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Here they were, The locker room they had all become accustomed with, still reeling from the high of their victory. They actually did it.

They beat Rakuzan.

Everyone was talking among themselves as Kuroko dries himself off he shoves his towel back into his bag. His hands were still shaking from the adrenaline of the game, it was intense and it was amazing to win with Seirin. But the best feeling from the game, was seeing him.

Ogiwara Shigehiro.

It brought a smile to his face thinking about the male, he hadn't seen him since middle school, Even then he had been injured so he couldn't even say goodbye.

Thinking everything through the smile vanishes from his face, He made Ogiwara give up, he made Ogiwara leave, He made Ogiwara block his number.

It was all him.

His chest tightens at the thought, if Shige hadn't had picked up the ball Kuroko would have given up. He would have given into the darkness that threatened to consume him every day. But he didn't, He didn't in the hopes Ogiwara would have seen just how hard he was fighting the Generation. He could lie to himself and say he wanted to beat the GOM to get revenge for his loss to Touou or To fight with his team.

While they were both correct Kuroko knew the main reason he fought so hard. For Ogiwara

He would get redemption for the Generations evil act. He Fought them fairly and that was something he was proud of. Kuroko had felt immense anger at his middle school team for what they had done and he had felt so much anger at himself for allowing it.

He had decided - He would apologies to Shige, he would get on his knees and beg him for forgiveness. He would make it up to him. Because Ogiwara was the first one to notice him. He was the first one to be his friend.

He's the one who gave him hope. He wished they would go back to what they were before. He cared deeply for the brown haired boy.

"Ku-ro-ko!" A voice snaps him back to reality he looks up seeing the soft frown on his coaches face "I've been calling you for 5 minutes" She says

"My apologies I was lost in thought" Kuroko says as the frown shifts into to smile

"I cant stay too mad since we won" She says "You worked hard...the lot of you I think you all deserve some nice cold drinks and a good nights sleep"

"I'll say I'm beat" Hyuuga says with a sigh

"Great!" She says as she walks to the door "Come on" Kuroko smiles to himself as he walks after the group. "Oh" The small voice from the coach comes "Uh hi?" she says Kuroko looks up and sees his old team, all 5 of them.

"Hey" Midorimas voice says bored. If he didn't want to be there why come at all? Akashi probably told him to.

"We all thought we could celebrate your victory or something" Kise says with a shrug "isn't that exiting?' He says

Kuroko smiles ever so slightly as he walks out "you actually want to?'

"Sure" he says with another shrug. A warm hand finds its way to the back of his head patting it gently he turns around seeing Aomine towering over him

"Good job" he says and ruffles his hair "you worked hard" he mumbles walking off towards the exit. Kuroko smiles gently and follows after them with Kagami by his side. He didn't know what to think now that his old team were around again wanting to 'celebrate'

Celebrate what?

The fact he won? that's not like them.

He wished Ogiwara had stuck around longer, he had hoped to talk to him about everything. He guess he'd have to try and call again after they've done whatever they're doing.

Right now they were arguing, well Kagami and Aomine were. He was too busy with walking and watching Nigou be pestered by Riko and Momoi.

"Thank you" he jumps and looks back at the voice seeing Akashi staring at him

"For what?' He whispers

"Working so hard for all of us. And your team"

"It was nothing" he whispers and keeps walking.

"It was much more than nothing Kuroko, You must have suffered so much. I apologize if anything I did hurt you" He says, Kuroko di dn't know what to say so instead he nods awkwardly. Oh if only Akashi would understand, everything he did hurt him in some way, same with Aomine. Same with all of them actually.

They walk silently, the cold air helped the players body heat, Kuroko listens to the group talk and sighs when he hears Aomine and Kagami argue. Kuroko smiles slightly as he watches everyone before ringing cuts through his thoughts. He looks down at his phone as all the attention comes to him. He Gasps to himself as he sees the name and tears spring to his eyes.

