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A knock on his office door had Shen Wei look up from his desk. Startled, he blinked and adjusted his glasses. One of his students was leaning insouciantly against the doorjamb, one hand raised in a lazy wave and a smirk curling around his lips. Shen Wei cleaned up the ink from his brush and set it aside carefully.

“Zhao Yunlan. Office hours are already over for today.”

“Ah, Professor Shen, surely you could make an exception for your favourite student?” Zhao Yunlan drawled, pulling his signature lollipop from between his lips with a wet plop to point it at Shen Wei. “It’ll take just a second, promise.”

Shen Wei laughed under his breath, a smile stealing over his lips which he tried to hide by ducking his head. Then he raised his gaze to meet Zhao Yunlan’s eyes. “Alright. Come in.”

Grinning, Zhao Yunlan pushed his palms together and gave the professor a light bow, kicking the door closed behind him. The lock clicked reassuringly, Zhao Yunlan shooting him a quick smile before returning to his act of insolent student. Shen Wei suppressed the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose as he played it up, watching as Zhao Yunlan meandered around his office, inspecting the curiosities on the cabinets, playing with his lollipop teasingly.

Shen Wei pointedly cleared his throat. Zhao Yunlan whirled around, fake guilt flashing over his face before it was replaced by the nonchalant expression he usually pasted on.

“Why are you here, Zhao Yunlan?”

“Ah, Professor Shen. I was hoping you could help me with a problem,” Zhao Yunlan explained, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jacket and dropping into the chair across the desk. His legs sprawled wide as he slouched. Shen Wei dragged his eyes back up to meet Zhao Yunlan’s glinting eyes and teasing smirk.

“What problem?” he asked, forcing his focus back to the present situation.

Kicking back, Zhao Yunlan crossed his hands behind his head, the stick of his lollipop rolling between his teeth.

“Aiya, Professor, did you know? I’m at the top of almost all my classes. In fact, Professor Zhang even complimented my work ethic the other day. And Professor Huang often mentions what a joy I am to have in class. Really, I have a lot of expectations to live up to, Professor Shen. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my teachers, nevermind my parents.”

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei interrupted him, folding his hands on his desk and leaning forward. “You’re stalling.”

Zhao Yunlan huffed a laugh, averting his eyes as he pointed at the professor. Another huff of laughter, then he said, “Fine, I’ll come to the point then. Professor Shen, what can I do to fix my grade?”

“Work diligently. Turn in assignments,” Shen Wei replied, arching an eyebrow pointedly. Zhao Yunlan’s mouth curved up on one side and he shuffled his feet, leaning forward to prop his elbows on his knees.

“But, Professor Shen-” As if abashed, Zhao Yunlan ducked his head and glanced up at him from under dark lashes. “-the semester is almost over.”

The second brow joined the first, and Shen Wei tilted his head with a small smile. “Very observant, Yunlan.”

Folding his hands in his lap, Zhao Yunlan bowed his head, affecting a defeated air. Shen Wei had to avert his gaze to keep from laughing at his exaggerated acting. Zhao Yunlan caught the movement from the corner of his eyes and broke character long enough to shoot him a grin and a wink. Shen Wei turned his head away to hide his smile.

“Ah, but Professor Shen! Is there nothing that can be done?” Zhao Yunlan asked plaintively, his lips curling into a pout. “Please, Professor Shen. I promise I’ll make up for it.”

With a sigh, Shen Wei pushed his glasses up his nose. His gaze flickered Zhao Yunlan’s way and away again, considering.

“I can’t just adjust your grade because you asked me to, Yunlan,” he hedged, shuffling the papers in front of him into a neat stack. “That would be unfair to the other students.”

“Of course! I’d be willing to work for it,” Zhao Yunlan declared, holding up one hand as if to swear to his good intentions. Shen Wei sighed through his nose, a quick, amused huff. Then he met Zhao Yunlan’s earnest, pleading gaze.

“Yunlan, you have barely turned in a single decent essay this semester. And yet you ask for an extra credits assignment?”

Zhao Yunlan’s smile twitched, his eyes widening in faux innocence. Shen Wei couldn’t help it, a muffled laugh escaped his throat. Shaking his head, he pushed his chair back from the desk, angling it to the window.

“Very well, Yunlan. I might have a solution.” Shen Wei cocked his head, watching as Zhao Yunlan perked up. “Come here.”

