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Scotch On The Rocks

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It was May 15th, 2016, Castiel was at work stacking boxes when the assistant manager approached him. 


“Hey Cas, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.” Mack said looking at the floor, Cas was known to have a temper and he wasn’t too happy about having to deliver this news.


“Hey Mick, what can I do ya for?” Cas asked not even hearing what the other man had said.


“It’s Mack, but the bossman told me to tell you he wants to see you.” He took a step back knowing that this was gunna get him upset.


“What does he want? Doesn’t he know some people can’t just sit in a chair all day, some of us actually work.” Cas threw a box to the floor and yelled.


“I- I don’t know I was just doing what I was told” Mack said backing up more.


“You’re right, I apologize.” Cas said shaking his head and running his fingers threw his short black hair. “Alright, thank you for the message.”


Mack nodded and walked off.


Cas started down the hall lined with boxes, “I wonder what he wants this time” he thought to himself and he turned the corner. There were a few more turns and halls before he finally reached his office. He knocked.


“Come in.” Ed said


“You wanted to see me.” He said sighing.


“Yes, we have to talk. I’ve gotten multiple complaints about your aggressive behavior and the stench of alcohol on you. As you know this is not the first time we’ve had this conversation, and you do good for about a week then you’re right back to your same old ways. It’s unacceptable Castiel, I told you last time that was your last warning.” Ed said clasping his hands on his desk and looking up at Cas.


“What are you saying ed?” Cas rolled his eyes.

“You’re fired, effective immediately, gather your things out of the locker room and leave.” 


“But- Come on Ed, you’re not actually firing me. We do this all the time, I get a stern talking to, I say I’ll change, and we get over it.” Cas Said desperately trying to change his mind.


“Exactly, We’ve done this too many times, I’ve given you too many chances, and that’s on me. But this is it Castiel. You’re done.” 


“Come on edward, you need me here, I’m irreplaceable.” He threw his hands up. 


“No, you’re not. In fact, I’ve hired someone already. Now, this conversation is over, either leave now and quietly or I will have security escort you.” Ed Stood up and adjusted his shirt.


“Wow, just like that huh, alright fine. I’m going, I’m going.” Cas walked out shaking his head.


He headed to the locker room, all eyes were on him, the urge to yell was strong but he didn’t need security on his case too. He approached the door and walked in. He could hear the snickers and whispers, he felt the eyes following him. He got to his locker and opened and cleaned it out. Once he was finished he turned and left the locker room. He heard them cheers from outside the door and hung his head low. After he left the building, he got in his car and drove home.


Castiel arrived home, he pulled his car into the parking lot of his apartment complex and parked in his usual spot. He got out and walked inside. As he walked up the stairs, he ran into his upstairs neighbor, Ronald. He waved, but didn’t stop and talk like normal. He finally got to his apartment and went inside, it smelled of beer and dirty dishes. Cas threw his bag next to the couch and went to the fridge for a beer. 


He opened the beer with the bottle opener magnet on his fridge, walked back and slumped on the couch. Not too long after that Castiel fell asleep for the night.


Sorry for the short chapter. The next one will be longer.