His heart rate increased when he sees 'Shige' flashing on the screen, He smiles to the group "Excuse me" He says before answering the call and walking ahead leaving everyone confused, they had never seen Kuroko like this. Kagami quickly understood when he heard the soft tone of his shadows voice saying the name

"Ogiwara-kun hello" He says as he smiles widely at the voice of his oldest friend.

"Kuroko! congrats on the win my friend. We HAVE to catch up some time" Ogiwara's cheerful voice echoes down the line

"Thanks for the encouragement" Kuroko chuckles "I was close to giving up"

"You wouldn't have. you're not that kind of person" He chuckles down the phone "Hey I was thinking we should maybe meet up for a drink Its been a while"


"Maybe we can even get some practice in i'm a little rusty"

"I'd love that" He whispers

"You can show me what you've learnt" Ogiwara says, Kuroko could tell he was probably smiling widely

"Yeah" Kuroko laughs gently "Just uh let me know when you are free"

"How bout right now"

Kuroko pauses as he hears the beeping of the phone signifying the call ended suddenly, he frowns in confusion, He didn't even get to answer the question.

"What's wrong?" Riko asks

"Nothing I think the call dropped"

"Who were you talking to anyway?" Aomine asks.

"Well It was o-" He gets cut off by hearing the fast footsteps behind him and a very exited person calling his name,

"Kuroko!" He smiles slightly at the familiar voice as a big weight appears on his back causing him to stumble on the floor and look back. He sighs as he sees Ogiwara hovering above him with a smile "Sorry" he laughs before looking at the group "HI! I'm Ogiwara Shigehiro you guys did great out there!" He says

"Thank you" Kagami says "Nice to meet you"

"Likewise" He says, They all noticed how he keeps his gaze away from the generation. That wound was still fresh. His smile widens when he sees Kuroko get back to his feet, "Kuroko!" He says and hugs him

"Ogiwara-kun I just stood up" He says

"And? I missed you soo much!" He smiles at him again, Kuroko gives a small gentle smile to the male, He was acting like nothing happened between them Kuroko didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Whoa...He never smiled like that before" Aomine says

"well its nice to know I'm better than you at something" Ogiwara says without pausing, He didn't even hesitate. he gasps dramatically "I know how about we all go get milkshakes? Kuroko's favorite place come on!" He says dragging Kuroko away. The rest of them stare in confusion, that was the guy Kuroko held so dear? That was the same guy who shouted words of encouragement half an hour earlier.

He seemed so...Different.

Now they were sat at a comfortable small restaurant all eating silently as Kuroko happily sits next to his old friend drinking his beloved milkshake as he listens to everyone talk about random things, He was still reeling from the victory they had received and Ogiwara Sitting next to him added to his excitement .

"I thought you liked Maji's milkshakes Tetsu" Aomine says

"I do" He shrugs "This is my favorite place though...They make them really good"

"I didn't know that" He says

"I did" Ogiwara shoots back again as he finishes his own drink staring back the the group with a little anger in his eyes. Through-out most of the conversation he always cut in to make sure everyone knew he knew things about Kuroko that they didn't. Aomine frowns

"What's your problem"

"Oh...I don't have one...But I think you should have known these little things...If you really were a friend" He says narrowing his eyes slightly "All of you...Miracles should do I guess or did you just not pay such close attention to him as I did"

"Is this a jealousy thing?" Kuroko asks staring at Ogiwara in confusion, He was confused by his friends actions and words towards his old team.

"Of course not" Ogiwara smiles at his friend, "I'm just proving that I'm your best friend"

"Okay" Kuroko says and sighs "I'm gonna get another drink"

"Take my wallet" Ogiwara says

"What wallet?" Kuroko says with a smile, "It'll be a cold day in hell before you pay for me Shige"

"Okay" He says and smiles watching Kuroko as he walks away, He waits for Kuroko to be out of earshot before he turns to the group "He even calls me shigehiro or Shige" He taunts and smirks before sliding out the large booth they got, He feels a hand grab his arm and pull him back gently. He turns around coming face to face with a less than happy redheaded captain.

