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Stab Me in the Heart With That Stiletto

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Zhao Yunlan only notices the messages on his phone after a few hours. He's usually better at checking his phone than that, but he was a bit busy actually chasing someone down and then apprehending them. Seriously, why is it Zhao Yunlan doing that anyway? What does he even have underlings for? Now, the guy is waiting in their interrogation room—and Zhao Yunlan is not going to take part in that if he doesn't absolutely have to, he already has a report he has to personally write now since he was the one who took the guy in—so, Zhao Yunlan finally has the time to fish out his phone from his pocket and check if someone has tried to reach him.

There's a few missed calls and more than a few unread messages. The messages are all from Ye Zun. Zhao Yunlan frowns at the phone, the preview only letting him know that the first message is a picture.

Guo Changcheng asks him something about the prisoner and Zhao Yunlan waves a hand at him and walks the other way, staring at his phone. Guo Changcheng can take care of whatever it is.

Ye Zun doesn't exactly send Zhao Yunlan messages. Zhao Yunlan has his phone number mostly because Shen Wei insisted that they exchange numbers, just in case. Since Shen Wei still hasn't deigned to get himself a mobile phone, it had seemed like a good idea at the time. But neither Zhao Yunlan nor Ye Zun has ever used it and Zhao Yunlan isn't entirely sure if he should be worrying right now or not.

In either case, he might as well go somewhere a bit more private before looking at those messages. Part of him is screaming at him to open those messages right this second, because what if something is wrong and Zhao Yunlan hadn't known.

He gets about five steps further before he quickly presses the messages open.

They're pictures, all of them. Zhao Yunlan frowns and quickly scrolls down, just in case there are words in there somewhere, but no it's all pictures. Then he goes back up to the first message and takes a good look at the actual picture.

It's Ye Zun, wearing what looks very much like one of Shen Wei's suits. Zhao Yunlan scrolls down to the next picture, which is also Ye Zun, now in another of Shen Wei's suits. The picture after that is something more casual, but still something Zhao Yunlan recognises as belonging to Shen Wei. The clothing choices after that seem to get a bit less like anything Shen Wei would wear, but Zhao Yunlan recognises an item of clothing here and there, and he'll bet that it's all something Ye Zun has found in Shen Wei's closet.

Some of those things make Zhao Yunlan want to laugh, imagining Shen Wei actually wearing them. It still doesn't actually explain why Ye Zun would send him pictures of himself trying out his brother's clothes. Zhao Yunlan can totally see Ye Zun going through Shen Wei's closets out of curiosity or boredom, but why is he sending pictures of it to Zhao Yunlan?

Zhao Yunlan taps out a question mark and sends it back to Ye Zun. He sticks his phone back into his pocket and decides that maybe he should go take a look at how the interrogation is going after all. He's just not going to think about whatever Ye Zun is up to. Zhao Yunlan has learned that for his own peace of mind it's just often better to ignore Ye Zun. He's mostly harmless these days, apparently content to follow the rules Shen Wei set down for being allowed to stay with Shen Wei. Zhao Yunlan is a bit fuzzy on the details of whatever they'd agreed, other than Shen Wei assuring him that Ye Zun will not harm anyone unduly. The leeway in that statement had left Zhao Yunlan more than a bit uncomfortable at first. By now he's just used to having Ye Zun around and doesn't think about it too much.

That does not mean that Ye Zun doesn't take great pleasure in annoying the fuck out of Zhao Yunlan whenever he can. This whole thing is probably just more of the same. And Zhao Yunlan is not going to give him the satisfaction of actually having a reaction. Come to think of it, the question mark was probably already more of a reaction than he should have given.

The question mark was definitely too much, Zhao Yunlan decides a few seconds later when he gets a new message from Ye Zun that's just another picture of Ye Zun in what has to be some of Shen Wei's older clothing. It looks like something a student might wear anyway. If he had no idea about modern fashion at least. Zhao Yunlan squints at the picture, would Shen Wei really have worn those colours? Together?