Frowning, Zhao Yunlan rose from his chair and walked around the desk, coming to a stop in front of his professor. Holding his gaze intently, Shen Wei uncrossed his legs, spreading them far enough to make space for a person between them. Zhao Yunlan’s eyes widened a smidge, gaze darting down and then up again to catch Professor Shen’s.

“I- Professor Shen, you-” he stuttered, cheeks flushing red. He swallowed, ducking his head. “What are you saying, Professor?”

“I’m offering you a solution,” Shen Wei answered evenly, waiting for Zhao Yunlan to look at his face again before quirking his eyebrows in obvious suggestion. “It’s up to you, Yunlan. How dedicated are you to school?”

Zhao Yunlan glanced to the side, absently fidgeting with the sleeves of his leather jacket. Then, hesitantly, he slowly dropped to his knees, his shoulders bracketed by Professor Shen’s legs. Biting his lip, hands coming to rest in his lap, Zhao Yunlan glanced up.

“I- how- what should I do, Professor?”

Shen Wei cracked a smile, a quiet laugh on the trail end of a soft exhale. “Prove that you can put the work in, Yunlan.”

Swallowing, Zhao Yunlan nodded. His hands shook as he raised them to his professor’s thighs, stealing a quick glance up to check his reaction. Professor Shen gave him an encouraging nod, his small smile twitching. Zhao Yunlan let his hands wander up Professor Shen’s thighs, feeling the corded muscles under his palms, separated only by the thin layer of the professor’s dress pants.

Zhao Yunlan dragged his thumbs up the inseams, stopping just short of touching the half-hard cock tenting the pants. Shen Wei’s thighs trembled under his hands with the effort to hold still and let Zhao Yunlan do as he wished. Zhao Yunlan caught his gaze, a smirk curling around the corner of his mouth, before he leaned in and breathed. Shen Wei’s cock twitched, straining against the tight confines of his pants.

He watched as Zhao Yunlan carefully skirted his erection, trailing his fingers up to the waistband and along the belt, deftly opening the buckle and slowly slipping the leather from the loops, coiling the leather around his hand. He set it aside on the ground next to him, only then moving to pop the button on Shen Wei’s pants.

Shen Wei gripped the armrests of his chair, nails digging into the rubber foam, to avoid reaching for Zhao Yunlan.

The zipper brushed along his erection, the metal teeth uncomfortable against his hardening flesh. Zhao Yunlan looked up at him from under his lashes, expression playful as he leaned in to blow hot air against the silk of his boxers. Shen Wei shifted on his chair, hips arching towards Zhao Yunlan before he could bring himself back under control. He schooled his face into a stern glare, though how effective it was, he couldn’t tell.

“Having second thoughts, Yunlan?” he asked, his voice hoarse with barely restrained desire.

“No, Professor,” Zhao Yunlan answered easily, his lips skimming over his boxers, coming to rest just above the spreading wet spot. “Just overwhelmed by your beauty.”

As if to emphasize his point, he stuck out his tongue and licked over the clothed head of Shen Wei’s dick, before closing his lips around it and suckling on the wet spot. Shen Wei’s eyes fluttered close, a punched out noise ripping from his throat. He curled his hands into fists, then carefully unclenched them and pressed his flat palms to the armrests.

“If you don’t put your mouth to better use than smart remarks,” Shen Wei gasped, Zhao Yunlan’s tongue dragging up the side of his clothed cock, “I’ll have to start deducting points from your final grade, Zhao Yunlan.”

Zhao Yunlan’s eyes gleamed with mischief before he ducked his head, lips brushing down his shaft even as his fingers hooked into the waistband of Shen Wei’s boxers. Shen Wei helpfully lifted his hips to allow Zhao Yunlan to pull them down along with his pants, just enough to free his cock without becoming uncomfortable. Fingers curled around the base immediately, and Zhao Yunlan held his gaze, leaving Shen Wei unable to look away as he lowered his lips to kiss the tip.

Shen Wei had to bite down on a whimper as Zhao Yunlan took him in, inch by inch, tongue swirling around the shaft. His cheeks hollowed as he sucked, his fingers stroking what didn’t easily fit. With half-lidded eyes and swollen lips, Zhao Yunlan looked like temptation personified. The hot wetness of his mouth surrounded Shen Wei, a stark contrast to when Zhao Yunlan pulled back, letting saliva cool on his heated cock.

