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Non Interruptus

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"I thought I read you were supposed to be straight but curious," Joel said as Damiano brazenly stuck his hand down the other vocalist's pants.

He lifted an eyebrow at the Finn and smirked.

"So you've read about me," he said, running his tongue over his lips.

"Smug bastard," was Joel's comeback. "Question still stands."

Damiano laughed and moved his fingers a little. Joel was tipsy enough that he moaned low and long at that. It was gratifying. The after party had been fun, but when Damiano had realised the Finnish vocalist was giving him the eye, he'd totally gone for it.

"I just won the Eurovision Song Contest, I get to be smug, and to your question, I didn't want to steal Vic or Ethan's thunder in that interview," he replied with a little shrug, "and if you've looked us up, you may have noticed the press have a tendency to focus on me if they think something I say is remotely more interesting. Straight but curious was the most boring I was willing to go."

"But just so we're clear," Joel said, voice catching as Damiano played with him a little more.

"If they can consent and a union is not likely to end with dire consequences then I'm up for fucking them," Damiano replied. "Although I hate to admit it, I am a walking cliche for vampires, our sex drives are legendary in some circles."

"Good to know," Joel replied, but it dissolved in another groan.

Damiano, however, was getting frustrated by the lack of access. Tight pants were not the order of the evening.

"Do you mind if I just..?" he asked, indicating downwards with his free hand.

"Have at it, man," Joel replied, "just … holy fuck!"

Damiano had wasted no time and possibly he'd put on a bit of vampire speed to get to his knees and pull Joel's pants down as quickly as possible. Joel's very nice cock was now bobbing at his eye level and his mouth watered.

"Much better," he said, looking up and grinning. "You were saying?"

"Protection," Joel managed to mutter.

"Unless it's a turn off for you," Damiano responded, "don't need it. Can't catch or carry STDs and I promise not to bite unless you ask very nicely."

He knew it was cheating, but he stroked one finger up under Joel's balls and along the underside of his dick. Joel made the most delicious sound of want.

"'K," was the verbal response Damiano needed.

Joel was no longer wearing the long shirt he had been for the show earlier, but the t-shirt he did have on was covering a bit too much for Damiano's taste. He pushed it up and out the way as he leaned in, set on giving the other vocalist the blowjob of his life. What brought him up short was the tattoo he found nestled at the base of Joel's happy trail. He stopped dead.

Very slowly he climbed back to his feet. Joel had closed his eyes and only opened them again just as Damiano was level to them. Before the other singer could react, Damiano grabbed the man's wrists and bodily forced him against the wall.

"You've been lying to me, Joel," he said, glaring and letting his vampire nature rocket to the surface.

"What the fuck?" Joel said, trying to fight back, but Damiano had him pinned with supernatural strength.

"What was it going to be? Stake through the heart? Beheading?" he demanded.

"What?" Joel looked honestly confused, which was adorable, but Damiano was just angry enough to stay focused.

"Your tattoo," he growled out. "I'm not an idiot."

"Fuck, that,"Joel said, light dawning in his expression.

"Yes, Joel, that."

Damiano knew the sigils of a hunter when he saw them. Not one of the places he thought they usually put them, but there was no accounting for taste.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't rip your throat out and dump you in the sea," he threatened.

"Fuck, you're sexy when you're mad," Joel replied.

So not the response Damiano had been expecting. It was annoying how Joel seemed to be able to wrong foot him like that.

"I just threatened to kill you," he pointed out.

"Yeah, but if you were going to, I'd be dead by now," Joel said.

Damiano mentally swore. Apparently Joel also had him pegged. He never had been any good at the monstrous part of vampire life. He'd seen his cousin rip the head off an attacking werewolf once, but all he'd done was turn away and throw up in some bushes.

"I'm not going to let you kill me," he said, but it sounded more petulant than threatening.

"Only way I want you to die is on my cock," Joel replied with a grin.

Damiano lifted an unimpressed eyebrow.

"Too much?" Joel asked.

Damiano nodded.

"Look, it's a family thing," Joel told him. "The whole band, we're from hunting families, werewolves mostly, but it's not like our skills are needed very often these days. We're all trained, and yes, I did walk in on you deliberately the other day, but I was only checking. You pinged our detectors. Tonight I really was hoping to fuck you senseless and maybe find out if everything I've heard about vampire bites is true."

"Isn't that fraternising with the enemy?" he asked.

"We're only enemies if you go on a bloody killing spree," Joel replied. "You don't seem the type."

Damiano glared for a little bit longer.

"Fuck," he finally said very loudly.

"Gladly," was Joel's response.

Damiano growled at him for that, but released the other man's wrists and stepped back. He tensed, just in case it was a ruse, but he couldn't help noticing one rather obvious fact: Joel's dick was still hard as a rock.

"Want me to pull my pants back up and leave?" Joel asked when Damiano failed to move.

"Fuck, no," he finally decided, sinking back to his knees.

He couldn't help it, he was easily enticed.

"But just so you know," he added, focusing on Joel's glistening cock, "if you take advantage and kill me when I'm fuck drunk, Vic knows who I'm with, and even though she's human, she's scarier than all my relatives put together."

"Not …"

Whatever Joel had been about to say disappeared in a rolling moan as Damiano swallowed the man's cock to the root. Killing might not have been his thing, but when it came to le petit mort, he was a god.


Joel was pretty sure the words vampire and insatiable should have been next to each other in the dictionary. He was ruined, totally ruined for anyone without vampire DNA from now on, he was absolutely sure.