Zhao Yunlan puts the phone away without answering, like he should have done in the first place and tries to concentrate on watching how Guo Changcheng is doing with their suspect. It can't have been a full fifteen minutes later when Zhao Yunlan gets yet another message from Ye Zun.

This one is different though. There's just a picture of a pair of legs in very, very red stiletto-heeled boots. Zhao Yunlan swallows and blinks. Those are not Shen Wei's boots. Zhao Yunlan would know if those were Shen Wei's boots. Those could be anyone's legs in a pair of boots. Ye Zun knows how to use the internet, there's literally nothing stopping him from finding a picture like that and sending it to Zhao Yunlan just to fuck with him.

Zhao Yunlan tries to ignore the messages, he really does. But the next one is of Ye Zun's face, his eyes turned down coyly, his long eyelashes swept down, his lips covered in lipstick just as red as the boots had been. Okay so, that's definitely Ye Zun. There's no escaping the fact that that's definitely Ye Zun.

Zhao Yunlan swallows. He's just going to—

"Lao Zhao?" Da Qing nearly yells out, like he might have repeated Zhao Yunlan's name a few times by now. Zhao Yunlan startles a bit and looks up from the phone. Da Qing raises an eyebrow meaningfully and looks at the phone in Zhao Yunlan's hands.

Zhao Yunlan has the momentary urge to hide the thing behind his back or something. Instead, he just turns the screen off and shrugs. "My annoying brother-in-law is being annoying again," Zhao Yunlan says. Da Qing is more than used to that phenomenon by now, he's been directly annoyed by Ye Zun more than once.

Instead of shrugging it away as Ye Zun just being Ye Zun, Da Qing looks at him disbelievingly. I know what you look like annoyed, and that was not annoyed, Da Qing's expression screams at him. Zhao Yunlan clears his throat, and tugs at his ear a bit. "So, is Xiao Guo getting anywhere?" he asks brightly.

Da Qing gives him an incredulous look and then looks pointedly at the one-way window. "You're the one who's been watching them," Da Qing points out. Right, yes, that's what Zhao Yunlan is doing.

The next picture is of Ye Zun in those high heeled boots and a black dress that hugs Ye Zun in ways that make Zhao Yunlan entirely unable to look away. Ye Zun is looking at the camera from underneath his lashes, a small smirk on his red-painted lips, his long hair sweeping down behind his shoulders, one strand falling down into his face.

That is definitely not part of Shen Wei's wardrobe. Or if it is then Shen Wei has definitely been holding out on him. Zhao Yunlan swallows, his mind suddenly filled with images of Shen Wei in that dress. He shifts uncomfortably.

He stuffs the phone in his pocket and stares unseeingly through the one-way window. "I need to go see Shen Wei," Zhao Yunlan announces to no one in particular. It's almost time to leave anyway.

There's a grunt from what turns out to be Chu Shuzhi, and when had he gotten here, Zhao Yunlan wonders briefly. Well, that's not that important. He waves at the one-way window. "You and Xiao Guo can handle everything here, right?" Zhao Yunlan asks him.

Chu Shuzhi glances at him and then looks at Guo Changcheng talking with the suspect who seems to be sobbing now. Zhao Yunlan had entirely missed how that had happened. Chu Shuzhi's expression softens slightly the moment his eyes settle on Guo Changcheng. "He's confessed to everything," Chu Shuzhi says.

Right, okay, Zhao Yunlan might have missed some of that too. But he'll take that as a, "Yes, boss, we're fine here."

Zhao Yunlan leaves with a bright grin and a little wave at Chu Shuzhi, which makes Chu Shuzhi frown at him. It makes Zhao Yunlan's grin a bit brighter.

Zhao Yunlan finds Shen Wei at his office at the University packing up his things for the day. Zhao Yunlan leans against the doorframe and takes a moment to just look at Shen Wei. Shen Wei looks up at him, a soft smile lifting the corners of his mouth as his eyes land on Zhao Yunlan.

"Zhao Yunlan, what are you doing here?" Shen Wei asks. His eyes seem to sparkle at Zhao Yunlan and Zhao Yunlan smiles a bit helplessly back at him.

