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Waiting At Heaven's Gate

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“Five dollars he’s a religious nut.” 


            Sam looked up from the counter he was cleaning and glanced at his brother with an eyebrow raised. “Who?” 


“Didn’t you notice? The lot next door.”


Sam looked out the window to see a U-Haul with people unloading flowers into the lot. “Huh. Never thought someone would bother it. It’s been on sale for months. Why do you think the owner is a “religious nut”? You haven’t even met them.”


“You really need to pay more attention Sam. The dude’s shop is called “The Garden of Eden”. If that doesn’t scream religious nut, I don’t know what does.”


“Whatever, you don’t know them Dean and neither do I, hardly fair to make assumptions. It would be better if you stopped gossiping about a person you don’t know and got to work.”


Dean rolled his eyes, but got back on task. The day was slow, Dean spent most of his time trying to get a glimpse of their new neighbor but to no avail. 


“I’m going to finish up the back and you lock up here?”


“Sure Sam.”


  Dean heard a knock and went to open the door. “I’m sorry, but we’re closed-”


The person who knocked on the door was quite possibly the most attractive person Dean had ever seen. They had the most blue eyes and messy raven hair. In their hands they held a bouquet of daffodils and a container of cupcakes.


“Hi! I know it’s late and you're probably closing up but I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I bought the lot next to your shop.” The person nodded their head towards the newly purchased building.


“Oh! Of course, please come in.”


The stranger walked in and set the flowers and cupcakes on the counter.


“This is quite a lovely shop you've got here…. Dean.”


“My brother and I run it. Wait, how'd you know my name?”


“A magician would never reveal their secrets.”


Dean looked at the man with a raised eyebrow.


“Name tags are an easy way of finding out someone’s name.”


Dean looked down and almost smacked his forehead remembering his nametag. 


“So what’s your name, magic man?”


“My name is Castiel Novak. I own the flower shop next door.”


“The Garden of Eden? That’s a very biblical name. Are you religious?”


Castiel almost laughed out loud at Dean’s question. “My parents wish. I have a complicated relationship with religion, one could say.”


Dean smiled bitterly, “Yeah, I know the feeling.”


They stood in silence for a while. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it felt right, as if they’d always known each other. Castiel was the first one to break the silence.


“The cupcakes are my own recipe. Honey cake with honey cream cheese frosting. Do you have any allergies? I should've asked, sorry.”


“No need to apologize Cas, I’m not allergic to anything.” He turned around and took a bite of one of the cupcakes. “But if I was, I would die happy, these are so damn good dude! You’ll have to get me the recipe sometime!”


Cas would deny it, but he felt a light pink dust their cheeks. “Thank you Dean, I’ll get it to you when I can.”


Dean smiled warmly and set down the cupcake. She picked up the bouquet. “These daffodils are beautiful.”


“Thank you Dean. I picked daffodils specifically because they symbolize-”


“New beginnings,” they said at the same time. Dean and Cas looked at each other and smiled.


“Of course you would know that, you own a plant shop,” Cas mumbled, rubbing his neck nervously. “I should get going, it’s already dark outside and you probably have to close up.”


“Right, I imagine you have to close up shop too,” Dean said, feeling almost sad that Cas had to go.


“It was nice getting to know you Dean, by the way, what are your pronouns? I just want to make sure I don’t mess up.


“He and she, what about you?”


“I use he and they, thank you for asking.”


“No problem, it’s basic human decency.” She said winking with finger guns pointed towards Cas.


“Goodbye Dean, I hope we can stay in touch?”


“Of course, you can come over whenever you want. To the shop, I mean. Of course that’s what I mean, you don’t know where I live, that’d be weird. Am I being weird?” Dean stuttered out in reply. 


Cas chuckled lightly at Dean’s awkward and stilted response, “Goodbye Dean.” and made their way out the door. The cool air hit his face as he smiled. “Cas. He called me Cas,” he thought warmly. 


Dean picked up the bouquet of daffodils and smiled. She went to put them in a vase with water and placed them on the counter. 


“Well they seemed nice.”


Dean jumped as he heard his brother's voice. “Jesus Sam, are you trying to give me a heart attack?”


“It’s not my fault that you were too busy flirting to remember I’m here.”


“I was not   flirting.”


“Sure Dean, sure,” Sam said smugly.


“I wasn’t!”


“Okay, you still owe me five dollars.”


“What? Why?”


“You said he would be a religious nut and from what I heard, they’re the complete opposite.”


Dean mentally kicked himself for even opening her mouth.


“I’ll give them to you tomorrow, okay?”


“Okay, I’m taking half of these cupcakes home though.”


“Sure, knock yourself out, they’re really good. I think Cas could be a baker. They’d be really good at it.”


“Not flirting my ass,” Sam mumbled under his breath and ran out of the shop before Dean could even begin to protest.


“I was not flirting,” Dean yelled into the empty shop. “I was being friendly, besides even if I was flirting, which I absolutely was not, Cas is probably straight anyway. Not that I care because I was not flirting!”


“You don’t have to justify yourself to an empty shop, Dean.”


“What are you still doing here Sam?!”


“I forgot my half of the cupcakes, but Dean if you want to know if you have a chance with Cas, all you have to do is ask-”


“I'M LEAVING NOW YOU CAN CLOSE UP SHOP AFTER YOU GET YOUR CUPCAKES,” Dean yelled while practically sprinting past Sam.