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How Do I Get Your Attention

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She tried to snuggle deeper into the armchair her I-pod trying in vain to drown out the argument going on in front of her. Glancing over at the other occupants of the apartment, she tried to look at them without making eye contact. God, all she needed right now was to be dragged into an argument about ‘multi- verses’ what in the hell were they anyway?
But she did love to watch Sheldon like this in full flow, the concentration etched on his brow, his blue eyes piercing into some poor individuals very sole while ripping them the proverbial new one.
As she looked on her poor boy-friend didn’t seem too aware of just what was going on. Sweet and loveable, sadly Leonard would never learn, no one ever won an argument with Sheldon.
No one apart from her that is and no way she was jumping in on this one, boyfriend or not.
Penny took her head-phones off for a second to hear if anything had been settled, Leonard glanced over at her, she smiled back. “Leonard, are you even listening to me? You did initiate this discussion after all,” Sheldon’s voice had taken on his: ‘I’m talking people, everyone listen’ tone.
“Sorry Sheldon, yes you’re right. Now what were we saying?”
Penny knew she should only be looking at Leonard, but her eye’s kept slowly moving back to his room-mate. The way he talked with his hands, the almost choreographed way his hands moved with his voice held her spellbound.
Of course from where the two were sitting it looked as if she was simply looking at her boyfriend.
Her inner struggle was not being helped by the lyrics of the song she had been listening to.

‘Cause when I’m with him I am thinking of you
I’m thinking of you
What you would do if you were the one who was spending the night
Oh’ I wish that I was looking into your eyes.
Damn sang would be in her head all-night now.
Penny shook herself, throwing down her I-pod. Looking up she saw Leonard was smiling at her, “You ok there Penny?” She stood up laughing, “Yeah, I’m fine, just need the bathroom."
Once inside the bathroom, Penny leaned against the door, releasing the sob she had been holding ever since she realized her true feelings for… Why him?
Moving to the sink, Penny quickly splashed cold water on her face in an attempt to clear her head. She needed time to think, the bathroom however seemed only a temporary haven as Leonard started to knock on the door, “Penny you ok in there?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, just be a minute.” Trying to compose herself, Penny opened the door to a smiling Leonard. She wore the now well-practiced smile on her face, so false anyone but Leonard would have seen straight through it.
But no, she was being unfair to him; they both knew that the happy smiles and the affectionate hugging were simply a farce a show they both employed to fool those around them, sadly at times even trying to fool themselves into believing their relationship was anything more than Penny’s need not to be alone and Leonard’s need for sex.
“Sheldon’s getting ready for bed, so I thought maybe we could…” Leonard had slipped his arms around Penny’s waist, looking at her with his patented sad puppy dog eyes. Penny pulled away before walking to the centre of the apartment, turning to look back at Leonard, She hated what she knew had to be done, “Not tonight sweetie, I’m not feeling to good right now.” Kissing him quickly on the cheek, she made for the door not even trusting herself to say good-night to Sheldon right now.
As always he had other ideas.
“Good-night Penny, if you’re still unwell tomorrow please consider others and stay away.”
Penny looked back at Sheldon a slight smile playing across his face; his last remark would have sounded cruel from anyone else, but this was Sheldon, standing there in his pyjamas and robe. To be cold or cruel to her would never have even crossed his mind.
“No problem Moonpie,” Penny said, quickly closing the door before Sheldon could rebuke her for calling him Moonpie.
Once back in her own apartment, Penny walked into her bedroom throwing herself on to the bed pulling a pillow over her face in the hope it would drown out her scream of frustration.


