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Framing The Ripper

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When Will awoke that morning it was to the warmth of a blooming fire at the foot of the bed and the smell of freshly brewed coffee closer than the sneaking aroma filtering from downstairs. Eyes still heavy with sleep, Will pulled his head from under the pillow he'd burrowed beneath during the night and looked over his shoulder to the handsome Alpha holding the beverage of his desire balanced on a silver breakfast trey.

"Hannibal?" He smiled, easing out from under the covers as the killer in question laid the trey on his bedside table. "I thought we weren't allowed food in the bedroom." He said examining the heavenly breakfast delivered.

"Normally we’re not." He agreed, giving a sharp whistle that nearly started the Omega from their bed. Will didn't have more than a second to think about the action before he was surrounded, the pack that had been forbidden from entering their home erupting into the bedroom.

It was nearly overwhelming; he hadn't been smothered by his dogs in the early hours of the morning in so long Will had nearly forgotten the feeling of paws scrapping over sheets and icy noses against his cheek while sleep sting clung to him like a shroud. He couldn’t stop the laugh that erupted from him as he was tacked on the bed, the small horde taking over to ruin blankets with claws snagging silk as they fought for the attention of their master.

"Happy anniversary Will." The Ripper smiled, soft and genuine as he took a seat on the bedsides edge.

"Anniversary?" Will's brows knit in puzzlement as he turned from his pack to his mate, "Anniversary of what?"

Hannibal shooed Buster out of Will’s lap and moved the breakfast trey to take his place in the hopes of Will indulging in its offerings instead of the furry beasts. "Our ‘happy accident’." He answered leaning forward to capture confused full lips in a soft kiss.

"You have too much self-control for it to have been an accident, at least not a complete one." Will abandon the dogs to comb fingers through his Alpha's hair instead and pulled him closer for a second kiss, one longer and deeper than the chaste good morning he'd been greeted with. Hannibal laughed into it, a deep rumble, brief and teasing, to roll through Will and make his toes curl. A year ago he never would have thought such a thing were possible, this kind of happiness, not for him at least. Will had learned early on that life did not give him nice things. Life tempted him and built his hopes before pulling the rug out from under his feet so he could watch it all fly out of reach; until Hannibal.

He hadn't fallen with Hannibal, he'd taken the hand that reached out to catch him and kept the broken offering he'd been given. Ripper or not, Hannibal was his and if he had to be broken to have something good in his life; broken he would be. Since accepting the Ripper as his mate his life had never been so easy. He’d taken his hand and finally given over to the darkness that had haunted him all his life and it had been the simplest transition he’d ever made. The world of smoke, mirrors and shadows fitting him like a glove, not the awkward jigsaw puzzle piece he’d always lived as before while trying to be the man everyone expected him to be and fit into society’s mold. He’d finally been given something good in his life and he’d sold his soul to the Devil to keep it.

"At first I had thought the same," Hannibal admitted, a calloused thumb running over his lover’s silky cheek, "but I don't think that was the case. Your scent was more desirable than any I'd encountered before. I'd never felt compelled to pursue an Omega or bond prior to our meeting. But upon meeting you I'd desired a life bond, even while believing you to be a Beta. Discovering your secret of being an Omega and that a true connection could be made, scenting your heat...I may have held less control over myself then I knew." But it was a question he would never have answered: Could he have picked up the bowl he'd dropped, dropped, and walked away from the tsunami of pheromones that had consumed him and the possibility of true happiness that awaited upstairs? Or would he slip off his shoes and pursue him as he had? It was an answer he would never know the answer to because even if he could resist and fate were to present him with such second chances, he would climb those stairs if only for what he had now.

Will's smile, less awkward than it had been a year before, more used and free than it had been prior to their mating, grew, "You think I actually overwhelmed you?" It was a flattering notion, to be the first and only Omega to have overpowered the senses of Hannibal Lecter and be sought after by the Alpha who had refused all others before him without temptation.

"I believe you did." Another kiss and he slipped the steaming cup of dark roast into Will's hands.

"I never thought of this as our anniversary," He admitted, "I figured if we had one it would probably land on the day I accepted you as my Alpha and more or less said 'yes'." Or that they didn't have an anniversary at all. Something he didn't doubt spoke volumes about his character and he was happy Hannibal didn’t look into.

Will rolled the heated mug in his hands, letting the warmth sink into his fingers before lifting it to his lips to taste the bitter sweetness cradled inside. "I didn't get you anything." But he recognized the dogs lying on the bed with him as the gift that it was meant to be and he appreciated the sentiment. He knew Hannibal would be running the jewel toned bedding through the washer later that day if he didn’t outright dispose of it. Hannibal might be letting Will have them to cuddle in that moment, but that didn't mean he was about to climb under blankets covered in dander.

