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You're supposed to be smart.

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The teacher in front was busy writing important details about today’s lesson on the board, his voice echoing on the four wall of the class.

From the left side sat Louis Tomlinson, class achiever, number one nerd in the whole school and completely antisocial who was writing everything his teacher was saying at precise speed, not even bothering to fix his glasses, which was slowly falling from his nose and right next to him was Harry Styles, public enemy number one and Louis’ best friend who was buried on his books, snoring loudly but was completely ignored by the whole class. They were used to him sleeping and the teacher gave up trying to wake him up, a month long detention did nothing to make him more attentive in class.

The bell rang signaling the end of another boring yet tiring class in school... for other students of course but for Louis, it was another day of stocking up random bits and pieces of knowledge that his teacher was lecturing about in his head.

‘I probably need to review my notes again tonight.’ He thought nervously as he chewed on the inside of his cheek.

Louis Tomlinson grew up believing that if you want to have the perfect future, first you must be number one at absolutely everything, and second… well there is in fact no second. His family believed that either you be number one or nothing. It was hard and it was cruel but he learned to live with it.

He gave Harry’s head a few tap to wake him up; he stirred in his sleep and wiped a few drools that escaped his lips. Louis just rolled his eyes and continued packing his things.

“Hey Haz, do you want to go to the library and finish our homework in English?” Louis asked as he neatly placed all his notes that he took during his teacher’s lecture inside his bag.

After making sure that everything was in place, he lifted his gaze to look at Harry who just gave him an incredulous look, a look which questions Louis’ sanity.

Harry was Louis’ friend… his first ever friend besides Niall who was everybody’s friend and his next door neighbor and he can also be considered as one of Louis’ friends if you count walking silently next to Niall as he blabbers on continuously about the most random of things like the frog he saw in his bedroom. Niall was nice though. There were also a few who’s Louis is close with after the dreaded first year where he was considered a prey to the bullies but after he met Harry, no one bothered him and others seemed to like him and befriended him. Every year his confidence grew, all thanks to Harry of course.

“Lou, it’s Friday and that homework is not due until Tuesday.” Harry replied with a groan.

Harry wasn't really a fan of studying, if it wasn't for Louis attending this class he wouldn't even bother showing up.

Louis nodded sadly and decided to just stare at his feet wondering if he could just do it at home after school, not before reviewing his notes from today’s lectures.

Harry knew he was a goner after seeing the defeated look on Louis’ face.

‘The things I do for this boy, I swear.’ Harry thought to himself.

“Ugh fine, just don’t give that sad look, you know it makes me feel like the shittiest person.” Harry huffed, exasperated.

Louis lifted his gaze away from his toes to smile at Harry and giving him a quick hug. That alone made Harry feel great about himself.

“Thank you Haz!” he cheered as he scrambled to pull Harry’s hand, dragging him out of class.

Harry and Louis were complete opposites, while Louis would prefer reading at the farthest corner of the library Harry would choose to go out and party. Harry wasn't exactly a party animal, he was actually very mysterious and scary when Louis first met him lingering at the library, sitting on the floor with a bloodied nose and busted lip. Louis remembered panicking and almost fainting at the sight of blood on his shirt but Harry just grinned at him and introduced himself. He also asked for Louis help if he could get him a pair of clean shirt and some antiseptic because the school principal can’t see him looking like that or he’ll get into trouble. Louis knew him of course, he’d heard all about the troublemaker Harry Styles, he was already two years older than his classmates after getting into tons of trouble and getting into different sorts of danger that managed to get him kicked out of school and now that he has transferred to Louis’ school, it seems he was starting yet again another trouble but trying to not get caught. Louis didn't want to get involve in Harry Styles’ chaos but his green alluring eyes were doing things to him that made him agree to help.

Louis embarrassingly gave Harry the spare shirt he had on his bag and his own personal first aid kit and when Harry asked him why he had those he kept quiet. Harry soon realized the reason why Louis brought those stuffs in school when he saw some big kids pushing Louis like he was some kind of doll for them to just pass around, his shirt was dirty and like Harry was before he was all bruised up and tears were gathering up in his eyes as he begged them to stop. Harry didn't take the bullying very easy so that day he ended up with a black eye, a broken arm and a new friend. No one bothered Louis after that incident especially when everyone in school feared Harry. That was Louis and Harry’s freshmen year and now they were both seniors, a few months from graduating and still close as ever.

They were the best of friends, Harry groaned when Louis said that out loud but he was smiling after seeing Louis so giddy and excited about having a friend. Harry didn't mind when Louis made him a personalized bracelet, he still wears it every day, he also didn't mind if Louis would always drag him to his study session that he had no interest in participating but he would never leave Louis to study alone. He got used to sleeping in the library anyway.

And if you ask him, he would probably follow Louis everywhere without complain.





After school, Louis went straight home and for the thousandth time declined Harry’s offer to go to a party because he really didn't think his mom would approve. Harry of course, for the millionth time understood and made sure to walk Louis home to make sure he was safe.

 When Louis opened the door, he was already greeted by his mom who was schooling a very stern face.

“And why are you late Louis?” she asked, irritation clear on her voice.

“Me and Harry lost track of time, we were at the library doing homework.” He answered her while he fiddled nervously at his fingers.

“Louis, I've told you not to hang with that boy, why are you still with him.” Her mom asked again clearly mad about how her son wasn't following her.

Louis wanted to roll his eyes but knew he would get reprimanded by it and he was pretty tired and would rather take a few minutes of nap before getting back to his notes.

His parents didn't like Harry, not one bit. They knew he was bad news for their son and would ruin their plans for his future but their son never did stay away from said bad influence. Although Louis didn't understand why they thought Harry was some spawn of the devil when he’s exactly the opposite. He helped Louis’ confidence and protected him always from those kids who like to make fun of him just because he prefers a night of studying rather than partying.

Harry never minded Louis’ obsession with being on top and getting the highest grade possible, in fact he was always there to support him so why can’t his parents accept that Harry would always be Louis’ best friend. His parents were so cruel sometimes, it was their fault why their son never had a lot of friend to begin with, they've brainwashed him into thinking that he’ll never amount to anything if he wasn't on top.

It’s not like he hated it, he was actually very happy especially at times where Harry would cheer and congratulate him when he gets a perfects grade on his test or won a contest, Louis loves making Harry proud. All of this wasn't to make his parents happy about their perfect son; this was all about making Harry, his best friend proud and hopefully encourages him to do well in school.

Harry’s interaction with Louis helped him pass a few class even if he manages to piss a few teachers off. They were very much thankful for Louis’ influence to Harry and how they believed that he was leading him to the right path.

So even if everyone believed that their friendship was odd and a bit cliche, they surprisingly were both good for each other. Harry was a burst of confidence for Louis while Louis was a good influence to Harry.

Louis vowed to never end his friendship with Harry even if he receives a ton full of lecture from his parents every time he gets home. He might be scared shitless at the thought of angering his mother or father but no way in hell would he let them ruin it.

'Not happening mom.' he whispered to himself as his mother continues on her rant about proper friends.