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Not Like Home!

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My taking hostages like this? It had been my idea, so help me. As horrible as it was, it had been necessary. The worst-case scenario was some regular schmuck in the bank pulling some stunt and getting themselves or others hurt or killed. I couldn’t let that happen if I was in a position to help it. If it meant keeping them quiet and out of the way, I was willing to terrorize them.


As I saw the effect I’d had on these people, that justification felt really thin.


I was going to hell for this.

-Talyor Hebert/Skitter/Warlord of Brockton/Weaver/Escalation Queen/Khepri

If I can’t save... the one small girl infront of can I become...a hero who saves EVERYONE!


- Midoriya Izuku/Deku/Ninth User Of All For One   





Taylor Anne Hebert couldn’t stop now; she was committed. As much as the thought filled her with dread, it was true. She was helping a team of villains rob a bank, she was holding people hostage on the threat of death, and she found it both easy and painful to find a good reason for it.


Yes. She was undercover, and yes, it was to help bring down a more prominent villain. She even had the approval of a real hero to do it, kind of. But a small part of her knew things weren’t going to work out. A deep inner voice that Taylor didn’t even know existed was shouting that it wasn’t going to work out, that she had made a turn in her life the moment she stepped into the damned Brockton Central bank.


Like the moment Alexander taming Bucephalus. Ceaser has crossed the rubicon, and the redcoats are coming; nothing would be the same for Taylor, a young girl of only fifteen years. 


Again, however, Taylor was adept at convincing herself of… well, anything. It’s not a skill she used often, but it was one she had. 


The plan was simple. Regent, otherwise known as Alec in his civilian identity, would watch the entrance with two of Bitch’s super dogs. His power to mess with the electrical impulses of the human system could slow any interlopers. Tattletale and her ability to be a knockoff Sherlock Holmes would crack the safe. While the rest of the team loaded the cash, Tattletale would then go to the manager’s computer to monitor the media.


Taylors ability to infinitely multitask and see through her bugs, and all the black widow executioners, would keep an eye on the civilians. 


The plan, something the wannabe hero and undercover Villian had memorized till she could recite it in her sleep, was actually working. Much to Taylor’s dismay, the vault was opened, and Bitch, otherwise known as Rachel Lindt, started assisting Taylor and the team’s leader, Grue, with loading the money. Thankfully they didn’t have to carry the bags. Rachel’s dogs, now the size of horses, were able to do that job well enough. 


Grue was zipping up the last bag when… something happened. 


The first indication that something had changed was when the room, the entire building, actually, dropped several degrees.


Taylor saw what happened next through her bugs in the main lobby, where all the hostages were. 




Taylor and Tattletale yelled at the same time running for the lobby without any warning. It was not necessary. 


All five members of the Villain group known as the Undersiders and two of the enormous dogs arrived nearly simultaneously. What they saw was almost physically painful to look at. It was not surprising. Humans were not meant to gaze at rips in the fabric of space-time.


Though it wasn't much of a rip, hanging suspended in the middle of the bank lobby looked almost like a mirror, distorting the room's light.  It was crackling with ominous golden electricity. 


Tattletale’s eyes were wide as her power struggled to understand what it was looking at. Then the blond, fox-like, villain was moving. 


“Everyone get away from that thing! Don’t let the electricity hit you!”


Thankfully, no one argued, because just after one freckled brunette moved to speak of that electricity hit right where she was sitting. That piece of tile disintegrated to nothing.   


“What are we looking at Tats?!” Grue shouted.


Tattletale was silent for a moment, “I don’t know but if you get hit by that… electricity I guess, you will be erased from existence.”


Regent, being the sociopath he was, chuckled, “That sounds bad, is that bad, bug?”


Somehow the non-plus response of the Renaissance-themed cape calmed Taylor down; in fact, she had to hold in a laugh of her own. It was gallows humor, but that didn’t make it less effective. Taylor opened her mouth to respond with her best attempt at an appropriately humorous response. 


She was interrupted by a thunderclap. 



Pain rocked Izuku’s body. It was not a 'just broke your arms,' type pain or a, being targeted by Kacchan, type pain. No, it was a 'just been set on fire,' type of pain. That is, if the fire was burning you from the inside.