"I'm sure we can work something out." He said with a minute smile and it gave it all away. The little twist of lips a little too pleased at the corner of his mouth, the mirth that traveled to his eyes, it made Will want to groan.

"You already have something planned." Will wondered if Hannibal actually considered their 'happy accident' as their anniversary or if he would simply accept the day as such because he knew Will would have nothing in preparation and in turn would be forced to submit to whatever social event he desired the company of his mate present in convenience of the date. "How bad is it?"

"Hardly the enthusiasm I'd appreciate for our evening."

Will looked again at the dogs in the bed, "How bad?"

Hannibal’s smile grew despite himself and he motioned the dogs onto the floor so Will could attempt to eat his breakfast in relative peace before he lost his appetite entirely. "It's a charity auction; I'd like to attend it this evening, preferably with you."

He took a bite out of the fluffy omelet and considered the request, "You wouldn't accept an anniversary blow job?" He counter offered.

"I would accept one as an apology for forgetting our first anniversary, but no, it will not excuse you from the evening." He answered bemused.

Stormy eyes narrowed in challenge. "You brought me breakfast in bed and let my pack into the house," a big deal, but he wasn't about to play into that, "I think choking on a knot is about the equivalent." The bemused smile turned to one of his more cocky winning grins and Will wished he was better with dates. "There's more?"

"It's our first anniversary, do you really think I would only bring you breakfast in bed?" He opened the drawer of Will's night stand and the Omega was left to wonder when his Alpha had slipped the small bronze paper and ivory ribbon wrapped box into his drawer. "You've been out of the field too long William, your profiling skills are slipping."

He accepted the package with another curious look to his Alpha, mind wondering to what could possibly be hidden inside that put him on par with attending a large boisterous social function. Pulling the ribbon to slide free of its bow and fall to the bed he peeled back the thick wrapping paper to reveal a decorative box and within it a curl of paper.

It was a deed. One he hadn't expected to ever see again, a piece of paper that made his breath stop and his heart thrum. "I...sold this land..." The land beneath his little farm house because he'd burned the house to the ground along with everything in it.

"And I bought it back." It warmed him in a way that, for all his skill in language, he couldn’t describe. To see Will so profoundly happy at the sight of his old home returned was moving in a way words could not describe, a happiness given by him. "The house was completed last week," he continued, gaining a look of stunned gratefulness from the only man who mattered in all his life. "The furnishings should be assembled; though I haven't had the opportunity to examine the house myself. You'll have to forgive me if there are any errors to be found."

"But...I thought...didn't you want me to sell it?" He didn't know what to say, how to thank him for returning his home to him, his own piece of land with his own house and furniture. The deed was made out to Will, ownership and possession given with special permission from the Alpha of his owning, Hannibal's signature of approval and the court stamp to prove Will's solitary commandment of the property.

There was something all his own again.

"If I had left it to you before you would have ran to it, I needed you comfortable with us. I had to be sure you had nowhere to run but our home in Baltimore until our bond had finished developing." He hoped there would never be a time where Will would ever feel the need to run, not from him. "I don't think you'll be leaving me now."

"No," he promised, "I’m not going anywhere.” He dropped the curl paper, leaving the deed to flutter to the floor, coffee and breakfast abandoned to the tableside as he looped his arms around the man who had freed him more than kept him and pulled him to crawl on top. "I would burn heaven and raise hell to stay by your side."

"I would raze the world to keep you.” He kissed his Omega, nipping supple lips to deepen it with a searching tongue, licking his way into his mouth as hips found hips and a leg raised to slide along the hard muscle of his side. He rolled against the slighter man beneath him, grinding their sex’s and eliciting a pleasure filled moan from his mate, “A never ending sounder of all those who would oppose our happiness." They kissed and it was nothing but passion, a sudden need for skin burning through their bond as hands searched beneath shirts for fevered flesh.

“I love you,” Will spoke into lips as fumbling fingers pulled a cashmere sweater over head and shoulder to toss carelessly to the floor, his attention quickly shifting to the cotton striped sleeping pants that remained.

Will's own night shirt pulled from him as he tried to work the elastic waist over shapely hips, releasing the pants long enough to allow the fabric over his head and down arms to be lost to the floor, another sacrifice to the dogs circling to sniff offering as they were abandoned, Hannibal's pants and Will's sleeping shorts all too quick to follow.

