And there, sitting at a formidable looking desk, is Entrapta Dryl playing her old friend Emily Stevenson at rock ‘em sock ‘em robots. 

“Ah ha!” she cackles maniacally as the red robot's head pops up. “I win again! Oh.” She looks up, registering them at last. “Thanks Hordak. Catra, Adora, it is nice to see you.”

“If that’s everything Miss Dryl.”

“Oh yes, yes, all set Hordak! Guys, you remember Emily.”

“Yeah.” Catra clears her throat at the roughness of her voice. “Good to see you both., weird question for both of you-”

“Is this about your twitter poll?”

Catra startles and she and Adora share a look. “Uh...yeah.”

“Scorpia texted me.”

“Ah, of course she did.”

“It’s a very interesting case. Obviously it wasn’t Scorpia, and I’m assuming it wasn’t Adora either since she’s investigating with you.”

“Yeah...sorry, why is that interesting?”

“Well those are the two people who most obviously had feelings for you in high school.” Adora swears the room in the air freezes, that time stops. She’s not sure whose hand has gone clammy, hers or Catra, but is sure it would be much too damming to drop it now. And still Entrapta prattles on. “It could of course be a man or non-binary person interested in women, but you wouldn’t return the former’s favor, so hopefully not. Also I think most of the boys hated you since you were so violently anti-man back then.”

“I was not!” Catra defends, dropping Adora’s hand in the process. She surreptitiously wipes it on her shorts as Catra continues. “I liked some guys….Bow was mostly okay. When he wasn’t being overly friendly.”

“You stabbed three boys with sporks in the cafeteria. Sea Hawk three times.” Entrapta states matter of factly. Adora looks to see what Emily is making of all this, but she’s picked up her phone and seems to be tuning them out entirely.

“Okay, well two of them were being gross and Sea Hawk...I mean, can you blame me?”

“I am not here to assign blame. Now, I assume you came here to check if it was Emily or myself?”


“Did you know that I’m aromantic?”

“Wait, what? How has this never come up?”

Entrapta shrugs. “I don’t find the topic very interesting. It wasn’t Emily either. She doesn’t like bad girls.”

“I wasn’t a bad girl!”

“Did you forget about the spork thing? We were just talking about it. You got suspended three of the four times…”

Catra groans and Adora can’t help but snicker at her getting called out so blatantly. Catra makes sure to glare at her. “Whatever. Well, since you’ve thought about this so much apparently, who do you think it is?”

“Hmm, well you’re very good at reading people, and no one you’ve asked so far is an especially accomplished liar-

Thank you.”

“Lonnie perhaps? Or Kyle could be lying, since she answered digitally.”

“Hmm, that's true… What about Huntara?”

“I think she liked Adora, but she could have liked you both, I suppose."

"We were gonna leave Huntara till last anyway." Adora points out.

"True, alright, well we should go track down Lonnie, I guess. Thanks Trap, you gonna be at Scorp’s game night?"


"Great, see you then. Bye Emily." Emily just shoots them a passive wave, not bothering to look up from her phone.

"Good to see you guys." Adora says with a wave. She turns to follow Catra but before she gets very far Entrapta pipes up again.

"Adora! Can we talk to you for a second?"

She sends Catra a look, silently asking her if she minds and/or if she knows what this is about. Catra just shrugs. "Go ahead, just gimme your keys and I'll get the ac going."

"Sure, Entrapta." Adora hands over her keys and waits until the door clicks shut behind Catra. "So...what's up?"

"Was it you?"

"Was what me?"

"Catra’s singular like. I assume she didn't ask you, so you wouldn't have had to lie. Based on my data it should be either you or Scorpia. Of course there are other variables to consider, Emily thought it might be someone saying yes as a joke. I don't really get how that's funny though."

Adora laughs awkwardly. ", Entrapta, it wasn't me. I was with Catra the whole time."

"Hmm, very interesting. I'll update my notes, thank you."

"Sure...I'm just gonna, uh, go now then."

"Okay! Bye Adora." 

With an awkward nod Adora makes haste and power walks through the building and back to her car. Catra is lounging in the passenger's seat, her chair reclined back all the way, with all the windows down. She has some old nineties song coming over the speakers. Adora laughs and leans in through Catra’s window.

"Is this fucking Hootie and the Blowfish?"

Catra cracks one eye open and howls along with the chorus, "I only wanna be with you-ooo!"


Catra’s eye closes again and she smirks. "Don't harsh on my jams, asshole."

Adora scoffs, pushing off the car and circling around to take the driver's seat. "Your jams? Since when do you jam out to mom rock?"

"Fuck off. It's a nineties playlist, and I am a nineties babe."

"If Jewel comes on after this we're turning it off."

Catra sits her seat up and makes a face of mock offence. Adora ignores her and starts the car. "Jewel is an icon. Ahead of her time even."

"I mean, sure. She just has that warbling thing and it'll be stuck in my head forever."


"Wow, okay, why are you so mean to me?"

Catra laughs at the teasing. "Cause you make it so easy." Adoora rolls her eyes fondly, flicking her eyes away from the road to smile over at her best friend. "What did Entrapta want anyway?"

Adora snorts. "She asked if it was me who said yes."

"To the poll?"

"Uh huh."

"Hmm, makes sense, I guess. She does like to rule out all her variables or whatever."

"Yeah, maybe."

"You think it's Lonnie then?"

Adora shrugs and hangs a left at the light. "Maybe, not sure who else it would be at this point."

"Maybe it's a joke." Catra says casually, turning to look out the window. She sticks her arm out and watches it ride the air currents. "Or someone hit it by accident or something. Might not even be someone we graduated with."

