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Shen Wei's spontaneous visit wasn't unusual, he would pop into the SID all the time, usually the rest of the team would get excited for the possibility of leaving early but he told everyone he was only in for a quick visit before he had to head back to the university to work late.

When Shen Wei entered Yunlans office his polite bright face dropped into something dark, something predatory.

"Baobei," Yunlan greeted him, "You're here-"

"I just spend the whole morning in a meeting with," Shen Wei looked like the vein on his forehead was about to pop, he almost seethed, "an old acquaintance of yours." Stalking forward, Shen Wei began to impatiently slip off his suit jacket and dropped his briefcase on the floor next to Yunlan's desk.

"You did? I have old acquaintances? Huh. Are you okay? You look a bit- '' Yunlan, his game of minesweeper abandoned, rose from his chair only to be cornered back against his desk.

Shen Wei, using his foot, slid the wheeled chair away from Yunlan's desk and started to close in on his husband.

"A pretty little thing from the academy, the same academy you went to." Shen Wei's voice was deep, it sent a shiver through Yunlans spine.

"Oh, really? Haha that was so many years ago I don't really remember-"

"Well she certainly did, she loved to let everyone know just how close she was with the now famous Chief of Special Investigation, Zhao Yunlan. Mistaking the meeting for some gossip session she was very thorough with her reminiscing- something about a little prank on an old disliked superior of the both of yours." Shen Wei, with his hands on each side on Yunlan against the desk, bracketing him in, stared his husband down.

"Ah, maybe recall a certain-"

"And a desk."

"Sorry? I- uh I don't think I know, my memory is a bit…" Yunlan's words stumbled in embarrassing recognition. Knowing exactly what Shen Wei was talking about.

Shen Wei cocked his head, "No? Would you like me to remind you, I was subjected to the full story so I'm sure I could give you a hand at remembering."

Bringing his hands up gently, Shen Wei tenderly gripped Yunlan's waist before squeezing his hips and spinning him around. Yunlan felt a broad palm push against the centre of his shoulder blades, forcing him to fold over his desk, bending ass out in front of Shen Wei.

"Ah! Baobei I'm sure she was mistaken" Yunlan swallowed loudly and his legs started to shake with anticipation. And a hint of fear.

He knew exactly who Shen Wei had come across, a loud mouth old flame that still boasts about being the only one in the academy to share a bed with the infamous Zhao Yunlan. Or share a desk, he should say. It was a one time thing, he got carried away in the moment and they ending up fucking on their superiors desk.

He knew that if he fought back Shen Wei would yield and back away, he would never force him to do anything Yunlan was not comfortable with, but this sent a fiery heat in the pit of his stomach. The feeling of Shen Wei man handling Yunlan, bending him over, in the middle of the day in a building full of people. His fingers flexed against the wood of his desk, his work papers crumbled beneath his chest.

He felt a hand softly drag down his back, smoothing over the curve of his ass before stopping to squeeze. Yunlan's feet shuffled slightly as he tried to resist gasping aloud. Thank goodness he had shut the office blinds before Shen Wei had arrived, he did however notice that the door wasn't locked. He'd have to be careful of the sounds he made in case someone were to come snooping.

"Not to worry" Shen Wei started, "I'll help you jog your memory. " He reached around to the front of Yunlan's jeans and started undoing his buttons before swiftly pulling his jean's and underwear down to his knees. Yunlan hissed at the sudden cool air against his skin.

Shen Wei huffed in approval behind him, seeing Yunlans now very obvious reaction, his leaking cock bouncing off the edge of his desk. He leaned in close to Yunlan's ear, his full body weight against his back and whispers low and deep.

"Was she dripping just like you?" Yunlan squirmed under Shen Wei's sudden lewd words, finally understanding that it wasn't anger Shen Wei was feeling, it was jealousy. He was being punished. Yunlan heard the faint sound of a cap clicking behind him, "Did she spread herself across the desk, her legs quivering with anticipation also?"

