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Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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Dean exhales softly as the sack is removed from his head. The light emanating from the naked lightbulb is harsh and he blinks several times as his eyes adjust. Something hard is invading his mouth, making it impossible to speak. At least it's a proper gag and not a damn sock. Dean moves his jaw anyway, trying to dislodge the gag but nothing happens.


He's sitting in a chair or is rather bound to it. Ropes coil around his chest and his ankles and wrists are secured too. He glances down at the knots and can't help but admire the handiwork.


Hello, Dean.”


Dean's gaze shifts to his kidnapper. The man is closer to Dean's age than he thought, which tells him that this isn't some elaborate teen prank. His ruffled hair gives him a disheveled look but his blue eyes, cold as they are, pull Dean in. Messy hair aside, everything else about the man is proper, from his black shoes to his black suit pants, white shirt, and dark suit jacket. If not for the ropes and gag, and well... kidnapping, Dean was almost expecting the guy to ask him out.


Or should I say, Dean Winchester? Quite the prize I've collected.”


For a brief moment, Dean feels a sting of disappointment. Sure, Dean is a prize, he's got that damn straight but not for the reason the man thinks.


The kidnapper walks up to Dean and grabs him by the chin. “I think I'll get a handsome ransom for you.”


Dean scoffs and stops himself from rolling his eyes. Apparently, this guy knows nothing about the Winchester clan or Win Chest Hair, the patented thermal microdermabrasion gun and technique – Dean honestly has no fucking clue how it really works – that gives guys thicker hair and the Winchesters' even thicker wallets.


The knob is still there, making it impossible to speak. Dean shakes his head slightly and raises his eyebrows.


Do you have something to say?” the man asks.


Dean nods.


The kidnapper pauses for a second before deciding to oblige his silent request. “I can do that. But if you so much as try to scream for help, I have other ways to silence you than a gag.”


Kinky. A wave of warmth washes over Dean and he clenches his hands before relaxing again.


Bending over Dean, the man unbuckles the binding in the back and removes the gag. Dean inhales the subtle scent of his aftershave. He smells nice.


With the gag gone, Dean moves his jaw. He grimaces against the pain. Apparently, he's been out longer than he thought if his muscles are aching.


I –“. Dean stops and clears his throat before trying again.


Not to burst your bubble here...” He lets the rest hang in the air and his kidnapper must be feeling agreeable because he gives a name.




Castiel. It has a nice ring to it, and coupled with the dark timbre of his voice and the bindings securing him to the chair – bindings that keep him in place , well, what's a guy to do? He sighs out his excitement.


Not to burst your bubble, Castiel, but you're overestimating my father's concern for me.” Or his love for that matter, Dean thinks. “That is even if you can convince him to save me.” As long as his brother is fine, he doubts John will lift a finger to save him. But on the other hand, having a child of his being kidnapped might be seen as a bigger inconvenience and bad press for Win Chest Hair. Can't have that.


Castiel kneels down next to Dean and looks him in the eye. “Oh your father is stubborn, but I have my ways of getting what I want.”


There's something with how Castiel sounds, his voice gravely and frankly hot as hell, paired with the absolute surety that he will succeed that goes straight to Dean's cock. He feels himself chub up and moves slightly on the chair to adjust himself. The ropes don't have much give and the realization that he's tied down, that he's at Castiel's mercy gives his cock incentive to grow even more. Fuck... but also, please fuck me, Dean thinks.


What?” Dean's voice sounds hoarse. “You're going to hurt me?” He tries to make it sound like a question and not a plea but he's not sure if he's succeeding when he notices that Castiel narrows his eyes.


Only if I have to.”


Christ. Dean really wants him to. His eyes flit to Castiel's hands; they're big and strong. He imagines them around his throat, or against his cheek. Frankly, as long as he puts his hand on Dean, he's pretty much game for anything. He can imagine the headlines. 'Dean Winchester gets more than hair removed in an effort to save his life.' He pictures Castiel ripping his T-shirt to pieces, pinching his nipple. Dean wets his lips and looks Castiel in the eye again. “Oh, yeah.” He angles his head in a subtle gesture, offering his cheek to him. “You can start with some slapping.”


Castiel pulls back a fraction, a confused wrinkle on his beautiful, albeit kidnapping face. “What?”


Slapping. A hard hand against the cheek.” Dean licks his lips. “Maybe a spanking too, to really prove that you mean.... business.” But Dean would rather they skip the business part and go straight to pleasure. Dean can't stop the slight grin on his face as he looks down at Castiel's crotch. “And is that a gun or are you... very happy to see me?”


Why... would I slap you?” Castiel asks but doesn't move.