Adora eyes her carefully. "Maybe…"

"It's kind of funny if you think about it."

"How do you mean?"

"Just seeing all the gays we went to school with. And I don't even give a shit if most of them liked me back then. Like, it's funny but what a waste of time, you know? Like, am I really gonna date Huntara of all people?"

"Well sure...I thought you were just curious though."

"I was. Or, well I am. It's just...I don't know."

She trails off into silence and Adora knows better than to push. Instead she waits for the next song to come on and turns the volume up a couple notches for the Spice Girls. By the time they make to to Lonnie's, Catra is is singing along.

They approach the door of a small, green bungalow and when Catra doesn't knock, Adora takes charge. Just when she starts to think no one's home the door opens to reveal...Kyle. Boy Kyle. 

"Adora? Catra? Hey, it's so good to see you both! Come in, come in."

Catra and Adora share a look and the latter manages a slow, hesitant, "Thanks Kyle."

They follow him inside the house and he leads them down a short hall to a large open concept living room. It's nice, homey even. Not what either of them would have expected for Lonnie. Then again, neither of them expected Kyle to answer the door.

"Please, have a seat. Wow, you know this is such a nice surprise. We were actually just talking about you two." He laughs light heartedly and drops into the chair adjacent to the loveseat the two women have chosen to share. "Saw your post on twitter, Catra. Honestly, I was kind of surprised there was only one yes."

"Thank you?"

"Sure, sure. So, what brings you two by anyhow?”


“Are you by chance,” Adora interrupts, “living with...Lonnie these days.”

At first, Kyle just gapes at her. It’s hella awkward for a minute, but then he breaks out laughing. “Wait, you guys didn’t know?”

The women exchange a look. “Know what?” Catra asks.

“Well Lonnie and I, and Rogelio too actually-I mean he and I have been since- but that’s not the point. Yes, Lonnie and I both live here.”

“And Rogelio?” Adora asks with narrowed  eyes, the picture shaping up quickly in her mind.

Kyle laughs and nods. “Yep.”

“I’m sorry.” Catra says. “Am I understanding correctly that the three of you are together.”

“Few years now. Ro and I dated senior year of course but-”

“Hold up, you what?

 “Oh yeah, messy breakup freshman year of college, it was a whole thing. But we reunited at the five year reunion, and Lonnie too, and we are.”

“How did we not know this?” Catra asks Adora.

“Psh, cause we were kind of caught up in our own little worlds as I remember it.”

“Fuck you, I was extreamly gregarious.”


Anyway,” Kyle butts back in, “were you looking for Lonnie then.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

“Gotcha, well she works late tonight but I can tell her you stopped by!”

“Right...Kyle, you don’t happen to know...did Lonnie have a crush on me? In high school I mean.”

He laughs right in her face, and Catra looks downright affronted. “I’m so sorry! But no, she respected you a lot but I think she hated your guts sometimes too.”

“Yeah, well the feeling was mutual.” Catra mutters. Kyle either doesn’t hear it, or chooses to ignore it. 

“Is this about the one yes on your poll then?”


Kyle just laughs at the bluntness. “Of course. Well, yeah, I can tell you for sure that it wasn’t Lonnie. I was there when she voted. Hope you find them though!”

“Pft, we’ll see. Only person left to ask is Huntara. It’s her or someone being an asshole.”

“Or a straight dude.” Adora points out.

“Like I said.”

“Okay, well thanks for letting us drop in unannounced, Kyle. We’ll get out of your hair.”

“Anytime! The five of us should get together soon. Ooh, maybe a game night!”

Catra makes no effort to hide her eye roll as she stands. “Call Scorpia, I’m sure you two can work something out.”

“Aw, how is Scorpia these days?” Kyle asks, following them to the door to send them off.

“Oh, same as ever.”

“She really is just the sweetest.” Adora does a much better job than Catra of withholding her reaction. Her eye maybe twitches with the effort. Just a little. Kyle pulls the door open and sends them out with a wave. “Well, again, so good to see you both. Drive safe now!”

The chorus a goodbye and head down the drive to pile into the car. Once inside Adora collapses into her seat and says, “I can’t believe it wasn’t Lonnnie.”

“Well, that makes one of us.”

“You know…” Adora smirks at her best friend, “It’s gonna be totally crushing if we don’t find whoever this is.”

Catra shoots her just about the flattest stare she can muster up. “Yeah, go ahead and take me home now.”

“Aw, come on, that was funny!”

“I hate you.”

“Expert word play.”

“Start the car, Adora.”

Adora chortles to herself but does as directed. “Do you want dinner before we track down Huntara? It’s getting kind of late.”

“Yeah, I could eat. Wanna do burgers?”

“Works for me.”

With a nod, Adora directs the car to the old drive-in across town. It works out perfect since it’s close to the club Huntara bounces at. Hopefully she’ll be working the door tonight and they can just get a quick answer and call it. Adora parks and places their regular order when the server skates over. In no time, they’re chowing down.

“So,” Adora asks around a mouthful of fries, “what if it is Huntara?”

Catra finishes the drink she’s taking of Adora’s oreo shake and responds with a small frown on her face and a pinch between her brows. “What do you mean?”

“Are you gonna ask her out?” Adora tries to picture it, the vision might bother her more if it wasn’t totally absurd. Not that the idea of Catra getting a girlfriend bothers her. It just….it totally does. Not cause she’s jealous! Just sometimes girls get weird about their dynamic and it always makes things awkward.

Huntara? No way. It’ll be fucking hilarious though. Can you imagine seventeen year old Huntara crushing on me back then?” She asks the presumably rhetorical question with a laugh.

“You did have...very different interests.”

“Pft, you could say that.”

“And...what if it’s not her?”