Yunlan felt Shen Wei slick fingers slide over his perineum and up, until he was sliding his finger into Yunlans hot clenched hole. Yunlan hissed beneath him, bucking his hips slightly at the new intrusion before Shen Wei felt Yunlan unclench and drop his forehead to the desk with a thump.

"I- I can't remember, Baobei, please I-"

"Sssh," Shen Wei kissed the nape of Yunlans neck before slowly standing up straight, his fingers continuously dragging across the inside of Yunlan, he added another finger when Yunlan was pliant enough, working him without mercy, "She told me-"

Yunlans hands started to grasp against his desk, trying to find something to hold onto as Shen Wei pulled him apart, reducing him to a quivering mess in his own office.

"She told that your kisses were feverish." Shen Wei started to grind his hips against Yunlans exposed ass. "That your hands were strong. And your cock inside her."

Yunlan moaned like a wanton slut as Shen Wei prodded his prostate with his long unwavering fingers, prying him apart.

"S-she, ah! she didn't say tha-aah!" Yunlan started rocking his hips back on Shen Wei's fingers.

"Look at you." Shen Wei's voice was dripping with lust and possessiveness, "Did you want her to say that? Do you want all your past.. lovers," he hissed at that word, "to roam these streets, boasting about how great it was being fucked by you?"

"No, Baobei," Yunlan was now whimpering, his legs shaking with need and his hips bucking. His hole begging to be fucked by something other than Shen Wei's fingers. "I don't-"

Yunlan could hear the sound of Shen Wei's belt buckle clicking, more movement as he retracted his fingers from him, Yunlan whimpered at the loss until he felt Shen Wei's hot blunt head against his opening. His toes started to curl in his boots, Yunlan turned his head to see Shen Wei staring down at him, unmoving before he leaned down and gave Yunlan a soft kiss against his cheek that wasn't pressed against the desk.

In a soft gentle tone, Shen Wei whispered fondly into Yunlan's ear.

"Well, who's the one bent over a desk this time?"

Yunlan full body shivered.

"Who's fucking you now?"

At that, Shen Wei slammed his hips, his thick cock sliding easily into Yunlan's hot hole.

Yunlan felt a hand clamp over his mouth before his unhinged moan could escape through the walls of the SID.

"What would they think?" Each question was driven home by a deep thrust into Yunlan, pushing him higher up his desk, pen cups and papers being knocked to the floor. "If they knew, if the city knew, their saviour was keening, was practically begging for my cock."

Yunlan's feet started to scrape across the ground, trying to find leverage, trying to push himself higher up the desk. With each relentless sharp thrust inside him, Yunlan's eyes started to roll into the back of his head.

Suddenly the phone at his desk started to ring.

Shen Wei paused, but not out of surprise, like he was waiting for something. He brought his hand around Yunlan's chest and gently pulled him standing, pulled him so his back was flush against Shen Wei's chest. With one hand Shen Wei caressed his way up Yunlan's chest, up past his ruined shirt and rested a gentle grip around Yunlan's throat.

His other hand reached for the phone.

"Once she heard that I was also... 'acquainted' with you, how could I not be kind enough to pass your number on?"

Yunlan stilled, his chest heaving, a hand around his neck and Shen Wei's cock still deep in his ass. His fingertips barely reached the edge of the desk by the way Shen Wei was holding him against his own chest. Yunlan's throbbing forgotten cock leaked generously in front of him, creating a puddle on his desk.

As he tried to understand, tried to get his bearings, he felt the phone being held up against his ear.

"Say hello to your old friend." Shen Wei whispered, quiet enough only Yunlan could hear him

He heard a faint voice through the phone. "Hello? Is this Zhao Yunlan? I was given this number by a friend of yours."

Yunlan's stomach dropped. He'd never seen Shen Wei this possessive, this jealous before. He never cared for his past experience, never shamed him, but he would get jealous from time to time. This, however, it was like something snapped inside Shen Wei.

