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Pretty blonde casanova

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After Cora planted the idea of lust-enhanced magic in Anastasia’s head, it only took a week for Ana to approach her about it.

From the moment she arrived for one of their scheduled lessons, she seemed nervous and distracted, and Cora hoped her suspicions were correct. That type of magic was a good idea for many reasons, but Cora couldn’t be the one to outright suggest it.

They spent the first hour at a leisurely pace, like normal. Ana showed Cora the spells she’d been working on, Cora gave her pointers, and then they sat on pillowy chairs and gossiped about Wonderland and its nobility, and the latest news in their respective kingdoms.

As the conversation reached its natural end, Ana shifted in her seat and leaned forward, hesitant words on her tongue. Cora’s eyes gleamed and she lifted her head, pretending not to know what Ana was going to say. 

“Do you think —“ she started, then stopped, seeming to collect her thoughts. She took a breath and began again. “A few days ago, you mentioned ways to enhance magical abilities. You said lust, was one.”

Cora suppressed a smile, settling instead on a knowing nod. “I did,” she said. 

Ana nodded. “I’d like to try it out,” she said, then added quickly, “If you’ll teach me.”

Yes, of course I’ll teach you, Cora said in her head, but out loud, she took a deep breath and pretended to consider. ”That depends,” she said after a carefully calculated number of seconds. She leaned back slightly in her chair and pushed herself to standing, motioning for Anastasia to do the same. “Tell me honestly," she said as she walked closer to her student. "Do you want this because it could strengthen your powers, or do you want this because you want me?”

Oh — um.” Ana swallowed, trying to hide the way her eyes widened in a slight panic. She seemed taken aback by the bluntness of the question, and probably also because she didn’t know what answer Cora wanted to hear. 

“There’s not a right answer, Anastasia,” Cora reassured. “Just give me an honest one.”

Ana sighed. “I think — well, both, I suppose,” she admitted, her cheeks turning a little pink. “I want to learn the magic, really. But you’re right. ‘S more than that. I like you, your Majesty, and I’ve wanted you since we first met. ‘S only grown since then.” 

Cora had been telling the truth — there hadn’t been a right answer. If she only wanted to learn, then she was an admirable and dedicated pupil, and Cora would teach her everything. But Ana’s answer was decidedly better. Cora felt something between them, too, and she was glad it wasn’t only on her end.

Cora was fairly good at reading people and, though Cora was trying to break her of this, Anastasia had a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve. But ever since removing her heart, it had grown harder to tell what was real and what was nothing more than seduction.

Cora took Ana's chin in one gloved hand and watched the younger woman’s expression change. Her eyes widened, just a little. Her lips parted, just a little. There. Now she was an easier read.

She was telling the truth then. Her desire did indeed run deeper than just a simple interest in the magic. Good. This type of stuff wouldn’t work unless there was a real connection here - a lust - a longing.

Cora felt a fondness rising in her, growing stronger the longer she held Ana’s gaze. A small, almost sweet smile settled on her face before her hand fell away from the other queen’s chin and she nodded.

She walked away from Ana and stood in front of a red divan near the center of the room. “Come here, Anastasia,” she instructed, then motioned towards the divan. “Sit.”

The Red Queen did as she was told, sitting gracefully on the cushion, straightening her back and crossing her ankles. It didn’t look quite as effortless as it would for someone born into royalty, but she was getting there. Only a trained eye would be able to spot the faults. Overall, Cora noted with a bit of pride, Ana’s transition from peasant to queen was going much smoother than her own had. 

Cora sat behind her, and when Ana shifted to face her, Cora took her by the shoulders and repositioned her so that she was facing away. 

She would learn the way Cora herself had been taught. 

“That spell you’ve been having trouble with,” she said.

Ana nodded. She looked a little stiff — a little nervous, perhaps — but not drastically so. “Conjurations,” she said.

“Those are a more difficult breed of magic,” she agreed.

Cora knew that when it came to dark magic, Anastasia would never be the most powerful witch. True power, here, came from hatred and anger — the more intense and focused the emotion, the better. Ana had general frustrations, of course, and general feelings of anger towards the world, but nothing so personal that she could pin it onto one moment, one person, one action. There was only so far you could take that. 