Catra considers this for a moment then grins slyly. “Well, we will be at a club. Maybe we get a shot.”

“Catra! I’m driving.”

“So we’ll dance it off before we leave, it’s one drink.”

“Not really that kind of bar, Cat.”

The pinch between Catra’s brows is back. Adora thinks about smoothing it away with her thumbs but her hands are all greasy. She shoves more fries in her mouth instead. “Uh...what kind of bar is it then?”

“Did you really not-never mind. It’s a titty bar.”

“Wait, what?”

“Adora laughs at Catra’s near spit take. “It’s literally called Loo Kee Lou’s!”

“I thought it was Lucky Lou’s, fuck me.”

“Oooh, I think that’s technically  prostitution, and therefore not allowed. We could get you a lap dance though!” Adora cackles at the color that rushes to Catra’s face.

“Fuck off.”

“Rude, and after I bought you dinner.”

“We haven’t paid yet, genius.”

“Oh, my bad. Dinner’s on you then? Wish I’d’ve known, woulda gone for that third burger…”

“You disgust me.”

“Wow, seems a little judgemental, but okay.”

“It’s not fucking judgemental, I’m just tired of watching you talk with your fucking mouth open, stars Adora, can you swallow then say stupid shit?”

Adora very pointedly chews her bite of burger, holding eye contact with an impatient looking Catra until she swallows. “Did you know that the earth is actually flat.”

“Oh for shit’s sake.” Catra grumbles, balling up her wrappers and going to shove them in her empty cup.

“No seriously, Christy Columbus-great guy by the way- well he discovered it-”

“That’s just offensive.”

“Aw, even if it’s mocking?”

“You are actually the worst, you know that, right?”

Adora shrugs and crumples up the wrapper of her own burger. “I know.”

“Whatever, just flag them down so we can get going, will you?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Adora throws an arm around Catra’s neck. “You’re my best friend, you know that?”

Immediately Catra starts trying to shove her way out of what could almost be considered a headlock. “Obviously! Now get off of me.”

Adora gives her a quick noogie for good measure which has Catra screeching, then pulls away. She flicks on her headlights to get the server’s attention and soon enough they’re on their way to Loo Kee Lou’s Lunarium. Adora finds street parking a couple blocks away and they make the walk bickering about whether or not the space was fully legal

“You realize,” Adora says as they approach the bar, “that if I get a ticket it’s not like you have to pay for it, right?”

“No shit, dummy. If you get towed however, that’s gonna fuck me over.”

“Ever heard of Uber?”

Catra just scoffs and rolls her eyes. Then she glances at the door to the bar and her eyes go wide. “Oh shit, there she is.”

“Last person on the list, how do you feel?”

“Eh, not that stressed. It’s only Huntara.” And with that she marches right up to her final potential secret admirer. 

“Well, well, well, look who it is.”


“Kitty, right? And Adora, good to see ya.”

Adora manages to get a “Hi Huntara.” out over Catra’s growl.

“I know you know my name, asshole. Did you have a crush on me in highschool?”

There’s an amused twinkle in Huntara’s eyes and a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. “Nah, did on Blondie though.” She shifts her gaze to a now blushing Adora. “You single these days?”

“Oh, uh.”

“She has a boyfriend.” Catra says-much to Adora’s utter bewilderment. But then she sees an indistinguishable flash in her best friend’s eye and gets the joke. Kind of.

Huntara looks less than convinced. “That so?”

Both she and Catra look at Adora. “Uhh...I’m gay.”

Catra literally face palms and Huntara lets out that same booming laugh Adora remembers hearing echo through the halls of their high school. “Yeah, I figured.” Then she gives Catra a look Adora can’t begin to understand and says, “I get it though, not trying to step on any toes.”


“Whatever.” Catra cuts off Adora’s confusion. “Can we go in?”

Huntara’s eyebrows raise but she says, “Have a good time, ladies.”

A clipped, “Thanks.” and Catra drags Adora through the doors. 

It seems that someone is in the middle of a performance on a large stage that sits dead ahead when Catra and Adora walk in. The performer is very...talented. And sexy-seriously, how do people even move like that? The place is pretty empty seeing as it’s a Sunday evening, so they turn to the right and walk right up to the bar. 

“Just one drink?” Adora verifies.

Catra glances up from a menu she’s found laying out the counter and smiles mischievously. “I did find that really good spot. You could stay all night if you really wanted, pick it up in the morning.”

“Catra!” Adora admonishes with a laugh. “You’re a terrible influence. You didn't even think it was a real spot. And anyway, I have work tomorrow.”

“Not until two!”

“And errands to run.”

“So put them off.”


“I’m just’s been so long since we just went out and let loose. You’re really trying to tell me these cocktails aren’t calling your name?” Catra continues to wheedle.

Adora stares her down but she doesn’t relent. And she does have a point, they don’t really go out after dark much these days. Adora’s pretty regimented, if she’s not in bed by ten she’s a total monster. At that thought she glances at the clock, it is only eight “Fine, but we leave at half nine.”

Catra rolls her eyes but agrees with a proffered hand and a, “Deal!” When the bartender walks over she places their order and the night begins.


Two hours later Adora has forgotten entirely about the concept of a bedtime. They’d gotten a wad of singles each and are having a gay ol’ time. Catra walks over with their fourth round, sloshing a bit over the side as she sets the drinks down on their table near the stage. She whoops at an especially impressive move the dancer on stage pulls off and grabs a handful of ones. The dancer sees her and makes her way over, grinning saucily as Catra tucks the bills under her bra strap.

As Catra sits Adora stands abruptly, knocking into the table and sloshing out even more of their drinks. “I gotta pee.”