"I wanted to see you, so I thought I'd pick you up," Zhao Yunlan answers him. It's not the first time Zhao Yunlan has spontaneously shown up to pick Shen Wei up from work and all the explanation does is make Shen Wei give him a soft, pleased smile.

"You'll have to wait a moment," Shen Wei says apologetically, indicating the things he's in the middle of packing away.

Zhao Yunlan pushes himself away from the doorframe and walks inside Shen Wei's office, perching lightly on Shen Wei's desk. "I don't mind," Zhao Yunlan says, leaning a bit closer to Shen Wei.

Shen Wei looks like a deer caught in headlights for a moment before he shakes himself out of it. "Zhao Yunlan," he says in slight admonishment, looking away as his hand comes up to adjust his glasses. He's still smiling faintly though.

Zhao Yunlan leans back again, letting Shen Wei get on with putting his things together. On the drive over here, Zhao Yunlan had time to think about the whole thing and he managed to sort of half come to the conclusion that maybe he shouldn't say anything about the Ye Zun thing at all. Reconnecting hasn't really been easy on either of the brothers and Zhao Yunlan doesn't want to throw a wrench into that just because Ye Zun likes to be a little shit when it comes to Zhao Yunlan. He's never done anything too serious and maybe Shen Wei doesn't need to know.

But now that he's looking at Shen Wei all he can think of is Shen Wei in that dress. In those boots. With his lips painted red. Zhao Yunlan really damn well wants to know what he's been missing. He closes his eyes for a second. Well, if he asked Shen Wei, Shen Wei definitely would want to know about anything involving both Ye Zun and Zhao Yunlan.

They're not supposed to keep secrets from each other anymore.

Zhao Yunlan fishes his phone out and opens the messages from Ye Zun. He doesn't look at them, he can't look at them now. He waits for Shen Wei to be done and then hands the phone over to him. "Your brother sent me these," he says quietly. It sounds more serious than he meant it to and Shen Wei frowns at him before taking the phone and looking down at it.

Shen Wei is familiar enough with how phones work now because Zhao Yunlan keeps showing him things on his own phone and by now Shen Wei knows how to scroll down without asking for help. Zhao Yunlan waits quietly, watching for Shen Wei's reaction. He looks slightly embarrassed and maybe just a bit dismayed.

Zhao Yunlan can tell when Shen Wei hits those pictures. His mouth opens in a faint gasp and then he blushes. He quickly hands the phone back to Zhao Yunlan and doesn't quite meet his eyes. Well, that's an interesting reaction Zhao Yunlan thinks.

"So, your dress?" Zhao Yunlan asks, failing entirely at sounding any kind of casual.

Shen Wei still doesn't meet his eyes and his blush deepens a bit.

"Because fuck, Xiao Wei, you'd look hot in it," Zhao Yunlan says with feeling. Shen Wei startles slightly and looks up at Zhao Yunlan with surprise. "And I'd really like to know why I haven't seen it before," Zhao Yunlan adds with a little grin.

Shen Wei's startled expression melts into a small smile. There might be a hint of embarrassment there still, but at least he's looking at Zhao Yunlan now. Zhao Yunlan reaches out for Shen Wei's hand, tangling their fingers together for a moment. "No pressure," he says with a soft smile at Shen Wei. "I'm just saying I really wouldn't mind seeing you in a dress."

Then Zhao Yunlan lets go of Shen Wei's hand and pushes himself away from the desk. "Ready to go?" he asks casually.

Even the remnants of Shen Wei's blush has faded by the time they get to the car. Shen Wei doesn't say anything during the car ride and when Zhao Yunlan glances over at him a few times there's this slightly tense look on his face that Zhao Yunlan isn't sure what to make of.

Zhao Yunlan rambles on about the case they'd mostly solved by now. Shen Wei hadn't felt the need to get involved in this one, it was really only someone being a nuisance more than truly dangerous. Still, he knows Shen Wei appreciates knowing what's going on with anything Dixing related.

