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The Price of A Wish

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Tears rolled down Luka's cheeks as he just stared blankly at the wall. He was sat on a bed in the small room of the Orphanage that he and his sister had been moved to after his father's arrest five months ago. Not even a week later, his mother fell sick and ended up in a coma which she hadn't woken up from. Luckily, Juleka and him hadn't been split up and he had a plan in motion.  As soon as he turned eighteen, he would get custody of Juleka and they would change their names and leave Paris forever, However, she began to show signs of schizophrenia, claiming that this world wasn't real. She had been drugged up to her eyeballs and babbled about the "real" world. Luka had tried to calm her down and tried to tell her that she was sick but she insisted she wasn't. Over the last few months, she just got worst. She told him a bad cat had made a wish and how a bug needed to save the world but he didn't understand what she meant. However, that no longer mattered because Juleka was gone. A week ago, she had managed to escape and had gone missing. Luka had tried to find her but he couldn't. Every day he looked for her but never found her. Today had been no difference at first. However, he had seen a crowd gathered around the Eiffel tower. Curiosity got the better of him and he walked over. He regretted it. Lying on the floor and in a puddle of blood was Juleka. He screamed and broke through the crowd, rushing to her side. The police had grabbed him because he could reach her as he screamed her name. They took him aside and he told them who she was. That was six hours ago but as if that wasn't bad enough, he got even worse news. The hospital had declared Anarka dead and switched her off life support. In less then a week, he had gone from having a loving family to losing everyone. His mother and sister were dead and his father was locked away in a secure prison after been arrested for terrorism. Luka didn't understand it. Jagged wasn't a perfect man but he was definitely not a terrorist. He was a rockstar for crying out loud or at least that what he believed... but apparently, he was the man who was the supervillain Hawkmoth. Luka didn't want to admit it. He really didn't but the evidence was there and Jagged had admitted it himself. As a result, Luka lost everything. His friends turned their backs on him, saying they couldn't be friends with the son of a supervillain and his grandfather, the only living relative he had left, refused to adopt him for the same reason after his mother's death. It's how he ended up here with Juleka but part of him wondered that if Jagged been the supervillain was part of the reason why Juleka killed herself, though she insisted he wasn't. Either way, it didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. It didn't matter that he was eighteen in a month's time or that he was alone. It didn't matter that his friends were gone and he had no family. Nothing mattered anymore and it would never matter again. Someone knocked on the door as he continued to stare. It opened and a woman walked in, frowning a little as she saw him. She didn't want him there but he had no where else to go. However, seeing him just staring with tear stains on his cheeks made her heart hurt a little. He didn't even acknowledge her as she walked over, holding a parcel.


"Luka..." She stated, hoping for some reaction. Nothing. He didn't even blink. He just stared at the wall. He hadn't eaten or moved from that spot since he got brought back by the police. "You have a parcel..."


Again, nothing so she sighed and put it on his bed before walking out and closing the door behind her. Luka slowly moved his head and looked over at it before picking it up. He tore off the paper and opened it, revealing two hexagon shaped boxes. Once again, curiosity got the better of him and he opened one of them, causing a purple ball of light to appear. He dropped the box as he stared at it before it formed a small butterfly like creature. He glanced down at the box and picked it up, seeing a butterfly shaped brooch inside. He looked up at the little creature and blinked.


"What are you?" He asked in an emotionless voice.


"My name is Nooroo," It replied quietly. "I'm the kwami of transmission and I grant the power to create superpowered heroes..."


"Heroes," Luka stated bitterly. "There are no heroes,"


Nooroo looked at him as he put the box on the side and went back to staring at the wall.


"M-Master?" He asked, causing Luka to glance at him. "A-Are you ok?"


Luka blinked in surprise. No one had asked him that. Not when his father got arrested, not when his mother fell ill or when his sister killed herself. No one cared about him but this little creature was asking. He sat up and cupped him in his hands.


