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Out of Sugar and Spice

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Ice threw the bag at the retreating figure, knowing full well that he would catch it.

Onlookers gasped as the bag flew through the air toward a man clad in red, like a big target sign.

It hit the man's shoulder and with a start, he turned around, just in time to cushion the bag with his arms before it could hit the floor.

80 points, thought Ice. An extra 10 for not crushing the snacks inside.

Ice looked down at Blaze who still sported an open-mouthed expression. When he spoke, it was with a practiced calculated tone.

"Your things were in my way."

"Oh right, thanks. I mean—" Blaze gave a furtive glance at the whispering people in the hallway who were watching their exchange.

He drew himself back up to his full height in a fury. "I don't need you to tell me that!"

Despite his outburst, Blaze couldn't quite keep the corners of his mouth from rising.

Ice ignored him and abruptly turned away signaling the end of their conversation. The people who had been lingering snapped back to life and continued to make their way through the hallway.  The Ice Knight's fights were never very entertaining to watch for long, they said.

Ice waited until their chattering voices faded away before he snuck a glance back at Blaze. Without wasting time, Blaze opened the bag and popped a freshly baked cookie in his mouth. Ice slowed his footsteps waiting for the expression that would tell him Blaze liked his snacks.

Blaze scrunched his eyebrows together.

Ice stopped.

He pondered for a moment then turned back around.

Careful to keep his voice neutral, Ice asked, "Can you not handle sweets, Knight Captain Blaze?"

Blaze twitched, startled to see Ice still there. "Oh no, I was just remembering what Leaf told me the other day," he blurted.

If Ice could have made an expression, he would have raised an eyebrow. Instead, he willed his eyebrows to stay where they were and gazed back silently.

Blaze munched on a second cookie. "I don't get what he meant by boring. These are great!"

Ice stiffened.

Blaze had stopped eating.

"Or at least, that's what I thought before I tried them with spice! You know, they do get kinda stale after a while."

Ice dropped his gaze to the floor, afraid he would not be able to hide the emotion boiling up inside him otherwise.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to save the rest of these until I see Leaf again!"


A church assistant dropped the bucket he'd been carrying in surprise. The water inside had frozen solid.

Finally realizing something was wrong, Blaze stared wide eyed at Ice. There didn't seem to be anything wrong. Ice was still wearing the same closed off expression he always wore.

But when Ice looked up, Blaze didn't know what it was he saw that made him take a step back and look away.

With a few quick steps, Ice strode away and just as abruptly, the ice in the bucket sloshed back into water, the assistant not reacting fast enough to keep a few drops from spilling over the edge.