But she had other qualities that Cora could draw from. Determination. Indignation. Ambition. Lust.

“Close your eyes," Cora instructed.

Trusting that Ana had complied with her command, Cora ran her hands up the other queen’s arms and clasped her shoulders firmly. “Relax,” she growled low in her ear. She felt Anastasia shiver and release the visible tension in her shoulders. To Cora, she still looked a little coiled, though. 

"Breathe," she said, making sure her words were just brushing against the shell of Ana's ear. "Just feel this." 

Her mouth was already close to Anastasia's neck; she only had to move down slightly to press her lips against it. She kissed her way down until she could feel Ana’s pulse strongly, then she licked a circle around the spot she had found and sucked the skin into her mouth.

Cora very much wanted, in the moment, to do this roughly — to leave a mark on Ana’s smooth skin and show the Red King who she really belonged to — but she knew better. 

It was better if the King didn’t know anything yet, not while his little wife was still green and impressionable, and so Cora was reluctantly gentler in her affections. 

Even still, Ana let out a soft whimper and pressed back into Cora. Cora smiled, pleased to have such an effect on her. 

Letting her lips graze against Ana’s neck again, she murmured, “Now think about what you want to do.”

"And then...?” Ana asked, matching her mentor's soft tone. 

"And then do it.” 

"I’m not sure I—” 

"It’s very simple,” said Cora. “Do you like what I’m doing to you, Anastasia?”

As she said that, her hands found their way to Ana’s sides, feeling her waist, then up that red satin fabric and towards her chest.

“Mm-hm,” said Ana in a strained voice. 

Not quite the right response for a Queen. Cora has been working on fixing Ana’s dialect and her improper speech patterns, and now was no exception. She dug her fingers tightly against her, feeling the bones of her ribcage. Not enough to be painful, but enough to suggest it. ”What?”

”Yes, your Majesty,” Ana answered quickly, eager to correct her mistake once she’d become aware of it. 

”Good,” said Cora. “Then focus on that feeling. Put your arms out.”

Ana followed the instruction and Cora moved her hands over top of them, correcting her posture just slightly. 

Cora was already sure she was going to be successful. She could feel the energy coming off Anastasia, a magical potential much stronger than usual for the new queen.

She slid her hands back up Ana’s arms and then down to her chest. She settled them on her breasts and felt Anastasia’s sharp inhale. Cora found that she was beginning to become aroused, too. Her breathing was shallower, and there was a warmth, a steady pulsing building between her thighs. 

In all honesty, she had not expected to experience her own feelings in this lesson. She was tuning Anastasia’s lust, connecting it with her magic — it was all intended to be educational. And the Red Queen was certainly desirable, but Cora’s libido was not what it had been in her younger years. So, the reaction this session was having on her came as a surprise.

It was curious, but she ignored it, focusing on the heat and desire rising in Anastasia’s body, instead of the same feelings that were rising in her. 

”Now,” said Cora, cupping Ana’s breasts more firmly and kissing a spot right over her shoulder. “Picture what you want to conjure in your head. After that —“ She squeezed, pulling them forward slightly and moving them in circles towards each other. “— Use your desire to make it happen.”

In front of her, Ana pressed her thighs together and shifted to create some friction down there. 

Cora slipped her hands under the top of Anastasia’s dress, so that the only thing separating her skin and Ana’s was the thin, silky fabric of her gloves.

She ran her fingers over Ana’s nipples and circled them. She pinched them at the same time she sucked another point on her neck. Ana moaned. 

”Don’t think,” Cora said from her place beside Ana’s ear, “Feel.”

She felt the young queen’s chest expand and compress quickly as she took her advice to heart, and in a puff of scarlet smoke, conjured a small object.

A red rose, Cora noted with a smile as the smoke cleared. How classy.

In front of her, Ana laughed at her success, delicately picking the rose out of the air and holding it to her nose. Then she shifted her position to face Cora, offering it out to her mentor. “For you,” she said breathlessly. Her face was flushed -- partially from her achievement, partially from Cora’s attention.