"No... I'm not ok, Nooroo," He answered as his eyes filled with tears. "But thank you for asking me. You're the only person who has... and please don't call me Master. My name is Luka,"


"Luka..." Nooroo repeated before gasping. "As in Luka Couffaine?!"


"You... know me?" Luka asked, confused. Nooroo nodded. "How do you know me?"


"You were Silencer, Truth and Viperion," He answered, making Luka blink. Silencer, Truth and Viperion.... why didn't they sound so familiar? "My old master Hawkmoth made you into Silencer and Truth... which I'm sorry about,"


"My father made me into them?! What about Viperion?" He asked, wondering if this could get any worst. However, Nooroo looked confused. "Nooroo?"


"Viperion was your hero name... but Gabriel Agreste is your father?!" Nooroo gasped, surprising Luka as well as himself. He shouldn't have been able to say his name but he had been able to. Did that mean he was no longer under the Agreste family's control?


"No... my father is Jagged Stone. He was arrested for been hawkmoth and admitted to it," He explained, shocking Nooroo, who began to mumble. "But... Nooroo, are you saying Jagged wasn't Hawkmoth?"


"He wasn't Hawkmoth," Nooroo gasped. "Duusu can confirm that too,"


"Duusu?" Luka asked before grabbing the other box and opening it. A blue light burst free and moved around before a peacock like creature appeared. It stretched and looked at him.


"Hello, new master!" It chirped, making Luka blink. "I'm Duusu, the kwami of emotion!! I can grant the power to make senticreatures!!"


"Ok but I need to know something," He stated, making Duusu blink at him. "Who was Hawkmoth?"


"Oh, well that was Gabriel Agreste and his assistant, Nathalie, was my master. She became Mayura. Oh and Hawkmoth became Shadow Moth when he merged me and Nooroo!"


"... My father is innocent!" Luka gasped, standing up. "We can clear his name and I can live with him!"


"Luka," Nooroo stated, making Luka look at him. "We can't,"


"Why not?"


"Because he admitted it," Nooroo explained, causing Luka to stare at him. 


"But you can tell them he isn't!" He gasped before frowning as Nooroo and Duusu looked guilty. Like they knew something he didn't. "Nooroo? Duusu? What aren't you telling me?"


"Something doesn't feel right," Duusu whispered, looking around fearfully. "This world feels..."


"Wrong," Nooroo added in, making Luka frown before he fluttered over and lifted Luka's wrist. "You're not wearing your miraculous..."


"My what?"


"The snake miraculous. It was entrusted to you by Ladybug," Nooroo replied, making Luka frown. What is a miraculous? And who is Ladybug? "You... don't know what I mean do you?"


"I don't..." Luka replied, frowning. "Who is Ladybug? What's a miraculous?"


Nooroo sighed and turned to Duusu, who was playing with their flippers.


"It must be the wish..." She gasped, worried. "But surely, Hawkmoth didn't win? I'm sure he was defeated,"


"Gabriel was... maybe someone else made a wish...." Nooroo gasped, looking down before shaking his head. "We need to restore his memories,"


"My memories?" Luka asked but before he could say something else, Nooroo and Duusu flew over to him and placed their hands on the side of his head. His eyes glazed over in purple as his mind began to flood with images. He reminded his time as Viperion, as Truth and as Silencer. He reminded his mother's akumatization and his sister's. He remembered Heroes day and seeing Hawkmoth on TV. And that was definitely not his father. His mind filled with all of the experiences he had forgotten. Kitty Sections, Been a hero, Miracle Queen, playing his violin in front of a crowd, making friends with Kagami and Marc and Marinette. He had forgotten Marinette. Tears filled his eyes as he remembered the love he held for her and how she loved him but then a new memory surfaced and it was the worst. Rage filled him as he saw Adrien Agreste overpower Ladybug and take her earrings, revealing Marinette. He broke free from the akuma and when to reset his timer but the akuma grabbed him as Adrien stated that he could fix the world now, his mother would be ok and his father would be free from been Hawkmoth. He had the nerve to smile as he said they could finally be a family again and that he and his lady would be together forever. Marinette begged him not to but Adrien ignored her, stating he would take away all of her burdens. They could finally be together like they were meant to be... but she was with Luka. She was his girlfriend and Adrien intended to steal her but worst then that, he intended to make a wish to bring his mother back and to free his father from been hawkmoth. Marinette begged him still, telling him a price would be paid but then Adrien said something that hurt everyone. He stated that he didn't care. Luka screamed as he watched Adrien combine the two miraculous and make his wish before a light engulfed him and everyone in the room. He gasped as Nooroo and Duusu pulled away, tears rolling down his cheek. "He... Adrien... He betrayed us..."