"Are you alright, Zhao Yunlan?" Shen Wei asks with a worried little frown when Zhao Yunlan admits to having chased down the guy.

"Of course, you know he's mostly harmless," Zhao Yunlan says dismissively, quickly glancing at Shen Wei again before looking back at the road. "Xiao Guo had him crying and confessing everything by the time I left," he adds.

"Oh," Shen Wei says. "I'm glad you could resolve everything easily then." Shen Wei sounds like his mind is already on something entirely different. Zhao Yunlan sighs a bit and turns on the radio, not very loudly though. The rest of the drive passes quietly.

Shen Wei heads for his own door, instead of Zhao Yunlan's. It's not really a surprise, they kind of live out of both apartments now, since Ye Zun moved in with Shen Wei. Zhao Yunlan has quietly been looking at houses, but he's not entirely sure how to bring it up with Shen Wei, not with the whole Ye Zun situation having been a bit tricky. Maybe he'll just buy one and make it a surprise.

Zhao Yunlan hesitates for a moment, wondering if maybe Shen Wei doesn't want him to follow him inside. But then Shen Wei turns to him with a slightly confused look, like he has no idea why Zhao Yunlan is still standing there in the corridor. Zhao Yunlan just grins at him brightly and follows him inside.

Ye Zun isn't exactly waiting for them. He's lounging in Shen Wei's couch, and Zhao Yunlan appreciates the effort that takes because he knows Shen Wei's couch is not really made for lounging, and playing with his phone. He looks up at them when they walk inside and a faint smirk spreads over Ye Zun's lips. His lips aren't painted red anymore, but Zhao Yunlan's eyes are still drawn to them.

"Didi," Shen Wei says. His jaw is set and he looks—determined, Zhao Yunlan thinks. Like he's about to do something unpleasant maybe.

"Gege," Ye Zun answers, with a flash of gleaming white teeth. There's something like amusement dancing in Ye Zun's eyes and Zhao Yunlan wonders, not for the first time, what exactly Ye Zun had been aiming for. Zhao Yunlan's eyes wander down Ye Zun's body without him quite deciding to do that, like maybe he could still see a hint of the things Ye Zun had been wearing on him, instead of the jeans and sweater he's actually sporting. Ye Zun's feet are bare, curled up on the couch and Zhao Yunlan swallows as he quickly pulls his eyes away.

"Why would you send pictures like that to Zhao Yunlan?" Shen Wei asks. He doesn't sound angry, but Zhao Yunlan thinks that might just be because his voice is so tightly controlled that not a hint of anger would dare to try to slip through.

Ye Zun's smile widens and Zhao Yunlan thinks he might be trying for innocent, but nothing Ye Zun ever does actually looks innocent. "Because you still don't have a phone, gege," he says in a voice that sounds entirely reasonable. It's the glint in his eyes that tells Zhao Yunlan that Ye Zun is doing this, whatever this is, entirely deliberately.

Zhao Yunlan can't stop imagining that dress Ye Zun had been wearing. Zhao Yunlan swallows again and looks from one brother to the next. Wrong twin, he tries to tell his fucking libido.

Wrong twin, wrong twin, Zhao Yunlan repeats to himself a bit frantically. He bites his lip; they'd both look amazing in that dress.

Maybe—matching dresses in black and white.

Zhao Yunlan whimpers. He really didn't need that thought. "Please, just someone wear that dress and fuck me," Zhao Yunlan says out loud and everyone in the room freezes.

Zhao Yunlan stares at both of the brothers with wide eyes, as they turn to look at him in what seems like exaggeratedly slow motion. Shen Wei looks a lot like he just wants to grab Zhao Yunlan and drag him out of there, except then he glances at Ye Zun and then back to Zhao Yunlan and doesn't move at all, like he can't decide what he's supposed to do.

Ye Zun just stares at Zhao Yunlan, and then finally, slowly, drawls out, "I'm only putting my cock in you if gege is there too."

