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It wasn’t Jeongguk’s fault that he was causing trouble for the hunters. If they were going to keep him in the holding cell, leaving him to starve, then surely they must have expected this to happen.


There was no harm in seducing every hunter that passed by his cell. The poor incubus was hungry. He resorted to dirty tricks, like sweet talking them, telling him all the dirty secrets he found out from just a brief moment of eye-contact. When that didn’t work, then he would strip down to nothing, watching as some of their resolve broke.


All his tricks would have worked if it weren’t for Kim fucking Seokjin.


“You know I won’t talk mortal.”


“Too bad, babe. It’s either you snitch on your boss or you’re staying in this cell,” the hunter said from the other side of his cell. It soured his mood, seeing the hunter who put him in the cell in the first place. “You don’t really have a choice.”


He hated Seokjin with a burning passion, hatred that burned so hot that he wouldn’t even let the hunter fuck him if he offered (debatable, he was despearate). 


Jeongguk’s purpose in the human realm was rather simple. He seduced his boss’ enemies, got them to cooperate, and consumed them whole if they didn’t want to cooperate. Many demons love to encourage evil so long as they get something out of it, but there were always the drawbacks of crossing someone like him.


And sure, Seokjin had a handsome face and smelled like he could satisfy his hunger, but Jeongguk still had some pride left in him. 


He didn’t like being powerless and he certainly didn’t like sleeping around with hunters who bested him⏤because being petty was one of his strong points alongside being a giant nuisance.


They’ve detained him for about a week by now. Jeongguk wasn’t looking forward to pushing his limits around these times. “You think I don’t know how you people operate? The moment I snitch and tell you everything you want, you’ll send me back to Hell.”


“And if we promise not to send you back?” Seokjin raised a brow. “Will you tell us then?”


“It’s going to take a lot more than lip service, asshole,” Jeongguk scoffed. “I’m not a fool.”


The two of them have only ever talked on opposite sides of the cell, where an invisible barrier separated them. Most hunters wouldn’t even dare stand as close as Seokjin, not unless they want to be tempted.


Jeongguk tried everything he could to get even just one hunter to fall for his trap, almost did a couple of times, but Seokjin was always there to be a nuisance and stopped them before they could get close. Crossing the barrier would be the end for them.


So it was more surprising for Jeongguk when the hunter stepped past the barrier, dragging a chair with him.


Seokjin sat in front of the demon, crossing his legs. “Why exactly are you protecting him? I’ve seen his profile and he’s not that impressive.”


“He’s dirty rich.”


“I was talking about looks,” he retorted. “Don’t you demons normally go for the more attractive ones?”


“I don’t sleep with him. Hell, no. I’ve got standards, too.” A disgusted expression. “I find my prey elsewhere. He’s just my walking bank account.”


“You’re way more practical than I thought,” Seokjin snorted. “So that’s it? You’re after the luxury?”


“Listen here, you ass⏤”


“I already told you my name.”


The demon glared at being interrupted. Jeongguk wouldn’t dare give him a single ounce of respect, he refused to give him that satisfaction. Instead, he attempted to lunge at the hunter, but there was a harsh tug hauling him backwards..


“Careful, baby.” The hunter raised his right hand, materializing the chain that was connected to the demon’s collar. “You might hurt yourself.”


The stupid collar. It was the only thing that prevented him from hunting down prey, that was keeping him in the stupid cell. The barrier was another thing, but the black collar around his neck was what allowed Seokjin to have the advantage over the demon. Jeongguk narrowed his eyes and glared. “ Fuck you.


“Are you going to waste my time?” Seokjin’s patience was wearing thin. “Or do I have to force the information out of you?” He crossed his arms over his chest, toying with the chain. “You got really unlucky getting caught by me.”


The demon hissed at him, teeth bared and eyes burning red. “You want to play this game?”


“Do you?” Seokjin tugged at the chain ever so slightly, a reminder to show who was in charge now. “Work with me here, little demon. I don’t like to play bad hunter. I don’t get paid extra to deal with brats.”


