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You make me cry

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Jensen's pov

Im sitting in a random bar in san diego and drinking. Its just a little rest for me in the middle of the work,actually its nothing special,just a ghost so i wait untill night so i can burn the bones and get out of here i was thinking when i heard a voice. "Hey...can i get you something?" I looked up when i heard a innocent voice. I saw two beautiful eyes staring at me. Oh god this boy is adorable. I smiled at him and nodded. "Hey...a shot of whiskey maybe and your name cute doll." The boy blushed and nodded shyly and left. I liked the boy and besides i can burn the bones tomorrow so tonight i can be with this beautiful boy. After a while he came back with a shot of whiskey.
"Your whiskey.and my name is jared by the way." I smiled. "Im jensen,Thanks...hey sweety why dont you just sit here with me?talking and stuff?" He laughed and took a beer for himself and sat in front of me.
"So what do you want to do?" He asked shyly and i can see that cute shade of red on his cheeks.
"i dont know, maybe you could tell me how old are you?you look so young for working in bars sweetheart." He laughed and i felt something special in my stomach. "Im 17,they didnt want to let me work here but i came here everyday so they didnt have any choice." He said and i laughed. "Well lucky me." I said and he blushed again and his cheeks turned red. "So what are you doing?" He asked.well i cant tell him what am i doing.
"Im a mechanic,its like a family business"
He nodded. "You living here?" He asked,i dont living here but now i dont want to leave here,i like this boy. "Im not but i will stay here for a while, you?" He looked up at me.
"Im living here and but from boston"
I raised my eyebrow "umm i like boston" we drank a lot of alcohol and we are pretty drunk now. We went to the pool table. This is empty here,
everybody's gone,its just me and jared...alone . I can admit how fucked up i am, the only thing i can think of is grab him and fuck his right over this pool table."Do you know how to play?" I asked him teasingly. He smiled sweetly ." We will see" he went and took the cue and started playing and i have to say he is really good. "Uummm i guess its my turn." He gave me the cue and i played. Maybe he is good but im better than anyone in this. And i won. "Ok i have to say you are good at this" he said and i smirked at him and slowly got closer to him.i took his face in my hands and then put my lips on his and kissed him, roughly and lovingly. He moaned into the kiss and i put my hand around his waist and picked him up and put him on the pool table and i stayed between his legs. I dragged my hands all over his body and he wrapped his hands around my neck. After a while he broke the kiss.
"Umm i have to go...sorry" he said teasingly and got off the pool table and left the bar before i can say anything...this little bastard. I went to my impala and went back to the motel.
I cant stop thinking about him.i mean sure i wanted sex tonight but i feel something else too,more than sex. I changed my clothes and fell to sleep.


