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Misery Love Company

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Vendetta’s House

The glow of the T.V strained Vendetta’s eyes, she felt weight on her being. Probably a stupid fiend! She went to shout at the creature laying on her. Then what she saw, shocked her silent. A sleeping Charlotte. She promptly screamed internally. “AHHHHH!!! WHY IS THIS STUPID GIRL HERE AND IS ON ME IS SHE TRYING TO KILL ME!??!” With a stir Charlotte eyes open to see a shell shock vendetta. She snuggled deeper humming, making Vendetta to snap out of her panic.

”Why’re you in HOUSE?!” Vendetta not wanting to be seen like this tried her best to shout while being quiet. “You said to come over last night? You told me that you wanted to hang out get to know each other.”


“I would do no such thing, I was making a fiend last night and….That. STUPID! FIEND!!!” This time her shout was heard all over Clamberg People and Fiends alike ran for shelter. Seeing as she would tear through people in her rage, this one was started by a fiend.

She push Charlotte to the other side of the couch. “What’s the matter? You trusted me to keep things secret for you. Now your pushing me away?” Charlotte said eyeing her. She may have been stupid when she was younger, but now she’s a bit comprehensive of stuff. Like Vendetta trying to kill her.

”What secrets!? I’ll kill you so you can take them to your grave!” Vendetta hears a huff and groan from Charlotte. “Ven, I’m gonna put it simply how you said it to me.” She moved closer to Vendetta making her sweat bullet. “I want to smash your pretty face, against mine until I can’t breath.” With a quick kiss Vendetta was now internally screaming again.

Charlotte rolled her eyes with a smile, and got up. Vendetta looked at her. “Where are you going!?” “It’s School for me, but if you want to know more about yesterday you can follow me.” “You are extorting me?”

”You told me to play my cards, when I have a full house.” Charlotte heard a groan and running vendetta came back down a few minutes later. “Wait why didn’t you clean up?” “I did before you woke up, I was pretending like an Actress, or a Mime, or even a-“ “Shut up, you stupid blue girl.” “I’m your stupid blue girl thought.” Vendetta jolted and yelled to the cosmos.

The School

“Okay where here now, tell me!” “Nope you have to go through a whole school day, not threatening Mr.Milk or anyone else.” Vendetta shoulder slumped as she face palmed. “This is out of character for you, I thought you we’re girly-girl scout.”

”Well our talk last night, gave me a new thinking and outlook I haven’t seen. I will always be peppy and kind.” They walked into class everyone on edge and shocked to see Vendetta one without Grudge, two sitting next to Charlotte.

Mr.Milk cleared his throat to speak as the fiend bird death glared him. “It’s t-t-time for re-“ “Just teach the stupid class.” Everyone in the class gasped at Vendetta’s words. “Wh-w-what?” “Do I need to repeat myself.” Her glare cut through him. “No, okay we’ll be learning about a heavy topic book…It’s called Night…I-I have trouble reading it sometimes, for the topics are extreme. It’s message is powerful. We probably won’t be able to finish it in one sitting but we’ll get to some hard stuff….Okay?”

”Whatever…” she said leaning back when she was pinched. Glared at her seat-mate, mouthing I hate you. As Mr.Milk tough the class period about this (very good real book, you should read it if you like history and ww2)

Everyone except Ven and Char walked out the class for recess, shock and horrified. “Huh, if there are more books like that I might actually like reading books.” “I told you, still sad that happened to people.” “Hah! People are weak and can subjugated due to their own feeble needs.”

”Like you with me? Because you forgot about the story of what happened and are actively talking to me.” Everyone watched as Vendetta stood in her tracks. They prayed for Vendetta to make her wrath not spread to them. Yet to their surprise they heard her laugh, creepy and still maniacal. “You’re getting good at this, having me wrapt around your finger.” Vendetta reached into her shoe, and went to pull… went to pull out her knife… Knife? It’s not there!?