Zhao Yunlan swallows reflexively and manages to choke on air instead. Shen Wei's head whips around to stare at Ye Zun. "You want to have sex with Zhao Yunlan?" Shen Wei asks Ye Zun, his voice just a bit strangled, but there's a thread of something that sounds very close to jealousy there, but for the life of him Zhao Yunlan couldn't say who exactly Shen Wei is jealous of.

Ye Zun looks at Shen Wei and then lifts his eyebrows meaningfully and when that doesn't seem to get any reaction he says, "I can if he wants me to. But not without you, gege."

Zhao Yunlan has remembered how to breathe and he really wants to use his newfound breath to tell them that he's here too, and doesn't he have a say in the matter? Zhao Yunlan opens his mouth and then hesitates. His mouth feels dry.

"Zhao Yunlan?" Shen Wei asks and he turns to look at Zhao Yunlan with a pleading look in his eyes, like he wants Zhao Yunlan to make sense of this situation. Which is entirely unfair when Zhao Yunlan hasn't quite gotten his mind past the image of being fucked by both brothers.

"Yes," Zhao Yunlan squeaks out. And then tries clearing his throat. What question was he answering exactly? He's pretty sure the answer is 'yes' regardless. "Only if you want to, Xiao Wei," he says, because sudden inappropriate fantasies about his asshole brother-in-law aside, Zhao Yunlan doesn't want to do anything that makes Shen Wei uncomfortable. And uh—the whole Ye Zun issue is still complicated probably.

He really should probably just have kept his mouth shut about the pictures.

Zhao Yunlan shivers at the possessive look Shen Wei gives him and then Shen Wei is standing next to him, holding Zhao Yunlan's face, his lips pressing hungrily against Zhao Yunlan's in a hard kiss.

"Yes," Shen Wei says after he pulls away. He turns his head to the side a bit. "Didi?" Shen Wei asks and that comes out a whole lot less sure.

"Well, it's better than finding some random stranger to stick my cock in," Ye Zun says casually.

"Fuck you too," slips out of Zhao Yunlan's mouth before he quite thinks about it.

Ye Zun laughs. "I think that's not quite the point," he says and Zhao Yunlan would really, really like to punch him, just a little. But that would definitely not lead to anyone getting fucked.

Getting naked is awkward. That's a novel feeling, Zhao Yunlan thinks. He's never felt awkward getting undressed around Shen Wei before. It'd probably be easier if they were—doing something instead of just getting their clothes off.

It really doesn't take long for Zhao Yunlan to pull his clothes off, he even takes a moment to put them down on the chair in the bedroom instead of dropping them on the floor. He doesn't quite fold them though, that's just asking a bit too much.

Distraction, they should have had something to distract them from the awkwardness, Zhao Yunlan thinks and glances over at Ye Zun. He doesn't really have anything complicated to take off either and there's a whole lot of pale skin for Zhao Yunlan to look at by now. He swallows and then quickly looks away.

Then some of what he saw actually registers and he looks back again. Ye Zun is turned sideways to Zhao Yunlan, looking at Shen Wei slowly getting out of all those layers he's wearing, and Zhao Yunlan can see some of Ye Zun's back. There's a mass of old scars on Ye Zun's back, they look like—

Zhao Yunlan takes a small step, getting a clearer view of all of Ye Zun's backside. He just manages to swallow the gasp. He's very sure Ye Zun wouldn't appreciate that reaction. In fact, so far Ye Zun hasn't really paid any attention to Zhao Yunlan, his eyes still fixed on the slowly undressing Shen Wei. So either Ye Zun hasn't noticed what Zhao Yunlan is looking at or he's pretending not to. Zhao Yunlan is honestly good with either.

Zhao Yunlan looks at Shen Wei, just bending down to unclasp the garters around his thighs. Zhao Yunlan feels lust flare in his belly, the same way it always does when he watches Shen Wei undressing. There's a whole complicated package to unwrap and Zhao Yunlan's fingers itch, wanting to be the one doing the unwrapping.