Then he leaned in and Shen Wei could feel the head of his cock bumping against the back of his throat. Inhaling through his nose, Zhao Yunlan raised his gaze to meet Shen Wei's and slid further down the shaft, Shen Wei's cock gliding down his throat. Zhao Yunlan’s eyelashes fluttered and he swallowed, throat constricting around Shen Wei's cock, and it was as if something inside Shen Wei snapped, control and restraint going out the window as he reached for Zhao Yunlan. His hand landed on broad shoulders, before immediately trailing up, a thumb brushing over a cheek, along the edge of Zhao Yunlan’s beard, fingers curving around the shape of an ear.

Zhao Yunlan hummed, the vibrations shooting straight down Shen Wei’s spine to pool hot and golden in his groin.

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei gasped, fingers curling in Zhao Yunlan’s hair. His head fell back against the backrest of his chair as Zhao Yunlan doubled his efforts in response. His nose brushed against Shen Wei’s skin as Zhao Yunlan swallowed him down to the roots, his cock enveloped in the wet heat of Zhao Yunlan’s throat. “So good for me.”

Zhao Yunlan groaned, choking on his cock. Shen Wei held him in place for one endless moment, before urging him to sit back. Saliva strings connected his aching erection to Zhao Yunlan’s plush and swollen lips, their eyes meeting as Zhao Yunlan gasped for breath, trying to get his gag reflex under control. His pupils were dilated to the point only a small rim of the deep brown of his irises remained.

Shen Wei reached out to cup his cheek, and Zhao Yunlan nuzzled into his palm, eyes drooping.

“Well done, Yunlan,” Shen Wei praised, caressing his cheek and jaw, nails scraping through his beard while giving him time to regain his composure. A glance down proved that Zhao Yunlan was hard as well, his jeans tenting under his straining cock, legs spread and hips jerking up a little as if looking for some friction. Shen Wei considered him for a long moment, then shifted back in his seat. Zhao Yunlan whined at the distance, before freezing as Shen Wei settled his right shoe against Zhao Yunlan’s hard length.

Wide eyes snapped up to meet his, and Shen Wei felt his lips tug up into a grin.

“Go on,” he encouraged in a soft murmur, lightly pressing his foot down. Zhao Yunlan bit his lip, hips rolling up, and then he closed his eyes and groaned.

“Oh fuck,” he muttered, his head falling back, Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat as he swallowed. Shen Wei’s gaze took in the long line of his throat, the sweat gathering in the hollow below. “Baobei, you’re so good to me.”

Shen Wei couldn’t help the small smile and ducked his head, concentrating on rolling his dress shoe over the bulge in Zhao Yunlan’s jeans. Zhao Yunlan seemed to have forgotten their scene for the moment being, caught up in the pleasure. His hands clenched in the cloth of Shen Wei’s suit pants, his entire back arching as he chased the friction.

Watching closely, Shen Wei gave him time until he saw the first signs of an on-coming orgasm, the rapid pulse in Zhao Yunlan’s throat, the tightening of his shoulders, the way his rhythm got lost for the sake of speed. Reluctantly, Shen Wei lifted his foot, setting it down on the outside of Zhao Yunlan’s hip and waited.

Zhao Yunlan groaned in frustration, his hips snapping up once, twice, three more times in a futile attempt of regaining the friction. Then he opened his eyes and shot Shen Wei an annoyed look.

Shen Wei arched an imperious brow, the expression likely ruined by his flushed cheeks.

"We're not done here, Yunlan," he reminded him, tone mild yet unyielding. He tilted his head. "Unless you're satisfied with your grade?"

Reminder delivered, Shen Wei leaned back and waited. Personally he didn't care whether or not they finished the scene, wherever Zhao Yunlan decided to go from here was fine with him. But Zhao Yunlan had been vibrating with excitement all morning, anticipating their evening plans, and Shen Wei didn't want him to regret ignoring the scene in favour of quick pleasure later. Not that they couldn't do this again, if Zhao Yunlan wanted, but it had taken careful planning and arranging of schedules, which took too much time to do it on a whim.

His instinct proved right when Zhao Yunlan lowered his head, sitting back on his haunches and feigning chagrin.

"Sorry, Professor. I got carried away." He swallowed and glanced up, tilting his head. "I swear I will do better, Professor Shen. Please give me another chance."

Shen Wei hummed noncommittally, finger tapping against the armrest impatiently. Zhao Yunlan’s gaze dropped to his hand, then slid over to Shen Wei’s abandoned erection, hard and flushed and with a pearl of precum at the tip. He licked his lips, shot Shen Wei another quick look full of mischief before leaning in and kissing his way up the shaft from the base to the tip. Once there, he licked the precum off his lips, meeting and holding Shen Wei’s eyes as he took the head back inside his mouth.