Catra whoops again and then flashes her a look. “Have fun, I’ll miss you.”

Adora scoffs playfully and walks away, remembering to grab her phone at the last second. She finds her way to the toilets and closes herself into a stall, falling onto the seat heavily. She unlocks her phone and finds herself on twitter, scrolling through words that blur and swim across the screen. It’s then that Adora remembers why she and Catra are at this bar in the first place. Her snort echoes in the empty bathroom and she pulls up the poll Catra posted two days ago now.

She drops her phone. Her screen cracks. The world tilts on its axis. Or maybe she’s just drunk, but still. 

With shaky hands Adora finishes her business, washes her hands, and exits the bathroom. When she walks out, Catra is reclined in her seat, scrolling through her own phone. It looks like the dancers are on break, slightly more low key music coming through the speakers now. Catra’s fourth drink is drained. Adora walks up to the table, picks up her own, and drains that too. Catra watches her and whistles when she slams the empty glass on the counter.

Hey Adora.” Catra grins lazily, beautifully, and her words slur ever so slightly. “It’s after ten, do I need to put you to bed?”

Adora feels her cheeks heat and unconsciously her hands move up to press against them. She clears her throat and nods, letting her hands drop. “Ahem, yeah, probably a good idea.”

Catra frowns, sitting up in her chair and looking at Adora more closely. “You feeling okay?”

“Yeah, just, uh, crashing.” Adora mumbles.

Catra nods and stands. “Cool, let's go outside and call a ride. I’ll have them make a stop for us both.”

Adora follows Catra outside and watches her call them a ride, a small concerned frown on her face. “I had fun tonight.” pops out of her mouth.

Catra looks up and smiles. “Yeah?”

“Yeah, I like it. I like you.” Adora feels her face turning even more red as she fumbles with her words. “I like spending time...with you.”

Catra laughs. “I like spending time with you too, Dor.” 

They fall into a more comfortable silence after that-well, more comfortable from Catra’s end; Adora is spinning out a little bit. The phrase, ‘A drunk gay’s words are a sober gay’s thoughts’ keeps running through her head as she tried to remember voting on Catra’s poll. Because she must have. She pulls it up on her phone surreptitiously just to be sure. Sure enough, clear as day it indicates that she’d voted yes. The one elusive yes.

And had she? She wonders when Catra guides her into the prius that comes to pick them up. Had she had a crush on Catra that is. In high school. Everyone else always seemed to think so.’s not like she feels any differently about Catra now than she did then. So if she did have a crush on her back then that would mean….

The car approaches her building and Adora panics; this feels like a now or never moment. She unlocks her phone and drops it in Catra’s lap wordlessly. Adora watches Catra’s face contort with confusion and she bites nervously at her nails. 

“What…” Catra laughs to herself a little and picks up Adora’s phone. “Dude, did you crack your screen tonight? That fucking s-” The car pulls to a stop and the air in the car stills. Catra looks up with wide eyes. “It was you?”

“I think so?”

A beat passes before Catra breaks her stare. To the driver she says, “Looks like we’re not gonna need you to make that second stop after all, sorry.” Then to Adora, “Get out of the car, Adora.”

Adora does so, her legs shaking all the while. They don’t talk on their way up the stairs, nor while Adora unlocks the door, or even once they’re inside. They kick off their shoes and go to the bedroom. Catra helps herself to some comfortable clothes and they change facing pointedly away from one another. Catra finishes first and when she’s done, Adora finds her on the couch, two large glasses of water on the coffee table in front of her.

“So.” she starts as Adora takes her seat.

“So,” Adora agrees, much more timid.

“I’m...confused. Did you know the whole time or…?”

Adora shakes her head, reaching up to release her ponytail and poof when she feels the way they tug. “I don’t remember voting.”

“ this just a funny thing and I’m supposed to laugh it off? Because that’s fine, Adora. We were drunk; no harm no foul, but you’re being really weird about this.”



Adora picks up the glass on her side of the table and chugs a good seventy-five percent, all while Catra watches on silently, appraisingly. “What if there was some truth to it?”

She can see Catra’s cheeks darken ever so slightly but her voice is even when she asks, “Is there?”

“I think so, yeah.”


“Fine?” Adora asks with a short, breathless laugh. 

“Yeah, it’s fine, Adora. So you maybe had a crush on me in high school, so what? I don’t know what you want me to say.”

“Nothing! I don’t want you to say anything.” 

“Wow, okay, shall we just go to bed then?”

“You know what I mean! There’s nothing in particular that I want you to say. I guess’re okay with that?”

“Yeah,” Catra answers, fussing impatiently and fidgeting a little now. “Like I said; it’s fine.”

Adora nods and tries to catch her best friend’s eye to gauge how she feels. Catra’s not having it, frowning and continuing to fidget in her seat. “What if…” Catra picks up her water and takes a long drink. “I’ve always felt the same way about you?”

Catra’s knuckles go white on her glass and she looks Adora in the eye finally, surprise clear on her face. “What are you saying exactly?”

“I don’t really know. I didn’t plan on-I don’t have-” Adora groans and rubs briskly at her face.

“Hey, it’s okay. Just...breath, take your time.”

“I don’t remember voting on that poll.”


“Who did you want it to be?”

“I-I don’t know. No one.”

“No one?”

“No one in particular. Stars, Adora, I was just fucking curious.”

“ do you feel knowing it’s me?”

“Fucking confused! And you’re not really helping talking in circles like this.”

“Well I’m confused too, Cat, and you’re not really helping by refusing to indicate at all what you’re thinking!”

Catra whines and flops back on the couch. “I’m too drunk for this.”

Adora pauses. “Really? Cause we can pick it up in the morning.”