He let out a scream and just began to destroy almost everything in his path, trashing the room before he finally sunk down to his knees and sobbed. Nooroo and Duusu flew over, hugging him.


"H-His wish... it was for his mother, his father and for Marinette to forget wasn't it?" He asked, looking up at them as they nodded. "Is that why my mother is dead, my father in jail and my sister driven mad from memories of the real world?"


"I'm afraid so," Nooroo replied, looking down. "A price must be paid for the wish to come true... Adrien got his family back but you lost yours,"


Luka shook from the tears and anger before he stood up, making the two kwamis look at him.


"Can it be undone?" He asked in a cold voice. Nooroo slowly nodded. "How?"


"You would need the miraculous of the ladybug and the black cat. The kwamis could reverse the wish and restore the world to just before it was made," He explained, making Luka nod. "But we don't know where it is. They're properly with the guardian who may or may not be in Paris. That's why Hawkmoth created supervillains. He wanted to force them out,"


"Then we'll do the same," Luka declared, making Nooroo and Duusu gasp before he looked at them. "But I won't force you... I'm not Hawkmoth,"


Duusu looked at Nooroo, who bit his lip. Part of him didn't want to be used by a villain again but they could also fix the world back to how it was. It wasn't fair that Luka lost everything so Adrien could regain what he had lost. That was cruel and not a solution. It was just passing on his pain to someone else.


"We will help you..." Nooroo declared, making Luka nod and whisper thank you. "But what about Adrien?"


"Well... it will take awhile to get the miraculous right?" Luka asked, smirking as they nodded. "Then I'll use that time to torment him. This is his fault after all,"


He picked up the pins and put them on.


"Now... how do I transform?"


Six Month Later


"Don't be bemused, it's just the news," Nadja Chamack stated as she smiled at the camera. She was stood outside of a parade celebrating one year of been free from Hawkmoth. "It's been exactly one year since Jagged Stone was arrested and found guilty of been Hawkmoth and since our heroes retired. Earlier in the week, a fluke happened where Miss Bourgeois once again somehow ended up Akumatized but this seems to be a one time thing. Experts have theorized that it might have been a stray akuma that Hawkmoth left behind but luckily new heroes Harlequin and Kuro Neko turned up and saved the day. However, one does wonder what happened to the original Ladybug and Chat Noir-"


A huge roar suddenly echoed, cutting her off before a beast of a creature landed on the balloon of Ladybug, making Nadja and the film crew look over. It resembled a giant snake that seemed to be themed around the snake hero.


"Um is this part of the parade?" She asked as the figure jumped down from it and stood up straight. He didn't look like part of the show either. He was tall and had a blue hooded cape that faded into peacock green. It also resembled a peacock's tail. Under his hood, Nadja could make out blue and purple hair. His skin was a cold shade of blue and he wore a purple and black butterfly mask. His shirt was a dark purple and his waistcoat was a lighter purple that resembled butterfly wings. His pants were a midnight blue and his boots were black combat boots. His eyes were the worst though. They were pink with lilac  sclera but they were completely void like he had no soul. In his hand was a cane and attached to his hip was a feathered fan. He spun his cane down as his cape flapped in the wind.


