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It Will Always Be You

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“220 degree no foam soy cappuccino.” A petite blonde girl asks, no demands , while looking at her cell phone and clicking her fake nails on the counter. Jared just raises an eyebrow and punches it into the iPad they use for a register.


“What size?” Jared asks. She just looks at him like he should just know this information. He stares back at her expectantly, he can’t read minds for Christ’s sake.


“Large.” She finally gives up for him.


“That will be 4.68, please.” Jared states, swipes her card and turns the iPad towards her on the turntable so she can enter her pin number. Jared steps away to make her ridiculous order. 220 degrees? That’s hotter than boiling. Fuck that, he is not getting in trouble for a customer burning herself on the coffee. Obviously this girl belongs at Starbucks. He sets her drink on the counter and turns away to clean. Thankfully today is a slow day.


Jared sighs and looks at the clock. 3 pm. He can’t close up for another 2 hours. Not that there’s too many people looking for coffee at this time of the day. The bookstore that this coffee shop is attached to, Fabled, is open until 8pm tonight, but thankfully since it’s Sunday, the coffee hours are shortened. Usually he has to work until the bookstore closes. Jared goes back to cleaning off the few tables and tidying up.


The door flying open and quickly closing alerts Jared to look up. A tall man with brown hair and a triangle tattoo on the back of his neck is suddenly inside and looking wildly around.


“Um, can I help you?” Jared asks. The man turns to look back at Jared, startled.


“Yes, do you have a bathroom here?” His voice is slightly rough and he has startling green eyes.


“Uh, in the back. Go straight, it’s on the left.” Jared watches the man very quickly move to the back of the book store towards the restrooms. He shakes his head, people can be so weird sometimes. He just hopes this guy doesn’t try to steal anything. He just wants to get through these last 2 hours so he can get home. Looking down, he goes back to wiping down tables, missing the three men walking by and peering in the windows.




Locking the bathroom door, Jensen pulls a donation blood bag out of his jacket pocket. He quickly sinks his teeth into the bag and drains it in seconds. Breathing in deeply, he pulls a second bag out and drinking slower this time, finishes off that bag too. Jensen looks in the mirror, seeing the bright green of his eyes become a more subdued green. Shoving the empty bags in his pocket, he exits the restroom. 


The tall shaggy haired man is sweeping the floors when he comes back out to the coffee shop. He looks up and greets Jensen with a small smile. “Hi, is there anything I can get you?” He asks. 


“Um, sure. I'll take a small coffee, just black. No sugar.” Jensen smiles back, walking up to the register. The man sets the broom aside and quickly pulls up Jensen’s order on the iPad screen. 


“Nice and simple.” The man, Jared as his name tag states, says. “2 dollars please.”


Jensen pulls a 5 from his wallet and hands it over. “Keep the change.” Jensen smiles and winks. Jared hands him his coffee in exchange for the 5 and smiles back. Their hands brush briefly and Jared gasps at the feel of Jensen’s cold fingers.




Jared looks up and locks eyes with the green eyed man. They aren't as vibrant as they were when he walked in the door. Jared furrows his brows. He opens his mouth to say something but thinks better of it and just says “thanks.” Jared pulls his hand back and looks down, still feeling the coolness. Looking back up, Jared notices that the green eyed man is gone. Alarmed, Jared looks around. There is no way that guy could have even walked out the door in the time he looked down. It was barely a second! 


“What just happened?” He says quietly to himself. 


A few hours later, Jared is finally counting the cash drawer and finishing up his closing duties. The chairs are turned over the tables and the lights in the refrigerated case are off.


“Hey Jare.” Jared looks up from the cash drawer to see his sort of co-worker and friend, Misha, leaning against a table. 


“Oh hey Misha. How’s it going?” Jared responds.


“Oh you know, just hanging out, waiting for a customer. I’ve got all my order put away. So I thought I would come say hi before you left.” 


“Well hello then.” Jared smiles and finishes packing up the money and receipts for the week. “What are you doing after work?”


“Um, not much. Was just going to pick up a pizza and play some Halo. Want to meet at my place in two hours when I’m done?” Misha offers.


“Uh sure. I’ll bring some beer.”


Jared finishes up closing down the coffee shop and heads out to his car. The green eyed man from earlier today is still on his mind. His fingers were so cold. Not just ‘cold hands, warm heart’ cold, but like ice cold. Like the guy had held his hands in buckets of ice water for days. Weird. Also the way he just disappeared. Too bad there aren’t security tapes in the coffee shop or book store. He would love to look through the tapes and see what that moment looked like. Getting in his car, Jared tries to forget about the weird but very attractive green eyed man he met.




“How long are you staying in the area?” Chris asks, looking up from his kitchen table where he has a bunch of odds and ends ingredients for spells laid out. Jensen is lounging sideways on Chris’ living room arm chair watching Chris put a warding spell together. 


“Well I wasn't planning on staying too long. But then I met this tall and extremely handsome coffee barista.” 


“Tall, dark and handsome?” Chris smiles. 


“Hmm. He was pretty tan.” Jensen smirks. “How much longer before this spell is finished? These guys are seriously tracking me this time.”


“You want this done faster, boil some fucking water for me.” Chris states while pointing to the stove top. He has a small kettle of water on the burner, the stove is on, but Jensen is impatient. He rolls his eyes and concentrates on the kettle and moments later it starts to whistle. 


“There. Are you done yet?” 


“Yea I was done 5 minutes ago. But thanks for the boiling water. Would you like some tea?” Chris smirks and pours some water into a mug over a tea bag. Jensen glares at Chris. “If looks could kill.” 


“You may be a warlock, but you are still human. Which means you are made of water. So yes Chris, looks can kill.”


“Stop being so snarky. You want this thing or not?” Chris asks, tossing a small necklace to Jensen. It's made with a leather cord and has a pendant with a human face but with horns pointing upwards. “Wear it at all times and they shouldn't be able to track you.” Chris finishes making two cups of tea, regardless of whether Jensen wanted it or not. “Here.” He says handing over the other mug. Jensen rights himself in the chair and takes the offered mug after pulling the necklace over his head.


“Thanks. For the tea and this. I really can't seem to get these guys off my back. They chased me into that coffee shop yesterday. I was sure they saw me. Obviously they missed that somehow. I have no idea how though.” 


“No problem. Anything for a friend.” Chris smiles sitting on his sofa. “So tell me more about this guy. Are you going to stay here and pursue him maybe?”


“Possibly. With this amulet I could go wherever I please and hopefully be left alone. I wonder if they would expect me to stay here though or skip town. These fuckers are everywhere.” Jensen sighs. “About Jared though--”


“Oh! He has a name! So you talked?” Chris grins maliciously. 


“I just looked at his name tag. We said like 5 words to each other. But he just kind of captivated me. He had beautiful hazel eyes and flawless skin. He smelled like coffee and vanilla and something else.” Jensen smiles as he reminisces about the adorable barista. 


“So he was cute and smelled like a coffee shop. Did you get his number?” Chris asks, leaning back on the couch and crossing his legs. 


“No.” Jensen states looking down at his half empty mug. “I took off. Like I disappeared.”


“Why did you do that?” 


“Because I’m an idiot. And the fucking Erlik were tracking me and I needed to move before they figured out where I turned off to get a quick meal.”


“Ya fed from the guy!?” Chris all but yells at him. 


“No!!” Jensen sets his now empty mug on the coffee table. “I had a few blood packs in my pocket. But honestly, when I walked in that store, if I didn't have anything with me, I would have. He smelled so good. His heartbeat was rushing in my ears. It took everything in me to not pounce on him.” Jensen says, dropping his head to his hands. 


“Why don't you go back tomorrow?” Chris offers. 






Jared wakes up to his phone alarm going off. He groans slightly at the bright light of day and rolls off Misha’s couch. He stayed over last night. They ate pizza, drank beer and played Halo until about 2am. Jared decided he would just sleep here on his couch instead of risking driving after drinking a whole 6 pack of craft beer. Stretching, Jared gets up and pads softly to the bathroom so as to not wake his sleeping friend. Misha works the evening shift so he gets to sleep in. Bastard. Jared has to be in by 8:30am. Just enough time for a quick shower. 




“Morning Jared!” Chad, the skinny blonde man chirps when he walks in the door. Chad is a nice guy, but way too chipper in the mornings. He’s a new hire. That enthusiasm will probably fade in the coming months. 


“Mornin’” Jared mumbles in response. He drops his messenger bag behind the counter and ties his apron around his waist. Chad is working at the cash register this morning and Jared is making the coffee. Monday mornings are always busier so it requires two. 


