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I lost it

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You know, I never considered that it was either of us to blame.  However, I always wished you were by my side, whispering to me that it was not my fault and that everything would be fine, but it never happened.

 - E. M

Stove on.

 Skillet on fire.

 Boiling oil.

 And exquisite smells from the fresh breakfast.

 " I see that the housewife* Edamame has appeared today " caturreo Laurent from the frame of the kitchen.

 " Oh!  Fuck off you wanna " Makoto let out with a snort

 " I love you too. "

 Laurent in a suit said goodbye to a sleepy Edamura, however we could say that in the mind of the blond to overlook a day of work to want to be at home, in the company of her beloved husband, it sounded like a great plan.

 However, the life of a diplomat was always busy, not for nothing was he the representative of the State in a symbolic, political and legal way, he spent the late hours mired in papers on investigations and the monitoring of political developments;  always with The Washington Times under his arm.

 "Edamame," called the blonde, the brunette made a sound that he was listening to him, "Can my beloved husband kiss me goodbye?"

 "Get out before he hits you," Makoto said with a frown, "by the way, could you stop occupying that colony? He makes me nauseous. "

 " Sickness? "

 " Yes. Didn't you hear me "

 Laurent managed to laugh, before leaving, he left a kiss on the head of the shortest to run away where he car and under the claims of the brunette.

 It would certainly be a long day.



Makoto had certainly gone back to sleep.  Lately, he felt the fatigue taking its toll on him for all those times he stayed up;  There was also something that was bothering him lately: the cursed Laurent cologne.

 He could swear that every time he felt that fragrance in the air, he felt immense retching and whatever he had for dinner the day before he would take it out;  because yes, Laurent always occupied that damn cologne to go to work.

 He doesn't know how long he had slept, but without a doubt, when he woke up, he was still feeling tired, so maybe just a coffee could help him.

Okay, this was a problem.  She had quietly prepared his usual coffee: a short coffee.* Yet she would not think that when she drank it, the taste would feel so… horrible, to the point of spitting it on the dishwasher.

 This was starting to frustrate him.  Not only did he not want to approach her adored husband for the smell of his perfume, but she also did not want to drink a brief coffee again in her life.  She massaged her left shoulder in a way to relax, but she did not expect that just her forearm brushed part of her chest it burned as if burning stones were placed;  she made a groan about it.

 It would certainly be a long day, so she went back to bed and be one with the comfort she provided.



The door of the Department was knocked roughly, causing the minor to jump from where he was. Slowly he removed the covers he had on him at the insistent knock on the door.

 Reluctantly and still wrapped in a blanket, he headed for the entrance. But when he just opened the door between him, it was whipped by a woman with brown hair dressed in a maternity dress and accompanied by a small ...

 " Where is that idiot ?! " she had yelled she in the direction of the brunette who did not understand what was happening " Where is that fucking blond ?! "