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Counsellor Casey

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When you awoke in the morning your bed was even hotter than normal, the sun was already steadily streaming in through the blinds that had forgotten to be closed. The half opened window letting in the sounds of the street below, cars rumbling, dogs barking, people chattering away through their morning. As your brain started to properly wake up the headache sunk in and the previous night started to come back to you properly. The reason your bed was so hot was because of the arm strewn across you, the body nuzzled against your back, legs loosely entangled with yours.

She’d said her name was Casey, you’d mainly remembered that husky voice, the way it spilled from her gorgeous lips you couldn’t stop staring at while she talked. It started with a drink, next thing you knew you were tossing back shots, the touches were lingering, the laughs playful and the looks full of lust. You almost didn’t make it into your apartment before the hallway got quite an eyeful. Clothes were tossed to the floor with no care, trailing from the front door to the foot of the bed. You’d collapsed into the bed, eagerly exploring each other’s bodies, hands, mouths and toys not leaving an inch of skin untouched until the early hours of the morning when you’d worn each other out.

You tried to close your eyes again, attempted to sink back into the pillow, but the noise from outside was already too loud, the room too bright with the curtains opened. You tried to slip from Casey’s arms, pushing the duvet back but she grumbled, pulling you closer to her.

Wait…” she husked, “don’t pull away…not yet..”

“Still needy I see.” You teased and she scoffed, her hand swatting at your arm as she snuggled into your back again. “Baby…” you whined, kissing at her hand, “I really need to pee.”

“Fine.” She huffed, her hand softly shoving you toward the edge of the bed.

You took a minute to freshen up, splashing some water on your face, wiping off the smudged remnants of your make up from the previous night and quickly brushed your teeth before going back to the bedroom. Casey had rolled onto her back, the sheet barely clinging to her skin, one of her hands was pushing her hair back from her face, it fanned out on the pillow behind her while she was checking her phone.

Wow…” you murmured.

“What?” She rolled her head to you, coy grin on her face.

You look even better in the daylight.”

Casey barked out a laugh at that, dropping her phone onto the bed.

“Stop it.” She rolled her eyes. Grinning, you slunk back into the bed, crawling over her as you met her lips for a chaste kiss, peppering her face with kisses.

“Awe c’mon. Am I not allowed to flatter the girl who made me come a record breaking number of times last night?”

“Stop…” she whined through a laugh.

Aww…you’re blushing.” You teased and she spanked at your ass, pulling a yelp from your lips.

“Stop it.”

“Okay, okay…” laughing, you curled into her side, resting your head on her chest. Her hand came up to play with your hair for a few moments, sighing out in relief that the warmth of your body against hers gave her. Not long after her phone started vibrating in a series of texts. “You need to get that?” You asked.

“Yes.” She groaned, “but I don’t want to.” You pressed a gentle kiss into her skin as her arm reached out to grab the device. She swiped through a couple of messages before swearing quietly, “it’s fucking Saturday…why the fuck can’t they let me sleep in once? Fucking cops.”

“Cops?” You quirked a brow.

“Yeah.” Sitting up she dropped a small kiss to the top of your head, “I’ve gotta go interrupt a Judge’s brunch to get a warrant.”

“Sounds less than enjoyable.”

“It is.” She huffed, teetering around the room and out into the hall as she collected all of her clothes, starting to pull them back on when she returned to the bedroom before doing a quick assessment of how professional she looked in the bathroom. She snagged a makeup wipe and a cupful of mouthwash, hoping it was decent enough for now.

“You know…I don’t think you told me what it is you do?” You slipped into an oversized shirt, hopping off the bed.

“I’m a lawyer, work for the city.”

“Fancy.” You wrapped your arms around her neck, smiling as hers wound around your waist, “well Counsellor Casey…do I get to see you again?”

“Absolutely.” Smiling she pressed a kiss to your lips, a kiss that neither one of you wanted to end, but the buzzing of her phone interrupted again. She dug into her pocket for a moment, handing you a card, “here. My cell’s on the back, maybe we could find time for dinner this week, if you’re not too busy with work?”

“Sales and marketing, only have to go into the office Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

“God I wish.” She laughed, kissing you softly, “call me. I’ll see you soon.”

“You can count on it.” You grinned, dropping down onto the bed as you watched her disappear from your apartment.