Shen Wei pressed his hips down and closed his eyes, struggling against the urge to buck up into that welcoming heat. When he opened them again, it was to a thoughtful look on Zhao Yunlan’s face as he swirled his tongue around the head. Then he backed off, letting Shen Wei’s cock go with a wet plop.

“Perhaps Professor Shen would like to use my mouth?” he suggested, voice hoarse and heavy with lust. “To make up for this one’s mistake.”

Shen Wei dug his nails into the armrests, until the dents were unlikely to even out again.


“Please, Professor?” Zhao Yunlan batted his eyelashes and pressed a kiss to the side of Shen Wei’s cock. “I wish to please you, Professor Shen.”

Shen Wei drew in a sharp breath, staring at Zhao Yunlan, his brain unable to process the words, thoughts grinding to a halt. Zhao Yunlan mouthed at his shaft, keeping his eyes locked on Shen Wei’s while he dragged the flat of his tongue up the underside all the way to the tip. He pressed a kiss to the head, hand curling around the base with his thumb spread to skim his balls. Shen Wei’s hand darted forward, snatching Zhao Yunlan’s wrist and tugging his teasing fingers away.

Zhao Yunlan met his glare with an impish grin, before schooling his expression to one of playful innocence.

There was little he would deny Zhao Yunlan. Shen Wei took a deep breath, turning his head and letting his gaze wander over the blinds, still securely shut, to the door with its turned lock. Only then did he let go of Zhao Yunlan’s wrist, standing up from his chair. His pants and boxers pooled around his feet, but he paid them no mind.

“Very well, Yunlan,” he agreed, the pressure in his chest adding a stern edge to his voice, and Zhao Yunlan ducked his head, wiping his lips with the back of his hand. Shen Wei decided to ignore the laugh he tried to muffle that way. Instead, he grabbed Zhao Yunlan by the hair and pulled his head back until the long line of his throat was exposed to him.

Zhao Yunlan stared up at him with his dark, dilated eyes and the laughter died on his lips. His mouth dropped open, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed in anticipation, hands curling around the back of Shen Wei’s thighs.

Shivering, Shen Wei gripped his own cock and carefully guided it until the tip rested on Zhao Yunlan’s tongue. Exhaling shakily, Shen Wei asked, “Ready?”

In response, Zhao Yunlan closed his lips around the head of his cock and suckled, watching Shen Wei from under his lashes. Shen Wei tightened his grip on Zhao Yunlan’s hair, causing him to wince. He immediately loosened his grasp, about to apologize, but Zhao Yunlan dropped his jaw and lunged forward impatiently, taking Shen Wei deeper.

Shen Wei let Zhao Yunlan bop his head up and down around his cock, holding still as Zhao Yunlan worked his throat open for him. Only once Zhao Yunlan had buried his nose in the short, coarse hairs of his pelvis did Shen Wei stop him, gently holding his head between both his palms as he slid back out.

Zhao Yunlan looked up at him adoringly, cheeks flushed and saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth down his chin.

Shen Wei bit his lower lip and thrust shallowly into the wet warmth of Zhao Yunlan’s mouth, watching for any signs of discomfort. Zhao Yunlan’s lashes fluttered, and he hollowed his cheeks as he sucked, his hands tightening on Shen Wei’s thighs as Shen Wei pulled back, urging him deeper. Taking a shaky breath, Shen Wei tilted Zhao Yunlan’s head back a little further and obliged.

He felt his cock hit the back of Zhao Yunlan’s throat, once, twice, before sliding in deeper. Shen Wei kept a careful eye on Zhao Yunlan’s face, watching for the slightest twitch of discomfort. The moment Zhao Yunlan started choking, he pulled back and waited for him to regain his breath, gently brushing Zhao Yunlan’s sweaty hair behind his ear.

Zhao Yunlan coughed one last time. He swallowed, then looked up at Shen Wei with tears in the corners of his eyes and nodded, dropping his jaw.

Shen Wei slid back in slowly, carefully, keeping his thrusts shallow for a bit. His thumbs brushed over Zhao Yunlan’s cheek, gathering the tears and wiping them away. He took his time working up to pushing back into Zhao Yunlan’s throat, just resting there while Zhao Yunlan swallowed around him.

“Yunlan,” Shen Wei moaned, fingers caressing through sweaty hair. His hips stuttered.

