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Morality and Bloodlines

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When Dean was young, his father would give him lessons on the importance of family bloodlines. How every few generations it was essential for families to intermarry and produce strong heirs to the Winchester clan. Strong Alpha's to protect the others who relied on them for safety and warmth. At first, Dean didn't quite understand what he meant because his mother and father were not related but as he got older the dread seemed to whisper in his mind. John would talk about how Omegas are the second most precious thing in the lands and to treat one's mate with respect but with a firm authority because if one strayed it could ruin a pack's chances of a successful lineage. The younger Winchester would ask if it had to do with magic, why couldn't he just mate with any other Omega like Lisa from the nearby Harvelle clan. According to the local librarian Bobby, it was to ensure strength and was said to bring luck to the clan if one was created from within its leading ranks of Alphas and Omegas. even if that meant siblings would have to marry.

To this day, Dean hated the idea. Especially when his father (on one fateful day just after his 16th birthday) explained that he would have to mate his brother. His own flesh and blood. Dean felt sick to his stomach every time he glanced at Sam for months after that. His morals seemed to get in the way of things. He knew it wasn't uncommon for brothers or siblings in general to mate especially with this whole bloodline bullshit that was expected of heirs such as himself. In a neighboring clan, he remembered how Crowley was forced to mate with his own half-sibling who he despised, best to say Abaddon was not impressed hence why their clan was in a civil internal war with one another.

He didn't like how Sam was essentially being groomed to submit to Dean and he could feel his skin crawl every time he had an internal conflict with his inner Alpha begging to claim the sweet omega and his brotherly instinct refusing to lay a hand on him. Sam didn't seem to really notice, far as he knew he was going to marry an Alpha from the Angel tribe from the far North of the lands, perhaps one of the Novaks or 'Archangels' as they called themselves these days.


The Omega jolted awake and he panicked. The sunlight had already shone through the curtains and into his room. He had slept in over breakfast in the main barracks. Usually, it would be his brother waking him up, and once upon a time, his dear mother would talk him awake before she was killed. Their father hadn't discussed her death since and he took that secret to his own grave not many months ago.

Dean had told John that going after Azezal would lead to his death. In all honesty, Dean wasn't ready to become the clan leader. Of course, he was the eldest Winchester brother and an Alpha was expected to lead so Sam wasn't desired to pick up the role of leader after his father passed on.  The truth was that Dean dreaded becoming in charge due to his expectancy of mating Sam. He didn't want to.

"Come on Sam, Zachariah is waiting for you." A nice maid explained. Sam rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sighed. He hated meeting with Zachariah because the Beta always had something nasty to say to him. Commenting on his irregular heats or posture, or even how he dressed.

"Do I have to?"

The maid, Rose, glanced in his direction as she prepared a washcloth for him. "Dean wouldn't be happy if you missed your checkups."

"It wasn't Dean's idea for Zach to train me, it was Dads' stupid idea."

Rose sighed and sat next to Sam, who was taller but not a day past 18 himself, she brushed his messy hair out of his face. "Your father was a good Alpha Sam, as was your grandfather henry and his father beforehand. These lessons are to prepare you for your duties to the pack and to your future Alpha."

"Yeah because marrying Dean is on the top of his list- He can barely look at me sometimes."

Rose chuckled at his attitude. It was refreshing to see Sam so rebellious and it reminded her of how young the two brothers were compared to past leaders by the time Dean took over the pack. She helped Sam get ready and escorted him down to the courtyard where Zachariah looked at Sam with his head held high. Almost as if he looked down on the younger Winchester. Rose gave Sam a sympathetic look before bowing her head and leaving when excused b the pack 'elder' Zachariah. He wasn't even that old, Sam kept thinking every time they met.

"I see you aren't wearing your omegan corset." Came the comment, face scrunched in annoyance. Sam rolled his eyes and he was promptly reprimanded for the attitude towards the Beta. It was disrespect.

"They aren't even comfy," Sam muttered to himself as Zach walked forward, Sam was expected to keep quiet and head lowered in the presence of an Alpha, walking behind them as he was the submissive which got on his nerves but he did it to avoid another argument. Zach wasn't even an Alpha despite trying to convince people he was.