He walks up behind Ye Zun and reaches out to trail his fingers down Ye Zun's spine, settling his hand lightly at the dip at the base of Ye Zun's back. Ye Zun doesn't startle at the touch, and clearly, he was at least aware Zhao Yunlan was there. He does stiffen slightly though. The scars feel strange against Zhao Yunlan's fingers, some of the scar tissue raised and knotted. So much more visible than any of the faint scars on Shen Wei's body.

"I almost can't resist going over and doing that for him," Zhao Yunlan says in a low voice. Ye Zun's spine relaxes slightly under Zhao Yunlan's hand.

Well, it's clearly not Zhao Yunlan that Ye Zun wants to fuck here. Zhao Yunlan isn't entirely sure how to feel about that. Maybe he should ask Ye Zun if he's sure he wants to do this, but Ye Zun would probably just take that as an insult. "If you need to, later—you can just walk away," Zhao Yunlan says very quietly.

Ye Zun stiffens again and Zhao Yunlan pulls his hand away from Ye Zun's back and moves ever so slightly away from Ye Zun. And then just watches Shen Wei get undressed, lust tingling under his skin as his eyes roam over Shen Wei. He still feels a bit awkward, but Shen Wei is always a very good distraction.

Getting everyone into the right place might be even weirder than getting naked, to be honest. At least until Zhao Yunlan just tosses the lube at Ye Zun, with a challenging, "I'm sure you know what to do with that," before getting down on all fours on the bed, fucking wiggling his ass at Ye Zun.

Okay, so he still feels a bit awkward about it, but he's doing his very best not to show it. Ye Zun's smirk is all bite and when he settles in behind Zhao Yunlan's ass, Zhao Yunlan turns to look at Shen Wei instead. He still needs to know Shen Wei is actually okay with this.

Zhao Yunlan feels two of Ye Zun's lubed fingers push inside his ass, they wiggle slightly inside him to make more room for them. Zhao Yunlan breathes out at the intrusion and keeps himself from tensing up. Shen Wei's mouth has fallen open slightly as he watches them. Zhao Yunlan moans when Ye Zun's fingers find the right spot inside him. He lets his eyes fall down to Shen Wei's cock, half-hard already as he watches Ye Zun finger Zhao Yunlan open.

Zhao Yunlan's mouth waters at the sight. "Come here, Xiao Wei. I want to taste you," Zhao Yunlan nearly begs.

Shen Wei pulls his eyes away from Zhao Yunlan's ass and his eyes widen as he meets Zhao Yunlan's gaze. "Please?" Zhao Yunlan says and the word gets drawn out into a moan as Ye Zun crooks his fingers just right.

Thankfully, he doesn't need to ask Shen Wei again, because before he knows it Shen Wei is right in front of him, his fingers under Zhao Yunlan's jaw, lifting his head up a bit. Shen Wei's thumb runs over Zhao Yunlan's lower lip and Zhao Yunlan nips lightly at it.

"It's fine. I'm fine," Zhao Yunlan says, not quite sure which of the brother's he's talking to. "I just want both of you inside me already," Zhao Yunlan lets himself say. Because oh fuck does he want.

Shen Wei holds his jaw and looks at him like he's trying to see if Zhao Yunlan actually means that. Ye Zun's fingers pull out of Zhao Yunlan's ass and he can't quite help the little whine that slips out of him. Shen Wei looks over Zhao Yunlan at Ye Zun and nods at him. Need burns inside Zhao Yunlan and he sighs ever so slightly knowing that he'll get what he wants soon.

Shen Wei waits until didi's cock is pushing inside Zhao Yunlan. For a second Shen Wei is lost in the sight of it. Didi's cock vanishing inside Zhao Yunlan's ass. He's pulled back into the moment by the noise Zhao Yunlan makes. It's not quite a moan. It sounds like a plea. Shen Wei looks down at Zhao Yunlan and caresses his cheek in apology. He doesn't need to tell Zhao Yunlan to open his mouth.

Zhao Yunlan takes Shen Wei's cock into his mouth eagerly, his cheeks hollowing as he sucks. Shen Wei's breath shudders and he has to force himself to stay still and not just thrust in deeper into Zhao Yunlan's warm, wet mouth. He needs to give Zhao Yunlan a moment first.