“Charming,” said Cora, raising her eyebrows. She took the rose and set it down on the cushion. Taking a breath, she stood up and looked down at Anastasia. Today’s lesson had been a success, but they weren’t finished. 

“Take off your dress,” said Cora. Ana’s eyes shone and she stood up as well, but when she began the process of trying to wriggle out of it, Cora shook her head and put a hand on her arm. “No, not like that.”

Normally, a vanishing spell would take her visible concentration and a bit of a struggle. Now, though, she did it without blinking, standing before Cora in nothing but lovely, red silk undergarments. It seemed to Cora she was even more beautiful like this than she was in her best gown and finest rubies. Unfortunately, though, Cora barely got the chance to appreciate her before she came to the sudden realization that Anastasia's clothes-vanishing spell had worked a little too well. 

It might have been an accident — they had been touching, after all — but Cora could tell from the change in temperature and the way Ana couldn't tear her eyes away from Cora's body that her apprentice had taken off both of their dresses instead of just her own. 

Anastasia was looking at Cora’s body with such a pure sort of fascination and desire that Cora very nearly lost her breath, and very nearly kissed her. It had been a long time since anyone had looked at her like that. Instead, she took a step forward, her face stern and just a touch threatening. 

“Did I say you could do that, Anastasia?” she asked. 

Ana looked up, a faint blush rising in her cheeks. “Sorry, your Majesty,” she said. “I got caught up—”

Cora’s expression smoothed over as Ana spoke, the hint of anger disappearing just as quickly as it had appeared. No, she couldn't stay mad at her. She smiled, rubbing her thumb against Ana’s cheek. “I’ll forgive you, my darling,” she said, taking Ana’s hand in hers. Her eyes were dark a desire that was becoming more transparent by the moment. “Once you make it up to me.”

Ana's eyes widened slightly as she understood the implication. "Yes, your Majesty," she said with a soft smile.

Cora noticed an abrupt change in Ana at that moment. Even just in the way she spoke, and the way she smiled, she seemed more confident, more charming. Not as tightly wound as before. It was like something switched on inside her, and all of a sudden she was some sort of pretty blonde casanova. Still holding her hand, Ana sank to her knees in front of the Queen of Hearts. 

Once kneeling, she let her hand slip out of Cora’s and down the older woman’s side, lightly tracing the shape of her hips as she went. Her feather like touch continued across her thigh; then she stilled her hand against her mentor’s inner thigh and looked up at her.

Cora heard her own breathing hitch. 

Ana was either more experienced that she gave her credit for, or she had a natural talent for this. As Cora contemplated this, Ana watched her, patiently waiting for an answer to her unspoken question.

”Go on,” Cora ordered in a low husk. 

The corners of Ana’s mouth turned up slightly and she refocused her attention forward. She lifted her other hand and placed it on Cora’s other thigh. She rubbed up and down her thighs in unison, taking her time, and then she let her hands go further — up the outside of Cora’s lacy black underwear. She hooked two fingers underneath the waistband. 

A part of Cora was proud to see her pupil looking so confident, so in her element. 

A part of her didn’t like it. She should be unsure, nervously asking Cora what to do, blushing and saying she’d never done this before, not with another woman. Had she done this before? 

The last part of her was holding her breath, eagerly anticipating Anastasia’s next move.

Ana pulled the underwear down slowly, guiding it carefully over Cora’s legs. Once she reached her ankles, she tilted her head slightly and tapped lightly on Cora’s heels. She wouldn’t be so bold as to lift her feet for her, and rightly so. Cora obliged, stepping out of them completely and kicking them to the side. 

Anastasia raised her head to Cora’s pussy and now she paused. She looked up again, and that was when Cora saw a flicker of doubt in Ana’s gray eyes. It was like she was wondering, could she really put her mouth on Cora like this?

Cora had a deep, genuine fondness in her gaze as she looked down at her pupil. She threaded a gloved hand through Ana’s glossy blonde hair and rather firmly pulled her head forward. Not all the way. Just enough to give her reassurance — an unspoken encouragement. 