Dean does roll his eyes this time. “Please. The hood, and the very hot gag. I can taste the quality of the leather. Scratchy ropes and knots a fisherman would kill to know. I know a kinkster when I see one.”


Castiel raises a hand in objection. “I'm not... a...” He pulls out a gun and pushes the muzzle right below Dean's chin, where his skin is soft. “You seem to fail to grasp this situation, Dean,” he whispers. “Your life is in serious danger.”


Dean's heartbeat ratchets up. Holy hell, it's like Castiel read his fucking kink list. Gun kink, check. “Mm, yeah.” He swallows and feels the press of the muzzle against his skin. “Serious as a BDSM dungeon, you freaky bastard.”


When Castiel doesn't say anything, Dean continues. “You're gonna stand there and tell me we're not in a fucking dungeon already?”


Castiel glances around the room.


Lowering his voice, Dean continues. “Are you gonna tell me that sack was not part of a sensory deprivation kink? Hot as fuck by the way.”


Castiel lowers the gun. “What, no!”


Oh, you think my sexual kinks are weird? That's...” Dean bites his lips before speaking again, “degrading.” He winks at Castiel.


Castiel's eyebrows fly up before his face turns all stoic again. “Look, I'm not kink-shaming you. Trust me. It's just... I'm fucking kidnapping you, this is not a scene!”


Oh, a 'scene'. You speak the lingo. I knew you were a natural Dom, it practically rolls off you in waves. You know what else could come?”


No – “


Me.” Dean grins again. “Don't you want to punish me? I've been a very, very bad victim.”


Castiel reaches down in his pocket and flicks open a knife. “Look, I don't mix business with pleasure. And as hot as you are, getting my hands on Win Chest Hair's money is even hotter.” He angles the flat side of the knife and caresses Dean's cheek, stopping right near his mouth. “Now shut up about kinks or I'll cut your damn tongue out. You suck as a kidnapping victim.”


Dean is practically coming in the damn chair. “I don't need a tongue to suck you. ” He notices how Castiel's pupils dilate slightly and if that isn't a turn on.


Castiel grabs Dean by the hair and yanks his head back. “I swear, if you don't shut up, I'll make you kneel on fucking gravel.” He tightens his hold on Dean's hair. “Got it?”


Holy hell. Dean's answer is a mere whisper. “Yes, Sir.”


He notices the brief flash of approval on Castiel's face before he schools it into one of annoyance.


Suddenly the phone rings and Castiel answers.


Dean knows it's his dad in how Castiel's demeanor changes.

“I haven't touched him, yet but if you don't wire me the funds I demanded in the letter, your son will
lose more than his fucking chest hair, got it? And I bet you that will be a PR nightmare. You have the account number. I'll give you five days.”


Castiel presses the button and the call ends.


It lacks the dramatic flair from the old-school phones. But it gets the message across, Dean thinks.


Smart move. He'll give you the money.”


Castiel blinks. “What makes you so sure?”


Because I know my dad. And he'll want me back. Not because of some parental love, but because it will look bad, and he's afraid the stock worth will plummet like a fucking rock. Speaking of rocks,” Dean tries to angle his hips up but the ropes are secure. “I'm rock hard over here.”


He can see Castiel clench his jaw. “If you were my sub, I'd forbid you to come for a fucking month after the shit you're pulling here.”


Dean nods. A cruel punishment but Dean's not looking for a weak Dom. And his tingling spider senses tell him, Castiel is not looking for a weak sub. “I'm helping you. I help you, you help me. It's a win-win.” Dean winks again and Castiel sighs.

“You're fucking infuriating. I should gag you again.”


Hiding his smile, Dean looks down on the floor. “Sorry, Sir.”


Like hell you are. I recognize that bratty, tone of voice.” He grabs Dean by the jaw, hard.


Why are you helping me? I'll know if you'll lie.”


Dean licks his lips and curbs the urge to lean into Castiel's touch. He's hot as hell but strangely soft. Something unfamiliar swirls in his stomach, something odd stirs in his heart. A yearning to submit. He just needs to know.


The company is doing good, but dad's a dick. I never wanted to be a part of the family business anyway. This, you, are my way out.”


Castiel scoffs. “What makes you think I won't put a bullet in you?”


I want you to put something inside me.”


He doesn't hide his smile this time, as Castiel exhales softly and lets go of Dean's jaw. “How am I your way out?”


Dean tries to shrug but it's awkward due to the ropes. “You let me go in a few days. I can say we had a scuffle, I knocked you over. I find my way home. I suppose we're far away from home.”


Castiel nods at that.

“How long will it take me to go by foot to the nearest road?”


Castiel pauses as if deciding if he should trust Dean with this ludicrous plan.“Several hours if you can find your way out of the forest. Then you'll stumble upon a road that is infrequently trafficked, but you'll find someone eventually. And then, more hours until you're home.”