“You don’t scare me,” Jeongguk managed to stand on his feet, fighting against the pull of his collar as he slowly approached the hunter. Seokjin didn’t stop him. “Because you managed to trap me in here doesn’t mean shit to me, stupid hunter.”


As if to emphasize his point, he grabbed the back of the chair, meeting his empty gaze. “I’d rather starve and get sent back to hell than help you.


Seokjin laughed, low and condescending.


The demon looked pretty cute when he was trying to be threatening⏤to him at least. He had horns peeking out of his hair, his tail all tensed just like the demon, even his eyes were pretty despite the burning red in them. They would look even prettier teary-eyed, he thought.


“Poor you,” Seokjin pouted in faux-pity. “You think I’m going to let you take the easy way out, baby?”


“Oh, you don’t even know who you’re messing with.” Jeongguk found his opening and seized the opportunity, wrapping a hand around the hunter’s neck, tipping him back with the chair. “You’re going to let me out of here or I’ll make you regret that you⏤”


Nothing. There were no thoughts flooding into the demon’s mind. He made direct contact with a human, yet he couldn’t read his thoughts at all. “What?” That wasn’t a normal occurrence. “What the fuck?”


Seokjin hummed and hauled him back forcefully, watching as Jeongguk fell back on his ass. “Once upon a time, I was charmed by one of your kind,” he stood from the chair, untucking his shirt from his jeans to raise it up, revealing four long nasty scars across his ribs. “Apparently, you develop immunity if an incubus chooses not to kill you⏤after all the fucking, I mean.”




There was more to that. Scars inflicted by an incubus don’t just heal on their own. They needed blood to heal it. Jeongguk swallowed hard, realizing that there weren’t just the scars, but all sorts of runes etched into his skin. Seokjin was a hunter of the higher ranks.


“Well, he was supposed to kill me,” Seokjin cocked his head, watching the realization spread across the demon’s face. “I killed him first.”


A dry laugh. “You’re going to go through all this trouble just to get me to cooperate?”


“I should be asking you that, little demon,” he clicked his tongue. “It’s not like it’ll take much to get you to talk. Aren’t you hungry?”


“Excuse me?”


Seokjin looked over his shoulder, giving the guards his go-signal. “Lock me in,” he instructed whoever was standing behind the door. “I’ll be done here in two hours tops.”


Just like that, there was a loud noise outside the room. The barrier disappeared behind him, giving them some more space. Is he insane? No hunter in their right minds would lock themselves in with a goddamn lust demon.


Jeongguk felt a chill run down his spine. “What the fuck are⏤”


“Be quiet.”


He held his tongue.


Seokjin took a deep breath, rolling out the cricks in his neck before looking down on the demon, taking the first step forward. “I’m going to give you one more chance, baby,” he said slowly. “Are you or are you not going to cooperate?”


There was a shift in the atmosphere. Jeongguk was both entranced and intimidated by the sudden shift energy, sensing what felt like lustful intent, but he was still too stubborn to give up now. “You fucking wish.


And just how long are you going to hold out for? Seokjin sighed heavily and crouched down to be levelled with him, reaching out to tuck his hair behind his ear. “What’s your name?”


He jerked away from his hand. “Go fuck yourself.”


But Seokjin reached again and grabbed a handful of hair, tugging his head back harshly, earning a sharp hiss. “I asked for your name,” his tone ran ice-cold. The hunter didn’t like rude people. “Don’t make me ask again, little demon. I’m already out of patience.”


He grumbled. “. . .Gguk.”


“What was that?”




“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” 


The demon felt fire starting to pool in his gut. He didn’t like being told what to do, and it only made his hatred for Seokjin burn even more. “You’re not going to get anything out of me, mortal,” he seethed, holding his ground. “Give me your worst.”


Seokjin chuckled. “You said that, not me.” He stood up and brought the chair closer to him, sitting before the incubus. It was a very simple request that he asked of Jeongguk, but he supposed that there was no beating pride and stubbornness. “I wonder if you incubi have limits,” he thought aloud. “Now if you could kindly call me by my actual name, then maybe I’ll be nice.”