Biting kisses pressed to the satin scares of a bonding mark long since healed, tongue tasting the fevered skin along Will's throat, the only physical marker of the powerful bond shared between them, keeping them as one and a whole instead of the two broken pieces they had once been. His own wasn’t nearly so neat, despite the aid of his own hormone infused saliva spread across the ragged flesh of Will’s marking bite it had healed thick and ropey against the tanned flesh of his neck. A mark he wore like a crown.

Hannibal didn’t know if he could feel love anymore, so far removed from his humanity by the horrors that had shaped him into the master of murder and shadow he had become to feel such warm emotion. But what he felt for his William was far beyond anything he’d come to known in life since Mischa.

Fingers carded through ashen locks and lithe legs encompassed his tapered waist, hips rising to grind swelling erections in eager encouragement. "Hannibal," he mouthed the name against the Ripper’s throat, blunt teeth catching on the thick ropey scar of his Alpha’s marking, the name a sigh on his lips as friction and pleasure built between them with another roll of hips that set a fire to burn low in his stomach. “Don’t make me wait.” He didn't want foreplay this morning; he wanted to feel his mate join him as one.

Will’s desire fed into Hannibal like a river, their bond a living thing formed between them like an extension of themselves into the each other. “Impatient,” He mused, taking Will’s rolling hips in hand to still as he pressed the mushroom head of his cock against his slick sodden hole and thrust deep inside. The familiar grip of heat clenched around him as he pushed to fill Will all the way to the core, sheathing himself in one fluid motion.

His breath hitched, toes curling as Hannibal found the cluster of nerves hidden deep inside, a flood of pleasure twisting low in his gut like fire as he felt the cock head push thrust against his pleasure.

“Beautiful,” He kissed the jumping flesh of Will’s belly, pulling himself until only the tip of his cock remained seated within, drawing an almost needy sound from his mate before snapped his hips to fill him again, forcing a pleasured cry from his lover as arched from the mattress, hands clenching his Alpha with growing need.

“Hannibal,” He moved against the girth filing his insides, "Faster," he demanded, voice catching in his throat as he met his Alpha’s thrusts with canting hips.

In this he wasn’t made to wait, Hannibal moving over him to gather the Omega into his arms as he thrust into his lover, driving deeper, snapping faster to bubble pleasure filled keens from Will in sweet repetition.

Blunt nails raked the length of his Alpha’s back, his body tensing as his climax built until he could take no more and he came, shuttering around his Alpha as his heat spilled between them. With his mate satisfied Hannibal slowed, his pace changing to a smoother, calmer thrust as he sought his own, rocking them as one as he enjoyed the whimpered, sated moans of his Omega until at last Hannibal found his end with a shuttering sigh of his own.

"I'm glad you like your gift." Hannibal smiled, whipping sweat slicked curls from Will's face to kiss panting lips in a leisure kiss. "Should I take your enthusiasm as agreement to join me this evening?"

Will sighed, relaxing back against the soft bedding as his legs fall from his Alpha's waist to settle by his sides, fingers moving to play with the lengths of tousled ashen hair, "It would be a dick move not to go after ‘forgetting’ our anniversary and you buying me a house, wouldn't it?"

Hannibal offered an almost playful look and kissed the curve of his jaw, "I believe on a social standing it would be frowned upon, yes."

Will didn't groan his dismay, but he wanted to. "You planned this on purpose."

"Coincidence may have brought a few things together with a convenient date I had hoped to convince you to attend." Convince because Will hated any social event beyond an intimate dinner with friends.

There would be no getting out of this though, whether Hannibal had deliberately planned to use the date and generous purchase as a way to manipulate Will or if he truly considered the entire ordeal to be another 'happy accident', it didn't make any difference, it would still leave Will looking like an ass if he refused. "I'll go." He succumbed, carding his fingers though Hannibal's hair to make the remaining still smooth strands stand in an array of bed head seen by no one save himself. "Did you pick me out a suit for the evening?"

"It's a black tie event; you'll be wearing a tuxedo." Hannibal answered as though Will wasn't tousling his hair to stand in every direction.

"The same one I wear for the opera?" He'd attended a few events with his mate, it wasn't his favorite activity and Hannibal knew not to expect him to join him for every event of his social calendar, but every once in a while Will would surprise the doctor and join him for a night out.

Only this one wasn't much of a surprise.

"The same, yes." He confirmed, pleased with the outcome of their agreement. He knew Will would find something to make it up to him later, the notion of a late gift for their forgotten date appealing to the Alpha. For all their time together and as well as he knew him, Will still managed to surprise him, a pleasantry in their relationship he adored.

Lying back Will tried to go for one last small win, "Do I have to wear a tie?"