There was dirty talk he was supposed to engage in, Shen Wei thought vaguely as he fucked into Zhao Yunlan's mouth. Zhao Yunlan had given him several examples that left Shen Wei mortified and scandalized while Zhao Yunlan suggested them with a leer. Not a single one came to mind, his brain empty of all thoughts except for how good Zhao Yunlan's mouth felt, how his throat constricted around the intrusion. All his senses were focussed on Zhao Yunlan's comfort, of signs that he needed a break, revelling in how obviously he was enjoying the act.

For a moment, as he teetered on the edge of orgasm, Shen Wei considered coming down Zhao Yunlan’s throat. He knew Zhao Yunlan wouldn’t mind, appreciated whenever Shen Wei let go of his iron control and gave himself over to the pleasure Zhao Yunlan brought him.


They still had other things planned for the evening.

Reluctantly, Shen Wei withdrew, carding his fingers through Zhao Yunlan’s hair as they both panted for air. He watched Zhao Yunlan swallow around his sore throat, let the repetitive motion soothe him back from the edge. They remained like that for an eternal moment, fingers caressing over sweaty skin, holding each other’s gaze.

Then Shen Wei noticed the wheeze in Zhao Yunlan’s breathing, the slight wince he tried to hide from him. Without thinking about it, he gathered dark energy in his palm, running it over the side of Zhao Yunlan’s neck.

A smile creased Zhao Yunlan’s lips, his cheeks dimpling.

“I’m okay, baobei,” he assured Shen Wei, clearly reading the concern from his face, or just knowing him too well. His voice was rough, even after the burst of healing. Shen Wei frowned, but let the dark energy dissipate when Zhao Yunlan pulled his hand away. “Let me feel you a little longer.”

Shen Wei hesitated. “If that’s your wish…”

“It is,” Zhao Yunlan reassured him immediately, nuzzling into his hand and kissing his palm. Then he pulled back reluctantly to shrug out of his leather jacket, tossing it in the direction of the window without a second look. “Thank you, Xiao Wei. I’m good to continue when you are.”

“Alright.” Shen Wei closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before nodding. “Right.”

He pasted on a strict look and was rewarded with Zhao Yunlan’s appreciative smile. Shen Wei cupped his cheek gently, and Zhao Yunlan leaned into the touch.

"Zhao Yunlan," Shen Wei started and then paused, running his thumb over Zhao Yunlan's swollen lip. He looked beautiful like this, debauched and dishevelled. Shen Wei swallowed. He had to drag his focus back on the scene. "You are serious about improving your work ethic?"

"Yes, Professor Shen," Zhao Yunlan replied, coyly glancing up from under his lashes. “I’d do anything, Professor. Anything you want.”

Shen Wei's eyes searched his face, before flicking to the side in thought.

"Then," he finally said, tilting his head just a little. Zhao Yunlan glanced over his shoulder to follow his gaze to the desk. Shen Wei's free hand settled on his arm in a tight grip and pulled him up, before turning him around. "Bend over."

Zhao Yunlan stumbled, a punched out noise escaping his mouth. Shen Wei steadied him, waited for him to regain his balance, then casually shoved him forward. Zhao Yunlan caught himself on his arms on the desk, his surprised gasp turning into an aroused groan. Shen Wei loosened the tie around his throat, shaking his discarded pants off his shoes as he stepped up behind him.

He took a moment to run his hands over Zhao Yunlan’s beautiful ass, presented as it was.

“Ah, Shen W-” Zhao Yunlan started, trailing off into a squeak as Shen Wei pinched his cheek. “Uh, I mean, Professor Shen, I, can I, please-”

“Patience is a virtue,” Shen Wei told him as sternly as he could while kneading his ass.

Zhao Yunlan bucked his hips, pushing into the touch. Shen Wei reprimanded him with a light slap, before sliding a hand around his waist to unzip his jeans. He cupped Zhao Yunlan’s straining erection, then popped the button and unbuckled the belt with his other hand. Zhao Yunlan arched into his palm, rolling his hips, and Shen Wei let him for several heartbeats before pulling his hands back. Instead, he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of Zhao Yunlan’s jeans and underwear, shoving them down in one smooth move, leaving them to tangle around Zhao Yunlan’s boots.

Standing up, Shen Wei pressed close behind Zhao Yunlan, his cock a hard line between Zhao Yunlan’s cheeks. Zhao Yunlan groaned, pushing back against him. Shen Wei grabbed his hip with one hand, the other one coming to rest between Zhao Yunlan’s shoulder blades and pinning his chest to the desk with one merciless shove.