"People of Paris!! Listen carefully!! Queen Wasp wasn't a fluke or a stray akuma from Hawkmoth! She was merely a test run for me!" He shouted, causing everyone to film him. "I am Aglais, Hawkmoth's successor!! Harlequin, Kuro Neko! Give me your miraculous and bring me Adrien Agreste! Do this and I'll ensure the safety of Paris! You have five minutes to give into my demands or I'll make Paris wish they only had to deal with Hawkmoth again,"


"Nadja Chamack here and first on the scene! A new supervillain calling himself has just turned up, threatening Paris if the miraculous of the ladybug and black cat aren't delivered to him, along with teenage heartthrob Adrien Agreste!" She gasped as Aglais stroked the snake's neck. He knew five minutes wasn't enough time and he knew that the heroes wouldn't give in to his demands but that was the point. He smirked as the two heroes landed on the building opposite as the cameras filmed.


"No Agreste I see!" He shouted back as the two heroes jumped over to him. "Pity. I didn't want to terrorize anyone,"


"Surrender your miraculous and you won't have to," Harlequin stated, holding out his hand. "You don't have to do this,"


"Cute," He chuckled, smirking. "But I do. Agreste needs to pay for his misdeeds. Basilisk, you know what to do,"


The snake hissed and jumped over the heroes, making them look at it as it fell to the ground. Kuro Neko rolled her eyes as they turned to the villain.


"Your pet just killed itself," She stated, making Aglais smile a little. "You lost your advantage,"


"Did I?" He asked, tilting his head to the side as they heard a cracking noise. "Unlike my predecessor, I have a much more creativity mind. Did you know senticreatures can grow and evolve?"


"Senticreatures?" Kuro Neko asked before her eyes flicked down to his brooches. She gasped and turned back to Basilisk who had been growing and reforming. "He has the peacock miraculous!"


People began to scream as Basilisk tripled in size, roaring out.


"A sentimonster!" Harlequin gasped.


"No, it's a senticreature," Aglais corrected, making them growl. "And the nightmare is just beginning!! Hydra! Attack!!"


Hydra growled and began to fire beams at people, freezing them in place and causing more people to panic and scream as Aglais laughed like a maniac. The two heroes jumped down and started to fight it. They managed to cut off it's head but to their horror, two more grew back, allowing it to attack them and freeze more people.


"Another interesting fact! I can create more than one senticreature. Monarch!!! Come to me!!" He declared as a large butterfly flew over. He jumped up and landed on it. "You see... while I planned all of this, I made sure to learn all that I could about my miraculous. Something Hawkmoth didn't do. And as a result, I learnt how to do things he couldn't! Such as creating a swarm of akumas!!"


"What?!" Harlequin gasped as Aglais lifted his cane, causing a humming sound to echo before a swarm of akumas descended on them and the crowd. They entered items of the frozen victims and panicked people, turning them into villains.


"Capture the heroes!" He ordered, causing the villains and Hydra rushed at them. Aglais smirked as the heroes to fight them. With them distracted, he directed his butterfly over to one of the tv stations helicopters. He stepped inside and smirking as the passagers shook in fear. "Now for the one person who can get me what I want! Come here!!!"


He roughly grabbed the camera man as he filmed and smirked at it.


"Agreste!! Calling Adrien Agreste!!!" He laughed, holding him. "I know you're watching, Adrien so I have a deal for you! Meet me where it all began and I'll spare Paris!! You have six hours to do this and if you don't.... well, I think you can imagine what I'm gonna do to Paris if you refuse my demands. Oh and bring Marinette with you!! She deserves to know what kind of monster she is with! See you soon, Kitty Cat!!!"


He shoved the camera man back against the seat and jumped back on his butterfly before it flew off with him looking down at the battle. Harlequin and Kuro Neko were doing well but he couldn't let them win. He opened the connection with a sentimonster as he stared at them.


"Rosier, time to grow," He ordered, causing a number of vines to suddenly burst through the roads, wrapping around anyone that wasn't akumatized. A number of large flowers appeared and began to shake, creating a pink smog to appear. Those who weren't akumatized or captured began to fall down asleep, including the heroes. More vines and flowers burst through, wrapping around the heroes and dragging them inside two large roses. The petals wrapped around them and pulled them underground as Aglais smirked. "Capture Adrien's friends as well. I want him to know what he did,"


Rosier grew more large roses before capturing the rest of Miss Bustier's class, dragging them underground as well. With the parade in chaos, supervillains running around and the heroes captured, Aglais laughed and opened a connection to every villain he had created.


