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My Hero of Destruction

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Uraraka sighed as she walked lazily on the shore of Dagobah Beach. The exam was rapidly approaching, and she had finally moved to her new apartment, despite her insistence to the family that she only needed to move if she passed the exam. It seemed so wasteful to risk wasting money on nothing, but her parents had said they believed in their little heroine completely.


‘Hope I make it. If I fail, Shiketsu is a bit too far, and I’d have to find another housing with such a good price, so I’d have to try Ketsubutsu or Isamu.’ She grimaced. She really, really hoped going to UA worked out. The other schools in Musutafu were fine, but they weren’t the same. The school that had raised All Might and Endeavor to the pinnacle of Japanese Pro Heroism, the most exclusive and most sought of locations… She really hoped she could make it.


The pristine beach was giving way to some trash now, she noticed. There wasn’t anyone around so early in the morning, so she wondered if people had been having a party or something the night before and had left littering in their wake. But no, some of those were clearly house appliances and the like. She grimaced. Who would do this to such a beautiful place?


Ochaco quickly looked left and right, to make sure no one was looking at her, then touched some of the trash with her hands. She felt her stomach lurch when a few of the heavier objects lifted, including ten or so microwaves, half a motorcycle – and who the hell throws away half a motorcycle? – and three old televisions, but she powered through long enough to carry them to the side of the beach, near the wall between it and the road behind. Hopefully, this way people would come and clean it off.


However, she realized a moment later, she had clearly exerted herself too much. Another moment later, she was bent down, puking her guts out on the ground. She internally screamed. How was she supposed to pass the exam if that much was enough to make her vomit? ‘Well, maybe if I didn’t do it all at once it would be better.’ She told herself. Which was a valid argument, but then again, is not like she could count all the time on things weighing just enough for her to carry without problems. She slapped her cheeks. ‘Focus Ochaco. First step, the exam. After that, you can get your Quirk to higher…’


The future high school student stopped as she spotted something glistening on the ground, thankfully a few feet away from where she had emptied her guts. Looking closer, she saw an icosahedron made of some glass-like material. Picking it out of the sand, she studied it. It was almost flawless, except for a small crack on one side. ‘Who would throw away something like this for a small thing like that?’ She wondered. Even if it was just glass, it could certainly be repaired easy enough, with just a small filling.


She idly moved it from one hand to the other, thinking. If she could just fix it, maybe she could sell it to a second-hand shop and it could fetch her enough to buy something tasty. Maybe a mochi night. She nodded, and started walking up the short stairs that led on the main road… only to promptly lose her footing on the last step and watch in horror as the crystal slipped from her hand and smashed on the concrete.


“Noooo, my mochi!” She shouted desperately, picking up the fragments, when suddenly a cloud of dark smoke started to erupt from it. “What?!” She shouted. Was this someone’s Quirk? Did she pick up something dangerous? Did she…


“The seal has been broken!” A deep voice echoed, seeming to come from her hands. She stared in disbelief at the one-eyed octopus-like creature that now stood there. “So you are the one who disturbed my slumber, foolish lowly human.” The creature said, two of its tentacles opening and acting like arms. No wait, those were arms, since they had short finger-like appendages at the end, unlike the other tentacles.


Uraraka stared in disbelief at the creature, her brain going into overdrive. ‘Uh? Uuuuuuuh? What is this? Someone’s Quirk? What kind of Quirk is that? Is this a prank? Am I being pranked? Will I get money if my reaction is hilarious enough? What am I even saying?’


The creature meanwhile was babbling something about an incomplete form and a sealing crystal, but Uraraka didn’t listen. Terrified, she did the only logical thing her mind could come up with in her current state. She touched it with the pinky she had so far kept from it and launched the strange being upward.


“What is happening?” He wondered, apparently unfazed, “I appear to be floating. Did lowly humans learn the art of magic while I was chained in my centuries long slumber? I seem to be unable to stop my ascent in this pitiful body.” He asked, floating higher and higher. Uraraka stared at it, before realizing what she had just done when she saw the creature start to almost disappear from sight.


“Oh no, oh no!” She put her hand together, releasing her power, and extended her hands upward. The octopus being came crashing down, and she managed to barely catch it before it splattered on the floor. “I’m so sorry! You startled me!”


“I do not expect lowly humans to maintain composure in front of a being such as I. I shall forgive you this once.” The creature said, before staring down. Uraraka followed its gaze to the pieces of glass on the floor.


“Oh, I’m sorry about your crystal…”


“Accursed object!” the creature shouted, “I, Mag Menuek, God of Destruction and First Pillar of the Gods of Chaos, shall bring you to your end!” And then it started to sprout razor sharp fangs from its body. Uraraka watched in disbelief as a sphere of energy formed in front of his eye, amidst the fangs, before a burst of power impacted the ground, leaving behind a crater.


She shouted again, letting the creature – Mag Menuek, apparently – go. Surprisingly, it crashed on the ground and remained there. “Wh-Wha… What was that?!” She asked in confusion, her eyes so wide they threatened to pop out of her skull. The smoking hole in the ground was quite deep, and she couldn’t help but consider how powerful that attack had been. She slowly turned to Mag Menuek, worried of what he would do to her since she had dropped a creature that was apparently capable of vaporizing asphalt.


And then she saw it on the ground, twitching weakly. “I appear to have overexerted myself. My imprisonment seems to have taken an higher toll on me than I imagined…”


And then it rolled to the side, unmoving. Uraraka shouted – for the fifth or so time that morning. “It’s deaaaaad!” She picked it up and bit her lip. This thing was dangerous, and she should have left it to the authority. On the other hand though… ‘What kind of Hero lives something to just die…’ She thought, picking it up and rushing home.