”Looking for this? You told me you’d do this. And you also thought me how to use a knife.” Charlotte was tossing without care, as if it’s a toy catching the handle with each toss. “I am impress you didn’t cut yourself? Still you owe me my right!” “Well since you did the bargain, I can tell you.”


Charlotte was walking around the park, picking up flowers for the friendly fiends she met. “One for you Pumpkin, and one for you Inky, and finally Mr.Bubbles.” The creature made audibly pleased noises, and slithering away. She pick more flowers humming when a looming shadow cast over her.

“Oh hi, Vendetta!” She waited for a response, but she looked so in thought. “Um, hello?” “Come with me I have a surprises for you.” Vendetta walked away, Charlotte followed keeping on her toes like everyone said. Took a long talk for her to get what, everyone in the town was saying. “So what’s up?” “I have a gift for you, you probably won’t like it.”

She lead her to a cave like area, far from Clamburg. A giant fiend block the way. “Uh, Ven I might need to go?” “No, wait we are almost there, please?” Charlotte never heard her said please before.

She nod and kept moving. “Hey stupid move.” The fiend look and pointed at Charlotte, Vendetta mood switch from calm to irritated fast. “GET OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE I BOIL YOU IN A GIANT POT YOU STUPID CRUSTACEAN!” The fiend jolted out the way. And they proceeded into the cove. “Walla, we are here.” Vendetta said walking over to a chair. Charlotte’s eyes lit up, scanning the clean water and foliage growing from the side of the cave. The sun light coming from a opening in the ceiling.

”Wow, Vendetta this place is so cool!” “Yes, I found it when I was little. I used it to hide away, and think how to destroy all the things that annoy me.”

Charlotte gulped as she remember everyone saying she was nothing more than an irritant to her. Did she want to trap her here? “Here, I alway make sure the fiend bring a new cooler before I relax here. Grape juice?” Against her better judgment Charlotte she accepted, was everyone wrong?

”Charlotte…I haven’t been good too you. I want to say something a bit bold, and you have all the right to say no. I have tried to kill you with Fiends, but when you were sad that one day it made me annoyed! I don’t know how to say this, but I like you.” Vendetta said looking into the ocean. Charlotte didn’t know what to say. What did she mean? “By like you mea-“ “I want to smash your pretty face, against mine until I can’t breath!” She shouted.

Her face was turning a hew of orange. “Oh, I huh…wow. I don’t know? I never really thought of something like this. Also you did just admitted to your attempts on my life…” Vendetta huffed and got up. “Yeah…that fair, I should have knew this was a waste of time.” “I didn’t say no.”

”What?” Charlotte got up and held her hand. “I didn’t say no, but i’m still not sure?” “What if we talked this over movies, and snacks at my house? The you can decide.” Vendetta said and Charlotte nodded.

they talked and talked until they left to go to Vendetta’s house…

Back to present

“That was a lot of fun.” Vendetta stood there gobsmacked. “What did you say?” “Huh, I though you didn’t care? Well anyways it’s been a fun walking down memory lan-“ “Tell me your answer, NOW!” Charlotte smiled and whispered “yes” Vendetta was just mute. “Okay…I don’t know what to do? You made everything more complicated.”

”So now that you’re ‘you’ again, did that change your mind? Or are you just gonna deny and gloom about all day.”

”Give me my knife and we’ll see how trusting you are.” Sarcasm as she held her hand out, to her surprise she hands her, her knife back. “Wh-WHAT!? I can kill you, you stupid-“ “You won’t~ I’ll see you later at your house.” She skipped away when the bell rung. On lookers stared with surprise, once again Charlotte cheated death. Feeling peeping eyes, Vendetta turned gripping her knife.

”WHAT’RE YOU STARRING AT YOU, KROCHA GONLIN!” They all disperse in fear. Leaving a flustered and enrage Vendetta.

Vendetta’s House

Vendetta groaned as she walked into her house, she heard a grunt and looked at the kitchen to see Grudge. “What you stupid hamster, and where have you been?” Grudge grunts. “When did I say you get ‘vacation days’ you simpleton!?” He grunts with an eye roll. “Yesterday I got quilled by a fiend that made me be lovey dovey with that, VIVID CYAN TWIT!”

