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Not A Sinner But A...

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‘Sam, Dean, I need to talk to you about New Mexico…’

Castiel started to talk to the boys about a case he wanted to keep them in the loop about when he stopped dead in his tracks.

Unbeknownst to them, Sam and Dean were in the middle of a very steamy make out session on the motel’s bed. They were already in the process of getting undressed. Sam’s shirt was unbuttoned and Dean’s was all the way off.

They were oblivious to Castiel’s presence.

He was in a quandary as to what to do. On the one hand, this was a case that had been looming on the horizon for weeks. There was some activity in New Mexico where it seemed a poltergeist was terrorizing an apartment complex. Nothing too pressing; in fact it was rather humorous, although the woman in question didn’t like her underwear strewn about their front lawn one night when she came home from work. She didn’t appreciate the neighbors looking at her thong panties hanging from the canopy light. But on the other hand…this was happening. And Cas was appreciating what he was watching. Every fiber of his being was screaming ‘SIN’ but how could this be…when it was so awesome to look at? Castiel was neither homosexual nor heterosexual, more like asexual, but this….wow.

Simply wow.

So this is what humans did when they loved each other? There was no doubt in his mind that the Winchesters loved one another, but he never thought of them in ‘that way’. Looking back, however, he should have seen it. The sneaking glances. The playfulness. Finishing each others’ sentences.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this was love.

And Castiel took his leave.

But wait…..

He was curious to know exactly what it looked like. He never saw a man and woman make love, not to mention a man with a man. He banished these thoughts as quickly as they came. But this time was different. Probably because of the actual visual. So he decided something. He made himself comfy on a chair made of clouds (yes angels could do that) and sat back to watch. He felt a pang of guilt, but he convinced himself that he was doing researched. Deep in his heart of hearts he was just lying to himself, but he shushed that little angel on his shoulder and sat back to enjoy the show.