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Prompt: Commitment

Title: Becoming


"A man like you is hard to forget, Captain."

Kelly Severide has been a lot of things over the years, a hurt kid who would do just about anything for his father's attention, a dumb teenager who found some sort of confort in breaking girls' hearts, and well, an even dumber adult who pushed people he cared away in a very stupid attempt to protect that hurt, little kid's heart.

Eventually, and after meeting very insistent people, he became a respectable firefighter, a leader to his team, a brother to Shay and a best friend to two idiots he met in the Academy. Even a fiancé to some chick that isn't worth mentioning considering he never actually became a husband, but even then he has never been one to commit, so maybe it was for the best.

He has though, recently discovered that Matt Casey had a way of making him realize things about himself. Some of those things he liked —the fact that he wasn't as straight as he thought, for example— others, not so much. 

Like the fact that he was a possessive bastard, for example.

It had started small —all big deals are at some point, he supposes— with his hand on Matt's shoulder longer for than usual or glaring at whoever stared at the blond for too long. In all honesty, he knew from the beginning that he was jealous. At first he just thought it was some sort of respect type of shit, like "I'm right here next to him so he is clearly busy, thanks. Move along."

Then, he considered some self esteem issue, which in a way made sense, because even if his father only remembered his existence whenever the CFD was involved, he never had to fight for the kind of attention you get from people at a bar, but also, with how focused he was in making sure every pair of eyes noticed that Casey was very much not interested —or at least he hoped— it's not like he would have noticed.

He really though he was jealous of the attention he wasn't receiving. Turns out he was jealous of the attention that Matt involuntarily was. He still doesn't know which one was the better option.

The thing is that he had no right to. He had been the one to ask to keep it casual, and everyone knew what casual meant in Kelly Severide's book. 

And maybe, just maybe, he was still overwhelmed by their last call and his mind wasn't in the right  place yet, or maybe he just missed the warmth of Matt's side pressed against his —where he had been all night till now— but the wave of possessiveness he felt when the brunette at the other side of the bar bent over to pass Casey his beer and slurred the words loud enough for Kelly to catch, was new and at the same time, not new at all. And bad, really bad.

"Oh I'll show that bitch something she won't forget" He was about to stand up and start some real shit when someone, and he would put his money on Andy or Shay, grabbed his arm and forced him to sit down again. 

And Severide considered himself a decent enough guy —most of the time, and definitely not in bed, anyway— but today he was really glad their last call had been so fucking exhausting because a tired Matt was a very clingy and even more oblivious one, which meant that the Captain only turned his head slightly —and adorably, but he would never admit that out loud— and gave her a confused nod and smile combo. 

"You should really consider tattooing you name in his forehead or something, because that's the only way people will ever stop flirting with him," It was Shay then, laughing in his ear with a freeness that only meant two things: one, he would have to make sure that was her last drink. "Very funny Shay, really." He wouldn't say he growled, but he that was exactly it.

"Or you could just get your head out of your ass and tell him how you really feel, because that guy couldn't be more obvious even if he tried." And two, her filter was gone.

Thankfully, Matt's tiredness mixed with the path in between the bar and their table being full of people meant that Kelly could attempt a conversation with the tipsy blonde next to him. "Oblivious you mean," he replied, purposely ignoring the first part of what she had said.

"No, I mean obvious." And looked at him like he was supposed to understand what she meant. "He's been glued to you since we got here, it's so cute it's gotten gross, really."

"He's just tired."

"He's in love."

Severide was about to loose the staring contest Shay had started and deny any feelings, from both of them, when Matt let himself fall next to him, pressing their sides together and using Kelly's shoulder as a pillow, right after taking a swing at his beer "Do we know the chick at the bar?" His voice was low —that same he used after an interesting night in bed with the older man— and Kelly didn't find it in him not to reply sarcastically. "Well I sure as hell don't, why?"

"She said some weird things."

"Yeah, so I heard."

His right arm found his place around the Captain's shoulders, pulling him closer and signed. He was meant to unwind tonight, not realize how damn deep he had fallen for the guy next to him. 

Commitment however, didn't sound so bad right now, not if in a couple of years —instead of a tattoo, sorry Shay— Casey could flash a ring next time someone hit on him at a bar.