Grudge eyes shot open and grunted. “Shut up, she’s gonna be here too! I had a chance to carve into her-“ Vendetta was interrupted by him grunted with his arms cross. “Don’t get smart with me rodent. I don’t know why I didn’t gut her?” Vendetta heard an awe from a hamster cage, and froze in shock.

”Our baby has a girlfriend, what she’s like?!” “That’s my girl, a lady killer like her old man.” Vendetta’s face turned a light orange, she walked over to her parents her glare sending them to shivers. Waiting for her to shout.

Instead they hear a groan of annoyance. “What do I do!? I don’t know how to feel…I-I don’t know why but I feel like throwing up, and setting things on fire! I also want to jump in place with a stupid giddy smile like a child on sugar!?”

Fiends, Grudge, and Vendetta’s parents watch in shocked as she paced tugging on her pigtails. Shouting swears in Bulgarian, Grudge picked her up and snapped his fingers. When she focused on him, he set her down and grunted. “What do you mean just go along and find out? I rather drink poison!” He huffed and rolled his eyes. “Ugh, fine…but if this goes south you all will feel my fury!” Instead of a spooked face Grudge smug smile was blatant.

”I hate you. Take my Parents somewhere with you. Fiend’s go terrorize, or something just get the hell away from my house!” All the Fiends disperse quickly, Grudge grunted and picked up the Hamster cage. “Good luck sweetie!” Her parents shouted.

A few hours pass as Vendetta heard her door bell. She opened the door and Charlotte standing at her door way. “Hey Vendetta, so h-“ “Get in shut up, I don’t want people to see me conversing with you.” Charlotte rolled her eyes smile still plastered on her face. “Well if that’s the case I might as well leave.” “No wait! …Just hurry up and get in.” “Well since you put it so nicely, okay!”

”So umm…” “Yes, Vendetta?” Vendetta still lingering in thought, struggled to fine words. Charlotte put her hand on her shoulder. “Look Ven, I know I am a teeny tiny bit naive-“ “Understatement” “-mainly when I was younger. I can see you are lost in the whole butterflies in the stomach. We can just hang out, if you don’t want to be a thing that’s fine.”

Charlotte plops on the couch and patted the seat next to her. Vendetta hesitant sat down. “So what you want to watch?” “I uh, I guess I would like to watch a horror movie.” Charlotte was a little nervous. “Well I’ll be a bit jumpy, so sorry if I cling to you in advance.” “Don’t say such sappy stuff like that!” Charlotte giggled at Vendettas outburst. They popped in the terror flick.

Charlotte jumped a lot at the scares, Vendetta just admire the gore. Still cheesy and fake but pretty good. When Charlotte got so scared, and buried her face into Vendetta’s shoulder did she jump.

They sat like that for awhile, Vendetta clearing her throat to remind her that she’s in her bubble. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean t-“ “I don’t mind.” Charlotte snuggled into her arm and sat and watch the movie. It didn’t seem that scary anymore.

”So how you feel about me now?” Charlotte said still glued to her arm. “You annoy me, you make me want to bash my skull in when you sing…but I want you to still do all that. Don’t in your life tell anyone what I said!” Charlotte laughed.

”Deal it’s our secret. Wanna kiss on it?” “Wha-WHAT!?!” “Kidding we don’t need to go that quickly yet, you and I got a looong way to go.” Vendetta crossed her arms pouting. “I am tired of you.” “No come back, I want to cuddle~“ “Cuddle a cactus.” “But you’re as rough, and green. The only difference is they don’t talk.” “I’ll poke your eye out, then you’ll see no differences.” They laugh and laugh.

They conked out again on the couch, Grudge came back too see the two sleeping. The three of them awed and Grudge tossed a blanked over the two. And went to his room.

Yup made another story, why haven’t I worked on the others? I have things to do, but at least it’s summer. So yeah see ya’ll the next time I upload.