But as Izuku lost consciousness, his only thought was not concerning his own pain. The scrambled tearing thoughts that Izuku could spare was for the small girl whose shouts of agony deafened his own. 


Izuku did not know how long he was out, but he did wake. It was sluggish; his entire body was sore, but not with physical pain. In fact, as Izuku’s eyes started to adjust to the artificial light, he noticed how healthy he felt and his empty stomach.


He’s coming to,” a feminine voice said in English. Izuku’s English was reasonably proficient, but it took him some time to translate the language in his still rattled head. 


What's wrong with Panacea?” A deeper male voice spoke up next. 


Somethings weird about their biology, it’s fucking with her powers.”


That statement finally snapped Izuku out of his grogginess. A face, dark green eyes, and freckles filled his vision. Izuku shot up to a sitting position, startling everyone around him and sending the girl reeling back. 


Izuku quickly scanned his surroundings. It was a bank, a large one all decked out with lovely oak and marble. There was a large group of civilians huddled in a group on the far side of the bank. Many of them had phones out. 


Izuku could almost hear Aizawa's biting critique for civics that just stand around and watch, like the vultures. 


More importantly, was Eri-chan. Luckily he didn’t have to search long. The young girl was still clutching Lemillion’s cloak, the cloth still tied tightly to Izuku himself. Izuku reached out and moved her hair to the side. The horn seemed to have shrunk somewhere from the fight. That was probably a good thing all things considered.


She has such an amazing quirk.


“Eri-chan, Eri-chan are you okay?”


Eri-chan started rising at that moment. 


Izuku felt his back relax somewhat. He hadn’t failed; Eri-chan was alive. She was okay.  


Eri’s eyes snapped open, and before he could stop her, had latched onto Midoriya with a cry of “Deku.” The girl wasn’t crying per se, but it was a close thing. She was shaking, holding back tired sobs. All Izuku could do was hold the girl, stroking her hair, trying to calm Eri down. 


“Okay what the fuck is going on!”


“He’s not wearing a mask.”


“Was that japanese.”


“I believe so but it’s a strange dialect.”


“You know Japanese?”


“I live in Brockton Bay, I fought a Japanese rage Dragon on my first day, Of course I know Japanese.”


“The question is what we do now?”


Izuku looked up at the...people around him. They all looked weary, wary of him, to be precise. 


There was also a civilian and some really, really big dogs. 


Izuku's eyes narrowed; the question he couldn’t help but ask was whether someone’s quirk was affecting them. He wasn’t even sure that was possible. Then again, people like Nezu and Eri-chan prove how unique quirks can be.


The civilian was a pretty brunette and no apparent signs of a quirk. Next to her was a tall man or teenager in a scale-painted biker’s costume. He certainly struck an intimidating figure, unlike the girl beside him, a gorgeous blonde in a dark purple suit. An Izuku that didn’t just fight a monster would have blushed. Next to her was a very intimidating figure in a bug-themed costume. 


Izuku caught the bugs flying around her and instantly recognized what that meant. She’s like Koda-san. Does she need to talk to them like he does, or is it telepathy? Is it just the bugs, or is she controlling the dogs? No, stop that Izuku! Geek out later!


The last two were just as interesting. Next to the monster dog with one eye, a hard-looking girl wore no discernible costume or a mask like the others. If the bug girl wasn’t the dog handler, the Izuku pegged this one as the one. And next to her was a… Jester? Izuku wasn’t sure about exactly who or what the teenager was trying to emulate. 


It was at that point everything started clicking together in Izuku’s brain. For one, he was in a bank, either an Australian or American Bank, and definitely not in Japan anymore


Oh, and these five teenagers were probably thieves. They were Villains! They were most likely of the regular variety, not the torture incessant and world domination variant. That was a little comfort, however, to Izuku. 


What’s the saying, out of the fire and into the frying pan.


Izuku wasn’t sure what to do; he was a hero, but not a pro. He technically had clearance to intercede in crimes, but only in Japan and how the world did I get here.   


Izuku looked down at Eri as he started to pull on his powers. I can’t fight now, outnumbered civilians in the building, and Eri-chan. Yet again, he was a hero. 