"Descend on Agreste manor!" He declared, pointing his cane in his direction. The arm of villains headed towards there with Hydra following as Aglais placed his cane onto his back and moved so he was sat on the butterfly, flying it towards the manor. It was where it all began after all.


~Adrien's POV~


"Are you sure about this Adrien?" Marinette asked as he walked into the manor. He turned to her and gave her a soft smile. "We shouldn't give in to a villain's demands,"


"It will be ok, mi'lady," He stated, taking her hand in his. "I promise. Remember me and you against the world,"


"Of course," She smiled, having no idea what that once meant to her. Now it was just part of her relationship with Adrien. She linked their fingers and followed him inside. The two of them walked through the empty manor. Adrien couldn't help but worry for his father and mother as they had lived there, meaning that they were in direct danger. He let go of Marinette's hand and rushed to his father's office, pushing open the doors. He was hoping to that his father was in there, designing with his mother but he wasn't. Marinette caught up to him before placing her hand on his shoulder as he began to release the seriousness of the situation. He glanced over to his mother's portrait and gasped as he saw a massive hole in where Hawkmoth's secret lift was. He walked over to it, followed by Marinette and saw a staircase made from vines going down into darkness. Taking a deep breathe, the two of them walked down into the butterfly garden. Marinette gasped as she looked around. It made sense that this garden belonged to Hawkmoth but why was it underneath Agreste Manor? That made no sense. "Adrien, where are we?"


"Father's butterfly garden," He replied, looking around. He had hope that he would never find himself here again. It was a place that he never wanted to see again but it was almost exactly the same as the last time he saw it. Only this time instead of one casket in the middle, there was two and there were huge roses and vines everywhere. Adrien frowned and subconsciously stroked his ring, wishing he had kept his miraculous now. A hissing noise made him and Marinette gasp as Hydra came out from the shadows before Monarch fluttered down towards the caskets. Marinette instantly grabbed onto his arm as a number of akumatized villains walked out of the shadows before a black rose burst from the ground and opened up, revealing Aglais sat on it like a throne. "I'm here so let my family go,"


"All in good time, Adrien," Aglais replied, standing up. Vines moved over and turned into stairs as he walked down them. "But first... let's catch up,"


"Catch up?" Adrien asked, confused. He didn't know this villain. "Why would I want to catch up with you? I don't even know you,"


"Oh but you do," Aglais replied, walking over to them. "You and I go way back, Adrien. In fact, we use to be on the same side... until you decided to betray everyone,"


"I.. I don't know what you're talking about," He answered, failing to notice the vine slipping around his ankle and getting closer to his wrists. "And I don't know you! I don't get what you want with me. I haven't done anything to you!"


"You haven't done anything to me?" Aglais repeated, making Adrien look at him in slightly annoyance before Aglais began to laugh. "Adrien, Adrien... if only that was true..."


"What?" Adrien gasped, not expecting that answer. "I'm not lying! I didn't do anything-"


"You are the reason why my family are gone!" Aglais suddenly roared, causing the vines to suddenly wrap around Adrien like a snake. Marinette gasped and stepped back in fear as they tightened around him, cutting into him and causing him to gasp in pain. "Painful, isn't it Adrien? Well, that is nothing compared to the pain you have caused me,"


A vine moved down to Aglais, causing him to stroke it.


"Do you know what it's like to lose the people you love?" He asked, glancing over to him before Adrien cried out in pain. Physically, he wasn't injured but it felt like someone had reached into his chest and tore out his heart before crushing it. "It felt like that, Adrien and it was all because of you!"