The morning flies by between mindless chatter between him and Chad and the slew of customers that come in from 9-1pm. Before he knows it, the rush is over and Chad is leaving. Chad is only part time, he’s still in college. 


Jared busies himself with cleaning while waiting for another customer. Soon, the door opens and the bell chimes. Jared looks up to greet the patron who just entered. He's shocked to see the stunning green eyed man from last night. Immediately, he smiles. 


“Hey. Black coffee again?” Jared asks. The man smiles in return. 


“Yes please. Also, a blueberry muffin. And possibly a date with the gorgeous barista.” 


Jared knocks a stack of paper cups to the floor. He looks up so fast he almost gets whiplash. His cheeks burn red as he fumbles to grab another cup to pour the guys coffee. 


“Umm..” Jared mumbles after setting down the man’s coffee. He hesitates before grabbing the muffin from the glass case. 


“I'm sorry. That was really for-”


“Yes. I'd love to.” Jared finally gets out. His cheeks are blazing red by now and his heart is pumping a mile a minute. 




Jensen swallows hard. Jared’s heartbeat is so loud he almost didn't hear him respond. He grins and lays a 10 dollar bill down to pay for his coffee and muffin. 


“Great. I’m Jensen.” 


Jared gives a sheepish smile in return. “Jared.” He replies softly. He takes the ten and starts to count out Jensen’s change when Jensen stops him. 


“Keep it. Do you work Friday?” 


“I work every day.” Jared sighs. Jensen smirks. 


“Think you can spare Friday evening to get dinner with me?” 


“I think I can make that happen.” Jared smiles back. They exchange cell numbers and Jensen heads back to Chris’ house, grinning like a fool. 




Friday rolls around much faster than expected. Jared convinced Chad to switch shifts with him. He doesn't know how, but he’s pretty sure he owes him something ridiculous. Honestly, Jared couldn't care any less about Chad. He's pretty sure he detected a little bit of disappointment from him when he mentioned he needed to switch because he had a date. He’s just too young and bubbly for him. 


He goes through at least two pairs of jeans and about seven shirts before finally settling on something to wear. They are literally just going to a burger place to eat and have a few beers. He shakes his head at himself and checks the time. He's meeting Jensen in an hour. The burger place is only 20 min away. 


Sighing, he decides to make some tea to calm his nerves. Once the kettle starts boiling, he goes to grab a mug out of the cabinet, fumbles it and it falls to the floor with a loud crash. Dammit, Jared thinks. That was his favorite mug. 


He quickly picks up the pieces and goes to throw them in the trash when he accidentally cuts his palm. “Oh my god, could this happen at a worse time?” He says to himself. The cut is pretty shallow, no stitches needed. He washes his hands of the blood and applies pressure for a few minutes. “I'm so stupid.”


Somehow he gets the bleeding stopped, he's bandaged up and still makes it to his date on time. He didn't manage to get any of that tea though. 


He sees Jensen walking up to the door just a few yards ahead of him. “Jensen!” He calls. Jensen turns around and waits for him. Jared smiles. “Hey.” He says when they catch up. 


“Hey yourself. How was the rest of your week?” Jensen asks as they walk in. Of course he’s ever the gentleman and holds the door for him. 


“Oh busy. Went by much faster than expected. Usually when I'm looking forward to something it takes forever to get there.” Jared smiles. Jensen grins shyly. Soon they are seated at a table in the back of the restaurant. Jared is grateful, it's nice and quiet, a good environment for a date. 


Talking comes easy for them. Jared learns that Jensen is originally from the Dallas area, but has travelled a lot in the most recent years. Jared himself is from San Antonio, he went to college in Austin for a year before dropping out and working full time at the coffee shop. 


“Do you like Austin?” Jensen asks him. 


“Yea. I was going to college here for a while.” Jared states. 


“What were you studying?”


“Just business. I know it sounds dumb in this day and age, but I didn't really want to go to college. I didn't have a passion that I really wanted to do with my life at 18 when I graduated. So to appease my parents I went for a year. I was working part time at the coffee shop at the time. Eventually I quit college and was offered full time. I honestly learned more working full time than I did in that year. I practically run the place.”


“I know how that feels.” Jensen shares. “I was pressured into the family business at a young age, but eventually I decided to leave as well. It just wasn't what was written in my life plan I suppose.”


“What was your family’s business?” 


“Uh..” Jensen hesitates. “Farming.”


“You. A farm boy?” Jared grins. “Really?”


Jensen smiles shyly and takes a swig of his beer. “I suppose you can say that.”




The rest of their date breezes by. They walk out together and head towards Jared’s car. Jared seems to miss the curb and trips forward with an ‘oof’. He catches himself on his hands before his head hits the ground. 


“Jared! Are you ok?!” He asks as he helps him up from the ground. Jensen had to be very careful to not rush in front of him to catch him completely before anything happened. Giving himself away completely is very dangerous. 


“Yes. I’m fine. Just a klutz.” He laughs slightly. “Aw shit.” Jensen immediately smells it. He tenses. Jared is bleeding. He feels the hunger in him come out, but he suppresses it down. He didn't get to 365 years old by losing his cool every time a human bled in front of him. He has self control. 


“Did you cut your hand?” Jensen asks. 


“Yeah.” Jared laughs. “Right before our date. I dropped a mug and cut my hand on a piece of it. It must have reopened when I landed on my hand. I told you I was a klutz.” Jared looks down at his hand. “It's not even bleeding that bad.” He wipes his hand on his jeans and quickly sucks the remaining blood off. Jensen holds in a breath. That was the hottest thing he's seen in a long time. 


“Well I'm glad you're not more hurt.” Jensen states. They finish the walk to Jared’s car and start to say their goodbyes. “I'd really like to see you again Jared.” 


Jared looks into his eyes and smiles. “I’d really like that too.” Jensen leans closer and captures Jared’s lips in a kiss. He swipes his tongue across Jared’s lips and is granted access. He can taste the sweet coppery taste of Jared’s blood left on his tongue. The kiss grows hungrier as Jensen backs Jared against his car. 




Jared breaks the kiss breathing deeply for air. He looks up into Jensen’s eyes, seeing that vibrant green color again. He catches his breath, only to be consumed by Jensen’s cool lips again. Jensen breaks the kiss this time. 


“Mm, I need to stop before I just take you home.” Jensen whispers against Jared’s lips. Jared’s adrenaline rushes in his veins. 


“What’s wrong with that?” He asks, breathless. 


Jensen grins. “I really like you Jared. I don't want to rush it. I know I just met you, but I don't want it to only be about sex.” Jensen takes a step back or two. “I mean, if you feel the same way.”


“Yes.” Jared replies. “I'd really like that too.”




“Morning!” Jared chirps while getting his apron on when Chad walks in the door the next morning. Chad just rolls his eyes.


“Someone got laid last night.” Chad comments.


“Actually, we didn’t have sex. Not that it’s any of your business. But I actually had a really good time. Despite falling on my face on the way back to the car.” 


Chad giggles, the mood lightens a little, but Chad does still seem pretty bummed that Jared isn’t available anymore.




“Genevieve, my favorite little nurse.” Jensen grins when a petite brunette opens the door. She smiles, he kisses her on the cheeks. “Thanks so much for getting this supply in for me, I think I might be staying in Austin for a little longer than I anticipated.”


“Yeah, Chris told me about the coffee shop boy. And anything for my favorite handsome devil.” She smirks, pinching Jensen’s cheeks. “As much as I want to catch up, we will have to do that another time. I have a certain someone coming to pick up some coolers.” 


Jensen sighs. “We will need to get together soon. Thank you for getting this for me Gen.” Jensen gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and takes his cooler and turns for the front door. There’s a knock and Jensen stops breathing. “Shit.” he whispers. Gen points for the stairs. He quickly speeds up the stairs to the second level. He sets the cooler down and sits on it, waiting for the Erlik soldier to leave. 


Getting bored, Jensen pulls his phone out to play a game. The wonders of modern technology. He’s in the midst of a clan war attack when he accidentally fumbles his phone and it falls to the floor with a crash. Immediately, he stops the breath he was about to take and listens to what's going on downstairs. 


“What was that?” The gruff voice of Jeffrey, one of the Erlik’s dogs asks. He isn’t the one who has been directly gunning for him, but he has run into him a time or two. He recognizes his voice from their last encounter. 


“Umm. That was just my… cat.” Gen stumbles over her words slightly. “Felix. He must have jumped off the bed up there.” She hurriedly adds. 