Shen Wei was reminding Yunlan who he was; his husband. And who his husband was; a soulless menace. The Ghost Slayer. And Yunlan was his.

"Hualing?" Yunlan could hear the phone creak beside his ear under the grip of Shen Wei's jealously.

"Ah, you remember me?"

Without warning, Shen Wei started to slowly grind against Yunlan, not thrusting but just grinding deeper within Yunlan.

Feeling Yunlan's legs starting to tremble in front of his own, Shen Wei slowly walked back, a hand around Yunlans neck and his cock buried inside him, until the backs of his calves hit Yunlans office chair and sat down, bringing Yunlan down with him, bouncing in his lap.

Frantically grasping at the arms of the chair, Yunlan tired to steady himself, his lip almost bleeding from biting on it- trying to keep silent while the woman on the other end of the phone started to speak.

"I'm on my lunch break just now and I wanted to see if this number worked. I'm glad it does, I was hoping at some point we could catch up, y'know? For old time sake."

Yunlan grabbed the phone that was still hovering by his ear, catching a faint smile across Shen Wei's face, before he steadied his breathing and replied.

"Y-yes, that would be, uh, that sound like a good idea." The rest of his words disappeared in his head as Shen Wei started to mouth at his neck, licking, kissing and then sinking his teeth into his flesh, almost bursting the skin, but enough to bruise. Enough for people to see.

Shen Wei's other hand had snaked around and started running his fingers up the underside of Yunlan's cock, it in turn started twitching and leaking from finally receiving the attention Yunlan had been craving.

"Are you alright? You sound a bit-"

"Ah- uhm listen Hualing, im s-s sorry but you caught me at a bad time," Shen Wei rocked his hips up, bouncing Yunlan on his lap, forcing Yunlan to grab onto one of Shen Wei's knees that his leg was balanced on, "Can I ca-all you back?"

"Ah! Yes of course, my apologies. My number should've showed up on your phone so you can reach me through that. It was nice hearing from you." The polite woman quickly wrapped up her conversation, singing a goodbye and hanging up the phone.

Instead of reaching to put it back on the hook, Yunlan dropped the phone, the sound of it cracking slightly wasn't heard over Yunlan's broken and desperate moan.

He leaned forward, holding his full weight on his wobbling arms perched on the edge of Shen Wei's knees. His feet scrambled to touch the ground, but they just dangled either side of Shen Wei's thighs.

Before Yunlan could start begging, Shen Wei had shushed him, his hand loosening from his neck and coming up to push his bangs out of his face, tipping Yunlan's head back, his body moving with it until he was draped over Shen Wei.

The angle of Shen Wei inside of Yunlan made his husband's breath stutter.

"Baobei, please, I can't- I need-" Yunlan had never sounded so desperate, Shen Wei made a mental note to do this again. He didn't get possessive or jealous often but today it had pushed him over the line.

Shen Wei's hand finally wrapped around Yunlan's cock and he started pumping, at the same time his hips started rolling underneath Yunlan. It only took a few more pumps before Yunlan was coming hard, ropes of cum coating Shen Wei's hand, staining Yunlan's jeans and dripping onto the floor.

This time Yunlan couldn't help the desperate broken moan from leaving his throat, far too gone to care about anyone hearing.

Lifting Yunlan up, Shen Wei stood again, draping his shivering husband back over the desk in front of him and snapping his hips into him a few times before Shen Wei's breath became ragged.

Yunlan could only weakly hold onto the desk as he felt Shen Wei coming deep inside him, his husbands hips stuttering erratically before coming to a still.

The only sound that was heard in the office was both of their harsh breathing and the faint dripping of cum leaking out of where Shen Wei and Yunlan were still connected, dripping down his shaking thighs and puddling on the ground between his legs.

Smiling lethargically against his desk as his lover above him peppered kisses against his neck and jaw, Yunlan thought to himself that maybe his old "acquaintances" should try to contact him more often.