Catra snorts, not bothering to pick her head up off the back of the couch. “Oh, like I’m really gonna be able to sleep now. Can you just…” She waves an absent hand in the air above her head, “get to the point.”

“Sometimes I think about kissing you.” Adora blurts.

Catra sits up, suddenly looking much more clear eyed. “Excuse me?”

“And I like holding your hand.” 

“Adora…” Catra’s tone is warning but her eyes are soft.

“I get really threatened when you have a girlfriend and I kind of hate Scorpia a little bit.”


What? She kind of hates me too by the way, and I think you can figure out why pretty easily.”


“I like when you spend the night-or when I stay over at yours-because I like waking up with your hair in my face.”

“What are you-”

“I love your cat.”

“Okay, okay, just-”

“I think you’re the prettiest girl in the world and I love that you’re so much smarter than me.”

“I am not!”

“All my best memories are with you. You’re the last thing I think about every night and the first thing I do every morning is check to see if you’ve texted me about your weird ass dreams yet, even though I know you won’t be awake for at least an hour.”


Adora’s really on a roll now, and she won’t be stopped. Her legs tuck under her and she leans in slightly toward Catra who’s watching her wide eyed, trying fruitlessly to get a word in edgewise. “I think I didn’t even realize I had a crush on you because it’s always been you . Even when I’ve been with other women- loved other women-it never felt like this. Sometimes it feels like I’m all caught up in your orbit, like my world revolves around you. And I like that. I like that you text me about your dreams, and what you're having for dinner every night. I like that Melog runs to the door every time I come over because I know it means you’re just that comfortable with me. I like that I think of you every time I’m at the store and see something you would like. I-”

Adora! ” Catra’s eyes are shimmering with tears, making the blue and gold shine brighter than ever. Adora likes that Catra looks so beautiful, even when she’s crying.

“Yeah?” she breathes.

“What are you saying?”

“I like you.”


“I like you so much and I can’t believe it took me fifteen years and a stupid twitter poll to figure it out, but I really wanna date you. But what about you, what do you want? How do you feel?”

“How do I feel? Shit, Adora, I don’t think I’ve felt so much in...ever. What the fuck?”

The high of her admission begins to wear off and Adora shrinks back a bit. “Oh, I...did I just fuck it up?”

“Fuck it up, are you kidding me?”

Now Adora’s eyes are watering too. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think. I-no more drinking, I swear I-”

“No, you idiot. I fucking love you, don’t you get it? I always have.”

Adora’s eyes widen. “Oh.”

“Yeah, fuck you’re so-” Adora cuts off what’s sure to be a playful insult with the kiss of a lifetime. They take their time, they savor it, and after they part long enough for Catra to say, “Fuck, you’re telling me we could have been doing this for fifteen year-” Adora starts it up all over again. 

Eventually however, they do need to actually break apart to catch their breath. Adora can’t help the soft, “Wow.” that escapes her.

Catra snorts and shakes her head, as if Adora can’t feel the way she’s practically quivering. “You dork, don’t fucking ruin it.”

“Please, as if that’s possible.”

Catra’s eyes darken and she looks Adora up and down. “You have a point there…”

Adora shivers under the heat of Catra’s gaze. She fakes a yawn. “You know I am suddenly just so tired. Maybe we should-”

Catra is on her feet, Adora’s wrist in her hand, and making her way to the bedroom in an instant. “Yep, uh huh, bed. Excellent idea.”

When they get there Adora is practically thrown on top of her covers. Catra’s eagerness makes her laugh. “Wow, you must be really tired.” she giggles.

Catra huffs and rolls her eyes, standing at the edge of the bed with her hands on her hips. “Oh yeah, exhausted. Dummy.”

“Well, better tuck in then.” Adora teases. She flips over and moves to crawl to her side of the bed. Catra doesn’t let her get very far. 

She grabs Adora’s ankle and in one smooth motion, manages to flip her back over and pull her in again. The move leaves Catra standing between Adora’s legs and she leans over, caging Adora in with her arms. “Adora?”

She gulps, releasing a shuddering breath right after. “Yes?”

“Enough banter, okay?”

“O-okay. Um, what did you have in mind then?”

It’s a dangerous question, and Adora should have suspected as much. Catra grins and crawls on the bed so she’s pinning Adora’s hips. She adjusts so only one arm props her up, freeing one hand. With it, she brushes Adora’s hair back, tucking it behind her ear and earning another shaky breath. Then her fingers trail down; no clear path, no real pressure, just...teasing. Adora whines. 

“Oh, I’m sure I can think of something.”

“Ha!” Adora clears her throat. “I bet…”


“Mm hmm?”

Catra sits up, pulling her hand away, and Adora can’t hold back a small whimper. Catra smirks like she’s won something at that one. “Shirt off.” Adora sits up, eager to comply with the demand, but Catra pauses her with a hand on her shoulder. Gaze smoldering, she requests, “Bra too, let’s not waste any more time.” 

Adora whimpers again and hastens to do as she’s told. When she’s finished she lies back and looks up at Catra. “You too? Please?”

Catra raises an eyebrow, expression as self satisfied as ever. Her eyes trail down Adora’s chest then flick up to her eyes. “‘Please?’ So polite when you’re horny, aren’t you?”

Adora groans at the teasing, equal parts amused and further turned on. “Sure, uh huh, so are you gonna…?” Catra laughs but fulfills the request, yanking her shirt over her head. There’s no bra to remove and Adora swallows in an attempt to soother her suddenly dry throat. “Fuck, you’re so hot, Cat.”

“Hmm, you think so?”

“Please.” Ador scoffs, raising her hands to Catra’s hips. “Can I…?”