“Fuck,” Zhao Yunlan muttered, shuffling his feet to spread his legs further.

“Not quite yet,” Shen Wei replied, the hand on Zhao Yunlan’s hip slipping down and curling around the base of Zhao Yunlan’s dick. He gave him several firm strokes, thumb brushing over the tip on the last one to gather his precum. Pulling back, he raised his thumb to his mouth and licked the pearl off, eyes fluttering at the salty, musky taste of Zhao Yunlan.

Zhao Yunlan craned his head to watch him over his shoulder, eyes blown wide and whining under his breath.

Putting on an air of disinterest, Shen Wei looked away, reaching out to open his topmost drawer. Rummaging through it with one hand, the other still pinning Zhao Yunlan in place, his fingers curled around the bottle of lube he’d hidden there in preparation for tonight.

“That’s so hot,” Zhao Yunlan commented once he saw what Shen Wei held in his hand, hips jerking with a low groan. Shen Wei eyed him sideways, and Zhao Yunlan grinned back, arching his spine. “Professor, you’re always prepared for everything.”

“Unlike you,” Shen Wei drawled, letting Zhao Yunlan go in favour of pouring lube into his palm. “You might want to learn to plan ahead, Yunlan, or you’ll end up in this predicament again.”

Satisfied that the oil had warmed enough and his fingers were sufficiently slick, Shen Wei pulled Zhao Yunlan’s ass cheeks apart. He trailed the pad of his thumb down the crack, leaving a glistening line of lube behind. After spreading the slick in circles around the rim of Zhao Yunlan’s fluttering hole, he pressed his thumb inside with very little force.

“That’s, ah!” Zhao Yunlan’s thoughts seemed to scatter at the intrusion, back arching to meet Shen Wei. “M-maybe that was the plan all along, P-professor Shen.”

Shen Wei hummed, replacing his thumb with index and middle finger. Crooking them once inside, he took his time to reacquaint himself with that one spot that always drove Zhao Yunlan wild, leisurely rubbing the pads of his fingers over the prostate.

“There’s easier ways to get into my pants than failing my class, Yunlan,” Shen Wei chided, spreading his fingers as he pulled them in and out. Zhao Yunlan was clenching around him, pushing to meet him on every thrust. “All you had to do was ask.”

“Ah, Professor, I always knew I was your favourite!” Zhao Yunlan exclaimed, laughter in his voice. Shen Wei felt his lips curl into a smile in automatic response.

He dragged his fingers back out slowly, scraping his nails carefully along that sensitive spot, before pulling out entirely. Another squirt of lube into his palm to slick up his cock, the wet sounds of skin gliding over skin the only contrapoint to their heavy breathing. Once done, he dropped the bottle back into its drawer and shoved it shut, the sudden noise startling Zhao Yunlan. He pushed up on his arms to take a look, but Shen Wei was faster, his palm resting between Zhao Yunlan’s shoulder blades an immovable object stopping him.

Zhao Yunlan groaned and dropped back down, hands reaching out to take hold of the far edge of the desk.

Grabbing his cock and holding it steady, the head nudging against Zhao Yunlan’s hole, Shen Wei inhaled slowly to calm his racing heartbeat. “Ready?”

“For you? Always,” Zhao Yunlan quipped, but with a raw, overwhelming sincerity that Shen Wei felt his breath stop.

Blinking rapidly behind his glasses, Shen Wei swallowed around the lump in his throat. “Yunlan…”

Craning his head to meet Shen Wei’s eyes, Zhao Yunlan’s face softened. “C’mon, baobei. Fuck me.”

Closing his eyes, Shen Wei obliged him, sliding in slowly, inexorably until he was sheathed to the hilt, dropping his chin to his chest and gasping for breath. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he held very, very still to let Zhao Yunlan adjust to the intrusion. He could feel him clench around him in time with his panting, slick and hot and tight. Then his hips rolled in clear intention, and Shen Wei grabbed him by the waist, holding him in place with his hips canted up.

His eyes fluttered open, staring at Zhao Yunlan spread over his desk, his shirt tucked up and cock dripping precum to the floor, cheeks flushed and eyes half-lidded in helpless arousal. Possessiveness flashed through him, a smug pleasure at knowing this was a gift for him and him alone.