Jensen continues to hold his breath. “Yea ok.” Jeffrey responds after a pretty weighted pause. “Can you help me bring these coolers out to the truck?” Jensen only begins breathing again after he hears the truck start up and drive back down the driveway. 




Dinner tonight? My place, 7?


It's been 2 weeks since their first date and Jared decided to invite Jensen to his place for dinner tonight. He likes to cook and cooking for other people really makes him happy. 


That sounds amazing. Count me in. Jensen responds. Jared grins. 


How does Italian sound? Jared hopes he says yes. Since he already has the ingredients needed. A few minutes later Jensen responds positively stating he will bring a bottle of wine, and if Jared prefers red or white. Jared requests a Sauvignon Blanc to match the pesto dish he’s planning. 


Seven comes a lot faster than Jared was expecting. He manages to get the chicken cooked, the salad put together and the table set before Jensen gets there. For whatever reason he was forgetting about the pasta. The water just starts boiling when his doorbell rings. He quickly throws the pasta in to cook and goes to get the door. 


“Hey, come on in.” He greets Jensen with a quick kiss. “I’ll have dinner plated in 10 minutes. Make yourself at home.” Jared returns to the stove to stir his pasta.


“Mm, everything smells amazing.” Jensen says while setting the wine on the table. “Do you have a wine opener?” 


“You bet.” Jared opens a drawer and pulls a corkscrew opener out. “Here.” 


“Thanks.” Jared turns back to shut the drawer and knocks into the handle of his pan of boiling water, sending it off the stove. The pan clangs to the ground with a metallic crash. Jared flinches, waiting for the hot water to burn him. But it doesn't come. He looks around to see the water floating mid air in front of him, still bubbling with pasta swirling around. His eyes go wide. 


“Wha..” Jared starts to say. He incoherently mumbles a little bit. “But.. what? I don't..” Jensen moves the water over to the sink and drops it in the colander so the pasta isn't lost. Jared jumps about two feet in the air when it starts moving. “Oh my god. What is even happening right now?” 


“Jared, don't freak-”


“Don't freak out!? What do you expect me to do!? You just waterbended boiling water in my kitchen! What the fuck!?” Jared yells, he slowly backs away from Jensen a bit. 


“Jared-” Jensen starts to take a step towards Jared. Jared immediately starts backing up further from him. Fear showing clearly in his eyes. Jared backs right into the corner of the room and stops. Jensen sighs and puts his hands up. “Just hold on.” He gets out before Jared can stop him. Jensen shuts the burner off and turns to leave. 




“What the fuck just happened?” Jensen hears Jared ask through the closed door. Jensen sighs and gets in his car to drive away. 




“I messed up Chris. I really blew it this time.” Jensen drove straight to Chris’ place and dropped himself on his sofa. Chris looks up from his book and sighs. 


“What did you fuck up now?” He asks, closing his leather bound spell book. 


“I stopped Jared from burning himself with boiling water. He knocked a pan off the stove onto himself.” Jensen drops his head into his hands. Chris snorts. 


“Well I’m sure when he gets over it, he’ll thank you.” Chris says, sitting back in his armchair and reopening his book. 


Jensen groans. “I highly doubt that. You should have seen the look in his eyes. He was terrified.” He sighs deeply. “I really liked him.”


“You don’t know what the future will hold. Just give him a day or two. He will come around.” Chris advises. 




Visions of floating water and clanging pans float around in Jared’s head while sweeping the floor the next evening at work. No matter how many times he plays it back over in his head, he still can’t come up with a logical reason for what he witnessed. Other than, of course, that Jensen is a waterbender straight from the movie Avatar: The Last Airbender. But that is obviously a ridiculous assumption. Jensen left him a voicemail this morning. He couldn’t get up the courage to listen to it. But he’s certain it’s an apology. 


“Hey, man. Wha-“


“Jesus Christ Misha!” Jared jumps and drops the broom handle, sending it straight to the floor. 


“Hey sorry. I thought you heard me. It’s dead quiet in here. What’s up? You’ve been sweeping the same spot for 15 minutes now. Lost in la la land?” Misha asks while grabbing a cafe chair to sit on. Jared shakes his head and grabs a seat opposite him. 


“Yeah I guess so. I don’t know Misha. I’m so confused.” Jared leans on the table. 


“Confused about what? How to sweep the floor?” Misha laughs. Jared cracks a smile. 


“No. You know those paranormal movies where stuff is moving on it’s own?” 


“Yeah, like Paranormal Activity and Poltergeist? Who doesn’t?” Misha responds. 


“Have you ever thought of that stuff actually happening?”


“Isn’t that all just movie magic though? Light tricks and fishing lines with people off camera pulling strings?” Misha asks, looking doubtful. Jared sighs, getting up and walking behind the counter to make them each a tea. 


“I don’t know. All I know is something like that happened at my place last night and I don’t know what to do about it.” He sits back down across from Misha with two steaming mugs of hot tea. 


“You think you have a poltergeist?!” Misha asks, eyes wide. 


“I don’t know what it was.” He says honestly. “It really freaked me out though. I couldn’t sleep much last night.” 


Misha starts ranting about how they should set up cameras to try and catch it on film or buy a Ouija board to try and communicate. Jared half listens and responds non-commitally in the right places but he knows cameras and a ouija board aren’t going to do shit. He has to figure this out on his own. Or at least decide if he wants to even speak to Jensen again or just forget he ever met him. 




1 week later




“I don’t think he wants to ever see me again. But I get it. I don’t blame him. If someone walked into my house and started controlling elements I didn’t know could be controlled, I would probably kick them out too.” Jensen says dejectedly while sinking into Chris’ couch. “The hard part is I feel like I’ve known him forever.”


“Sorry Jensen. I could tell you felt something for this human. But do you really think it’s wise to leave with him knowing anything about our world?”


Jensen sighs. “No. But I don’t want-“ 


“You don’t have to.” Chris interrupts. “I’ll whip up a spell and have you forgotten about in a snap.”


“Thanks Chris. You’re a good friend. I think I might go to Europe for a while. Wallow in my misery for a little bit. God, listen to me. I’ve known him for what, less than a month? I’m pathetic.” Jensen states. 




Jared heaves a heavy sigh as he serves the last customer. Finally, his work week is over. His boss was nice enough to give him tomorrow off. He hasn’t had any time to himself. Chad quit and the owner’s daughter was sick. So he’s been working alone. Even during the rush hours. He has barely had time to think, let alone pee. One thing he does know, he needs to see Jensen again. As fucked up as whatever that was that happened, he just has this burning need to speak to Jensen again. He misses him. 


Jared makes himself a nice hot cup of herbal tea and sits down to count out the cash drawer. Just as he’s zipping up the deposit bag, the front door of the bookstore chimes. A tall man with dark brown, shoulder length hair and a leather jacket walks in. He looks around the bookstore briefly before turning to face the coffee shop. 


“Hey, sorry. We’re closed.” Jared tells the handsome man. The man locks eyes with Jared. 


“You’re Jared right?” 


“Uh yea?” He stammers, caught off guard. He had already taken off his apron and name tag. 


“You’re actually who I’m looking for.” He walks closer to Jared. 


“Well how can I help you?” Jared asks, furrowing his eyebrows. Did he know this man? “Do I know you?”


“No. You don’t. But you know a very old friend of mine.” He states. Then it dawns on Jared. He remembers Jensen talking of a ‘very old’ friend of his. Chris. He thinks that was the name he recalls. 




He looked taken aback for a second. “Well of course Jensen would talk about his best friend.” Chris smirks. “He’s actually why I’m here.”


“I thought so.” Jared states. “I was going to call him tomorrow. It’s been insane here last week, I finally have a day off tomorrow. I need to talk to him.”


“Don’t bother if you are just going to break his heart. He just wanted me to deliver a parting gift.” Chris states pulling a small package out his pocket. Jared frowns. 


“I don’t want that. I-“ Jared sighs. “I really like him. Even though I’m really confused about last week I still…” Jared stammers over his words. Still not sure about what to say. He thought he’d get a good night's rest before trying to formulate words and sentences about the whole confusing experience. “Just let me talk to him first.” He finally settles on. 


Chris looks unsure, but eventually tucks the small gift back in his pocket. “Jensen is a very good friend of mine. Please tread carefully. But I am a romantic at heart. So I’ll give you a chance. But we will have to move quickly. Jensen was going to leave tonight.” 


“Leave tonight?” Jared asks wide-eyed. 


“Yes, no time to explain. Are you done here?” 


