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The Broken Hearts Club

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It’s natural for Seokjin to invite Namjoon to the end-of-strawberry-season dinner that his uncle hosts for all the workers every year. The farm is never as active as during strawberry season and lots of young people from the city come to work and live in town just for the occasion. The dinner is more an excuse to party than anything, as usual. As soon as they reach dessert the older employees leave, while the young seasonal workers usually stay up in the greenhouse until the sun gets up and they have to leave to revert to their city life.

Seokjin usually stays longer than his uncle and the rest of the family members; he’s one of the people who work the most closely with the seasonal workers, showing them how to tour the farm, how to make the pots of jam they sell to clients. He takes care of their housing and more generally is the one who welcomes them when they arrive at the farm.

There are new people every year, obviously, but there are also regulars who he’s seen turn from awkward young people barely out of their teens to accomplished adults. He’s seen relationships starting then ending at the end of June. And even when he decides to leave to let them have some fun without the employers’ family, they’re usually the ones who ask him to stay.

He’s not so surprised when Namjoon joins him for dinner and several people around the table enthusiastically greet him by name; Namjoon’s a friendly man and he’s been hanging out at the farm more and more often lately, petting the dog, helping out at the kitchen and coming to pick Seokjin with red stains and dog hair on his clothes.

The greenhouse has been quickly decorated for the occasion with the leftover paper flower from their party and fairy lights hanging above the table and showing between strawberry plants leaves. The small door leading to the fields of vegetables is open for once, letting the cool air of the night enter. Seokjin shivers and leans closer to Namjoon. He feels pleasantly warm, even if he came unprepared and is only wearing a thin sleeveless shirt. Seokjin came unprepared, too, but maybe on purpose. Which might mean he came prepared.

Namjoon doesn’t stop talking when he feels Seokjin coming closer but he wraps a secure, warm arm around his shoulder without even looking at him. It makes him feel instantly warmer, much more than he could have imagined.

Yes, he thinks, I came perfectly prepared for tonight’s mission.

His uncle comes back from the kitchen, proudly holding a tray covered with strawberry-filled bowls that he distributes along the table for all the guests to share. Applauds and yells welcome him and he takes a little bow when he’s finished putting the last bowl on the table. The bags under his eyes are red and swollen from drinking more wine than he’s used to; Seokjin doesn’t expect to see him in his office earlier than noon tomorrow.

Seokjin picks a big, juicy strawberry and leans closer to Namjoon’s warmth, attracting his attention. “Did you know the last strawberries of the season are the sweetest?” He asks, tone sweeter than the fruit in his hand. Namjoon’s large hand leaves his shoulder to wrap around his wrist instead, tugging it towards him. Seokjin doesn’t fight it.

He watches as Namjoon bites into the strawberry, sticky juice covering his bottom lip and rolling down his chin. He smiles at Seokjin. “I do, now.” Seokjin’s stomach flips.

“And I know what I want.”

Namjoon’s smile turns awfully smug. He leans until there’s a space just a size of a strawberry between them. “I know you do,” He says, and he kisses him before Seokjin has the time to call him a self confident pompous asshole.

He hears whoops and applauds and even recognises a particularly loud yell from his uncle.

“You taste sweeter than any strawberry,” Namjoon says, softly enough that only Seokjin can hear him. “But this too, I knew already.” Seokjin shuts him up with another kiss. Namjoon laces their sticky fingers together and finally, Seokjin realises he might be alright at love.