He pulled out halfway and snapped his hips forward, grinding up against Zhao Yunlan's ass once he was buried deep. Zhao Yunlan's head dropped to the desk with a moan, his fingers clenching hard enough around the edge his knuckles turned white. Shen Wei stuck to a slow pace at first, dragging his cock all the way out and then pushing in again, Zhao Yunlan's hole resisting for the blink of an eye before welcoming him back.

"Stop being such a tease," Zhao Yunlan complained, his hoarse voice sending a spike of arousal down Shen Wei's spine. "Professor Shen, please, I'll be good, just, please, harder."

Shen Wei growled low in his throat, hips snapping forward, driving hard and deep into Zhao Yunlan who moaned his appreciation. The desk shook under the force of his thrusts, Shen Wei's thighs slapping against Zhao Yunlan's, which in turn hit the edge of the desk on each push.

"Is this what you want, Yunlan?" Shen Wei panted, his hair plastering to his forehead and his glasses growing foggy from his breaths. He picked up speed in addition to force, slamming their bodies together mercilessly. Obscene sounds filled his office, the squelch of the lube mixing with the slapping of flesh against flesh, underlined by the melody of Zhao Yunlan's pleasure.

"Yes," Zhao Yunlan agreed breathlessly, meeting every thrust as well as he could. "Yes, yes, yes! Please, Professor Shen, yes, please!"

"Anyone who passes in the hallway will know exactly what's going on in here," Shen Wei continued with a snarl, a flare of possessive smugness spreading through his chest. "And they will hear how much you enjoy it. How you beg for it. For me."

If anyone were to truly witness Zhao Yunlan like this, vulnerable and strung out on pleasure and undeniably Shen Wei's, he would be forced to obliterate them.

"Only you," Zhao Yunlan agreed in between gasps for air, clenching around Shen Wei's cock. "Professor, Shen Wei, please-!"

Grunting, Shen Wei sped up, hauling Zhao Yunlan’s hips to meet him as he drilled into him. Zhao Yunlan collapsed on the desk with a muffled yell, his legs straining to hold his weight under the assault. Shen Wei wrapped an arm around Zhao Yunlan's waist and followed him down, propping himself up on his elbow with his chest pressed to Zhao Yunlan's back as he drove into him with hard, unrelenting thrusts.

The change in angle had his cock drag along Zhao Yunlan's prostate on every pump, judging by the way Zhao Yunlan shivered and clenched around him. Shen Wei redoubled his efforts, pulling out so only the tip remained, before pushing back in. Zhao Yunlan's breaths came with punched out little gasps on every thrust, his back arching as he strained the limits of what little movement their respective positions allowed to meet Shen Wei.

"Baobei," Zhao Yunlan moaned, turning his head to press his cheek to the desk.

His hair was matted to his forehead with sweat, his cheeks flushed, and his pupils blown wide as he tried to catch Shen Wei's gaze. Shen Wei surged forward, hips hitting against Zhao Yunlan's ass with a fleshy slap that echoed through the quiet room as he slid home. Stretching, Shen Wei took Zhao Yunlan's earlobe into his mouth, grazing his teeth over the sensitive flesh.

Zhao Yunlan whimpered and arched, craning his head back, hips rolling underneath Shen Wei's.

Shen Wei came with a drawn out groan, spilling buried deep inside Zhao Yunlan, his hips stuttering with the last couple spurts. He dropped his head between Zhao Yunlan's shoulder blades, pressing his sweaty forehead against the soaked through cloth of Zhao Yunlan's t-shirt.

He rested there as the aftershocks shivered through him, with barely enough wits to ensure he didn't put his entire weight on Zhao Yunlan, but it was a close thing. The musky smell of sex and sweat surrounded him, his dress shirt sticking to his neck and back in places and the buttons digging awkwardly into his chest. It took some time to get his breathing back under control, and just as long to regain enough wits to check on Zhao Yunlan.

Zhao Yunlan was panting hard, sweat dripping down his neck and fingers white knuckled where he grabbed the far edge of the desk. His hips were stuttering under Shen Wei's weight, little involuntary jerks.

Shen Wei pushed himself up, softening cock slipping out of Zhao Yunlan, who whined low in his throat in protest.

Shen Wei smoothed a hand down his back, a reassurance and reminder at once. Then he leaned forward to carefully unclench Zhao Yunlan's grip on the desk finger by finger. Slipping a hand under Zhao Yunlan's chest, Shen Wei pulled him up until he stood on wobbly legs, leaning most of his weight on Shen Wei at his back. Shen Wei dropped a kiss to his shoulder, then up his neck to just below his ear while Zhao Yunlan panted and swayed in his grasp.