“Oh, I suppose. For a bit, but I’m still on top here.” Adora raises an eyebrow at the implication and Catra just continues to smirk down at her. Adora huffs with the world’s widest grin on her face and shakes her head. 

With that she allows her hands to drift, to explore. She watches the way the muscles of Catra’s stomach contract at the ghost of her touch with fascination. She feels herself blush as her fingers brush against the undersides of Catra’s perfect tits, a fact that clearly doesn’t go unnoticed by the smug woman on top of her. Adora levels the playing field a touch when her thumbs brush over Catra’s nipples, already pebbled and stiff. 

Dora.” Catra gasps, swaying and threatening to fall forward. 

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” Adora assures her softly, bringing one hand down to her waist to steady her. Catra gasps softly, so Adora keeps going. Her fingers graze upwards, exploring every inch of Catra’s chest and returning to her cute little nips often. “You’re so soft, so pretty. I can’t believe I get to touch you like this, I’m so lucky.”

Catra is moaning, trying to press into Adora’s light touch. When Adora cups her right breast with one hand and moves to squeeze, however, Catra’s hand snaps up to hold it in place. She lets out a breathless, “Adora.” then clears her throat and flutters her eyes open. “My turn now.”

That settled, Adora’s hands are lifted over her head, wrists gathered in one of Catra’s and pinned to the bed. “Fuck.”

Catra winks. “That’s the plan, babe.”

Adora laughs. “That was corny.”

“Please,” Catra rolls her eyes, face hovering just inches above Adora’s, “like you didn’t love it.”

“Oh no, I definitely did.”


“Kiss me?”

Catra smiles again, coming in even closer. Her hand, if anything, only tightens its grip on Adora’s wrists. “I think you know how to get what you want.”

Adora shudders at the sensation of Catra’s breath, still coloured with the smell of juice and vodka, blowing across her face. She doesn’t even try to resist, she can be a brat next time. Just now she wants far too badly to delay her own pleasure. And so, as wanton as she can make it, she asks, “ Please?

Catra doesn’t disappoint, closing the last two inches between them and giving Adora a passionate, sloppy kiss that has her moaning hopelessly. Catra’s kisses move, trailing down to her throat. She squeezes Adora’s wrists once and, without pulling her lips fully from the column of Adora’s neck, tells her, “These stay here, do you understand?” 

“Mhmm.” Adora nods vigorously, excited to see what happens if she behaves. 

“Good girl-”

Fuck.” Adora can feel Catra’s smile in her kiss at the reaction.

After a few minutes- or hours, or day, maybe years even. Who could say really?- of kisses along her neck and chest, Catra pulls back. “Hey, wanna like, actually get on the bed?”

Adora laughs, because quite honestly? She’d sort of forgotten that her feet were hanging off the edge, what with them lying perpendicularly on the bed and all. “Yeah, that works.”

Catra nods and laughs with her, climbing off her lap so they can readjust. She stops her with a, “Hey Adora?”


“Take your pants off while you’re at it, okay?”

“My pants?” Adora repeats dumbly.

Catra just smiles fondly and shakes her head. “You’re an idiot, you know that? Yes, your pants.”

“Right! Pants, yes, totally.” Figuring it’ll save time in the long run, Adora climbs off the bed to remove them. Catra just watches her, reclining back on her elbows. The process is just a little bit clumsy given the trace amounts of alcohol still lingering in Adora’s system, but soon enough Adora is bouncing back into bed. “Hi.”

“Hey dummy.”

“Hey Catra?”

“Yes Adora?”

“I kind of love you.” She feels bashful at the admission; maybe it’s just because she's completely naked and being vulnerable, but it’s probably just...Catra.

Catra raises an eyebrow. “Kind of.”

Adora sighs. “No, not just kind of. I just…”

“I know.”

That perks her up. “You do?”

“After that little speech on the couch?” Catra laughs. “You didn’t really leave much room for ambiguity, babe.”


“Cool.” Catra waits, though Adora’s not sure for what. “ gonna lay back so I can lick your pussy, or…?”

Catra!” Adora feels her blush spread all the way down to her tits. And sees Catra watch the spread with hungry eyes.

What? Is that not what you wanted? Because I have perfectly good fingers too, but I still think you should lie back.”

“I-that’s not the point.”

Catra rolls her eyes and gets up to kneel in front of where Adora is also on her knees. “So then...” Adora doesn’t notice where Catra’s hands have wandered until there are two fingers stroking her pussy with the barest hint of a touch. “what is the point?”

Adora can’t manage an answer, not now. She merely whimpers and lets her head fall to Catra’s shoulder. The teasing doesn’t let up and Adora’s need begins to throb . She squeezes her thighs together but Catra tuts at her and nudges them back apart. And so she pleads with a quiet, needy, “ Please Cat, please just…”

“That’s good.” Catra murmurs, still not letting up. “Please what?"

Touch me.”

“I amtouching you, baby. Tell me what you need.”


“Hmm, more what?”


“Are you gonna be a good girl and lie back for me then?”

Adora whines and nods into Catra’s shoulder. “I’ll be good, whatever you want.”

With Adora’s promise, Catra pulls back, forcing her to pick up her head. She can’t even imagine what she looks like, even Catra is a little wrecked. Adora scoots back and lays propped up on her pillows, watching Catra watch her all the while. Once she’s settled Catra moves in slowly, she holds herself up with her arms and moves in to kiss her lips, all slow and firm and languid. She takes her time, working Adora up slowly up to a fever pitch. 