“Uh. Let me just lock everything up.” Jared quickly makes sure all the money is in the deposit bag and brings it to the back room of the bookstore. Misha is back there as well, he says a quick goodbye and double checks everything is completed for closing. “Ready.” He grabs his messenger bag and follows Chris to his car. 


The drive to what Jared assumes must be Chris’ house is shockingly brief. Chris mumbles something that sounds like Latin under his breath while driving the whole way. Just as they pull into the driveway, Chris states “Good. He hasn’t left yet.” They get out of the car and head to the side door. Jensen opens the door just as Chris gets to it. 


“Oh hey you’re back. I was just…” Jensen trails off as he sees Jared walk up behind Chris. 




“Jared.” Jensen says softly. “What are you doing here?” Chris slowly slips out of sight and Jensen lets Jared slip past him inside. 


“I wanted to apologize for how I acted. I was freaked out. I’m still trying to figure it all out.” Jared starts. “I’m sorry I was a jerk. I don’t know what happened that night, but I do know that I really miss you. You’re a great person Jensen. I know I’ve only known you for like a month, but I just.. I’m just drawn to you.” Jared steps closer, closing the gap between them and says softly, “Is it crazy to feel like I’ve met you before?” 


“No. It’s not crazy.” Jensen replies quietly. Slowly, he takes Jared’s hand and interlaces their fingers. “I missed you too.” Jared pulls Jensen a step closer into a tight embrace. “I thought I lost you. Just after I met you.” Jensen says quietly into Jared’s neck. He can feel Jared’s blood pumping through his body. Hear it. It’s roaring in his ears suddenly. He feels the hunger rising. He embraces Jared tighter in an attempt to quell the urge to bite him. He can feel Jared speaking. Feels the reverberations of his voice on his chest. 


“Jensen?” Jared says again. Jensen quickly steps back and looks at Jared. Confusion and concern etched into Jared’s features. “Where did you go there? You practically squeezed the life out of me.”


“Sorry, I’ll be right back.” Jensen excuses himself. He quickly moves to the adjacent room where his stuff was all packed up. Including his cooler filled with blood bags. He grabs the whole cooler and books it to Chris’ en-suite bathroom. Jensen will tell Jared eventually, just not while biting his throat. He looks in the mirror and his eyes are intensely green again. “I don’t get it.” He says to himself. “I just ate before Jared got here. How can I be this ravenous?” He drains three bags just to be certain before going back out to Jared. 


Jared was sitting on the couch looking at Jensen’s luggage. 


“Were you really going to leave?” He asks quietly. Jensen nods. “Are you still going to leave?”




“Not if you don’t want me to.” Jensen states. Of course Jared doesn’t want him to leave. 


“Please stay.” Jared pleads. Jensen sits beside him and pulls him into a side hug, laying his head on Jared’s shoulder. 


“I’ll stay.” Jensen says softly. They sit quietly for a few moments before Jared pulls away. He looks into Jensen’s eyes. How do his eyes change color so quickly?


“What’s up with your eyes? They were this vibrant bright green before. Now…. not as shockingly bright.” Jared says, furrowing his brows. “Don’t get me wrong, your eyes are still beautiful… it’s just that the same thing happened the day I met you.” 


“It’s fine.” Jensen smiles.”I can explain everything. I mean… if you want me to. And if you are ready.” 


Jared takes a deep breath, his heart beating a little faster. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready, but I have a theory and I sure do want to know the truth.” He takes  another deep breath before continuing. “I really want to continue this relationship we have. And I definitely don’t do secrets well.” 


“Ok. I really want to see things through with you as well. It’s weird to say, but I just feel at home with you.” Jensen starts. “This will probably be the hardest conversation I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ve ever had to actually outright tell someone…”


Jared interrupts Jensen with a soft kiss to his lips. “I trust you. I know that is stupid to say when I’ve only known you for a few weeks with only 1 successful date really, but everything in me is telling me to trust you.”


Jensen takes a deep breath and looks down. He grabs Jared’s hands and squeezes tight. “Let’s go to the kitchen.” Jared is led into the kitchen, still holding Jensen’s hand. Jensen grabs a bowl from the cupboard and fills it with water from the tap. “It might just be easier for me to show you.” Jared’s eyes grow wide when he watches the water begin to float out of the bowl on it’s own. He glances at Jensen to see him concentrating with a small furrow of his brow. 


Jared watches in amazement as Jensen freezes the water, melts it, makes it boil and dances it around in front of his eyes. 


“So you’re a waterbender?” Jared asks, a look of confusion on his face. Jensen snorts.


“No. I have an affinity for the element of water.” Jensen pauses. He returns the water to the sink and let’s it go down the drain. “There is so much more though. I need you to know you are safe with me. I would never hurt you.” 




Jensen can hear Jared’s heartbeat pick up in speed and strength at Jensen’s words. “Tell me.” Jared whispers.


“I’m a vampire.” 


Jensen watches as Jared’s face pales considerably as he processes what he heard. Jensen moves quickly to catch Jared as he begins to pass out. He moves an unconscious Jared to the sofa in the living room. 


Are you still here? Jensen sends a quick text to Chris.


Yes, outside. In the garage. Is it safe to come in now? Are you done fucking already? Chris’ snarky reply comes almost immediately.


Haha. He passed out when I told him. Come back inside please. 


Moments later Chris comes in through the side door. “I’m sorry, you told him what now? Are you trying to chase him away? What were you thinking??”


“I don’t know! We have this intense connection and I just--” Jensen breaks off, his own face going pale. “What if..”


“What if what? What are you getting at Jensen?” Chris furrows his brows. “You guys are some kind of weird star crossed lovers? Soulmates?” He quirks an eyebrow.


“What if he’s the reincarnation of the vamp who turned me? I thought Tristan was it for me. I was broken when hunters killed him. It took me seconds to avenge his death but it took me decades to get over him.”


“I mean you are much more versed in the history of Vampires than I am, but I don’t see why that isn’t possible. Witches and Warlocks are reincarnated all the time.”


“What happened…?” Jensen rushes back over to Jared, at his side in moments. Jared blinks his eyes open and reaches up to rub them. Jensen pushes his hair back out of his eyes.


“You passed out. How are you feeling?” Jensen presses a chaste kiss to Jared’s forehead. Jared stiffens slightly at the feeling of Jensen’s lips on his skin. 


“Umm, Ok I guess..” Jared glances over at Chris. “Is he… umm..” Jensen smiles, understanding what Jared was trying to ask.


“No. He’s not. I take it you remember what we were talking about.” Jared nods.


“I do, and I have a lot of questions.”




“So you are how old?” 


“I was born in 1652. I became a vampire when I was 30.”


“Was it your choice?”


Jensen takes a deep breath. “No. Ultimately it was not my choice. It should have been. I decided I would never turn anyone unless it was their choice to do so.”


“Who turned you?”


“A man named Tristan. He actually was the love of my life.”


“Was? What happened to him? I’m sorry, I’m getting really personal with these questions.” Jared turns a little red and ducks his head. “You don’t have to answer that.”


“No I will. I told you I would answer everything you ask. He was killed by hunters many years ago. In the mid 1800’s. I lost myself for a long time after that. Jared I think there is something else though that you should know.”


“What’s that?”


“I think you might be the reincarnation of Tristan.”


Jared stares wide eyed for a moment. “Well I’ve always believed in reincarnation. But I never thought… well I guess that would be why I feel like I’ve always known you. Why when I pushed you away this past week I missed you immensely. Man life just got incredibly complicated!” Jared exclaims. He drops his head into his hands and takes a shaky breath. “Do you have any other bombshells you need to drop?”


Jensen tenses. “I’m on the run from the Erlik.”


“The who?”


“It’s the vampire version of a government you could say. Their military really. Not all vampires are the same. The ability I have to control the element of water, it’s very rare. They’ve been trying to recruit me for a very long time. They have started to be more aggressive in getting me to join. I’m not a thoughtless killer though. Actually the day we met I ducked into the bookstore to hide. I still don’t know how they missed me. Unless…” Jensen looks thoughtfully at Jared’s features. “Of course. That would only make sense.” Jensen chuckles. 


“What do you-?” Jared furrows his brows. “I don’t get it.”


“If you truly are the reincarnation of Tristan, you would probably have the same ability he had. He had a very special, very rare ability to control things related to the mind and could read mind, hear people’s thoughts.”


“I have zero abilities to make anyone do anything. I can’t even make myself do things I need to.” Jared chuckles nervously. 


“Well no. As a human you wouldn’t be able to knowingly unlock that potential. It’s complicated. But I think you may have helped hide me that day.”


