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A Piece Of You

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As the sun rose, illuminating the room, I woke up alone in bed. This wasn't alarming in any way, as this was the usual on weekdays. Touji would already be working so he could spend more time with me later in the day. But it was the weekend today, where I'd usually wake up to him gently staring at me. For this to not be the case this time, especially today of all days, was enough to get me out of bed. I was curious. I randomly picked up a piece of clothing from the ground and put it on to cover my naked body. 

Leaving our bedroom, I went down the stairs to find him in the living room. Still on the stairs, I looked down to see him on the phone, his face frozen in displeasure.

"Just do it as I told you to." He hung up, mumbling what I assumed to be complaints and insults towards the person he was talking to mere seconds ago.

"Touji?" I asked softly. 

"Oh, awake already, my sweet- oh.


Wondering why he was just staring at me, I looked down at myself. I immediately realized my mistake. 


"Before you say anything, I must clarify that I did not realize that I was wearing your dress shirt until now. So no, I am not trying to seduce you."  I said, glaring at him. 

"Oh, but my angel, you look absolutely ravishing. I can't help but want you right now!" 


I sighed as he quickly approached me, sweeping me into his arms. He lifted me up bridal style only to pause again. 


"How dishonest of you, my dear. How can you say you're not trying to seduce me when you're wearing nothing but my shirt?


His voice turned husky as he whispered those last words into my ear, lightly nipping it with his teeth afterwards. I held back a moan.


I truly have dug my own grave with my own carelessness, huh? Ah, but maybe I can take advantage of this...


Bringing me back to our bedroom, I was carefully laid down on our bed, as if any rough movement would break me. Wondering why he was suddenly treating me as if I were a porcelain doll, I raised an eyebrow at him. 

Correctly guessing my unspoken question, he smiled.


"Is it really that strange of me to handle my beloved wife gently? You wound me." 


I thought that he would act like a beast at this point, making the gentleman in front of me all the more strange. Maybe I had the wrong impression of him…? 


"I have to savor this rare sight of you after all… For you to willingly wear my shirt, and only that… Oh, I could cum just from the sight alone!" 


I take it all back. This man was scum after all.


"Oh, such a cold glare! Even if it's out of scorn, only I get to feel the coolness of your gaze!" 


He caressed my hip, eyes locked with mine. His piercing blue eyes were dark with desire. My whole body warmed up in anticipation; his touch felt like it burned. 

I internally cursed myself for this physical reaction, but there was no denying that my body had gotten used to accepting Touji. 

Well aware that struggling would get me nowhere and feeling slightly playful, I decided to surprise him. I reached up and pulled him down by his shoulders, firmly planting a kiss on his lips, my eyes closing in the process.




I pulled away and as I opened my eyes, I laid back down on the bed. The look on his face brought forth a fit of giggles. A look of absolute shock, as if he couldn't believe what just happened. 


"Haha! Before you ask, I still hate you, but I can't help but feel playful if you react like that…" 


I reached down between his legs, slowly and gently stroking him through his pants.




He started to pant, quickly getting excited.


"My, my, what ever has gotten into you? I never thought I'd see the day where you would come on to me !" 


Ah. I should have expected a quick recovery from him. He was Saijou Touji after all. 

I ignored his question, asking one of my own, hoping to fluster him again.


"Touji, will you let me ride you?" 


And there it was. I decided that my favorite expression of his was his look of absolute surprise. It wasn't easy to see! 


"R-really, what happened? Something must have happened for your attitude to change so drastically!" 


I crossed my arms and pouted. I knew this expression of mine tugged on his heartstrings everytime, without exception.


"So you won't let me?" I asked with puppy eyes for good measure.


His response was to flip us over, so that now I was straddling him. He stared up at me, his face flushed with arousal and slight disbelief. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and lowered his underwear just enough for his dick to pop out. 

I lined myself up and slowly sank down, my hands on his chest to keep myself stable. Ah, even though we have sex everyday, I'll probably never get used to his size! Once I reached the base, I rolled my hips. 


"Ngh! Haa, you're actually riding me…! Isn't this the first time you've taken the lead..?!" 