She trails kisses down Adora’s neck, over her chest, pausing at her tits. When that doesn’t get much of a reaction-nothing like when Adora was teasing Catra’s nipples- she moves on quickly without comment. Adora relaxes further at not having to explain that stimulation has never done much for her. But then Catra gets to the juncture of her hip and torso, the soft, delicate skin there, and Adora is having a hard time being patient. When she starts shifting her hips, searching for some kind of friction, Catra keeps her mouth where it is but uses one hand to pin the opposite hip in place.

Adora whines at the loss of what little satisfaction she’d found. “Cat, please.”

Catra looks up, her mouth still sucking firmly on Adora’s skin and eyes smug. Adora moans, eyes rolling back in her head. “Don’t worry, Princess, we’ll get there.”

“Can we get there now ?” Catra just laughs and redoubles her efforts to the point that Adora’s hips are bucking, fighting against Catra’s hold. “ Catra.”

As if to prove a point, at Adora’s latest protestation Catra dives right in. She licks a long, firm line up Adora’s pussy that leaves her gasping for air. And if her expression is anything to go by, she knows exactly what she’s doing to the woman beneath her. From there her strokes become a little more tempered, alternating between long licks and focusing on Adora’s clit-getting her so, so close without ever pushing her over the edge. At some point, Adora breaks. 

She’s been letting loose a string of curses and absolutely filthy noises, doing her best to push into the pressure at her core. With a sound just shy of a scream she finally threads her hands into Catra’s hair and holds her close. She can feel the vibrations of Catra’s laughter through her clit, but she’s too focused on her imminent orgasm to really register it. She comes like a crashing wave, breaking apart on the shore. Much like the sea, she isn’t allowed to rest after the wave crashes; Catra doesn’t pull away. She’d carried Adora through her orgasm with much gentler strokes, but as she comes down, Catra picks up her pace again. 

And then she’s inside her. Adora screams and sits up on her elbows to get a look at Catra. She’s looking up at Adora and the sight of Catra’s twinkling eyes peering over her own pussy is nearly erotic enough to push her over the edge again. Instead she collapses back on the pillows and enjoys the stretch of her favorite person inside of her. Catra gradually picks up her pace and increases the force of her thrusting until Adora is begging for something . Relief, release, she doesn’t care . She just needs, she needs...Catra sucks her clit into her mouth and that solves the mystery of just exactly what Adora needs. 

She comes again, louder and somehow more powerfully than the first time. Catra is still inside her as she comes down, moving gently and watching Adora with a tender expression of awe. Adora taps weakly at her wrist to indicate she’s too sensitive to go any more and Catra gets the message. She slides out carefully and Adora’s eyes flutter closed. She rolls onto her side, grateful when Catra crawls up the bed to spoon her. 

A soft kiss presses into her temple and an arm and a leg are thrown around her. Adora hums and snuggles back into Catra’s body. “Wow.”

Catra snorts. “I’ll say, that was hot as fuck, Adora.”

“Hmm, gay.”

“Dummy.” Catra laughs, pulling Adora even closer. 

They lay like that until Adora has drifted all the way back to earth, and she turns in Catra’s arms, smiling shyly at her very best friend in the world. “Hi.”

“Hey sexy.”

“Hmm, thank you.”

“You really don’t have to thank me.”

“No?” Adora asks innocently. She leans in to press a soft kiss to Catra’s neck and is pleased to earn a weak, stuttering breath in return. Adora whispers, “Sure you don’t want me to show you just how...grateful I am.”


Adora smirks. “I’ll take that as a yes.” 

“I just-hold me a little longer?” 

Adora feels her smile soften at the request. “Turn around?” Catra scrunches her face in confusion and Adora just smiles, waiting patiently. “Please?” Catra turns in her arms and Adora snuggles her from behind. “Comfortable?” she whispers in Catra’s ear.

“Yeah.” she answers, just as soft.

“Help me get your pants off?” Together they manage it, leaving them both completely naked, pressed together completely. 

Adora starts by just dragging her hand lazily up and down Catra’s body, soon switching to tracing aimless patterns, until Catra’s breath shakes like a leaf in a hurricane. She increases the pressure of her hand, massaging along Catra’s body until she starts to whimper, then focusing on her tits. Catra moans loudly and the first press of Adora’s hand into her nipple. She says Adora’s name like a prayer and the sound has Adora moaning right alongside her. 

“Please, Adora.” Catra begs after a little more exploration. “Touch me.”

Adora doesn’t make her say it, she flips her hand and trails it down her body to her pussy. At the touch, Catra’s ass grinds into Adora’s pussy and they moan in harmony. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Just-please.”

“Can you open your legs a little more for me, baby?”

Catra complies and Adora presses a knee forward to help keep Catra’s legs parted enough for her to slip her hand between them. Catra’s so wet already, it makes Adora moan again, which has Catra following suit. Or maybe it’s the way Adora’s begun to stroke her; teasing her entrance, grazing her clit. Catra presses her ass back even more firmly and at this rate, she’s going to come right along with her. Once she has Catra panting, Adora slips one finger inside. It’s so easy she immediately adds another. 

She uses Catra’s responses to guide her pressure and pace, working her up and over relatively quickly. Adora tries to drag it out, content to live in this moment forever, but Catra is just so sensitive. She squeezes tightly around Adora’s fingers and that, combined with the way she’s been grinding steadily against Adora’s already tender pussy, pushes Adora over the edge for a third time. Catra collapses limply in Adora’s arm at the finale of her own orgasm and Adora pulls her tight to her chest. 

“Adora,” Catra breathes after a minute, “that was…”

“Yeah,” Adora agrees with a breathless chuckle, “totally.”

Catra hums then nudges her shoulder. “Roll over, I wanna be big spoon again.”

Adora chuckles, as if she doesn’t love being the little spoon. Even as she complies she says, “I dunno if I’d call you the big spoon. The outer spoon maybe.”