“Ok. Enough with the heavy stuff. Tell me the facts of being a… vampire. Damn this is weird. I still kind of don’t believe it…” Jared huffs. He pulls his knees up to his chest on the couch and leans his head on his knees, hugging them. Closed off but alert to Jensen. Jensen smirks and leans sideways on the couch facing Jared. 


“Well most of the stuff is true. We live off human blood. Animal blood cannot sustain. I survive off donated blood, sort of from blood banks. I’ll explain that later. The sun is a problem. There are several ways to get around that. All of them involve having a witch or warlock friend. I have a sigil tattoo on the back of my neck that protects me from the sun. There is jewelry that can be made for this purpose as well. Immortality, inhuman speed and strength are all true as well. Myths include garlic, mirrors, certain herbs or woods.” Jensen chuckles, “There’s a myth out there that vampires are obsessed with counting grains or seeds. That’s obviously not true either. It’s pretty ridiculous actually.”


Jared snorts. “History is pretty ridiculous.” He states. 


“I can wholeheartedly agree with that. Since I’ve been alive for most of it…”


“Where are you from?” Jared asks softly. He uncurls himself and crawls into Jensen’s space. Jensen readily opens his arms to invite him closer. 


“Technically I was born here in what is now Texas. My parents came here from Europe a few years before I was born. They started a cotton plantation, I grew up as a cotton farmer.” Jensen places a gentle kiss on Jared’s forehead. “Hmm. It’s getting late. You should sleep. We can finish this tomorrow. Do you have to work?”


“No, I have a very rare day off tomorrow.” Jared nuzzles into Jensen's cool chest. “I’m always hot. This is nice.”


Jensen picks Jared up bridal style. Jared yelps in surprise. “Easy, I won’t drop you.” Jensen carries him into Chris’ guest room and settles them under the covers. Jared falls asleep cuddled into Jensen’s side. 



The next morning Jared wakes up pressed next to Jensen’s firm chest. 


“How did you sleep?” 


Jared smiles. “Pretty well considering. I was exhausted though. One of my coworkers quit and the boss’s daughter was sick. So I’ve been by myself for what had to be the busiest week of my life. I was going to call you today. To…”


“To talk?” Jensen finishes for him. “Well I’m glad you convinced Chris to bring you here.”


“Me too.”



Jared loads up his neglected laundry from the week into the industrial size washer at the laundromat. Jensen brought Jared back home in the morning. Jensen said he had a few things to take care of if he was going to be staying in the area. He said he was going to meet Jared back at his apartment later today. 


Jared takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. 


Jensen, a vampire. A centuries old vampire. What has come of his life? He was just a humble coffee barista. 


Jared shakes his head. Who is he kidding? He’s still a coffee barista. That’s not going to change. He can’t help but think things are going to change though. Maybe not today, but they will someday. Jensen is going to stay now, but what about a year from now? 5 years? 10 years? Jared huffs. He has a lot of thinking and soul searching to do. 


There’s a sharp knock on Jared’s apartment door. 


“Come in!” Jared yells from the kitchenette where he is cutting up some vegetables. Jensen enters quietly. “Hey.”


Jensen smiles wide. “Hey.” He shuts the door and walks up to Jared in the kitchen. “How is your day off so far?” He asks while gently caressing Jared’s upper back. 


“Well, I woke up in your arms, so I’d say it started off pretty good.” Jared smirks. Jensen lets out a little chuckle. “Yea I got some laundry done, dishes I’ve been neglecting all week. Did some thinking too.”


Jensen tenses a little. “Yeah? You want to tell me about it?” Jared sets his knife down and turns around in Jensen’s arms. 


“Well while I think maybe this relationship is moving a wee bit fast, I don’t think I can ignore this feeling I have with you. I can’t ignore how safe I feel with you. I know you won’t hurt me. I miss you immensely when you aren’t here. My entire being searches for you in the room. I don’t know where I am in believing this reincarnation thing, but deep inside I know we belong together.” Jared takes a deep breath, “I feel like I’ve known you for years. My only fear… is this won’t last. The future is uncertain…” Jared trails off, looking down at his hands. Jensen tips Jared’s face up with a gentle touch to his chin. Jensen’s green eyes meet Jared’s hazel eyes. 


“You have me forever. Whatever that ends up being for us. You lead the way.” Jensen takes Jared’s lips in a sweet gentle kiss. 


“Mmm,” Jared moans. “Let me finish cutting up these vegetables before they get gross.” Jared pulls away with one more kiss. “Hold that thought.” He winks. 


Jensen grins. He stays planted behind Jared, breathing in his scent and caressing his body. Jared lets out a few giggles here and there when Jensen touches a particularly ticklish spot. 


“Jensen, stop that tickles.” Jared giggles. 


“Mmm. I don’t think so. I love hearing you laugh.” Jensen continues. His hands start trailing down towards Jared’s ass. 


“Ow! Shit. Jensen.” Jared drops the knife on the counter, followed by a few drops of blood from his finger. Jared feels Jensen tense behind him. Jared tenses in response. Jared slowly turns around in Jensen’s arms. Hazel eyes meet vibrant green. 


Jensen swallows hard. “Can I?” He asks, voice low and thick. Jared feels adrenaline surge in his veins as he offers his finger over to Jensen. Jared nods once. As Jensen takes Jared’s hand in his, Jared catches a glimpse of Jensen’s fangs peeking out from his lips. Jared can feel his heart begin pounding in his chest. Jensen takes a hesitant taste of Jared’s blood from his finger before sucking the digit into his mouth. Jared watches with heavy lidded eyes, feeling his blood being pulled from his finger. 


“Fuck.” Jared whispers. He feels himself getting hard fast watching Jensen feed from him. Jensen locks eyes with Jared and pulls off his bleeding finger. In one swoop of his arm Jensen clears off the counter top and hikes Jared up on the counter. Jensen claims Jared’s lips in a bruising kiss. Jared can taste his blood on Jensen’s tongue and feels Jensen’s fangs clashing with his teeth. His dick throbs as he’s turned on even more. Jensen ruts his clothed erection against Jared’s. “Mmmm, fuck Jensen.” Jared moans. 


“I’ll make you feel so good baby…” Jensen mumbles into Jared’s lips. Jensen continues to rub their erections together while sucking Jared’s bloody finger back into his mouth. Jared blinks and Jensen has freed both their cocks. Jared moans loudly at the feel of their skin touching. Jensen takes a hard pull off Jared’s finger and it’s like a switch goes off in Jared’s head. He’s seeing stars and coming harder than he’s ever done before. Jensen comes a few strokes behind him.  


Jared is breathing heavily and sweating. “Fuck Jensen. That was…” Jared trails off, catching his breath. He blinks his eyes open, Jensen coming back into focus. 


“Amazing?” Jensen smirks. 


“Yeah.” Jared smiles. Jensen pulls Jared back into another kiss. “Mm, Jensen, in all seriousness, I probably need stitches in my finger.” Jared pulls away and holds up his still bleeding digit. 


“Nah,” Jensen starts. “I can fix that.” Jensen sinks one of his fangs into the tip of one of his own fingers and drips a few drops of blood onto Jared’s cut. Jared watches with wide eyes as his cut disappears, not even a scar remains. 


“Where have you been all my life? I could really have used some magic vampire blood several times in my life.” 


Jensen chuckles. “Well you certainly have me now.” Jensen grabs a fresh wash cloth from a kitchen drawer. “We should probably get cleaned up.” 

1 year later  —  Jared 

“Watch out Mish! There are zombies right behind you!” Jared exclaims while frantically pressing buttons on the controller. 


“AH! Die zombies!” Misha curses. “Shit, shit, shit! NO!” Misha drops the controller as his character on the screen dies, overcome by the wave of zombies attacking. Jared chuckles.


“Oh well Mish. I’ll kill them for you.” Jared makes quick work of the remaining zombies in the level and revives his friend’s character. 


“Where were you a few moments ago? You could have helped me then!” Misha picks the controller back up and resumes playing. 


“I was killing the zombies! It’s not my fault you suck!” Jared laughs. They are interrupted when Jared’s apartment door opens, Jensen coming inside with a cooler in tow.


“Jensen! Tell your boyfriend I don’t suck at Zombies.” Misha calls out to Jensen. Jensen chuckles, dropping the cooler off on the kitchen counter.


“I will say no such thing.” 


“Aw come on!” Misha groans. Jared laughs, tipping his head back to catch a kiss from Jensen. Misha hits pause on the game. “Well on that note, I am going to head home. I’ll see you tomorrow at work Jared. Have a good night!” Misha makes a quick exit, patting both Jared and Jensen on the shoulder on the way out.


