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horse door

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Cat david was bored. He was the prince of the kingdom, but he had nothing to do all day. After lying down for a bit, he realized that he was quite hungry so he quickly got up and made his way to the ballroom.

On his way to the ballroom, he began thinking about how funny it was. When cat david was 3, he liked the ballroom so much that he wanted to do everything in there. He even refused to eat anywhere else! So his parents just had to start serving meals in the ballroom. Now, even though cat david is out of his ballroom phase, everyone still ate in the ballroom. It became a tradition. How silly.

Just as he was about to go down the escalator that went straight to the ballroom, he heard a weird noise that sounded like chirping. Cat david eagerly ran towards the noise. He hadn't seen any animals or anything from outside in years! He always wanted more animal friends, and he was tired of rereading the same 10 books everyday. But he did not expect to see what he did.

"a door? and it's glowing?" whispered cat david. As cat david crawled closer to the door, he noticed a drawing on the door. It was a beautiful portrait of a horse.

"wow a horse! I wonder if there are horses behind this door," thought cat david. After thinking about it for a few seconds, he decided to just open the door and take a quick look. The chirping noise was also extremely loud now, so cat david just wanted to get away from it. Without any hesitation, he quickly turned the doorknob and opened the door.

"ew is that a cat?" said something.

"i think so! cats are so cute!" said something else.

Cat david opened his eyes and saw two things. One was a completely blue circle with eyes, almost too blue. His eyes were starting to hurt so he looked away to the second thing. He instantly regretted it though, since the second one was an even brighter yellow circle.

"sorry i think i made a wrong turn somewhere. I'm going back to the ballroom now bye," muttered cat david as he got up. He was going to walk towards the door to leave, but couldn't see the door. He looked around a few times and still couldn't see the door. It was just a flat grass field with a river a few meters away. And then the two circles rolled in front of him.

"excuse me is there a horse door nearby?" asked cat david. he was starting to get a little worried.

"oh yeah there is! that horse on the door is actually my horse named buttercup! buttercup, come here!" yelled the blue thing.

Cat david saw nothing until he turned around. He saw a half horse, half fish walk out of the river on its fins. Once it was fully on land, it transformed into a centaur. But not a normal centaur, it had a horse head and human legs.

cat david started crying, he wanted to go home. Then the centaur fish made the chirping noises cat david heard and suddenly the horse door appeared.

"isn't buttercup so cool?" asked the blue thing, but cat david didn't have time to answer. He ran through that door. Once he was back in the castle, he ran down the escalator and into the ballroom. For the next 3 hours, he just sat on the floor and reflected on buttercup, the chirping horse fish human.