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Atrapado en una Telenovela

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Dean woke up not in his room which should have been the first thing he noticed wrong. Sadly it wasn’t. No, the first thing he noticed wrong was Cas laying next to him fast asleep and looking peaceful. Dean went to get up but he was trapped in Cas’s arms with a lack of clothes. Dean was starting to panic. This wasn’t making sense. He went to bed in his room with clothes on. Was this some alternate universe where he was with Cas? He didn’t know what to say.


“Cas, despiértate,” Dean told him. Dean was shocked. He knew he said wake up but instead it came out differently. Okay definitely some alternate universe. Cas seemed to open his eyes looking at Dean just as confused. 


“Buen día, Dean,” Cas said as if he was playing along with the world just like Dean should have been. Dean couldn’t believe that he could translate spanish right now when the last time he took spanish was before he dropped out of high school. 


“¿Como acabamos aqui?” Dean asked. Cas seemed to think before he told him he was unsure as well. Cas figured out that they were trapped in some show. It boiled down to a trickster. So now they were stuck in a soap opera like they were lovers or something. They knew they had to play along for a bit. 




Sam looked all over for Dean and Cas. It wasn’t until he turned on a TV that he saw them. On a soap opera of all things. Sam watched the two play secret lovers for a bit before he figured he would have to find the hidden trickster. He was probably somewhere in their home. Somewhere in the bunker. Sam tried setting out sweets but this trickster wasn’t up for sweets apparently. Sam knew he had to find the trickster before something bad happened in the show.




So far they figured out they were apparently secretly dating in the show. It was as if someone was playing a practical joke with the lines. The amount of times he flirted with Cas because that seemed to be what they did. Flirting whenever they had a second like they were more than just friends. 


“No sé cuánto más pueda soportar esto,” Dean told him. Cas seemed to agree with him as he pulled Dean close to him which made no sense to Dean at the moment. 


“Tenemos que seguir con esto hasta que Sam pueda llevarnos de vuelta al mundo real,” Cas explained as he kissed Dean's neck. They hadn’t done anything more than flirt back and forth but now he was kissing his neck. Dean froze at the kiss that was more than what he thought it would be. Dean touched Cas’s side of his head as he leaned in and kissed him.  Dean could get used to this treatment of kissing Cas and being able to touch Cas like this. He moved away confused by his thoughts. Was he in love with Cas? Cas seemed to realize something was wrong but he didn’t say anything, just moved closer to Dean, kissing him again but slower this time. As if he was trying to push all the self-doubt out of his mind. Let him realize the issues at hand. He was in fact in love with Cas. He cared a lot about Cas more than he probably should have. 


“Te amo, Cas,” Dean told him. Cas smiled at him as well as the flash surrounded them.




Sam found the trickster watching Dean and Cas while eating some popcorn. He looked up and Sam knew the trickster. Gabriel. The archangel who liked to pretend to be a trickster. 


“It's just getting interesting, you should sit down for this,” Gabriel said.


“Let them go,” Sam said. 


“Now why would I do that when they are fine,” Gabriel said pointing to the tv. Sam saw them flirting away in Spanish. He didn’t even know that Dean knew Spanish.


“What if I need them here now?” Sam asked. 


“Then you better hope they stop flirting and admit their feelings for one another,” Gabriel said. Sam stuttered before he sat down to watch his brother and Cas flirt. 


“So you put the two of them in a spanish soap opera until they admitted they liked each other?” Sam asked.


“More until Dean does. Cas always shows how much he cares might as well have Dean admit his feelings to Cas. Just for Dean to realize his feelings for Cas as well. Sam didn’t normally approve of Gabriel’s methods but he had a point this time. The two were ridiculous about not talking about their feelings. 


“I give it another episode,” Gabriel said. Sam agreed as he watched them flirting back and forth. Sam was shocked that neither of them had the other on the table at this point. Gabriel just seemed amused as they ended up finally alone and were talking between making out.


“You know this would have been more amusing if you were in there as well to interrupt them and stop this from happening like you normally do,” Gabriel said.


“I do not,” Sam said. 


“Te amo, Cas.” Sam looked at the tv as Gabriel snapped his fingers. Before he knew it Cas and Dean were out of the show they were watching and replaced with some couple that was heavily making out. 


“Have fun?” Sam asked the two who had now stepped apart.


“You found the trickster,” Dean said, looking at Gabriel with disgust. 


“Oh he did, but we kinda got invested in the show,” Gabriel told him. Dean and Cas looked at Sam who just shrugged before leaving as did Gabriel. 


“About the soap opera,” Dean said. Cas seemed to look at him confused before he moved closer and pulled Dean into a kiss. Dean was surprised at first but allowed it to continue as he held on to him as if he let go he would wake from a good dream. Cas moved away as Dean realized he needed to catch his breath and Cas must have noticed.


“Cas,” Dean said.


“Dean,” Cas said. “Te amo.”


“I love you as well,” Dean told him. Cas seemed to look at him before pulling him along to drag him to somewhere more private and away from the prying eyes of Sam and Gabriel.