“Bye Mish!” Jared calls after his friend. He looks up at his boyfriend, “Well now that we are alone…” Jared states, waggling his eyebrows. He pulls Jensen in for a passionate kiss, pulling his boyfriend over the edge of the couch and climbs on top of him. “I missed you.” Jared mumbles into Jensen’s mouth. 


“I missed you too.” Jared makes quick work of undressing them both, running his hands all over his boyfriend’s cool chest. Jared starts kissing down Jensen’s neck and chest, dragging his teeth along Jensen’s skin. “Fuck Jared.” Jensen groans. Jared chuckles and moves further down until he takes Jensen’s throbbing cock in his mouth. “Yes Jared, fuck.” Jensen moans. Jared pulls off. 


“That’s the plan babe.” Jared winks then drops his head back down to lick over Jensen’s hole. Jared feels Jensen shudder and turn to putty in his hands. He slips a spit slicked finger in with his tongue. Jensen makes sweet moans and sighs, egging Jared on. Soon Jared has opened Jensen enough and pulls his fingers free. He gives one last lick to Jensen’s hole. He grabs the bottle of lube stashed under the couch and slicks up his cock. “Ready?” Jared asks, waiting for Jensen’s nod and whine of approval before sliding all the way in. Jared angles a few thrusts until he gets that sweet bundle of nerves he was looking for that makes Jensen’s bright green eyes roll back and his fanged mouth open. 


“Fuck me Jared, yes.” Jensen moans. Jared carries them close to the edge, then shoves his wrist into Jensen’s open mouth. Jared lets out a high pitched mewl, pleasure intensifying as Jensen bites into his wrist. Stars are dancing behind Jared’s eyes soon as he comes hard enough to nearly black out. Jared collapses onto Jensen’s come slicked chest, wrist still in Jensen’s mouth. Jensen takes one last pull of Jared’s sweet blood before letting go. “Mmm Jare, that was amazing.” Jensen gives Jared’s hair a kiss. “We should get up and clean up hun…” Jared doesn’t move or answer Jensen. “Jare?” Jared stirs a little, hearing the slight panic in Jensen’s voice. 


“I feel like I’m floating…” Jared mumbles into Jensen’s chest. Jensen lets out a big breath of relief. 


“You worried me for a second there. But really, you should get up before my come glues us together.”


“Ugh, fine.” Jared groans while getting up. He slips out of Jensen and leans down to give him a kiss before helping Jensen up off the couch. “Mmm, I love you so much babe.” Jared mumbles into Jensen’s lips. 


“I love you too, Jare. Let’s shower.” Jensen winks and spanks Jared. He speed runs into the bathroom, leaving Jared behind with a small gush of air. Jared yelps and chuckles, Jensen already out of sight. 






Jensen dries off after their shower, walking through the apartment where he can hear his phone incessantly vibrating. Just as he’s about to pick it up, it stops. He looks at the screen to see 13 missed calls all from Gen and Chris. He furrows his brows, this can’t be good. His phone starts vibrating again, Gen’s smiling face on the screen. 


“What’s going on?” He answers the phone. 


“Jensen. Thank god you finally answered. I saw Jeff again about 30 min ago. He knows you haven’t left. Do you still have that warding charm from Chris?”


Jensen tenses. Fuck. “I never take it off. Did Jeff tell you anything?”


He hears Gen swallow thickly through the phone. “It’s not good Jen. They know about Jared.”




“Yea. Jeff told me he was coming back in a few days for extra blood packs. Elias and Anton are on their way. I’d get a head start if I were you. Chris agrees. He has some friends you can stay with. Chris will meet you at Jared’s in 10 minutes. He’s on his way now. Be ready.”


Jensen sets his phone down on the table and speeds into the bedroom he and Jared have been sharing. Jared jumps, startled by Jensen’s sudden entrance. Jensen begins frantically shooting around the room getting dressed. 


“Jensen, what is going on?” Jared asks, confused. 


“Fuck Jared. There isn’t a lot of time. Remember when we first met, those men that I told you were trying to convince me to join the fucking vampire army? They figured out where I am. They are on their way back here.”


“So what now?” Jared asks hesitantly. Jensen stills, sits down by Jared on the bed and pulls him into a lip bruising kiss. 


“I’m really sorry. But I have to go. Not forever, but for a while. Until… I don’t really know. I’ll figure something out.”


“No!” Jared protests. He stands up, shoving Jensen off. “You will not leave me behind.”


“Jared. It’s too dangerous. They will kill you. This—“ Jensen motions between them, “is not acceptable to them. Vampires and humans are ‘not compatible mates’ according to vampire law. Not that I care. Or Gen or Chris. But these are bad people that do bad things because they can—“ Jared stops Jensen from saying another word by pulling him into a tight embrace and kissing him. 


“Shut up. Babe I love you. And nothing you say will make me let you leave without me with you. I don’t fucking care about any of that. You told me once that you think I had something to do with them not finding you the day we met. Then I should stay with you. We can keep each other safe.” Jensen has a firm gaze on Jared, not wanting to give in, but also not wanting to leave him. They are interrupted by a sharp quick knock on the door. Jared opens his mouth to say something, but Jensen is already at the door, letting Chris inside. “Jensen!” Jared's panicked voice floats into the living room, “oh thank god it’s just you Chris.” 


“It’s nice to see you too, Jared.” Chris jokes with a tight expression. 


“Chris,” Jensen starts. “You gotta help me convince him to stay. It’s not safe for him to come with us. They will kill him when they inevitably catch up with us.”


“So leave him here unprotected when there are 2 powerful bad news vamps who are here specifically to track down you AND Jared. Yup sounds like a good idea to me.” Chris responds, sarcasm dripping off his words at the end. Jensen lets out a groan of frustration. “We don’t really have time for this Jensen. We need to get going. All three of us.” Chris looks at Jared. “Pack a bag. Essentials only. Make it quick.” Jared nods once and ducks back into the bedroom to fulfill the request. 



“Are you really sure about this? It could be a long time before we can come back here. You have a life here…”


“No Jensen, my life is with you. I will always choose you.” Jared squeezes Jensen’s hand, pressed against each other in the back seat of Jared’s car. Chris is driving, getting them to a friend of his in a neighboring state. “I called my boss and told him I was having a family emergency and I needed the entire week at least. But Jensen if it comes to it, I will call him and quit. You mean more to me.”


“I just don’t want to lose you. Or for you to be hurt. You mean everything to me. I don’t think I can survive losing you a second time.” Jensen says quietly, holding Jared tightly. 


Jared cuddles in closer. “I love you.” He mumbles. “It will all turn out ok.”


“You don’t know that..” 



“Ugh… Jensen I don’t feel good.” Jared moans, leaning over the toilet. Jared and Jensen have been at a small witch’s house for about 4 days now. She’s a cute red headed thing, her name is Felicia. She’s been a great host. Jensen holds Jared’s long hair back as he retches into the toilet for probably the 5th time. 


“I’m sorry baby. Is there anything I can get you?”


“A magical cure for the stomach flu would be great.” Jared groans out after wiping the remnants of his vomit from his chin.


“I know nothing of magical spells. And Felicia won’t be back for a few more hours… unless…” Jensen trails off. 


“Unless what? Jensen I’d do anything, this sucks.”


“There’s one thing I can offer you. I don’t know if you are c—“


“I said anything, I meant it.”


“Okay.” Jensen kneels down next to Jared on the floor and bites his own wrist open. “Here.” He offers his bleeding wrist to Jared. Jared stares at it for a second before hesitantly taking the wound to his mouth.  




Jensen’s blood doesn’t taste gross and metallic like he thought it was going to taste. It tastes sweet, like nectar. It’s also not as cold as he expected it to be either, just about room temperature he guesses. Jared isn’t sure exactly how much he is supposed to drink. He sucks a little stronger and a gush of blood fills his mouth. He swallows and almost instantly starts feeling less nauseous. A few swallows later and his stomach stops turning, all nausea gone. 


“Feel better?” Jensen asks him. Jared lets go of Jensen’s wrist, nodding. 


“Yea. Thanks.” Jensen helps him into a standing position. The room spins a little. “Woah. Wait.” Jared says, hands gripping Jensen’s forearms. “Dizzy.” 


Jensen offers Jared his still oozing wrist, “Drink a little more.” Jared closes his eyes and follows Jensen’s suggestion. The dizziness subsides after a few more swallows. 