Jeongguk liked to think that he didn’t have any limits. All mortals were at his mercy when it came to all things lust. “No.”


“Not even if I say please?” The demon didn’t even answer him this time. Seokjin clicked his tongue, legs slightly spread. He caught the other making a quick glance, but he made no comment. “I expect to be addressed with respect, you know.”


“Too fucking bad. I expect to be let out of here.”


“I’ll be getting all that information I need when I’m done with you,” he hummed, toying with the buckle of his belt. “And you’ll be addressing me as Sir.”


Jeongguk looked appalled by such bold statements, but his eyes were already trained on Seokjin undoing his belt and the slight bulge, long and slender fingers against black slacks. “What makes you think I’ll listen to you?”


Seokjin tugged on the leash, knowing exactly where he was looking. “Eyes up here, Jeongguk.”


He clenched his jaw and looked back up. What are you up to, stupid hunter?  Just because Seokjin was obnoxiously handsome (and stupidly hot) didn’t mean he was going to listen, didn’t mean he was going to fall for whatever trap he was laying out for him either.


Jeongguk held his gaze as he sat upright, trying to force himself into his mind in hopes of finding anything that would give him leverage, but all he got was a pair of dark eyes and a pretty pair of lips forming a smug grin. 


The sound of his belt clacking caught his attention yet he didn’t so much as look down. “You’re a pretty one, you know,” Seokjin commented, watching his tail swish in interest. He made sure to take note of all the subtle hints. They were on a levelled playing field since the demon couldn’t read his mind. “Pretty fucking stubborn.”


It earned him another harsh glare. Before he could hear another insult, he tugged the leash again and made him look down. “Isn’t this what you’ve been after?”


When Jeongguk glanced down, he felt a wave of lust run over him.


“Fuck.” He couldn’t stop himself from saying, knowing that it would just prove that he was starving. It would only give the hunter the advantage. Jeongguk didn’t like being bested and he certainly didn’t like how Seokjin, the man he abhorred, had a big fucking cock. 


It was a pretty dick. Jeongguk hated it. He hated the thick girth and the length of it and the bulbous tip. He hated how Seokjin’s hand looked wrapped around the base of it. He hated Seokjin. Jeongguk forced himself to look away. “You think that’s going to persuade me?” he scoffed. “I’m not that desperate, stupid hunter.”


“Oh, I know it will,” Seokjin tucked his dick away and buttoned his slacks, sliding the belt out of the loops. “Judging by how your eyes turned from red to pink.” Red meant he was angry. Pink, hot pink to be exact, meant that he was horny. “Still not going to snitch?”


He was tempted. He was really tempted. “You’re wasting your time.”


“I am. I might as well do something I’ll actually enjoy, ” he forced him to come forward, pulling the leash hard enough that Jeongguk had to grab his knees to rebalance himself. Seokjin was quick to slide backwards, causing the demon to falter, and then everything else was falling into motion. 


Seokjin was quick to stand up and seize his wrists, pulling them behind his back and tying them up with his belt, ignoring the threatening string of curses. He’s had a long night.


It was a lovely sight, made up for the stress he went through the entire week. “Fucking pathetic.” The hunter dropped the leash and leaned against the nearest wall. “Couldn’t get fucked for an entire week and now you can barely stand.”


Fuck you. ” Jeongguk struggled to get his hands free, face pressed against the floor. He rolled over onto his back. “I’m going to⏤”


“Will you just shut up? ” Seokjin snapped. The hunter pushed himself off the wall and stopped at the demon’s feet, nudging them apart with his own. “Come on, spread your legs for me like you did for our lovely friends outside.”


Jeongguk managed to sit upright again, sending him a vicious growl. “I will not take orders from a mortal.”


“I wasn’t asking, Jeongguk.”


“Go rot in Hell.


“I should’ve brought a gag with me.” He went and spread them apart himself, using his foot to push one of the demon’s legs aside, stepping in further until he was standing between his thighs. Jeongguk tried to kick at him, but he grabbed his left ankle when he raised it. “Shall we test your limits, then? I’ve got all night.”


