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Scarlett DS9 Notfic

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Title: Scarlett DS9 notfic

Fandom: Clue

Author/Reader: Litra


Rating: Gen

Length: 7:12



The billiards room


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The room or extra fandom, is Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Scarlet and Colonel Mustard.

Pop in through the

phasing or phasers are their guns. Oh my god, I should not be doing this at midnight, because I'm not going to get any of the terms right but they they beam up into basically Quarks casino or if not the casino then just outside of it on the promenade, and Miss Scarlett exclaims "Oh, isn't that just the most outrageous door you've ever walked through? I felt all Tingley" and Colonel Mustard is all like "now, or I'm not sure that's quite the right way to put that. I mean, think of the like you think of your propriety" idea.

They very quickly end up at Quarks, at the bar at Quarks

there may be a few more lines in there somewhere.

They go up to the bar and Quark is like "welcome welcome. Like Haven't seen you to around before."

"What What can I get you what you interested in?" 

And Miss Scarlett leans over the bar a little bit conspiratorial and says "we are looking for a murder"

and Quark is like "Oh, well."

"Alright, looking to hire are you looking? Like basically buying or selling?"

I can certainly help with that buying or selling. And she's like, Oh,

isn't that just so quaint?

Colonel dear, isn't that just so quaint? And the colonel goes,

like such a such a joke. So I'm not a fan of such whimsical wimzie jokes. And Quark is like, Hey, you know, I have a friend who you think you'd get along great with turns back to Scarlet and goes like, so

what kind of,

so how can I so already and he asks for more information.

And she's like, Well, so far we've

and maybe lays out some hints or clues about the previous rooms. If there I don't know what stage in the process this would be. But she lays out a couple of things that have happened in previous places.

And cork makes a comment on that. And maybe in the background, we've got the you know, standard casinos sounds going gone. If if this is an audio drama type of thing.

It could just be a script, it could just be only dialogue without sound effects. don't know yet. out about that point. odo comes in and he goes like cork

and Quark is like basically rolls his eyes and goes like

Ah, that friend I mentioned just give me a minute sweetheart.

Miss Scarlett goes, you know, Colonel, I'm sure you can. Like I've seen a lovely little gaming table over there. And I just couldn't bear it. If I didn't take a look. You can handle this, can't you? And so she slips away to the gaming table. And the colonel is like, Oh, yes, of course I will talk with this man who's clearly is very, you know, this man clearly knows what's going on. And he goes up to odo and like, Sir, I am the I am Colonel Mustard of the end. I figure Colonel Mustard has some history like I'm not sure. Like what the Canon history for Colonel Mustard is. Maybe research, maybe just make it up. But he gives a full Colonel of yada yada la la.


odo at this point like before the colonel interrupts odo was talking to Quark and saying basically, there were two people who beamed in without authorization and we don't know where they came from. And if Quark is hiding them, then there's going to be trouble. And Quark is like me. Hide someone?

How would I get any technology to hide someone when like I like these are just my customers. I don't ask where my customers came from. And odo is like a Quark and then Colonel Mustard steps in with a pleasure to meet you good sir. I am Colonel Mustard and I am looking for a person and

and odo looks him up and down and goes, I don't know you sounds like naturally not we have only just arrived. Now I need to speak to someone in charge here. And odo is like you know, I think that's a good idea.


basically, frog marches him away. And

a colonel mustard like, wait. Now see here my god man fading into the distance,

Quark like shakes his head and goes like I couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow goes back to the bar.

Like and Miss Scarlett

comes back and says, oh, did something happen? I'm sure he will be just fine.

Now you happen to know where a girl can patter her nose, would you?

And Quark like, says Oh, yes, you can come right this way. And that's the bones of the scene there. It needs a few little bits of dialogue. And a couple of like, stage directions. There might be a bribe at the end. Because Miss Scarlett sliding some money over to Quark and going. Oh, thank you so much for taking care of this. I'm sure no one will know. Like, you know, just for any other little surprises and he's like, Oh, of course dear.

I'm sure no one will surprise you.

You know that little thing?

Yeah. So that's there's the bones of the scene.