Damiano had started by making him forget his own name while sucking on his cock. The Italian's mouth was most definitely not only talented at spitting out more syllables a second than Joel thought should be humanly possible. Joel had had his first orgasm before they had even made it to the bed. 

"Just to take the edge off," according to Damiano.

They'd shed their clothes and Damiano had then insisted on preparing himself on the bed while Joel recovered and got to watch every delicious moment. He'd been hard ever since and had had the pleasure of fucking Damiano on the bed, against the wall, and on the little couch, with the other vocalist on his front, on his back, with his long legs over Joel's shoulders, on his hands and knees, standing with one ankle hooked over Joel's hip and more.

The Italian was flexible as fuck.

Joel was pretty sure Damiano had come five times at least, but he'd lost count. Apparently vampires could reset in minutes and keep going all damn night. And the bastard looked so damn pleased every single time, not that that was bad for Joel's ego or anything. Feeling Damiano come on his cock with filthy words and honest praise falling from those delicious lips did things to Joel he had definitely not anticipated.

Damiano was currently headed for number six, or possibly seven and Joel was definitely right on the edge as well, as he slowly slid his cock into the other singer's delectable arse. The Italian was backside up on the bed, on his knees and elbows with his head buried in a pillow, because they'd already had someone bang on the door about them being too loud. Damiano was a screamer when he got going. His shapely legs were spread wide, giving Joel all the access he could desire, and he was making good use of it.

"Fuck, how are you still so fucking tight?" Joel moaned as he pulled back for another stroke.

Damiano clenched down onto him as he slid home, which was just showing off.

"Holy fuck," was the best Joel could say to that.

He was so close and his vocabulary was suffering.

"Can I … fuuuuuck … can I come in you?" He thought it only polite to ask.

A muffled exclamation came back and he was pretty sure Damiano was nodding, quite emphatically in fact, apparently that was the right thing to ask, but he needed to be sure.

"Damiano?" he ground out.

"Si, si, yes, fuck yes," was the bitten off response.

Joel grabbed Damiano's hips more firmly and upped his pace. It took only a couple more thrusts and it felt like a rocket went off in his loins. Somehow that set Damiano off as the bastard came untouched, which was a trick Joel had never figured out, and the resultant contractions around his cock had Joel forgetting about everything except the amazing sensations in his dick and balls as he unloaded everything he had left.

When they finally separated, Damiano collapsed onto the bed with an appreciative moan and Joel tried very hard to recall how his limbs worked. He managed not to fall on the Italian, but it was a close thing. Yep, he was definitely ruined for pure human sex now.


Damiano was lying on the bed on his back, watching Joel reconnecting his synapses. He was impressed with the Finn, he hadn't had many partners who could keep up with him for that long. Well not who didn't have supernatural help.

What he really wanted was a cigarette, but the rooms were non-smoking and it would be just his luck for a paparazzi to look up if he nipped onto the balcony for one right then. There really was no way to hide just-had-my-brains-fucked-out-and-am-having-an-after-sex-cigarette without some serious thought.

Of course he had another addiction that was way better than nicotine.

"You know," he said, "we haven't got round to the legendary bite yet."

Joel gave something of a choking laugh.

"You're joking, right?" the other singer said.

"Nope," Damiano replied with a grin and let his eyes flash.

"Nice try, Valentino," Joel said, "but I'm only human and I've had two orgasms, one of them less than two minutes ago. I couldn't get it up if my life depended on it and I seem to remember that was part of the point."

Damiano turned on his side and scooted towards the Finn.

"What if I told you the bite has an extraordinary effect on the human metabolism and you'll not only come, you'll probably be up for a whole other round too?" he said, licking his lips.

"Bullshit," Joel said.

Damiano smiled wide, letting his fangs drop at the same time.

"Really not," he said, running his tongue over one of his fangs. "Think of it like vampire viagra, only so much better."

He watched Joel's eyes following his every move.

"I can tone it down, but I don't think you want toned down, do you Joel?" he said, running his fingers from Joel's hunter sigil, right up over the other man's chest.

"You should come with a warning label across your butt," Joel said, flopping back onto the bed.

Damiano laughed and lifted himself up so he could still see Joel's eyes.

"Does that mean yes or no?" he asked.

"Fuck, it means yes, you arrogant Italian bastard," Joel replied.

Damiano grinned and climbed on top of the other singer. 

Just as he was about to bend down, he had a thought. He grabbed the pillow and handed it to the Finn.

"You might need this," he said and went back to work.

Apparently Joel thought the pillow was a joke and by the time Blind Channel's vocalist realised it wasn't, he didn't have enough motor control to use it. Damiano was so not taking responsibility for the next noise complaint they got.


Joel stumbled back into his hotel room just before breakfast. Nikko was sitting on the bed waiting for him.

"Good, you're still alive," his friend said. "Thought I should check."

"Vampire bites," Joel said, pulling his inside-out shirt over his head (he'd only noticed halfway back to his room), "everything the hype made them out to be, better even. And Damiano, fuck, can he go. Don't think I'm gonna be able to get it up for a week."

Then he walked to the bed and face planted on it.

"Wake me just before we have to be somewhere," he mumbled into the covers.

Nikko had the gaul to laugh and slapped him on the butt before standing up.

"I'll be sure to mention that to your mother, she'll be so proud of her son's bravery in facing such a deadly foe," Nikko said, still chuckling.

Joel tried to give his friend a one finger salute, but it was far too much effort. He was snoring before Nikko left the room.