Seokjin didn’t wait for a response. There was always another way to learn more about the incubus, so he took the sole of his shoe and stepped on Jeongguk’s crotch.


He wasn’t surprised when Jeongguk moaned.


“You’re so easy, baby.” The hunter added more pressure, eliciting a pained noise, but still pleasured all the same. Jeongguk’s eyes had shut, face flushed down to his neck. There was a reason Seokjin hadn’t come to talk to him personally until now. It was the easiest trick in the book. Sex demons weren’t that hard to figure out. “If you tell me where your boss is hiding now, I’ll reward you.”


The demon didn’t pay attention to his words at first, too busy trying to grind against the sole of his shoe. Seokjin repeated himself. Jeongguk still wouldn’t cooperate. “N- No.


“Christ, are pride demons a thing?” Seokjin stepped away, hearing him whine in distress. “Oh, did you think I was going to let you relieve yourself, baby? You won’t cooperate and you won’t even show me an ounce of respect.”


“I will⏤fucking kill you. ” Jeongguk felt like he was starting to lose it. He had the slightest taste of lust and now he was hungrier than ever. The demon managed to maneuver himself onto his knees, using his rage to fuel himself as he stood up. “You’re guh-gonna wish you never fucking put me in here, you asshole.”


Before the demon could come closer, Seokjin drew a blade from behind, holding the tip of it against his neck. “What was that?”


“Fucking⏤ Fuck⏤ ” The demon looked a little crazed. “ Fuck you.


“Hm? Fuck you?”


“God, please.


Cute. He barely did anything to him yet he was able to reduce Jeongguk to a delirious mess. Maybe two hours was overkill. The hunter dragged the tip of his blade up Jeongguk’s throat, raising him by the chin, making him meet his gaze⏤and his eyes were already glassy. Poor baby. “You’re just hungry for cock, aren’t you?”


A helpless nod. Jeongguk looked too lost in his delirium for a moment, but only for a moment. He had managed to shake himself out of it and stepped back. “Let me out of here. Now.




“Give me a break!


“Then tell me what I’ve been asking for, Jeongguk. That’s the only reason why you’re here,” he huffed out a laugh, playing around with the dagger in hand. What else pushed his buttons? “It’s not that fucking hard, you dumb cockslut.”


Judging by the way his eyes dilated, he must have pushed one of the right ones. Still, Jeongguk made a quick run for the door, getting his hand on the handle with his tail, using all his remaining strength to pry it open by force⏤but it was all in vain. His tail was as weak as him. The door wouldn’t budge at all and he felt so pathetically weak. It was definitely a low moment for him.


He wondered if holding onto his pride and dignity was really worth it. This had nothing to do with loyalty to his boss. Jeongguk didn’t fucking have any loyalty and would snitch without thinking twice. Why would he defend some old bastard? 


His stubbornness usually held out for longer than this and his pride would be the death of him.


But who the fuck needs either?


Jeongguk really hated the hunter, the bane of his existence, nothing but a nuisance. Seokjin was his own personal Hell. Lucifer forbid he ever crossed his path should he ever meet him there.


“H-He’s hiding in Red Card.” His voice wavered and his eyes sort of stung. “The club he owns⏤there’s a secret room i-in the back,” he didn’t even turn around to tell him, too ashamed to give out that easily, and from what? The sight of his cock and the slightest hint of pleasure? “By the private rooms.”


All it got him was an unimpressed huff. He tucked his dagger away and undid the belt around Jeongguk’s wrists. “Not gonna lie, I’m a little disappointed with this information, but okay.”


Seokjin was about to knock on the door to give the signal, but Jeongguk was quick to stop him. “You said you would reward me,” he mentioned. “What was the reward?”


Now this just made things interesting.


“Your freedom, duh.” His answer made the demon visibly deflate, like he was equally disappointed as him. It was never Seokjin’s to fuck the poor incubus to begin with⏤despite his little bluff earlier with his dick. It wasn’t difficult to get hard when there was a pretty demon in front of him (and being sexually frustrated).