"Ge?" didi's voice says a moment later. He sounds breathless. Shen Wei looks up to meet didi's intent gaze. And then inevitably his eyes fall down to where didi is joined to Zhao Yunlan, his cock entirely swallowed by Zhao Yunlan's ass. Shen Wei bites his lip to keep a whimper from escaping him.

Zhao Yunlan swallows his cock deeper and Shen Wei can't stop that noise from falling from his lips any longer. "Yes, didi," Shen Wei breathes out.

Shen Wei doesn't mean to watch the way didi pulls almost entirely out of Zhao Yunlan, but he can't quite look away. When didi thrusts forward it pushes Zhao Yunlan forward too, making him swallow Shen Wei deeper. Shen Wei gasps at the feeling, at the sight of didi thrusting into Zhao Yunlan. He should—he should make sure Zhao Yunlan is alright, Shen Wei thinks. But then didi pulls back again, slamming back into Zhao Yunlan faster this time. Zhao Yunlan moans around Shen Wei's cock and Shen Wei can feel the vibration. Zhao Yunlan's tongue presses against the underside of Shen Wei's cock.

Didi sets up a steady rhythm, fucking Zhao Yunlan hard enough that he rocks forward on each thrust, making him choke on Shen Wei's cock, making Shen Wei feel each of didi's thrusts through Zhao Yunlan. Shen Wei tries to keep his eyes on Zhao Yunlan, but he can't help seeing how didi's cock sinks into Zhao Yunlan over and over, making Shen Wei gasp and moan at every thrust.

Shen Wei's eyes stray up to didi's face. Didi is staring at him like he might never have looked away from Shen Wei's face at all. Didi thrusts into Zhao Yunlan again, his eyes never leaving Shen Wei's. Shen Wei gasps, his cock hitting the back of Zhao Yunlan's throat.

Shen Wei can't look away from didi at all. Didi's hands are holding on to Zhao Yunlan's hips, as he keeps fucking into Zhao Yunlan. Zhao Yunlan's mouth is hot and wet around Shen Wei's cock as Shen Wei keeps meeting didi's thrusts.

Shen Wei wants to touch didi. He wants to— Shen Wei whines quietly, another moan slipping from his mouth. He reaches out a hand for didi and with a breathless little smile didi reaches out with his own hand.

Shen Wei squeezes didi's hand as his rhythm falters slightly, pleasure cascading in waves through him. "Gege!" didi gasps out as they come at the same time, their fingers twined together, both of them buried inside Zhao Yunlan.

Shen Wei can feel Zhao Yunlan swallow around his cock, but he can't look away from didi's face. Zhao Yunlan shudders and Shen Wei finally tears his eyes away from didi, reluctantly letting go of didi's hand. Carefully he pulls his cock away from Zhao Yunlan. He glances up at didi to see him doing the same. Zhao Yunlan whines at the loss, the same way he usually does and then almost pitches forward on the bed before Shen Wei quickly catches him.

Shen Wei helps lower Zhao Yunlan down, turning him over so that he's lying on his back at least. Zhao Yunlan makes some inarticulate noises. Shen Wei pets him and asks, "Zhao Yunlan, are you alright?" Shen Wei is still feeling a bit too overwhelmed himself to manage anything more than that.

Zhao Yunlan mumbles, a wordless noise that at least sounds content. Weakly, Zhao Yunlan lifts a hand and manages to pat Shen Wei's arm. Shen Wei smiles at him a bit helplessly. He wipes at the come making Zhao Yunlan's beard sticky, in a slightly futile gesture. And then with a slightly unsteady trickle of dark energy makes the come vanish, the energy tickles against Shen Wei's own fingers and Zhao Yunlan sighs in tired contentment. Shen Wei strokes Zhao Yunlan's cheek and Zhao Yunlan turns his head into the touch.

