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Della and Donald celebrate their birthday

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Neither Della nor Donald's friends and partners could show up. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were busy with a new movie. Goofy Goof was helping his son Max Goof with college by going to the same college.
Daisy Duck was helping April, May, and June readjust to life outside of F.O.W.L.'s control. Daffy Duck was also on a new movie. Penumbra was visiting the moon. What José and Panchito were doing is mystery to anyone. However that wasn't bad for either of them, they had the kids to celebrate with. Everything was going well.

Huey Duck walked in with a cake on put it on the table in front of them. Dewey Duck was playing a video of his mom and his uncle dad being cool. You know, because he is a theater kid and he wants to be an actor super hero who also pilots. Louie Duck handed them both cards that said Happy Birthday. Webbigal Vanderquack gave them knives, you know just in case. Phooey Duck was still working on his present but he'd be done any minute now. Unfortunately Kablooie Duck was already done with his gift. The gift was a blood sacrifice.

An adult man was hog tied as the murder duckling dragged him along the floor. Donald seemed to recognize the man but said nothing. Instead his sister spoke, "Kablooie, we talked about this after you filled my mother's day gift with fish hearts. Mommy doesn't like those kinds of presents." She was nervous but trying to seem happy. Kablooie slammed the unconscious form on the other end on the table as he spoke, "This is a present for Uncle Donald, Mom. This moron was saying Donald is the Duck Avenger and Double Duck or something stupid."

Kablooie undid the gag in the mouth and then asked, "Tell me, Mr. "Donald Duck is secretly a superhero and spy," what's your proof? I'd love to know before I slit your throat and gut you for my beloved uncle Donald." Donald glared at the edgy duckling, then picked him up and took him away from the conscious and screaming adult. The sailor placed the young boy in a corner and criticized him, "No murder. I don't care what your uncle Scrooge lets you do on his adventures, you can't offer human sacrifices as a birthday present." He sounded as tried as he was.

The future serial killer crossed his arms and broiled his words, "Why don't you like my presents!? I didn't even give mom one!" The Pilot questioned suspiciously, "What was my present?" The Firebug smiled widely and pulled out a lit match before casually replying, "Arson." He dropped the match. Quickly, Huey was putting out the tiny fire. The older brother was annoyed with how often this happened. Everyone was annoyed how often this happened. Louie whispered to Webby, "This is the what? 70th time he's tried to burn down the mansion?"

Webby Vanderquack sighed, "100th, I've been counting." Dewey complained more loudly, "We know you are doing this for attention, Kablooie!" Donald was holding Kablooie back from hitting his brother with a chair. That's when Phooey Duck burst into the room with a box, shouting excitedly, "I got a present! I got a present now!" He put it on the table where the man use to be. We believe the stranger escaped but nobody was looking so we don't know. Now, you may not know this but the only thing worse than Kablooie's gifts is Phooey's gifts.

For his brother's birthday, he got a monkey paw and accidentally wished Kablooie Duck into existence. Also the monkey paw probably turned Kablooie into this, nobody knows. So despite him being well meaning, everyone was anxious about opening the box. The Astronaut hesitantly asked with a forced cheer, "Phooey, Honey, what's in the box?" Phooey giggled playfully, "It's a surprise, Mommy!" The unlucky ducky tried to get a hint, "How about a clue? Is it dangerous? Is it another sibling?"

Louie blurted out, "Is it going to kill us all when we open it!?!"

Phooey Duck paused a moment in thought before happily answering, "It's only dangerous if you make it dangerous." A little bit reluctantly, Della and Donald opened the gift. Inside was a box. They went to open the box and inside was a golden apple of Discord. Phooey cheered, "It's for you! Now Unca Donald and Mommy can control the chaos around them." Webby and Huey stared with wide eyes in shock. Huey backed off and he called out, "I'm calling Violet about this." Webby dashed off, yelling, "I'm calling Lena!" Louie walked backwards as he refused, "I'm staying with B.O.Y.D tonight!!"

Donald looked down to the golden apple and huffed, "Oh Phooey." Della added in, "Phooey, this is a very nice gift but it's extremely dangerous." Dewey walked over the it and took the apple, remarking, "How dangerous can it be? I wish I had a boyfriend... Or a girlfriend. Or just anyone."

Kablooie was about to say that's not how it works when the house began to shake. The sky grew dark and a voice that sounded like it was coming from everywhere and nowhere said, "I'll be your boyfriend, Dewey." Dewey broke into a cold sweat as his eyes grew wide with fear. A eye filled the window nearby as it peered inside. Oops.

The End.