Jeongguk let go of his arm, backing off without any fight left in him. The hunter had time to spare anyway. “You know I’ll do it if you ask me,” he said, watching his eyes glimmer. “Ask me nicely, I mean.”


Please. ” It was desperate, alright. “Please⏤Sir.” Oh, he was really desperate. It was a lovely surprise. “Please fuck me, Sir?”


Seokjin hummed. “No.”


The demon looked visibly broken.


“I was joking. I will,” he rolled his eyes. He opted to take a seat for the meantime, dragging the chair towards the wall. “You know, I thought you’d put up a fight⏤”


To his surprise, Jeongguk fisted the front of his shirt, pulling him back to kiss him like his life depended on it. It was desperation and relief rolled into one. Jeongguk’s lips were soft and wet against his own, guiding him backwards until his back hit the wall, making small needy noises in his throat as they kissed messy. 


Seokjin indulged the poor incubus, hands gripping his waist to keep him steady. Jeongguk was clearly eager to get what he’s been craving for, slipping his tongue in, licking into the hunter’s mouth. This was already enough to put some energy back in him.


He still needed more. Jeongguk reached down to undo the button of his slicks, only to get his hands swatted away. Seokjin paused their kiss to give him a hard stare. “Behave.”




“Behave or I won’t fuck you.” It earned him a whine. “I never said I was going to be nice, not after all that fucking attitude you gave me, brat,” he shoved him back so he could finally sit down, tempted to use the leash but opted to test his obedience instead. “Kneel.”


As expected, Jeongguk didn’t follow⏤not at first. When Seokjin materialized the chain, the demon got on his knees, positioned right by his feet. “Don’t test my patience, Jeongguk.”


He exhaled slowly. “Yes, Sir.”


“Good. Now strip for me.” Seokjin leaned back and watched as the demon peeled off clothes he was captured in, a simple white shirt and lounge pants. What didn’t surprise him was the lack of underwear. It’s not like he ever needed them. “You’ve got a pretty cock there.”


And it was. It was above average in size, flushed pink at the tip and leaking precum. With a mischievous grin, Seokjin raised his foot and stepped on his leaking cock. 


It caught Jeongguk by surprise, coaxing another loud moan out of him. He made pretty noises. Seokjin pressed down harder until he was wincing, but he didn’t ask him to stop, taking whatever he was given. The sight of it all ignited something inside Seokjin. “Oh, Jeongguk baby,” he cooed. “You’re still so fucking pathetic.”


He whined at that. The hunter rubbed at his dick with the sole of his shoe, watching Jeongguk lean back on his hands and rut against it. The demon’s head was thrown back when he moaned, already looking like a hot mess while stripped naked, pride and dignity long gone by now. “Seokjin⏤ Sir, please.”


He tugged at the leash to get the other to look at him. “What? This isn’t enough for you, baby?”


Jeongguk shook his head frantically. “Need you to fuck me.”


“Go fuck yourself,” his free hand undid his slacks, pushing down his slacks and his boxers just enough to let his cock spring free. The sight of it made Jeongguk lick his lips. “You’re the desperate one here.”


They really should’ve provided a bed, but they made do with what they had. The chair wasn’t that tall anyway. Seokjin let him sit on his lap first, he was practically fully clothed while Jeongguk was completely naked, it was exhilarating. “Do you need to be prepped?”


“I’m an incubus.


“Watch your tone.”


“Sorry, Sir,” he murmured, wanting to touch the hunter’s thick cock. Jeongguk shuffled a little closer and pressed their lengths together, stroking them languidly with both his hands, pink eyes looking back at Seokjin’s dark ones. There was no point in hiding it now. He’s been meaning to say it since he first saw the hunter. “You’re so fucking hot, it’s annoying.”


Seokjin laughed and pulled him into another kiss, groaning against his lips from the friction. He took his ass in his hands and groped them, massaging them. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

I'm so hot that it’s annoying.” Jeongguk couldn’t wait any longer. He reached back to coat his fingers with an obscene amount of slick, too far gone to feel ashamed about using it to coat Seokjin’s dick with it. It made him moan either way. “Sir, pleasepleaseplease. Can I?”