Hm, gonna tell me how many hours?”




Dean grins. “Fair enough. Obviously, you have to clear this lovely place by then, get rid of any evidence. But I have a feeling you've already planned for that?”


I have.”


As for what's in it for me? Freedom. I can say I got traumatized by the kidnapping, I'm not my old self. Dad will grumble and he'll be pissed but even he will see the wisdom in handing over the reins to Sam instead. And with me back, all the shareholders can let their hair down. The company will go back to normal. Hell, with the shareholders throwing a party, might even make the stocks go up. It's a win-win-win-win.”


Castiel crosses his arms. “How am I winning?”


Dean shrugs. “You get to fuck my fine ass.”


I can do that anyway, without letting you go.”


You sure can. But you'll get more money this way, a nice house, pool, yadda yadda, the cops off your tail... and you'll get me.”


Castiel is silent, listening.


You lay low for a few months, and then you come find me. You know where I live.”


Castiel smirks at that. “I do.”


Yeah, and then you ask me out.”


There's a pause. “I ask you out? Why the fuck would I want to do that?”


Out of curiosity. I know you find me attractive. Don't worry, the feeling is mutual. And you'll want to see me again, not just because of my devilish handsome look but because you'll be curious to see if it's possible; if you can fool my dad. Imagine. His son dating the very man that kidnapped him. Instead of you taking money from John, he'll be the one giving them to you. John Winchester is many things but he's not a bigot. He'll accept you, and since he's a stickler for traditions, he'll want us to get married asap. He's fine with me sleeping around, but if I'm dating seriously, well, let's say you better put a ring on my finger sooner than later. And then, all mine will be yours.” Dean laughs. “And I have a feeling I will be yours too, in every sense of the word.” He can practically see Castiel turning everything he's said in his mind, assessing every word.


You've thought about everything, haven't you? Why do I get the sense that you didn't come up with all this during the few hours I've had you?”


Dean smacks with his tongue. “Board meetings are boring.”


Castiel laughs then and it does something to Dean. He hasn't known Castiel for long if being kidnapped counts for something but he knows he wants to please him again. Within reasonable bounds of course, he is bratty after all.


And if I want to divorce you?”


We'll write a contract so you get some money anyway – more than you're asking off him now. I know dad will object but I'll remind him of my terrible kidnapping ordeal and you are my husband after all. One of dad's lawyers – Crowley – can help us.”


Castiel hums. “Why would you give me the money, even if I divorce you?”


I assume the split will be amicable. And as you said, you know where I live?”


So insurance that I won't come after you again and kill you?”


Dean blinks. “Would you kill me? I thought you were just in the kidnapping business?”


Castiel's voice darkens. “I can diversify.”


A man of many talents.” Dean looks at Castiel. He's pretty good at reading people and he sees the interest there. “Besides, I'd rather you have the money than my dad, so you don't need to worry. I won't contest.”


Castiel raises an eyebrow. “Thought of everything, have you? Not many people daydream about being kidnapped.”


Trust me, that's not what I'm daydreaming about right now.”


Humming, Castiel removes his suit jacket. “Well, since we have some days to kill, I suggest we make the most of it.”


Uh-huh. I remember you calling me hot...”


Castiel reaches out and grabs Dean by the throat. “I also said you're irritating. Don't tempt me, boy.


It's like Dean's synapses all fire off at once. Desire races through him and his mouth runs before his brain can stop him. He looks Castiel dead in the eye and says, “praise works better on me.”


He feels the tip of the knife against his chest. “Is that so?”




Then be a good boy and don't move.”


With practiced movements, Castiel slices away the ropes.


Dean doesn't move.


Castiel narrows his eyes but Dean doesn't miss the subtle smile. “Now, the exit is just to the left. You'll open a door and the forest is right there. Freedom, Dean.”


Why are you – “


I'll give you a thirty-second head start. After that, I'll hunt you down.”


Dean's pulse soars and his heart starts beating at a ridiculous speed. But it's not his heart Dean's worried about but his cock, that has turned rock solid. Fuck, do those words turn him on.


And, uh, if you find me? What happens then?”


Rolling up his shirt sleeves, Castiel's smile turns wider. “I'll claim you. In every sense of the word.”


Oh my god.”


Castiel smirks. “One. Two.”


A rush of adrenaline goes throw Dean. He takes off, following Castiel's instructions.


When he's out the door, with the forest in front of him and the earth beneath his feet, Dean has never felt more alive. He runs fast, the wind tousling his hair and his heart beating so hard, it almost drowns out every other sound.


As he looks back, he sees Castiel in the distance. Coming for him. Hunting him.


This beats board meetings by a mile.


Dean runs faster.