“Woah woah woah woah there little guy no need to do that!” The girl in the purple suit shouted. She almost sounded like she was on the verge of panicking. Everyone, even the civilians at the far side, stared at her in mixed confusion and worry.  


“Look you are obviously very confused and were badly injured. We are just thieves, petty thieves really, we were never going to hurt anyone here either. Hell, we don't even care about the money… so look, the heroes are going to be here any minute. Let us leave and we can go our separate ways. You get the help you need while kind of stopping a robbery, and we get to keep our reputation as escape artists.”


Izuku narrowed his eyebrows; this was… a first, to be sure. Izuku was suddenly even more lost than a second ago. He could just let them go, and the situation was so far out of proportion that it’s not like he’d get in trouble. In fact, the police chief would probably give him a standing ovation for a change. 


So, Izuku concentrated, What would Kacchan do? No, bad idea, what would Aizawa-sensei do? 


Izuku looked at the one in the Bikers get up and then at the duffle bag most likely full of money he had at his feet. 


“Leave the money and go.”


“Like hell we are, we stole that money fair and square,” The renaissance Villain said, indignation clear for all to hear. 


Izuku looked at the Villian and grimaced. 


With barely a thought, Izuku pulled more on One For All, about three percent. The power of the quirks looked like a blazing rainbow fire on his skin. All the villains took another step back as the dogs hunched low and began to growl at the new threat. 




The villains looked at their blond companion. 


“Tats we outnumber-”


Without listening, the purple clade villain picked up the money and slid it towards Izuku. 


“Let’s get the fuck out of here before the Wards arrive,” The Villian was already running away. His companions seemed torn but, with some hesitation, followed behind her. 


“Well that was something.”


Izuku looked over to the civilian girl and blushed in embarrassment. 


“I’m so sorry about this ma’am, are you okay, did they hurt you.” Helping civilians, making sure they were okay, was a hero’s first priority. The license exam burned that into Izuku’s mind, yet he had almost forgotten she was there during the altercation.


The girl, for her part, blinked in confusion, “Am I okay! What about you!” The girl shouted as she waved vigorously in Izuku’s general direction, “You appeared from some portal thing, You and that little girl’s bodies were falling apart, what is going on! Who are you?”


Described like that, it did sound bad. However, Izuku didn’t really have any answers, not any concise ones anyway. 


“Well for one I’m Mid… er sorry this is America right.”


The girl blinked in confusion, “last time I checked.”


“Well then, I’m Izuku, Izuku Midoriya.”


“Your real name!?” the girl sounded shocked, which was odd. 


“Did you want my hero name? It’s Deku,” Izuku looked down, “and this here is Eri-chan. Honestly I don’t know how we got here, we were in Japan a few minutes ago.”


At her name, Eri detached herself from Izuku just enough to look at the civilian. 




The older girl nodded and gave her an admittedly forced smile. 


Izuku gently lifted Eri-Chan and took to his own feet. There were other things he needed to attend to.


“Hello Everyone,” The crowd at the far side seemed to pause in whatever small chatting they were doing to look at him. Izuku gulped but gave his best All Might smile, “There’s nothing to fear folks. The Villains are gone, how-however I would ask everyone to stay where they are until the police arrive and take statements, thank you for your patience.” Izuku gave a slight bow, Hoping he didn’t make a fool of himself. Hopefully, Aizawa will approve. 


“Wow,” the girl, Izuku needed to get her name, mumbled something a bit too soft to hear. 


“Oh uh, the police are coming, right?”


The girl shrugged, “They should be, plus I texted my sister so she should be on her way. Which reminds me,” the girl brought out her phone and began texting someone.


Izuku’s interest peaked, and his dormant geek started to crawl to the surface. 


“Oh is she a hero too? What’s her Quirk? Oh actually you said that my body was tearing itself apart, does that mean you healed me? Do you have a healing quirk? Those are so rare !”


“Wow too fast I don't even know what that last part was?”


“Oh sorry I can get kind of excited about Quirks and stuff,” Izuku grinned as he blushed. 




Izuku tilted his head, “Oh, you know, powers.”


The girl nodded in understanding, “Okay… yeah I can heal people by touching them. I can also examine someone's biology.”