"What's your issue?" Akashi asks, Ogiwara kind demeanor vanishes in an instant

"I don't give a damn that you hurt me all those years ago" He whispers causing both Seirin and The GOM to reel back...all but Akashi. "What I care about is you took MY friends heart and smashed it to pieces with no remorse... do you know what its like living life like a shadow? Of course you don't. He barely had any friends he only had me...Then you five came along and you made him trust you before you BROKE him...I couldn't care less about you rigging the score. But I will hold a grudge if you even THINK about hurting Tetsuya again" He says glaring back at Akashi. "You all so easily pushed him aside, I will be keeping a very close eye on the lot of you" He yanks his hand away "Seirin included" He snaps before smiling back at them calmly "Bye bye" He says before rushing after Kuroko

He caught up to him as he was standing in line waiting for his turn to order, "You should start taking someone with you, How long does it take for you to get attention?" He asks, Making Kuroko jump for once. Blue eyes look back at him

"By myself? Normally a minute of me trying to get their attention" He says "If Kagami's with me he normally orders for us both" He shrugs, Ogiwara smiles

"I remember when we'd wait in line at convenience stores. I'd always get weird looks at how much we'd get"

"They only thought it was you" Kuroko chuckles at the fond memory, making Ogiwara smile gently

"Yeah, Until you payed for it all and they'd jump and apologize" He shakes his head "I miss childhood"

"Yeah me too" Kuroko whispers, Ogiwara stares back at the blue haired boy smiling to himself,

"I miss you" He whispers causing those bright blue eyes widen just a little, He looks around seeing eyes on them he smiles and leans close "Lets talk outside" he says as they step out the line walking to the door, He sends a small glare to the table of basketball players

Kuroko was happy to have Ogiwara back in front of him again, it had been so long since he had seen his old friend.

The last time he had seen him he was in tears after his oldest friends rigged a game for their own selfish needs.

"I'm so-" he goes to speak but Shige stops him

"No no" he says "you have nothing to apologize for" he says "you did nothing wrong and you're taking the blame for someone else's actions." Kuroko stares back at him in shock "I will admit it...hurt seeing you with a team that didn't appreciate you" he says. "I needed some time and I didn't even say goodbye, I should be the one apologising"

"Shige... I told them not to go easy on you...then they hurt you...How is that not my fault?"

"You knew I'd hate it if they did you were being honest" he whispers "I gave up basketball because it seemed hopeless when they were on the court or in the picture. It seemed so hopeless and cold." He sighs a little "It didn't surprise me when I learnt you had been tossed aside. Didn't make me any less pissed though" he shrugs.

"You knew?'

"I always kept tabs on you Tetsuya" he whispers "I needed to know how my best mate was doing" he looks up at the sky "its gonna rain" he mumbles looking at the dark clouds.

"You never forgot me? I'm quite forgettable" he whispers Ogiwara scoffs

"To who?" He asks, "those jerks in there? Please" he takes a step towards him "to me? You're unforgettable"


"I always had faith in you." He says with a simple shrug as if the answer was obvious. "You're the warmth that Teiko needed and the warmth Seirin desired" he says "you call yourself a shadow but sometimes...only sometimes you shine brighter than anyone else. Not with your skill though, because you like to be on the down low with your hidden potential" he chuckles seeing his old friend pout, he always seemed so adorable when he pouted. "But because you have one of the best hearts on the court. One of the best and most resilient of the first years. You give hope where hope is lost"

"Who are you, tumblr?' Kuroko teases to try and ease the atmosphere. He always hated it when it got emotional he always felt like he never responded right. Ogiwara chuckles deeply a sound that made Kuroko ears tingle slightly.

"I really missed you" Kuroko says "I even...I kept trying to call you" he whispers "you never answered"

"I would have snapped" he says and turns to him, Ogiwara shigehiro was the only one who saw this side of Kuroko Tetsuya. The most vulnerable and bare side of him. Ears red and shivering slightly from the cold as soft raindrops fall from the sky preparing for the torrent the clouds were about to release. "I didn't want to snap at someone I loved so much."