The next moment, Anastasia’s lips met her clit, starting with a gentle kiss before she pushed her tongue forward, lapping at Cora’s already wet folds. 

She focused her actions around Cora’s clit, licking, kissing and sucking places very close but not quite where Cora wanted it most, building pressure, building pleasure in the queen. 

She had an enthusiasm, and an energy for this that Cora very much admired, and a skill for it that her body very much appreciated. Cora bit the inside of her lip to stop herself from moaning too loudly. She didn't want to give away quite how much she was enjoying this, lest Anastasia get too cocky. 

It was equal parts frustrating, impressive and fantastic. Cora groaned from deep in her throat, and with her hand still tangled in Ana’s hair, she pressed on the Red Queen’s head, subtly guiding her closer.

Finally, Ana gave her what she wanted, putting her lips over Cora’s clit and sucking it into her mouth. Cora felt a jolt of dizzying pleasure shoot up her and she hissed. Her grip on Ana’s hair tightened, using it to hold herself upright. She heard Anastasia wince in pain under her, but she didn’t pull away; instead, she used her tongue, flicking it back and forth over that one hyper-sensitive spot.

Cora gasped, feeling her legs tremble and threaten to give out. She took a step backwards, allowing Anastasia time to crawl forward before taking another step, then another until she could sit and then lie back on the divan, all without losing Ana’s touch for a moment. 

Then her vision went black and she came, writhing beneath Anastasia’s face as her pussy throbbed uncontrollably. She breathed heavily as she started to come down, but to her surprise, Ana wasn't finished with her. She could suddenly feel the warm, buzzing energy of Anastasia's magic as her slender fingers once again brushed against the soft skin between Cora's thighs. Cora lifted her head and looked down, intrigued and slightly confused. Judging by the look on Anastasia's face, she was just as curious as Cora, watching what she was doing with a careful fascination. 

It was like she was reseting something in Cora's body or her mind, perhaps, bringing her back to the state she was in a few moments ago — when she was still aroused and close to release. The sensation of it itself — Ana's magic working along her pussy — it was an almost imperceivable vibration but it felt good as she rocked against it. She wondered if she could come again just from that. Cora thought of how easily she could put a stop to this and neutralize Ana's magic with her own, but she didn't. 

The magic continued to hold her in that state as Ana inserted two fingers inside of her and curled them against the walls of her pussy, working in a rhythm. Cora clenched her jaw and put her head back down, a long moan escaping her lips as she felt another orgasm coming on. She felt Ana's tongue once again on her clit and she nearly cried, her back arching upwards as her muscles clenched on Ana's fingers. Her breathing came out in shallow pants and she waited for the throbbing in her pussy to subside, but Ana's magic was holding her there, and even before she had finished this orgasm she felt another one start. She cried out loudly, screaming Anastasia's name as another enormous wave of pleasure crashed over her. Her hips rocked uncontrollably and she could see stars. It felt like she was losing grip on reality.

For a moment, she thought she might stay here, in this continuous state of pleasure with Anastasia, for eternity. Then, all too soon, she felt the magic stop. She felt Ana's fingers and mouth leave her body, and she felt cold air that replaced them. 

She was dizzy, exhausted, and in a state of complete, tranquil bliss as she finally had the chance to breathe. She didn't want to move. After taking a moment to collect herself, she blinked with soft eyes and looked down the length of her body to where her protege was still crouching. The little blonde was smiling up at her, her lips and chin glistening wet. In this moment, Cora felt more connected to her than ever before.

”What do you think?” Ana said. Normally, Cora would answer a question like that with a lecture about how she needed to stop seeking approval from other people, but that would have to wait for another day. Cora didn't have the energy. 

”Promising,” she said instead, a chuckle rumbling in her throat. She sat up and took off one of her gloves so that she could clean Ana’s face with her hand. Ana closed her eyes and leaned into the touch. She looked so beautiful like that, Cora thought. Out loud, she said, “But we should continue these lessons to let you get more practice.”