Once he got a nod, the demon raised himself up and aligned himself with his cock, feeling the tip brush against his rim. He waited a whole entire week for this. 


Jeongguk felt the cockhead press inside and he was already a writhing mess, broken moans rolling off his tongue, loving the way Seokjin’s girth stretched him out the way he’s always wanted. Oh, he filled him up good. “Fuck, I hate your fucking cock. I hate it so much, Sir. I hate you.


“I don’t doubt that.”


He was greedy just as he was stubborn. The demon bottomed out without a second to lose, feeling a strong surge of lust and energy wash over him. His strength was coming back to him by tenfold⏤his strength.


Jeongguk circled his hips, making both of them moan, Seokjin even let his head fall back and thump against the wall. “God, I didn’t think I’d be fucking another incubus,” he chuckled breathlessly, letting his left hand fall to his side. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do it again.”


“Oh, it would. ” He slid his hands up Seokjin’s chest, inching ever so slowly towards his exposed neck. “I have you right where I want you, Sir.”


“I don’t doubt that either, baby.”


And this was why Seokjin always kept blades on him. He tightened his grip on the leash in his right and used his left hand to hold the dagger to Jeongguk’s neck, feeling the demon’s hands just barely wrap around the base of his throat. 


“Don’t even bother,” he scoffed, dragging the tip up the column of his throat. Seokjin went as far as nicking him, earning a sharp gasp. “This is exactly how I killed the previous one.” Beads of blood seeped out of the small wound. “So why don’t you just do what you’re supposed to do, hm?”


A defeated sigh. Jeongguk found a comfortable position for himself first, feet planted on the floor and his hands rested on Seokjn’s shoulders. “It was worth a shot.”


There was no point in drawing it out any longer either. When Jeongguk raised himself up and sank down on his cock again, he whined high in his throat, deciding that trying to kill the hunter wasn’t worth the trouble, and so he set a steady pace. That didn’t mean Seokjin was going to let down his guard, yet it all heightened both their arousals.


Jeongguk felt a little crazed⏤to an extent, he was. He fucked himself senselessly on his cock, acutely aware of the blade pressed to his neck and the pressure of his collar against the base of his neck. He absolutely needed this.


It wasn’t fair that Seokjin was a pretty moaner, too. His moans were deep and breathy, evident of how much he was enjoying this as much as he did, and that look in his eyes⏤Jeongguk couldn’t tear his gaze away. He was completely at Seokjin’s mercy and so made the most of it. Revenge could happen another time.


The demon used one hand to hold the back of his chair, bouncing on his cock, creating lewd sounds of squelching. He could already feel his orgasm building up and it was far too soon for him. “I’m not⏤Sir, I’m not gonna last, please. I want⏤” he whimpered. “ Please.


“I’m not done with you, little demon,” Seokjin rasped. “Don’t you fucking dare cum before me.”


Jeongguk whined helplessly, his pace already faltering, gripping the back of the chair hard enough that it must have cracked. “Please, please, please,” he pleaded. “Sir, let me cum please. ‘M so close, I’m sorry, Sir. Please, pretty please.


The last thread of Seokjin’s self-control had snapped. He dropped the leash and the dagger, hearing it clatter on the floor, and dug his fingers into the meat of his thighs. “Wrap your legs around me,” he instructed right before standing up, lifting the incubus up with him and⏤ of fucking course. “Fuck, you don’t weight a thing.


“I’m. An. Incubus. ” Jeongguk crossed his ankles behind the hunter’s back, gasping when he was shoved a little too hard against the wall. “Get it through your stupid⏤ fuckfuckfuck, Seokjin.


Jeongguk's head bumped against the wall as he found purchase on Seokjin’s shoulders, digging his claws into his shirt and probably flesh, making all sorts of loud noises that he was absolutely positive that the guards on the other side of the door could hear the demon moan and cry like a bitch. It didn’t matter. Seokjin was fucking him with fervor and he has never felt pleasure like this.  