Kuroko chuckles and sniffs glad it was starting to rain so no one would see the tears in his eyes. Ogiwara steps closer to him seeing Kuroko relax from his body heat

"I really missed you too" Ogiwara says looking down at him with a gentle smile "I missed seeing your face everyday, you're amazing"

"Shige" he whispers feeling a warm hand on his face, the rain had become an angry downfall around them as the wind was cold and ruthless but they didn't care. Kuroko was frozen staring up at his friend he cared so much for "you're the only one who knows so much there's no need to try and prove a point" he whispers Ogiwara chuckles deeply again and shakes his head

"This isn't me proving a point Tetsuya" he whispers "its me finally giving into my desires" he says Kuroko didn't have time to ask what he meant before two warm lips were placed on his. His eyes widen a little at the sudden shock of what was happening.

Is this real

Is he being kissed by his friend

His GUY friend?

The same guy friend he had longed for for so long?

Is this real?

Oh wow.

The kiss was sweet and gentle, the rain was a distant memory and so was the group of people watching in shock from the window. Heat slowly rose up to Kuroko's face as his heartbeat got faster and faster and louder and louder. His eyes slowly close as he leans into his friend?

Should he still call Ogiwara his friend

Were they still JUST friends?

His lips tingled as his stomach knotted slightly feeling Ogiwara hands glide down to his hips to pull him closer to his body. The heat from Ogiwara's body was welcoming to Kuroko in the angry cold. He inhales deeply allowing every one of his senses to welcome his lost friend. He allowed him to invade his heart and carve himself into him.

He truly loved Ogiwara, always has and probably always will.

Slowly those warm lips pull away from him, he wanted to hold him to keep him there and keep their contact. But Kuroko was too shocked to move as the realization of what had just happened sank in.

"Uh... I...uh" he was lost for words and could hardly hear over the sound of his own heartbeat. But he could just hear a small chuckle

"Who would thought I'd be the one to break Kuroko Tetsuya's famous façade" he says "take a deep breath and start over"

Kuroko pouted again before he smiles and tries to ignore the heat on his face "you kissed me"

"I did"

"In the rain"


"Like we're in some romance movie" Ogiwara laughs at the jovial response and shrugs

"What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic."

"Why Did you?"

"Cuz I wanted to...and have always wanted to. And I always will want to".

"So uh... you wanna do that again at some point?" He asks. Ogiwara gives another deep chuckle.

"I'd like to think I can kiss my boyfriend whenever"

"Boyfriend?" Kuroko almost speaks since his voice went so high and his face was bright red.

"Well yeah" Ogiwara shrugs "were dating now I assume. Unless you don't want to?"

"No no I...I want to" Kuroko whispers covering his face a little.

"I'm glad we sorted that out then" he says and grabs Kuroko's hand before He looks back at the group, all of them wide eyed and some of them mouths wide open in shock. "Maybe we should get out of the rain...the place I'm staying isn't far"

Kuroko nods and smiles looking away and quickly walking to collect the bag he had left behind. As they enter the restaurant again ignoring how drenched they were by the sudden downfall of angry rain, he didn't see Ogiwara smile tauntingly at the group behind Kuroko's back

"Were gonna go" Kuroko says collecting his bag. Luckily he could blame the redness of his face on the cold not that he would have to considering they had all seen their...less than subtle display of affection. "We we have practice tomorrow?" He asks Riko, Ogiwara chuckles and pats his hair

"Forever the junkie huh?" He jokes a little, Riko laughs gently

"No no we start again Monday. Don't let your muscles get too stiff. All of you"

"I won't, thank you" Kuroko says walking off with Nigou in his hands. Ogiwara hangs back a little as he collects his bag. He looks up at the group of miracles and smiles triumphantly.

"I win" he says before walking off to follow Kuroko out. They wished they could have responded some way but after that and what they had seen, they all couldn't deny one thing..

He was Kuroko's final light, his best and his brightest. The light that shone even off the court and in the darkest times.

And Kuroko was his.