Jared pulls away again, a little of Jensen’s blood dripping down his lip. “Much better.” Jared opens his eyes to see Jensen’s eyes flare bright green. Seconds later, Jensen captures his lips in a hungry kiss. Fangs clash with his teeth and scrape his lips and tongue as Jensen devours his mouth.


“Fuck” Jensen pulls away while Jared takes a deep breath, running out of oxygen. “Tasting my blood on you is as hot as tasting my come on you.” In the blink of an eye, before Jared has barely caught his breath from their kiss, Jensen moves them to the bedroom; Jared falls back on the bed. Jensen thrusts his wrist under Jared’s nose again. Jared gets the hint and drinks greedily and messily from Jensen. Jensen groans at the sight of his blood on Jared’s face. Soon they become a tangle of limbs and blood. Messily drinking from each other and Jared thrusting hard into Jensen’s ass. 



A short while later Jared is panting laying on the stripped bed and Jensen chuckles while heading out of the room to start the laundry. “We should have done that sooner. And you need a shower.” Jared just laughs in response. While Jensen is gone starting the laundry, Jared begrudgingly gets up and moves to the shower. He makes it quick, just washes the remnants of blood and come from his body. He is just stepping out and Jensen returns to the bathroom. “What, you didn’t want to wait for me?” He pouts. 


“We’d end up having sex again and you know it. I’m not immortal, I need a minute to recoup.” Jared chuckles. “Get clean. And then let’s order some food. I’m starving.” Jared sneaks a slap to Jensen’s naked butt as he leaves the room. 




Just after starting the shower, the water spurts loudly, indicating there is air in the line. The water stops completely. Jensen tries to use his power over water to make it start again, however a small spurt comes then nothing. “What the fuck?” Jensen mumbles to himself. He gets out of the shower, throws his lounge pants on and leaves the bathroom. “Jared!! Is the water working in the kitchen?” He calls out. It’s eerily quiet. “Jared?” He calls out again, headed towards the main living area.  


The sight that meets him there makes his blood run cold. The front door is wide open, Anton and Elias are standing in the living room, Jared on his knees with a knife held tight to his throat by Anton. Elias is holding Felicia in a similar fashion. 


“Let them go.” Jensen bites out. Fangs out and green eyes so dark they look almost black. 


“Well look, Elias. I think he’s angry. Think you can scare us, Jensen? I have your precious boy toy here. Think about what you’re going to do here. Just a little slip and he’s gone. Come with us if you want us to even think about sparing this human filth.” Anton drawls out. 


“Let them go!” Jensen repeats, louder this time. 


“Fine, have it your way. You’ll come to your senses soon enough.” Anton and Elias vanish in the blink of an eye, along with Jared and Felicia. 





“Gen! You have to tell me where those fuckers are staying. They have Jared. And Felicia.” Jensen yells through the phone. 


“What? Fuck! Last I spoke with Jeff he said the trail to you guys went cold. Fuck!” 


“Gen! Where. Are. They.”


“I don’t know for sure. Jeff told me once he was staying at the old mansion in the hills, but it hasn’t really come up in conversation since. As far as I know, they don’t know I was feeding you info, but they also might have kept tight-lipped to be cautious.” Jensen can tell she’s pacing around through the phone, hears the ‘click click’ of her heels. “But Jen, don’t be fucking stupid and storm in there alone. Call Chris. And I’ll be there soo—“


“I can’t wait. Jared doesn’t have time to lose. Fuck, if they….  Gen, he has my blood in his system for the next day or so..” Jensen whispers. “I don’t want him to lose the chance of a choice like I did.”






The room is dark when he flutters his eyes open. He can tell the room must be a basement or similar. The ground is hard, cold and damp. His hands are bound in front of him. Great, how fitting. He’s probably locked in a dungeon somewhere. 


“Jared?” He hears a female voice whisper through the darkness. 


“Felicia? Where are we?” 


“Basement cells in the Cormier mansion. Old vampire family that isn’t around anymore. We’ve only been down here about an hour. In case you were wondering…” she trails off. 


“How do you know what time it is, it’s near pitch black in here.”


“Apple Watch. Of course my phone is at home and it’s near dead, so it’s pretty much useless anyway.” She sighs. “I’m sure Jensen is going to come try to rescue you any minute now…”


“You too, he wouldn’t just leave you behind.” Jared responds.


“I know..—“ anything else she might have said is cut off by a door opening and the room being flooded with light. 


“Up, let’s go.” Jared sinks back in the cell as the door slides open. He lets out a strangled sound as Anton’s hands are suddenly roughly pulling him from the cold floor and out of the room. He hears Felicia yelling to him from her cell. But his heart is pounding so loud in his ears, he doesn’t understand what she says. 


Jared is led into an old fashioned looking sitting area. Anton shoves him forward into the middle of the room and pushes him down to his knees. 


“So, you are Jensen’s new pet.” Jared’s attention is drawn to a tall blonde fellow with striking blue eyes. “I’m Lucian. You’ll do nicely to convince Jensen to join my army.”


“Jensen will never join your army.” Jared bites out. 


“We’ll see about that.” Jared blinks and Lucian is standing in front of him, gripping his jaw in his hand. “You are all Jensen has going for him. If you die, I’ll be able to mold him into the soldier I need.”


“Tough luck, Lucian. It’s not going to happen.” Jared’s heart starts to beat faster, Jensen coming into view behind Lucian. Jared tries to pull his head free of Lucian’s grip. Lucian tightens his hold on Jared’s face in response. Jared cries out in pain.


“Nuh uh, pretty boy. Shh.” Jared can see it in Lucian’s eyes. He’s not going to make it out of this alive. Tears well up in his eyes as he watches Jensen launch himself at Lucian. He doesn’t even see or feel Anton come up behind him before it all goes black. 




He feels it before he sees it. Jared’s body seems to crumble to the floor in slow motion. The absence of Jared’s heart beat makes his ears ring and his vision turn red. He lets out a primal cry before pursuing Lucian with a renewed sense of fury. Jensen successfully pins him to the ground. 


“I thought you weren’t a senseless killer, Jensen? Do you really think your precious Jared would want to see you like this?” 


“I only kill when I have good reason to.” Jensen doesn’t wait for Lucian’s reply, tearing his head from his body. The room grows silent. Jensen drops Lucian’s head with a wet thunk. He slowly turns towards Jared’s still body. Anton is silently standing, looming over Jared. 


“Well done Jensen, I didn’t think you had it in you.” Anton sneers. 


“Fuck you.” Jensen growls. 


“You know, you and I would make a fantastic pair leading this army. Fire and ice, per say.”


Jensen seethes. “How many times do I have to tell you no?” Jensen begins to advance on Anton when he is met with a wall of fire blocking him. “You think a little fire will stop me?” Jensen yells. He tries his powers to tap into some nearby water, only to fail. 


“See, we aren’t stupid Jensen. We know your abilities and obviously we know how to use it against you.” A sharp gasp rings out by Anton’s feet. “What the—“


“Jensen!” Felicia and Chris come barreling into the room, carrying an old well bucket between them. Jensen sees his opportunity, gains control of the water and makes a path for him to pass. Jensen then turns to Anton, still staring in disbelief as Jared blinks his eyes open. He swiftly rips off Anton’s head, tossing it into the remaining flames. 


Jensen kneels down by Jared’s side. “I wanted this to be your choice.” He gazes into Jared’s vibrant hazel eyes, colors swirling and seeming to change. Jensen rips the restraints off Jared’s wrists and helps him sit up. Jared looks around with wide eyes. 


“Wh- What happened?” His voice is shaky. Jared looks between Jensen and the others, sees Anton’s and Lucian’s headless bodies. “Did I die?” Jensen’s eyes well up with tears. 


“I didn’t want it to be this way. I wanted this to be your choice…” Jensen repeats himself. 


Before Jensen can elaborate, the sound of footsteps can be heard nearing their location. Jensen immediately stands up guarding Jared who is still sitting on the ground. Chris and Felicia move behind Jensen as well and help Jared to his feet. A hooded vampire with long silver white hair approaches. 


“Elias.” Jensen states. There is a tone of warning to his voice. 


“Jensen, I come in peace. Please,” Elias pushes down her hood, revealing herself. “I mean no harm. I can see clearly this is not your path.” Jensen watches her for a moment, waiting for something to change. “Your friend is going to be very powerful, you should keep him safe. Maybe a trip north will do you good.” With that Elias returns the hood to her head and leaves them alone once again. Jensen shares a knowing look with Chris. 