Then, finally, Shen Wei looks up at didi. Hesitantly, reverently, Shen Wei reaches out across Zhao Yunlan to touch didi. He has to lean over Zhao Yunlan so that he can touch didi's face. Didi seems to almost be holding his breath. Slowly Shen Wei traces his fingers down didi's neck to his shoulder, where some of the scars from didi's back reach up to mar the skin of his pale shoulder. Shen Wei's fingers rest against the scar tissue for a moment.

Didi breathes out quickly and then reaches up to take Shen Wei's hand and lift it off his shoulder. Shen Wei's heart clenches at the anticipated rejection, but instead, didi lifts Shen Wei's hand to his mouth. He kisses each of Shen Wei's fingers, one by one. Shen Wei's breath shudders and his hand shakes in didi's grip. Slowly, didi turns Shen Wei's hand around and presses his lips against Shen Wei's palm.

Shen Wei's whole body shudders, tears burning behind his eyes. It's almost painfully slow, the way didi reaches out to touch the side of Shen Wei's face. Shen Wei pulls in a shuddering breath as didi's fingers press against his cheek, and he thinks they might be trembling too, just a bit. Then, slowly, inexorably, didi leans in and lightly brushes his lips against Shen Wei's.

Even knowing it's coming, Shen Wei freezes for a heartbeat. He can't move, he can't breathe, because didi is kissing him. Then in the next moment, with a small, helpless noise, Shen Wei presses closer, melting into the kiss, because didi is kissing him.

It's so slow and gentle that Shen Wei feels like crying, his heart aching because of it. And then didi pulls away. Shen Wei makes another little noise and leans forward like he wants to follow didi, like he can't bear to let go.

Shen Wei wants more. He wants didi.

Didi is staring at him with wide eyes. He looks scared, Shen Wei thinks. Didi should never look scared. With a sudden rush of desperation, Shen Wei leans forward, following didi and devouring him. Didi gasps softly against his lips and Shen Wei swallows the sound greedily.

He kisses didi desperately until they're both out of breath. When they have to stop, Shen Wei settles his hands to the sides of didi's face and presses their foreheads together. They gasp for breath and clutch at each other and didi's grip on Shen Wei feels just as desperate as his own.

They stay there for a long while, breathing each other's air, unwilling to let go. There's an itch under Shen Wei's skin, something burning at the pit of his belly and he still wants more. But he's not ready for that. Neither of them are. Not yet.

And still, Shen Wei can't let go.

Eventually, he remembers Zhao Yunlan, realising that he hasn't heard so much as a sound from Zhao Yunlan even as he and didi kissed with Zhao Yunlan stuck beneath them. He pulls away from didi abruptly. Too quickly. Didi makes a sound that sounds too much like a sob and Shen Wei's own heart cries out desperately at the loss of contact. Frantically he finds didi's hand, clutching at it. Didi grips back just as hard.

Shen Wei can't let go. Not entirely. Not yet.

His heart beats too fast in his chest as he turns his gaze down to look at Zhao Yunlan, afraid of what he'll see on Zhao Yunlan's face. But the only thing Shen Wei can see is love.

Zhao Yunlan smiles at him, his eyes soft and fond. He reaches out for Shen Wei's other hand. Shen Wei grips his hand tightly, the love he feels for Zhao Yunlan almost overwhelming him.

"Thank you," Zhao Yunlan rasps out, his voice sounding hoarse and abused. Shen Wei doesn't quite know what Zhao Yunlan is thanking him for. Zhao Yunlan's eyes move over to didi and this time he just mouths the same words.

Shen Wei still doesn't know what the thank you is for. And suddenly hot tears are spilling from Shen Wei's eyes.

"Gege?" didi says, his voice full of worry and all Shen Wei can do is clutch at his hand tightly, clutch at both their hands.

"I'm fine," Shen Wei whispers as the quiet tears keep spilling down his cheeks. "I'm fine," he repeats, smiling through the tears. He is. Maybe that's why he's crying.

Somewhat later, when the tears have stopped falling and he's still holding on to didi's and Zhao Yunlan's hands and not feeling like letting go at all, Zhao Yunlan says quietly, in a gravelly whisper, "I still need someone to fuck me in that dress."