Jeongguk could feel his cock deeper this way, raking his claws across the expanse of Seokjin’s shoulder, causing his shirt to tear, ignoring the pained hisses he made. It made him feel lightheaded, how Seokjin could be as animalistic as him. He was the fucking incubus here. 


He could only hope that he held out as long as the hunter did. The demon sobbed against his neck, forfeiting the title and crying out Seokjin’s name over and over like it was a prayer. “Please, wanna cum so bad.”


His prayer was eventually answered when Seokjin’s pace became erratic, feeling his hot breaths against his neck. “Fuck⏤gonna cum,” he thrusted into his tight hole a few more times before his nails dug into the flesh of Jeongguk’s ass, teeth biting down on the demon’s shoulder as he finally came⏤and he came hard , feeling Jeongguk spasm in his hold as he came with him. “Fucking demon.”


It was a mess. They were a mess of sweat and cum and some tears and blood. There was blood on Jeongguk’s claws and Seokjin’s teeth, and it was quite fitting for the animals they were.


Seokjin could only laugh breathlessly. Jeongguk was trembling.  


“God, I hate demons.”


“He hates us, too.”


Seokjin rested his forehead against his shoulder for a bit, tasting what was probably blood on his teeth, trying to catch his breath. “You okay?” he finally asked after a few moments of silence. “‘M gonna. . .pull out now.”


“It’s gonna be a mess to clean up.” Jeongguk brought his hands to himself, staring at the concerning amount of blood dripping down his fingers. “Shit, I’m sorry.”


“I already have four scars on my ribs,” he exasperated. “Now I have, what, eight? On my back.’


“You have ten, but okay.”


“Fuck you.”


“Please, be my guest.”



Seokjin didn’t bother explaining why the back of his shirt was all torn up when they finally stepped out of the cell, letting Jeongguk walk beside him, clinging to his right arm. He was surprisingly sweet to him after getting his fill, lost all that brattiness all of a sudden.


“Where are you taking me?” The demon inquired, ignoring the concerned glances coming their way as they greeted Seokjin. “Are you⏤are you going to kick me out of here?”


“Relax. I’m taking you back to my place,” his answer made him perk up, but he remained indifferent to Jeongguk’s suggestive look, knowing exactly what it sounded like to him. “It’s not like that, so stop getting any ideas. We both need a shower and you need to heal the scars you left.”


Jeongguk giggled. “I’m not sorry. You literally bit me!”


The hunter shrugged. By the time they entered his home, Jeongguk roamed to examine the place while Seokjin took off his shirt and went to get his first-aid kit. He dropped the kit onto the kitchen island. “Yeah, this is getting uncomfortable. Hurry up.”


“What if I don’t want to?”


“That’s a shame. I was totally thinking of fucking you again on my king-sized bed. Did I mention that I have a lot of pillows?.” Jeongguk had never moved so fast and obediently. “You’re way too easy, baby.”


“I don’t care. Your dick is for keeps,” he said⏤a little too seriously. “You have a cozy place. I could hang around here.”


“I didn’t say you’re welcome to stay here, though.”


“I wasn’t asking for your permission,” Jeongguk hummed, drawing some blood out of his wrist so he could close the long scars. “My boss is as good as dead to me now, so you have to take responsibility. I’m not that high-maintenance, so don’t worry.”


“You are not my responsibility⏤”


“Just make sure to fuck me twice a week, and that’s minimum.”


“Jeongguk, I can literally send you back to Hell.”


“Oh! And I sleep on the left side of the bed.”


Seokjin let out an exasperated sigh, twitching a little when he felt the scars starting to close. There was no use in convincing him. It’s been a long day, long night, so he let the incubus have his way. “And you hog the blanket.”


“On the bright side, at least I don’t hog the pillows.” The demon chuckled, kissing the wounds as the final touch. The eight scars looked quite nice on his broad back. “And yeah, I do. How did you know?” 


Have you not been listening at all? “The previous one did.”


“What a coincidence, then,” Jeongguk wiped away the excess blood with a clean cloth. “So what was the other incubus like?”


Seokjin smiled to himself. “I don’t kiss and tell, baby.”