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  • 2015 Harry Big Bang (2015_Harry_Big_Bang) by harrybangmod

    31 Jan 2015


    The Harry Big Bang 2015 is a traditional Big Bang (minimum word count 50k) centered on the character of Harry Potter.

    We started out January 2014 on livejournal with sign ups and now that a year has passed, we have 13 wonderful novel length illustrated fics representing het, slash and gen!fic with Harry Potter as the focus character.

    We'd like to remind all visitors that the art and fiction created for the Harry Big Bang is not to be copied, repurposed, or redistributed without express permission from the artist who created it and that we have exclusivity until 7 March 2015. You are welcome to recommend fics and art by linking back to the post on Ao3, but not to copy and repost elsewhere.

    Please feel free to peruse the Harry Big Bang 2015 collection and enjoy what these talented fanworks creators have to offer!

    Writcraft and Mab (Queenie_Mab) - the HBB mods

    (Open, Moderated)