Leonard knew he really had to concentrate on their discussion, which was quickly growing into a full blown argument and to Leonard’s everlasting embarrassment an argument he never had any chance of winning. He was finding it very hard to concentrate; due to continually glancing over to Penny. She was looking at him: ‘God she was so beautiful, sexy and best of all she was all his’ Leonard was quickly snapped out of his reverie by Sheldon’s voice, “Leonard, are you even listening to me?” The rest of what Sheldon said was lost to him focused as he was on Penny.
Turning back toward his roommate, it seemed clear that Sheldon had seen through his ploy and the real reason he had wanted to restart their discussion, “Sorry Sheldon, yes you’re right. Now what was I saying?”
It had all seemed so simple, he had researched it for days to be ready for their discussion rematch, the timing had been perfect; Penny would see him destroy Sheldon, she would be so impressed with his superior intelligence.
Sadly, Sheldon had not received the memo about Leonard winning.
Within minutes his whole argument was reduced to shreds, Sheldon was simply toying with him.
Leonard’s concentration was again broken as Penny threw down her I-pod. Penny was speaking to him as she stood and walked away but all he heard was, “Bathroom,” over Sheldon’s consist talking.
Leonard stood waving his hand in surrender, “Ok Sheldon, you win.”
Glancing at Sheldon with that look of superiority on his face almost made Leonard restart their discussion or punch him. But no, the quicker he finished the quicker he could be alone with Penny. And being alone with Penny and what they would be doing later had been on Leonard’s mind all day.
For some reason they had found very little time to be alone, between work and driving Sheldon everywhere, Penny always seemed to have something to do. She always seemed to find time for Sheldon, even at the expense of time with her boyfriend. Yes he was her boyfriend he was entitled, he had rights, he had needs.
“Leonard, I’m going to get ready for bed I would hope you will keep the noise of your sexual actives to a minimum,” Sheldon said as he passed him. Leonard looked over his shoulder smiling as he knocked on the bathroom door, “We’ll try but no promises.”
Watching his roommate walk away Leonard wondered why Sheldon always had to try and spoil things for him.
The bathroom door opened as Penny walked out, slipping his arms around her he was sure she was just as keen as him for some ‘alone time’, “Sheldon’s getting ready for bed so I thought maybe we could,” he was quickly interrupted by Penny pulling away from him. Leonard was confused and a little hurt but followed Penny into the sitting area. She stopped for a moment in the centre of the apartment before turning to look at him, “Not tonight sweetie…” Penny was still talking but he had only heard the first three words: ‘not tonight sweetie’. Leonard was about to ask why but Penny was already moving toward the door, only stopping when Sheldon called after her. Leonard turned staring at his roommate, hardly bothering to listen to what he was saying to Penny. Leonard’s mind was now solely fixated on how Sheldon had ruined his whole evening with his girlfriend.
Leonard started to laugh as the door closed behind Penny, more out of frustration than anything humorous Sheldon may have just said, “God, Sheldon you really don’t get it do you? You have no idea what just happened.”
“Leonard, please I have an IQ of 187, I deal with facts and pure logic. I leave ‘vague notions and ideas’ to lesser minds…Such as you.” Sheldon emphasized his point with air quotes. Leonard walked up to his roommate, pointing his finger at him, “Yeah but this time Mr Genius your wrong, Penny left because you make her feel uncomfortable, she wanted to be alone with me tonight, but as always your here.” Leonard threw his hands in the air, before storming off to his bedroom, leaving a slightly bemused Sheldon standing in the kitchen.

Sheldon was only too well aware as to the real reason Leonard had asked if they could continue their discussion on the ‘Bat-man multi-verse concept. It was simply a feeble attempt to try and impress his girlfriend. Did Leonard really think he did not check their inter-net log; he knew Leonard had been researching for days. It was of no consequence to Sheldon, he already knew the outcome even before Leonard’s opening argument. Leonard was so predictable.
Sheldon was happy enough to take part; he found a discussion with his roommate relaxed him. However tonight Leonard’s consent wandering was becoming annoying, he seemed compelled to contently look at Penny as if seeking vindication for his actions.
After Sheldon’s latest rebuke to him for not paying attention, Penny had stood up and gone to the bathroom. Signalling it seemed to Leonard she was bored with his pointless posturing. Leonard looked toward bathroom door, before standing and waving his hand as if to surrender, “Ok Sheldon you win.” Shaking his head Sheldon started clearing the coffee table, looking up at the retreating back of his roommate: ‘As if there ever were any doubt Leonard’ Sheldon thought.
Sheldon walked to his bedroom passing his roommate, who was still slowly moving toward the bathroom it was as if listening for something, “Leonard, I’m going to get ready for bed. I would hope you will keep the noise from your sexual actives to a minimum.” The smirk on Leonard’s face as he answered was very distasteful.
As Sheldon changed in his bedroom the realization hit him, Penny may still be in the bathroom? He needed the bathroom. Thankfully he heard Penny’s voice out in the apartment and by the apparent silence from Leonard whatever she was saying had taken him off guard.
Sheldon opened his door just as Penny mentioned to Leonard she was unwell. His brain took in this information, but decided the threat was small and could be resolved later by disinfecting the apartment also she was leaving.
A tiny voice deep inside of Sheldon wanted to say goodnight to Penny, but as always in a roundabout kind of way.
Penny was smiling as she finely closed the door to 4A.
As Sheldon stared at the now closed door he thought it very strange; while they had talked she had never once looked at Leonard.
Yes very strange!
After Penny had left, Leonard had started on one of his self-pity rants.
Sheldon found the whole thing very tiresome. If Leonard did not receive that which he seemed to think was his right… Namely sex, everyone else was to blame.
Being the only other person in the apartment the brunt of his rant fell on his shoulders.
Sheldon only half listened to Leonard as always he was making little or no sense, according to him, Penny felt uncomfortable around him, odd then that every Saturday they did laundry together, in any multi-player video games they were always partners, she even had her own spot on the couch next to his. Sheldon turned and walked back into his bedroom, this was all becoming very tedious.
He really needed to speak to Penny.