Izuku Midoriya moved up the stairs, carrying the microwave that someone had so gently moved closer to the stair. His teacher had told him that strengthening his body was paramount for his future, and he had accepted her words as a fact. However, once he reached the top of the stair he felt the ground disappear and almost fell, only catching his footing at the last possible second. Confused, he put down the microwave and looked at the large hole that he had not noticed before, since he had reached the beach from another part. “Someone’s Quirk?” He wondered, curious, but then he felt something. Chaos energy, in large quantity even if it was only a echo of it. He looked around. “Sensei, I can feel some Chaos energy here! More than I’ve ever perceived before!”


“Truly?” The voice of his teacher replied, a motherly tone in it.


“Y-Yes. I think at least…”


“Have more confidence Izuku.” His teacher replied, appearing before him. The floating form of Providential Uneras was a fragment of her true aspect, according to her. She had the shape of a clione, a sea creature Izuku had never seen before googling it online. “If you think there is Chaos Energy, I’m sure it’s true.” She moved down, “Oh my, you are right, see? This is certainly the deed of a God of Chaos.”


“What?! But that’s terrible!”


“Do not worry Izuku, after all, I, Providential Uneras, have decided you shall lead the next generation of Holy Knights.” She smirked, “And besides, this is good. The perfect setup for my OTP.”


“What was that last part?”


“Nothing. Now be a dear and continue your training.”


“Shouldn’t we investigate the God of Chaos that did this?” Izuku asked, confused by her reaction.


“Don’t be hasty my knight! You need to get strong first, and you are doing an excellent job so far. I, Uneras, Goddess of Providence and Fourth Pillar of the Gods of Chaos, will make sure you become a perfect Knight and Hero.”


“Thank you so much Sensei!” He said, bowing and turning around to go back to his weight training.


Uneras smiled. ‘Good, Providence has already setup the OTP. Now, we just need the rival and comedic relief.’ She chuckled. That should have been happening soon.




“What the fuck do you want again?!” Bakugo roared, staring down at the starfish-like creature.


“H-How uncouth. I will have you know that I am Naputaaku the Mad, Fifth Pillar of the Gods of Chaos, the God of Madness.”


“Shut up, Patrick, and stop following me!” The blonde teen turned a corner, using a side road, only for the annoying creature to follow him. That stupid fucking crystal he had picked up from the trash to train had exploded only to put this thing behind him. The creature insisted in saying it was a god, even if it was stupidly weak. It had tried to show off his ‘incredible power of madness’, and the result had been disappointing to say the least. Where the hell was a Hero when he needed one?


“I will not! You freed me, and I shall now make you the first of my followers so that I might…”


“Did you just say follower?!” Bakugo turned, roaring again, “Who the fuck wants to be the follower of an overgrown starfish!” His hands crackled with explosions, and the teen was just about ready to blow Patrick there to kingdom come and get rid of it.


“You uneducated fool! Being first follower of the Fifth Pillar is a great honor. You shall personally bestow your offerings upon me, and I shall grant you my favor!”


Bakugo’s brow twitched, “I don’t follow anyone. I’m going to be the Number One Hero, greater than All Might, and certainly not someone that follows the number five in a five gods group. Go look for Deku if you want a useless idiot that walks in the shadow of someone else.” His hands exploded again, this time with a louder sound.


Naputaaku stared, “M-maybe I will. And he will become my first follower in your place.”


“Yeah, go do that!” Bakugou said, even though that wasn’t entirely what he wanted. Still, at least Deku would go cry about it to someone and get the problem dealt with.


“You shall see, you brat. Once I recover my power and can use my Madness on more than weak creatures, I will overthrow Mag Menuek, the First Pillar, and become the new ruler of this world.” Naputaaku turned around to leave, but a moment later something grabbed it from the head. He stared in disbelief at Bakugou. “Unhand me, you lowly creature! I am Naputaaku the Mad, Fifth Pillar…”


“You just said you are going to become number one in your Gods of whatever club, right?” He asked.


Naputaaku stared at him, “Of course. My ambition is greater than what a pesky brat like you could ever…”


“Fine, I’ll take you.”




“You want to be the First Pillar. I like that.” Bakugou decided. It wasn’t a rushed decision, of course. He was smart enough to know this thing was dangerous, if what it had done at the rats in that alley was any indication. Even now he had spotted the creatures following them around, and a lot of them were trying to make him let go their new god. If this thing fell in wrong hands, and if it was telling the truth about recovering its strength and controlling larger beings, it could really do some damage. A villain could have used it to do what the sludge villain had almost done to him. At first, he was thinking to just drop it to the police or something, but now…


“You… You think you are on par with a God such as I?”


“No, I think I’m a little above a starfish.”


“You fool! I shall bestow a God’s judgment on you one day. I shall…” The creature’s belly grumbled.


“So, Gods get hungry?” Katsuki asked with a grin.


“I made the mistake of using too much of my power. That is none of your business.” He said, but it’s stomach grumbled again, louder, “Though I suppose I shall accept any offering you might feel like you could bestow on a being such as I.”


Bakugou barked a laugh, “Fine. Let’s go, Patrick.”


“I said my name is Naputaaku the Mad! Remember that, lowly human!”


Katsuki sighed, and then carried it away like a sack of potatoes, ignoring the shouts of displeaded anger from the supposed God. ‘This is going to be so annoying…’