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Birthdays and Broken Bones

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“Soooo…” Maya said, wrapping her arms around her wife from behind.

“Are you looking forward to tonight?” Maya kissed the brunette’s neck, unable to contain the smile that spread across her face.

“Mmm,” Carina hummed in response, tilting her head to the side, encouraging Maya to continue.

They were in the kitchen, the Italian making herself an espresso before she sat down to eat the breakfast that Maya had prepared for them.

“And what exactly should I be looking forward to?” the brunette asked, her tone teasing.

“Oh, you know…” Maya began, as she continued to kiss the sensitive skin of her wife’s neck, “you should prepare for a night of romance and relaxation.”

The Italian turned in her embrace, looping her arms around Maya’s neck.

“So, you still intend on keeping my mysterious birthday plans a secret?” the brunette asked, eyes crinkling in adoration.

Maya grinned as she nodded.

Today was Carina’s birthday and Maya had a whole night planned.

They would start by having dinner at Carina’s favourite restaurant. Dinner would serve as part one of the night but also give Maya enough time to set up part two.

Since she wanted everything to be a surprise, she had enlisted the services of Andy, Vic, and Travis to help her out. While her and Carina were at dinner, the trio would be setting up a cosy outdoor theatre in Maya and Carina’s backyard, complete with warm-light fairy lights and a brazier.

After dinner, they’d return home to their own personal outdoor theatre, cuddle up and watch one of Carina’s favourite Italian movies while enjoying each other’s company and the warmth from the fire.

Maya then intended to spend the remainder of the night tangled up with her wife, showing her exactly how much she loved her.

She smiled to herself, unable to contain the love and excitement she felt.

“I am very much looking forward to it, bella,” the brunette whispered, before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

They sat down to eat, Carina scooping some strawberries onto her French toast

“This is delicious, bambina, thank you,” Carina said around a mouthful of the syrupy toast.

“It’s not as good as yours but it’s definitely one of my better efforts,” Maya replied, tucking into her own food.

They enjoyed their quiet breakfast together, occasionally filling the comfortable silence with small talk or conversations about their upcoming days.

“Do you have any C-sections scheduled for today?” Maya asked as she added some milk to her coffee.

“No, but I do have a couple of meetings in the afternoon. Apart from that, I’ll mostly be doing patient check-ups all day.” Carina replied, adding some more strawberries to her breakfast.

“How are things with the team?” the brunette asked her, referring to the tension between Sullivan and the A-shift crew after he volunteered himself to be Captain in Maya’s place.

“Tense,” Maya replied, “Andy is still crashing with Vic and Travis.”

Andy had been furious with Sullivan after what he did, the whole situation making her question their rushed marriage. Maya herself had been trying to adjust to no longer being the Captain, residual anger and frustration at her abrupt demotion still sitting near the surface.

“On a happier note, Travis and Emmett are going strong,” Maya said, changing the subject before their conversation became too heavy.

Carina smiled, “I’m happy for them, they are both such lovely people.”

Maya nodded in agreement, watching as Carina finished the last of her breakfast.

She reached out, wiping a small spot of syrup from the Italian’s chin with her thumb, before bringing it to her mouth and licking the offending syrup away.

Maya stood, collecting both her and Carina’s plates. She felt Carina’s gaze on her as she tidied away their breakfast, putting their dishes in the dishwasher then cleaning away the leftovers. As Maya walked back towards the table, the Italian extended her hand out to her.

Maya took her wife’s hand, the brunette pulling until Maya was sitting in her lap. She felt the Italian wrap one arm around her waist, the other moving to bury itself in her hair.

“So, I was thinking…” her wife started, gently scratching at Maya’s scalp.

“Am I allowed to make a request for tonight?” Carina’s voice was low and silky.

Maya shivered slightly, her whole body responding to her wife’s sultry tones. She leaned closer until their bodies were flush and her lips were mere inches from Carina’s.

“Of course,” she replied, anticipation buzzing through her veins.

“I want…” Carina began, brushing her lips against Maya’s ever so slightly.

“…chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. And cannoli,” the brunette finished, pulling back to grin cheekily at Maya.

Maya threw back her head and let out a loud laugh.

“You can have all the chocolate and cannoli you want,” she replied, smiling as she leaned down to kiss her wife.

Carina’s lips were soft and warm, tasting of the cinnamon and strawberries that had accompanied their breakfast. Maya felt Carina’s tongue caress her lips and she let out a moan when the brunette deepened their kiss.

They got lost in each other, lips and tongues vying for control. Maya buried her hands in Carina’s hair, loving the feel of the silky strands between her fingers. She felt the brunette’s warm hands slip under her pyjama top, fingertips running up and down Maya’s sides.

They were interrupted by Maya’s phone, the irritating ringtone breaking through their kiss-induced haze. Maya reluctantly tore her lips away from Carina’s, reaching behind the Italian to retrieve her phone from the table.

“Nooooo,” Carina grumbled, burying her face into the crook of Maya’s neck.

Maya chuckled slightly before bringing the phone to her ear.

“Hey Andy, what’s up?” she greeted her friend.

“I’m sorry to do this to you but we need you to come in early,” her friend said.

Maya’s shift didn’t start for another two hours and she and Carina had planned on spending that time together relaxing in bed before they both had to go into work.

“Andy,” Carina spoke into the phone, having heard their conversation, “you better have a good reason for calling my wife into work early on my birthday,” Carina stated, her tone equal parts teasing and frustrated.

“Hi Carina, and happy birthday!” Andy greeted the brunette, amusement evident in her voice.

“I’m really sorry but the new Battalion Chief has turned up for an impromptu meeting and is requesting that all Lieutenants be present,” Andy explained.

Maya sighed. She was still adjusting to being a Lieutenant again after her demotion.

“I’ll be there in the next 30 minutes,” she informed her friend, hanging up after saying goodbye.

She gazed down at her wife, who was looking back up at her.

“I guess we won’t be spending the morning in bed then,” Carina pouted.

Maya placed a lingering kiss on her wife’s lips before standing up.

“I’m sorry, babe. But I promise I will make it up to you tonight,” she said, waggling her eyebrows at Carina.

Carina laughed, “I look forward to it.”

Maya finished putting away the last of the dishes before heading in the direction of the bathroom.

She turned and raised an eyebrow at Carina, “Join me in the shower?”

She laughed as Carina jumped from her seat and quickly moved towards the bathroom.