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McDonald’s, McDonald’s, McDonald’s!

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“I’m hungry,” Hikaru announced from the back seat. “Let’s get something to eat at McDonald’s.”

From the passenger seat, without even turning his head, Lantis replied, “Umi’s making us food at her house. We can eat there.”

Hikaru pouted. “Eagle, Lantis is being mean. Can we please stop at McDonald’s?”

“Lantis is right,” Eagle answered. “It would hurt Umi’s feelings if we ate before we arrived at her home.”

Eagle and Lantis were part of a bigger party visiting Earth from Cephiro, Umi, Fuu, and Hikaru having figured out how to travel between the two worlds at will and later how to bring others back to Earth with them for visits. This particular trip, Ferio, Ascot, and Caldina were also visiting, the former having been dragged off to a museum by Fuu, the latter two visiting a pet store with Umi, so she could introduce Ascot to “proper pets,” whatever that meant. They’d all had lunch together beforehand, Eagle being stuck with Lantis and Hikaru to “be their chaperone” in Fuu’s words; “more like to be their babysitter,” Umi had muttered under her breath. Eagle didn’t disagree.

After everyone else had gone their separate ways, Hikaru, Lantis, and Eagle had gone to her family’s dojo so Eagle and Lantis could say hello to her brothers (and Hikari). Kakeru had asked them to run to the store for dog food, offering them the use of his car if they would run that quick errand for him (Eagle had gotten his license during a previous visit, at Zazu’s urging). Hikaru had agreed quickly, saying something about wanting to show Eagle and Lantis Hamarikyu Gardens. With HIkaru giving directions, the trio had set off, making a quick stop at the store before heading to their destination. Eagle had been enamored with the gardens, the sight of so much greenery so close to a metropolitan city never failing to leave him in awe. They’d rented a boat and rowed on the lake for a while, then headed back into the city on their way to Umi’s house.

“Hmph.” Hikaru pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re both mean.”

Eagle had a sudden mischievious idea and put his blinker on, then turned into the McDonald’s parking lot. Hikaru smiled and started bouncing in her seat. “McDonald’s, McDonald’s, Mcdonald’s!”

“You’re spoiling her,” Lantis said under his breath. Eagle only smiled as he pulled into the drive-thru and rolled his window down.

“Welcome to McDonald’s, what can I get for you today?” the server asked through the speaker.

“I want a che-,” HIkaru began to say, but cut-off mid-sentence when Eagle replied, “One small coffee, please.”

“Will that be all?”

“Yes.” Eagle glanced in the rearview mirror, a smirk playing on his face. Hikaru was glaring at him, her arms once again crossed over her chest. Lantis had a hand over his mouth, presumably hiding a smile that he didn’t want Hikaru to see.

Eagle pulled up to the window to pay, and thanked the server as she handed him the coffee.

“That wasn’t very nice Eagle,” Hikaru said as they were pulled out of the parking lot, still glaring.

Lantis made a sound that almost sounded like a snort (was he laughing? Eagle wondered), but Eagle quickly smiled at her over his shoulder before returning his gaze to the road. “It also wouldn’t have been nice to show up at Umi’s with a full stomach when she’s preparing a meal for us.”

Hikaru just harrumphed and slumped back into her seat.