"How did I-"


"You took everything from me when you made that damn wish!" Aglais screamed, shocking Adrien. No one should have known about that wish apart from him. "That's right, Kitty Cat. I remember the world before this one,"




"Nooroo and Duusu restored my memories," He replied, walking over to him. "But... I am nothing but a fair man so I will give you a chance to prove to me that you don't deserve to be punished. I will ask you two questions and you answer them..."


"Fine. I'll answer your questions but you have to answer mine too," Adrien replied, making Aglais smile coldly.


"I forgot how much the little kitty likes to play with his games," He teased. "But very well, I'll play your game. We both get two questions. If you answer mine correctly and I'll let your family go,"


"You will?" Adrien asked, hoping to distract him until Ladybug and Chat Noir got there. It was one of the things about this new world that he was beginning to regret. When he shaped it, he gave the miraculous to someone else. He thought they would never appear again because there was no hawkmoth in this world. Well, Hawkmoth had existed but he had made sure his father didn't get arrested for it. Aglais chuckled and pressed his cane against Adrien's neck. The expression on his face was unreadable as Adrien nervously looked around.


"How cute.... You think Harlequin and Kuro Neko will save you?" He asked, smirking. "They won't. I already captured them,"


Two giant roses burst from the ground and unwrapped showing the two heroes asleep inside. Adrien frowned to himself. That wasn't suppose to happen.


"They weren't the same as the originals," Aglais sighed. "First question...


"Wait what do I get if you answer my questions correctly,"


"My real identity," He grinned, making Adrien frown. "So did you know about the price when you made the wish?"


"I... I didn't..." Adrien lied, causing Aglais to narrow his eyes. He wouldn't know he was lying... right? "I swear I had no idea,"


"Liar," He snarled, clicking his fingers. The vines tightened, cutting into his skin and causing him to scream and gasp for more air. Marinette gasped in fear as she watched but made no move to help him. Adrien, however, just assumed she was scared. "Really, Adrien. I knew you were dumb but you should know better then to lie to an empath,"


"E-Empath?!" He gasped, making him chuckle. "You're an empath?"


"A natural gift but it's amplified by my miraculous," Aglais replied, flicking the butterfly lightly. "Now for question number two and don't lie this time..."


"Wait but I didn't ask my first question!"


"Actually you just did," Aglais replied, smirking. "Now for my second question... did you think of anyone but yourself when you decide to make the wish?"


"I t-thought about my family and mi'lady," He replied, making Aglais narrow his eyes again. "I'm telling the truth!"


"I know," He replied before hitting him with his cane. Adrien coughed up blood from the hit. "You are a selfish bastard, Agreste. You only thought of yourself and your family. You didn't think about what Ladybug wanted or what price would be paid. You didn't care that she didn't love you or want to be with you. You had to erase her memory just to make her love you but that's not even the worst thing you did. No, the worst part is you took everything from me! The girl I love, my mother, my father and my sister! All of my friends turned against me. My own grandfather wants nothing to do with me and it's all because of you! All of my pain can be traced back to you!!"


He stopped shouting and smoothed down his waistcoat.


"Looks like I win the game," He muttered, making Adrien gasp. "Now for your punishment,"


"Wait!!" Adrien gasped, making him look at him. "I still have a question! How did my wish affect you?!"


"You really want to know?" Aglais asked, glaring at him. Adrien nodded. He knew about the price but he thought it would affect some random person on the other side of the world. Not someone in Paris. Part of him began to wonder if he knew who Aglais really was. The only person he could think could be him was Luka since his sister had killed herself recently but it couldn't be because of him and his wish. "Fine. I'll tell you. You wished for your mother to wake up so someone's mother had to go in a coma instead! And guess who's mother it was?! Mine! Of course then you wished for your father to be free from been Hawkmoth?! So my father took his place! He's in a secure prison for a crime he never did! And the last part of your wish? The part where you wished for your lady to forget everything but you so she would only love you! Well, someone else had to remember and that someone was my sister! It drove her mad, Adrien. It drove so mad that she threw herself of the Eiffel tower!! Because she couldn't deal with the burden of knowing that this world wasn't natural!"