Izuku’s eyes lit up, “That is amazing, YOU are amazing, that’s like the most useful quirk ever! Are you trying to become a doctor? I’d bet you’d make for a great hero!”


“Of course Amy is, my sis is the best!”


Something fast and golden shot into the room to bear-hug Amy . The suddenness of it caused Izuku to take a step back and, on pure instinct, shielded Eri behind him. 


“Oh sis, are you okay? I came as soon as you texted!”


“Yes Vicky, I’m fine,” the girl Izuku now knew as Amy pointed at him, “You have him to thank for it.”


Suddenly Izuku was face to face with a goddess, the most beautiful- 


Izuku shook his head at the foreign sensation. Was that a quirk? Does she have some sort of brainwashing ability? No, it’s too subtle for that.


Before Izuku’s mind went down another rabbit hole, the girl spoke suddenly very much in the green hero's personal space. 


“Thank you so much for saving my sis, random guy.”


Izuku looked away, heavily embarrassed, “It’s nothing, honestly I think your sister saved me,” Izuku looked back at Amy, “Thank you by the way for healing me and Eri.”


The other girl, Vicky, smiled before glancing back at her sister, “He’s a humble one isn’t he.”


Amy sighed, “Just don’t.” 


Her sister just chuckled before bending down, “And who is this little cutie?”


Eri ducked behind Izuku. Izuku bent down to eye level with the girl, “ Don’t worry Eri-chan, you’re safe.”


Eri looked back at the hyper girl with a little bit of prodding and gave a small hello in Japanese. Vicky didn’t know Japanese, but like the bug girl, it seemed people in the city knew at least some of the common phrases. The situation was still a bit too chaotic for him to wonder why that was, or really to notice the small commonality between the Hero and villain.  


Vicky stood up, “She has to be the cutest thing ever but what’s up with the bandages, is she okay?”


There was some suspicion in her tone, Justifiably Izuku admitted given the strange circumstance.


Izuku looked at Amy, just noticing the arrival of police and more heroes.


“She wasn’t when she came out of the portal thing I’ll tell you that. Was she abused, there was, still is, evidence of long time abuse.”


Izuku grimaced, “She was… in a bad situation.” 



“So, what’s the bad news?” 


Principle Nezu of the prestigious U.A. was a strange man, to say the least, and not just because he wasn’t human. However, at the moment, he had an all too human scowl adorned his lips. The last couple of days had not been kind ones.


Night-eye dead, half a dozen Heroes injured, and a couple thousand in property damage, oh and let’s not forget a hostage and a hero in training are missing. One of my students!


A small crack formed on his delicate china teacup. 


Nezu breathed out and relaxed his grip.


There was no other man in the room that could see the principal’s expression. There was, however, a computer on the principal’s finely made oaken desk. On the screen of that computer was a man that very well could see the principal's... displeasure. Jack Trainer was a proficient analyst and Astro-physicist for the University of Tokyo's science department. Since being hired by the university he's worked on several cases dealing with bizarre Quirks and their interactions with normal physical laws. His importance didn't stop the small primal fear trickling down his spine warning him he was in trouble. He might be very far away from the principal, yet it still felt like the diminutive bear of U.A. was going to reach through the screen and strangle him. Knowing the abilities of said bear that wasn't quite the impossible feat, damn the consequences.  


“It- It's not all bad! We're pretty sure we know what happened.”


“Oh, do tell.”


“The virtual particles, quarts in the area the kids disappeared, suggested some sort of quantum fluctuation. We got in some very fine tuned equipment and a special quirk. There were small gravitational ripples in the area almost unable to be measured due to the planet's own gravitational impression.”


“While I love the science lesson, if you don't get to the point… I’m going to be very displeased.”


“Uh yes… So basically we think young Midoryia and the girl uh… well they've been transported…


"For their sake I hope you know were they were transported," there was the unspoken warning of, 'and for your sake,' in the principles statement. Whether spoken or not, both of them heard it.


Most likely it's... Well, I'll just say it then. Principle Nezu as hard as it might be to believe there's a greater than 90 percent chance the two kids were transported outside of this universe.”


There was utter silence on both sides of the small computer screens. Next, very carefully put the teacup down on its finely adorned plate. 


“You're going to tell me everything.”