"You've done well, Yunlan," Shen Wei murmured past his dry throat, clearing it.

He took a small step back and turned Zhao Yunlan around, helping him lean back against the desk, then nudged one of his legs between Zhao Yunlan's. His neglected cock curved up to his stomach, hard and leaking and begging for release. Shen Wei crowded him against the desk, settling his hands on the surface to bracket Zhao Yunlan's hips.

"Good behaviour deserves a reward," he added quietly, their mouths so close he could feel Zhao Yunlan's breath brush over his lips. “You may get yourself off.”

“Fuck,” Zhao Yunlan muttered, dropping his forehead to rest on Shen Wei’s shoulder. His hips stuttered, and Shen Wei leaned in until their stomachs were pressed together, the hard line of Zhao Yunlan’s cock trapped in the jut of Shen Wei’s hip. Shen Wei wrapped one hand around him, pressing the flat of his palm on Zhao Yunlan’s lower back, urging him on.

“I’m going to ruin your shirt,” Zhao Yunlan warned Shen Wei between heavy breaths, although he was already rolling his hips, his cock sliding easily across sweaty skin.

“Doesn’t matter.” Shen Wei pressed a kiss to Zhao Yunlan’s temple, and Zhao Yunlan’s head snapped up and around, lips brushing along Shen Wei’s jaw before finding his lips in a desperate kiss. His beard scratched at Shen Wei’s bare chin, and he smiled as he opened his lips to let Zhao Yunlan press his tongue in.

Shen Wei let him take what he needed, holding him up as he shuddered apart in his arms. Zhao Yunlan’s orgasm came hard and fast, barely a handful of strokes in. He went slack, mouth gaping open as he moaned Shen Wei’s name into their kiss, Shen Wei the only thing holding him up.

Shen Wei gentled the kiss, smoothing circles into Zhao Yunlan’s lower back as he blanked out.

“Let’s get you more comfortable,” Shen Wei whispered, adjusting his grip so he could get an arm under Zhao Yunlan’s knees and lift him up into his arms. Zhao Yunlan hummed in acknowledgement but did little else to help, his eyes closed and head rolling towards Shen Wei’s chest.

Shen Wei settled them on the small couch with Zhao Yunlan sprawled over his lap, nose buried against his throat. Shen Wei's fingers smoothed back his sweaty hair, drawing circles on his nape. Zhao Yunlan hummed contently, closing his eyes. Shen Wei let himself relax into their closeness, the lazy satisfaction that was oozing from Zhao Yunlan.

They just laid there for an eternity, basking in each other’s presence, until Zhao Yunlan stirred, rolling his head onto Shen Wei’s shoulder.

"What if I want to bend Professor Shen over his desk next time?"

One eye opened to gauge Shen Wei's reaction, and Shen Wei met his look steadily, even as his spent cock twitched at the mere thought.

"Why would Professor Shen allow that?"

"Hmm, you're right. Professor Shen is too dignified to let a student take such liberties," Zhao Yunlan teased him, adding a wink for good measure. Shen Wei snorted a laugh, but the tips of his ears burned. "Ah! I know! How about his colleague, Professor Zhao, caught him with his student."

"Blackmail?" Shen Wei mused, scratching his nails lightly over the base of Zhao Yunlan's skull. Then, a teasing smile playing tugging on his lips, he added, “Sounds like this Professor Zhao is quite the character.”

“Hey! He’s a very righteous person. As a professor of criminology, it’s his duty to punish any wrong-doing or illegal activity he witnesses.”

Zhao Yunlan puffed up his chest and pouted up at Shen Wei, who shook his head with a small smile at his antics.

“And blackmail isn’t illegal?”

Zhao Yunlan pushed his lower lip out further, making it quiver. “Sometimes the ends justify the means.”

Shen Wei’s chest vibrated under Zhao Yunlan’s cheek as he chuckled in quiet amusement. “Whatever you say, Professor.”

He pressed a kiss to Zhao Yunlan’s temple, who shifted in response, turning around enough that he could push himself up and capture Shen Wei’s mouth in a proper kiss. It was gentle, merely lips moving against lips, and full of love. Shen Wei closed his eyes and let himself sink into the feeling, wrapping his arms around Zhao Yunlan’s shoulders.

And if that was truly a scenario Zhao Yunlan wanted to pursue, then who was Shen Wei to deny him? It didn’t matter what they did, as long as it was the two of them, together.