My reply was simply a smirk. I leaned down and whispered into his ear: 


"Be a good boy and fuck me into oblivion?" 


His breath hitched as I felt his dick twitch. I sat back up, lightly grinding my hips. 


Ah, I'll never get bored of that face! 


Truly, his shocked expression was the best. My playfulness quickly turned into arousal as I kept grinding. 


"Well, what are you waiting for, Touji? " I asked, my tone still playful, yet my gaze sinful.

"Are you still the same person?" he asked, slightly out of breath.

"My, do you not like it when I take the lead like this? I thought you'd be delighted!" 

"I am! I really am, but this is such a sudden change…! Could you at least tell me why?" 


I pretended to think about it. I could tell him, but where's the fun in that? I'd rather keep him guessing; the reason was so unlike the me he was used to, he'd never guess it. I suppose this was a form of revenge in a certain way. Besides, I did tell him already, it was his fault for not properly listening. 


"Nope. Now come on," I leaned down again, this time to kiss and lightly bite his neck, "Where's the brute that takes what he wants? Oh, or…" I turned my gaze upwards, deliberately looking sad, "...are you tired of my body?" 


"Never! Even after a lifetime, I'd still want you!" 


He cupped my cheeks, lifting up my face to passionately kiss me, our tongues dancing to an unheard melody. Losing my breath, I tightened, making him moan into our kiss. 


"You're truly alluring today, makes me want to eat you up…!" 


He started to thrust up rhythmically and in response I sat up and matched my movements to his. Grabbing my hips, he helped me bounce up and down on his huge, hard length. Each bounce he would slightly change the angle. Knowing exactly what he was searching for, I let him do as he pleased. 

The moment his dick hit my cervix, I saw stars and my whole body shook in ecstasy. 


"Ahn! Tou..ah! Touji!" I moaned out his name with each thrust, completely aware of what this would do to him.

"Ah, that voice… you're going to drive me crazy if you call my name like that…! ...I'll break you!" 


I landed the final blow, saying the two words I knew would make him throw his self-control out the window. 


"Break me." 


I heard his breath hitch again at my words. Flipping us over again, he started to pound me into the mattress. 


"Haa...haa… you're irresistible, my goddess! Aah, you… feel so good! If I'm not careful I'll cum immediately! Ah, it's no use, I'm ...cumming, ngh, I'm cumming!" 


The feeling of being filled brought me over the edge, my orgasm crashing down in waves. 


"Ah, you're milking me dry…! Cumming together is always the best feeling." 


As he started to pull away from me, I stopped him by opening my arms up towards him. 


"Hmmm? What is it, my dear?" 

"I want more…" 


And thus started a sensual morning.

After a few more rounds, the sun was high in the sky. 

I was still wearing his dress shirt, which was big enough to hang all the way down to the middle of my thighs. The fabric was smooth on my skin and the sleeves were long enough to go past my hands. It was quite comfortable! I brought up one sleeve to my nose, taking in the smell of detergent and…


"You seem to like my shirt quite a bit." said Touji, who was sitting behind me. I was sitting on his lap, my back flush to his chest, his arms around my waist. I looked back at him, a small smile visible on my face.

"It smells like you." 


He groaned, burying his face into my hair.


"You're too cute for your own good…" 


I chuckled.


"Should I reply that you're too handsome?" 

"Ah, today is truly a blessed day, you're even complimenting me!" 

"Don't get used to it." 


I rested my head on the crook of his neck and he gently placed his head on top of mine. A few moments passed by peacefully. I softly broke the silence with a question.


"By the way, why weren't you in bed with me this morning?" 

"Ah, well today's a special day, so I had to prepare-" 

"Whatever you prepare will probably be too extravagant for me. All I want for my birthday is this shirt." 


"No buts, mister. I said that all I want is this, and that's final." 

"Why though?" 

"...because it'll feel like a piece of you is still with me when you leave for work…" I mumbled.


Silence filled the air again. One of his hands left my waist. Turning around, I saw for the first time Touji blushing like a young maiden, his hand covering his mouth, his eyes looking to the side. 

His next words made me smile sadly, as today was not the day I could repeat them back to him.


"I love you."