“Come on, let’s leave.” Chris nudges everyone to start their way out of the castle. It’s nighttime, but Jensen senses no other trouble coming their way. He feels Elias’ presence nearby, watching them leave. Jensen grabs Jared’s hand and pulls him into the back seat of Chris’ SUV. Felicia climbs in front and Chris drives them down the long driveway out of the estate. 




“So, let’s address the elephant in the room, car, whatever. Did I die? And if I did, am I still dead? Am I dreaming? What was that cryptic ass message that chick was telling you?” 


Jensen takes a deep breath before speaking. “Well, yes. Anton killed you. And technically no, your heart is beating again. You are not dreaming. My blood that was in your system when you died, brought you back.”


“Soo….” Jared takes a deep breath. “What does that mean?” Before Jensen can open his mouth, Jared hears in his mind a voice that sounds like Chris say -just get it over with asshole.- Jared’s eyes go wide and his gaze snaps to Chris’ in the rear view mirror. “What did you say Chris?”


Jensen’s eyes go wide. “Chris didn’t say anything, Jared.”


“I heard him tell you to get it over with.” -fucker, he really is Tristan’s reincarnation- “and now you just said something else but your mouth, what? Are you a ventriloquist?” Jared’s mind was reeling. What the fuck is happening? 


Chris snorts. “I wish.”


Jensen rolls his eyes. “Ok Jared, look at me.” Jensen grabs Jared’s hands, pulling his attention out of his mind. “I need you to listen. When someone has vampire blood in their system and they die, they are brought back to a sort of limbo. We call it transition. That is where you are now. And we have to make a tough choice now. Transition is temporary. Either you don’t complete the transition and you go back to being dead or you complete it and become a vampire.”


“Well my choice is obvious, Jensen. You said we were forever right?” Jared gazes sheepishly up at Jensen. Jensen gazes back and pushes some of Jared’s hair out of his face. 


“You are my forever, Jared.” Jensen leans in and plants a gentle kiss on Jared’s lips. They pull away and Jared settles himself in Jensen’s arms for the rest of the ride. Glancing out the window, Jared furrows his brows. “How did we get back to Austin already?”


“When Anton and Elias took you, they brought you and Felicia to the Cormier Mansion. It’s about 15 min from Austin.” 


“That was like a 6 hour drive to Louisiana…” Jared trails off, thinking about small but significant changes that are going to be happening in his life. Jensen keeps quiet, letting Jared work out his thoughts and feelings. 



About 10 min later, Jared and Jensen have made it back to Jared’s apartment in Austin. Chris and Felicia left for Chris’ house and will catch up with them later, after Jared has finished his transition.


“Jensen, when do I complete this transition? How does this work?” 


“You drink blood. Fresh blood.”


“Where am I going to get that?” 


Jensen smirks. “I know a place.”


Jared raises an eyebrow. “You know a place?”


Jensen laughs, “Come on. Let’s get ready.”


Soon they are walking up to a shady looking building in downtown Austin. Faint bass beats are coming from inside. Moon high in the sky, casting shadows all around. Jensen insisted Jared wear his darkest, tightest jeans and a black blazer over a black tank top. Jensen himself is dressed similarly in dark clothes. 


“Where are we? And why are we wearing all black?” 


“This is a vampire run nightclub. And as for the clothes, well your first feed tends to get a little... messy.” Jensen winks. He knocks on the door in a specific pattern. The door opens to a petite brunette and louder music. 


“Jensen! I didn’t think I’d see you back.”


“We took care of our problem, Gen. But now, we have a different problem. Care to help us?” Jensen moves to the side so she can see Jared. He smiles shyly and gives her a small wave. 


“Jared, nice to finally meet you.” She smiles. “Come in boys. I’ll find a room for you.” They follow Gen into the main room with people dancing to loud music, some at high top tables with glasses of various alcoholic drinks. Gen leads them past the bar and into a blacklight lit back room with a couch. “Wait here, I’ll be back in a minute.”


Jensen grabs Jared’s hand. “You can still change your mind, you know. You were reincarnated once, maybe I’ll find you again someday.”


Jared furrows his brows. “No Jensen. I’ve made my choice. It’s maybe not the way I would have wanted it to happen, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want it to happen someday.” He grabs Jensen’s face and gazes into his eyes. -god I love him- Jared smirks. “I love you too Jensen.” Jensen’s eyes go wide. 


“You heard that?” Jared nods. Jensen claims his mouth in a hungry fang filled kiss. The door opens again, causing Jared and Jensen to part. 


“Don’t stop on our account.” Gen giggles. She leads an obviously drunk 20 something girl in after her. “This is Sasha. Sasha, meet Jared and Jensen.” The girl lets out a small squeak of acknowledgment. 


Jared looks at Jensen, questioningly. “So this club allows humans who might have a, ya know, vampire kink, to ya know…” Jensen trails off. 


“Wait, we aren’t going to have sex….   are we?” Jared stumbles out. 


“No! Not what I meant. But it’s a completely consensual thing. Anyone who comes through these doors, has to be sober and is read a disclosure they must sign. No lethal harm will be done to anyone in this building. Now they can drink once they get here. And something tells me this girl might be acting a little more drunk than she is.”


Sasha smiles sheepishly. “Guilty. I’m just a little nervous. It’s my first time back here.” She drawls, Texan accent thick. Jared smiles nervously back at her. 


“If you can’t tell, it’s a first for me too….” Jared trails off. 


Sasha smiles and glances up at Gen. “Normally Sasha just donates blood through a needle. Like how Jensen has blood packs at home. People come here to donate for that. But she’s been telling me the last few times she wanted to make the step to fresh supply. So here we are.” Gen turns her attention to Sasha. “Now Sasha, Jared is in transition to change. So sometimes first times can get a little out of hand, but Jensen and I will be here to stop things if need be. You have no reason to be nervous.” Gen takes Sasha by the hand and leads her to the sofa. Jensen follows suit leading Jared to sit beside her. Jensen kneels in front of Jared. Gen sits on the coffee table. Gen gently takes Sasha’s hand, turning it over to expose her wrist. “Let’s start here.” Gen guides Sasha’s wrist to Jared’s mouth. 


Jared suddenly can feel the blood rushing through Sasha’s veins. He can hear it almost. A dull ache begins in his teeth, a quick swipe of his tongue confirms fangs appearing through his gums. His breath quickens as he’s suddenly parched for thirst. 


“Go ahead, Jared.” Jensen quietly says to him. Jared nods and takes Sasha’s outstretched hand in his. He bites down as gently as he can, hearing Sasha’s mewl of pain. Her blood fills his mouth, tasting of the sweet alcohol she drank earlier. It’s like a switch turns on inside him and he’s suddenly ravenous for the taste, taking long pulls and not even swallowing completely before continuing to try to take more and more. 


A thought breaks through his head. -I suppose if I die, at least he was hot.- The sound of Sasha’s voice in his head brings him back to the present and he pulls back with a gasp. Jensen has a concerned look on his face and Gen pulls Sasha’s arm back. She makes quick work of sealing over the wound. Sasha looks a little pale. Especially in comparison to the bright red blood dripping down her forearm. 


Jensen sets a hand on his thigh. “You did good. I thought we were going to have to pull you away, but you broke away first.”


“I heard her thoughts. She was afraid she was going to die.” Jared says quietly. 


“She’ll be alright Jared. I’ll get her fluids and rest.” With that said, tiny little Gen picks Sasha up bridal style with ease and carries her out of the room. Jensen gets up after they leave and locks the door behind her. Jensen takes Sasha’s place on the couch next to Jared. 


“Why did you lock the door?” 


Jensen doesn’t answer, just picks up Jared’s hand and begins to suck the blood off his fingers. Watching Jensen suck this girl's blood off him makes him rock hard in seconds. He didn’t know his body could react this quickly. He lets out a low moan, egging Jensen on. Jensen moves closer, pinning Jared back on the couch and climbs into his lap. Jensen then begins to lick up his neck and clean him of blood dripping from his mouth. They begin to kiss, fangs clashing and tongues mingling. Jared moans at the mixed taste of Sasha’s blood and Jensen’s natural taste. Jensen grinds his hips down and Jared cries out. All his senses are heightened and he feels like his heart is going to beat right out of his chest and run away down the street. Jensen continues to grind against him, coaxing Jared to his climax. Right as Jared reaches his peak and comes, he feels like his heart bursts inside him, he is overcome with the most pleasurable orgasm he has ever had. His vision whites out and his ears ring. He stops breathing for probably a full minute. 


Jared comes back into awareness, panting hard. “What… was… that…?” He gets out between breaths. 


Jensen smiles, leans in close to whisper into his partner's ear. “Welcome to club undead, sweetheart.”