“Fuck off, Adora.” Catra grumbles. “If you didn’t just turn my legs to jelly I’d be leaving, I’d just like you to know that.”

Adora turns to look at Catra over her shoulder. She’s got a grumpy little look on her face but she’s still glowing from her orgasm. It’s a good look. “Hot.”

“Lay down, dummy.”

“If you insist.” Adora says dramatically, settling in and snuggling back into Catra. “This is nice.”

“Yeah,” Catra agrees, words slurring from drowsiness now, “yeah it is.”

At some point, Adora starts humming Moon River and Catra sighs contentedly, burrowing her face into the crook of Adora’s neck and shoulder. Eventually they’ll need to get up; pee and brush their teeth, get under the covers. For now though, everything is perfect, everything is right, and Adora has never been happier.


On Monday, Catra wakes up in Adora’s bed. It’s a not uncommon phenomenon and she snuggles into the familiar scent of the covers but something strikes her as different. It takes her a moment to remember but then it hits her; the new smell mingling in with the familiar is sex. She’s also pretty sure she smells pancakes. Whether it’s the former or the latter that manages to get her out of bed, who can say? Either way she does manage, pausing to pull on some sweats to go with the large tee she’d stolen from Adora the night before. 

She finds her girlfriend-she assumes she’s her girlfriend- in the kitchen. She’s humming along to Olivia Rodrigo, dancing like a white girl in the club, and stirring scrambled eggs in a pan on the stove. Catra clears her throat to announce her arrival and Adora looks up with a smile. 

“Hey sleepyhead!”

“Listening to a breakup album the morning after? Seems like a bad sign.”

Adora scoffs and turns around to pour a mug of coffee. Adora doesn’t drink coffee, so Catra knows it’s for her. Absurdly, like this isn’t commonplace between them, the gesture makes Catra’s heart flutter. “This is your playlist.”

“Please, I don’t put pop music on my playlists.” Adora rolls her eyes but knows better to comment on just exactly how far this is from the truth. 

Instead she slides the mugs over to Catra and simply says, “Coffee.”

Catra hums but steps past the coffee, into Adora’s space. She puts her hand on her hips and tips her face up. Adora smiles, blushing even as she leans in to fill Catra’s silent request. The kiss is soft, but the arm Adora wraps around her waist is firm. Catra sighs and relaxes into it. “This is nice.” she whispers against Adora’s lips. Even with her eyes closed, she can feel Adora smiling. 

“Yeah, it is.”

Another quick peck and Catra pulls away, grabbing her coffee and hopping onto the counter. “I should probably start getting ready for work after we eat since I need to go pick up my car.”

“Okay, I should go feed Melog before too long anyhow.”

Adora nods. “Okay, give him a kiss for me.”

“Why don’t you give him one yourself?” 

Adora glances over her shoulder with a frown. “What?”

Catra rolls her eyes. “I’m saying come over, after work.”

Adora’s face relaxes and she resumes her easy smile before turning around to flip off the burner for the eggs. “Oh, okay, yeah. Are you sure? I’m not done till half ten, I’ll probably be a bit of a zombie.”

“It’s whatever, I’ll make you dinner and we can just sleep or whatever.”

Catra takes a long drink of coffee to cover the warmth in her cheeks but Adora knows her too well to be fooled. “Catra…”


“Are you trying to say you wanna snuggle with me?”

“Psh, no. I just don’t trust you to feed yourself after a closing shift.”


“I don’t!” It’s true, but they both know that isn’t the reason.

“How’d you even get stuck closing anyhow?”

“Owed someone a favor.” Adora shrugs, beginning to plate up eggs and pancakes for each of them. Catra watches and her stomach growls audibly. Adora looks up with a smirk but holds back any teasing. “You know, I’m off tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah? Shame, I have to work.”

“Yeah, but only till three, right?”

“So what?”

So,” Adora says, setting a plate in front of Catra and leaning across the counter to press a quick kiss to her nose, “let me take you on a date?”

Catra sits there and looks at her best friend looking ecstatic at the opportunity to woo her the morning after the best sex of Catra’s entire life. She almost pops off with something totally wild like, ‘have my babies ’ or 'marry me'. Out loud she manages to keep it to, “Sure, dummy, you can take me on a date.”

“I love you.” Adora says, taking her seat and swooping in for another quick peck-this time on Catra’s cheek.

“Love you too.”

“Hey Catra?” She looks up from her plate with a questioning brow. “You’re my girlfriend, right?”

Catra rolls her eyes but she can’t quite fight the elated grin that threatens to take over. “After that orgasm and these pancakes? Yeah, consider yourself off the market, Greyskull.”

“Good.” Adora smiles, begging to pour an absurd amount of syrup onto her pancakes. “Cause I already put it in my twitter bio.” She pauses to take a bite while Catra stares at her. She shouldn’t be surprised, but she figures she should at least pretend. Her surprise is a little more genuine when Adora taks on, “Yours too.”


“Oh, and I posted a poll to see how many people are happy for us.”

Catra laughs incredulously. “Adora!”

“Lots of yeses so far by the way. Gonna take us forever to track them down.”

“I can’t believe I had a crush on you.” Adora just smiles and winks at her, stuffing her face with a too big bite of pancake. And just like that all of Catra’s reasons come flooding back. 

“Yeah,” Adora says, “but I had a crush on you too, so it all works out.”

“Yeah,” Catra agrees, “I guess it does.”

She can’t even find it in her to be annoyed when her phone chimes ten minutes later with a text from Mermista that simply reads, ‘Told you so.’ She just pulls her girlfriend into another searing kiss that leaves her blushing and grinning like a fool. It all works out though, after all, Catra's a fool for Adora too, isn't she?