"Did you finish the scrolls Robert gave you on Bloodlines."

It wasn't a question, Sam was about to speak but the death glare Zachariah cast him over his shoulder made Sam suck in his own words. He nodded timidly which wasn't a lie. He had skimmed over the words and most of it was in the old languages used by the first Beta's almost thousands of years ago. Bobby gave them to Sam weeks ago but Sam didn't want to read them so he simply just glanced.

"And you know how important this bonding is- Your brother isn't thrilled with the idea, nor am I."

Sam looked puzzled and his head lifted, steps halted and the elder turned to him. "Why aren't you thrilled?" Sam asked, anger beginning to seep into his scent.

"Well, considering you are the Omega going to produce the heir to the clan, I don't have high hopes for our future but you'll do. Shame your mother failed to have anymore- Adam should have been the Omega but he wasn't full blood not to mention he died after giving birth to a dead child which was a waste."

Sam snapped.

"How dare you say I'm not good enough! I do everything you dumb alphas ask of me! Only for Dean to throw it in my face because I'm some dumb 'baby brother' so screw him! Screw you and your whole system- I-" Sam was cut off with the sound of flesh slapping across his cheek. How dare this old Alpha insult him this way and his half brother who was dead after having a baby he wanted so dearly with his now widowed husband Michael Novak.

"That is enough Omega, know your place. You are here to produce children and to raise them. You have no say in this and you will submit to Dean when the time comes." Zachariah growled, grabbing Sam by the tight cloth shirt he wore, he thought a tight fit would hide the fact he wasn't wearing a corset to mimic curves similar to female omegas. Despite male omegas being rare and said to increase blood purity to a bloodline, they were treated worse than female omegas. They were allowed to be 'whores' as Zachariah put it, his views were messed up and Sam loathed the man for it.

Their argument was cut off when a loud voice broke the two apart, six feet between them in almost an instant. Zachariah bowed his head in respect for his new leader.

Dean was angry to see his elder Beta advisor manhandling his omega brother. He sent Zach to go check on the kitchen for the lunch preparations as he glanced towards Sam who was furiously standing there, biting his tongue until Dean gave permission to speak.


"I hate this!" Sam snapped before Dean even had an opportunity to ask what happened. "I'm not some fragile thing that needs protecting, not from you or anyone."

Dean grinned, "Of course Sammy." He agreed.

"What's the point in this training if you don't even want me anyways" Sam glared and stepped back when Dean tried to calm him down with a hand to the shoulder.


"Don't Sammy me!" He growled, baring his smaller sharp canines which made Dean retaliate in snarling back at the disrespect to his inner Alpha. "You hate the thought of me."

"We are brothers Sam, it's not as easy as just putting that aside-" Dean groaned and turned around to face away. He hated this, it was every day they'd argue about Dean being too morally right to step up to the job. He'd 'hurt' sam or sam was too 'fragile' to be dominated. All the Omega truly wanted was respect from a mate and he thought Dean respected him enough to see past this. They were brothers and he loved Dean so very much but this happened all the time to ensure pack strength or whatever Zach called it.

"Whatever, you don't care how I feel anyways"

"That's not true," Dean replied. "I do care, I know its easy for you to look past the whole sibling thing, you are an Omega and you are programmed to want me but I watched you grow up! I read you stories at night and I cuddled you as my baby brother. I can't forget that and suddenly want to jump to fuck you."

Sam flinched at the vulgar language, heat beginning to pool in his gut at the thought. It quickly turned sour when Dean kept going on about his rejection but only going along with it in the line of duty. "You weren't raised on the pretense that I have to be yours!" Sam argued. Dean sighed, pinching his nose in frustration. "Maybe I should just go fuck some random Alpha! Lucifer seems like his dick is big enough-"

Dean grabbed Sam and stared into his eyes with fury. "No, you won't. You will stay here."

"And be unloved and rejected while you go fuck some whore? No thanks!" Sam spat, forcefully removing Dean's grasp on him. Dean hated how their relationship had turned so awkward and sour, Sam obviously wanting to keep the pack strong, loving Dean unconditionally but the elder brother wasn't quite ready just yet.