Adrien was speechless. He had no idea that his wish would cause this but Aglais wasn't done.


"I remember how Ladybug begged you not to do it but you did anyway. You betrayed her and you betrayed me!" He snarled, making Adrien look at him. "I really believed you were my friend and instead you steal my girl, my life and my family! You are responsible for the pain I have suffered in this world and all because you decided to make a wish at the expense of others. You must be so proud of yourself, Adrien,"


"I did it for my family!" He screamed suddenly, causing Marinette to gasp in shock. "I did it for her and if you were in my position, you would do the same thing! That's exactly what you're gonna do!"


"Oh, no, Adrien. I'm going to make a wish," Aglais replied, smirking. "I am going to undo it but first... I just want you to know that your little life isn't perfect,"


He held out his hand, causing Marinette to walk over to him. She took his hand and he smiled at her. 


"She... you..." Adrien gasped in surprise. "She has been working with you?!"


"No, Adrien..." He replied as another rose burst through the ground and opened, revealing the real Marinette asleep inside. She looked so peaceful as she slept. "I got to her months ago, Adrien and replaced her with Nettie here. She was the first senticreature I created when I got my miraculous,"


Nettie looked over at him with an emotionless expression.


"And you didn't even notice," He stated, making Adrien blink. "So much for loving your lady hm?"


"You bastard!"


"Yes but only because you made me this way," He replied, turning on his heel and walking over. "Now it's time to undo all of this... I hope you enjoyed what little freedom you had, Adrien, because it is over now,"


He plucked the ring and earrings from Harlequin and Kuro Neko, turning them back into Kagami and Marc before he walked into the centre and put on their miraculous, causing Tikki and Plagg to manifest. Adrien flinched as Plagg glared at him with hatred before turning to Aglais.


"The wish comes-" Tikki started but he shook his head.


"No, I don't want to make a wish," He stated, making her blink. "I want to undo it. I have gathered everyone who was there when it made and we're in the same place where it originally happened.... so please... undo it..."


"If that's what you want," Plagg replied before the two of them spun around together and merged, becoming one kwami. It had three eyes and was black and white in coloring.


"I am Null," It stated. "Tell me your wish,"


"I don't wish for anything," He stated, causing Null to stare at him. "Instead, I ask you to undo Adrien's wish..."


"Is that what you want?"


"Yes," Aglais answered, nodding.


"Very well," Null replied before glowing. Adrien screamed as the light consumed him and fell forward as he dropped the two miraculous. Marinette was reaching out to him, along with the other miraculous holders but they were completely still, like time wasn't moving. Aglais was gone and Viperion stood in his place, looking angry. All of them looked black and white before Null finally appeared in front of him. "Your wish has been undone,"


"No! Please!" He gasped but Null disappeared and everyone began to move again. He looked up at Marinette as she moved over to him. He went to say something but to his surprise, she punched him and grabbed the miraculous from him as Viperion freed himself from the akuma and grabbed his arms, restraining him. "No! Let me go!"


"How dare you betray me like that?!" She screamed, tears in her eyes. "How dare you?!"


"I was just trying to save my family!" He screamed back but his mind flashed back to the previous world. "I didn't know it would cause so much pain! I'm sorry!"


Marinette narrowed her eyes.


"Sorry isn't good enough," She declared, ripping the butterfly miraculous of him as well. "As guardian of the miraculous, I hereby revoke the miraculous of the black cat and the butterfly from you,"


"No! Please, mi'lady!" He cried, begging her. "I did it for us!"


"There is no us!" She screamed, making him blink in surprise. "There never was! I never loved you and I never will! I'm with Luka! Not you!!"


"B-But we're-" She punched him, knocking him out before he could say anything more. When he woke up, he found himself in a small cell. However, small rose vines appeared in the walls, making him gasp before a butterfly appeared in his cuffs.


"Hello, Adrien..." Aglais' voice muttered, making his blood run cold before nothing but pain raided his body. His nightmare wasn't over yet. In fact, it never would be. Not for him.


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