Jared's pov

After last night i cant stop thinking about jensen. I liked him so much and i wanted to have sex with him but if i did it could be over, but i wanted to see him again,a lot. I changed my clothes and wore a big black hoodie, its pretty big and makes me so small, not that im not small already, last night when i stood in front of jensen i wan against his chin, so i Am small. I wore a dark jean too and left the house and went to the bar. I looked for him but he is not here. What if he doesn't likes me after what I did? I started my job but my eyes are on the door. After a lot of hours i didnt have any hope to see him again anymore. People left the bar and its empty now. I was doing my last things when i untill i heard the door opened. I turn around and finally saw him,he is wearing a black T-shirt and a dark red shirt on that and a black jean.
He came closer and smiled at me.
"Hey you" he said and i laughed. "Hey yourself." He smiled and sat down.
"Can i get you something?" I asked.
"A beer is good" he said and i got two beers and went to him and sat down.
"So what was that about?" He asked and i looked up confused. "What was waht about?" He laughed softly. "We were in the middle of something and you suddenly left. So tell me why?" He's trying to be serious but he have a sweet smile on lips and his face is kind.
I laughed a little. "Like i said,i had to go" he laughed. "Yeah...but you can stay tonight?"
I wanted to say yes but i didnt, actually i like teasing him. "Umm no sorry but its late already so..." He just looked at me confused.
"O...ok so lets go" i nodded and we left the bar. "Do you have a car? I can take you if you want" he said and i smiled. "Yeah it can be good...thanks" We got in the car and went to my house.
"Well thanks... You want to come in?you know for a tea or coffee or something?"
He smirked and nodded. "Yeah i'd like it" I opened the door and we went inside and sat on the couch." You got a nice place." He said. " Yeah it was my granma's but he gave it to me since i couldn't get along with my dad.... Well what do you want tea or co...." Before i can finish my sentence he put his lips on mine and kissed me hard, after a while i started kissing him back. He putted his hands on my ass and pulled me on his lap. After a few minutes we broke the kiss for breath. He dragged his thump on my lips
" No tea no coffee, i want this". And then he kissed me again. He carried me toward the bedroom and he pushed me on the bed and came on top of me and took my hoodie off. He left my lips and went to my neck and kissed it and bit it hard,im sure he left marks. Then he went lower on my stomach and kissed there too. He took my jean and boxer off and sat between my legs. I blushed because im so naked right now. "Open your legs for me baby doll." i did "wider" he said and spread my legs as wide as I could.he came down and licked my nipple and sucked it and teased the other on with his fingers. I moaned loudly. "Uhhh jensen" he smirked and sucked harder and i moaned louder.
"Look how moaning you are... and i havent even touch you yet." I just moaned in respond. He sat again. "Do you have any lube?" He asked, i opened the drawer and gave him the lube.
He putted his finger in the lube and then slowly put in me. I felt the cold lube in myself and moaned loud. "Uhhh jensen please...please more" He laughed softly and added another finger. "Ummm jensen im ready please just fuck me..." I said and he added another finger. "Ummm i love when you beg me, do you want me to fuck you sweetheart ?hard and nice untill you cant walk and sit for a week? Untill you cant remember anything but my name?" He said in a low voice and i moaned. "Yes...yes jensen please please do this" he came closer to my ear. "Do you want me to fuck that tight little hole of yours with my really big cock?" He said and licked my ear "Jensen please stop teasing me please, please...." I whispered. He laughed softly and sucked my ear and i moaned. Then he lubed his dick and then slowly pushed it inside of me and i moaned so loud. "Ohhhhh god jensen your so big...please deeper." He pushed himself deeper and i moaned mess. He kissed and sucked my neck and started moving. "Oh god baby you are so tight, im really sure that my pretty big dick will tear you apart." he said smirking. "Uhhh i need to come..." I said and moved faster and faster. "Come, come for me baby." And i came hard and then he came inside me and then pulled his dick out and kissed my lips and lay beside me.
"That was...awesome" he said and i laughed and covered myself with blanked.
"It was" i said and he hugged me.
"So jared...will you... go out with me?,i mean if you want too" he said i laughed softly and kissed his cheek. "I will" he smiled and kissed my lips and i fell to sleep in his arms.


Jensen pov

I woke up and i felt a warm body beside me,then i remembered last night. Oh god i cant believe that happened,and i have this so perfect boy as my date. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer and kissed his cheek,he made a low sound and slowly opened his eyes and looked up to me.
"Hey Jen" i like this name. ". "morning doll." i smiled and kissed his lips. "Good morning."
We stayed like that for few minutes. "So jared.... I should leave now. See you tonight??" I asked smiling. "Yeah, around 7 is good." He said and i kissed him again. "7 it i will see you then. I'll pick you up?" He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Yeah you will." He said and i left the house.
The only thing i can think for the rest of the day is that pretty lips and those cute eyes and pretty shade of red on his cheeks.
I was interested in boys before, but not like this, not for date. I wanted to just have quick fuck and then leave. But with him its different, i cant wait to see him again.
I drove for ten minutes untill i got to the location.
I already made sure thet the house is empty.
I opened the door and went in. After i found the thing i know the gost is here for i took my liter to burn it.
Its an old book, old enough that i cant read the words. I looked yp and saw the girls gost, angry and sad at the same time.
She ran toward me and wrapped her arm around my neck and i finally burned the book and she vanished. I rubbed my neck for a second and then left the house. I looked at my watch and its six and a half so i got in my car and drove to sam's house.
I knocked and he opened the door.
"Heya Jared." I said smiling.
"Hi... Come in I'll be there in a minute." He smiled and I nodded.
He went to his room and came back after a few minutes. He's wearing a big blue hoodie, big enough to make him look like a little boy.
And he already is a little boy, he is 17,and he is not tall, or i can say he is short and i fucking love it, because i can hold him easily, pick him up easily and wrap myself around him and never let him go.
"Umm... Jen?? What are you staring at?" He asked with a pretty blush on his cheeks.
"Just thinking how pretty you look in that damn hoodie sweetheart." I said and kissed his head.
"Th...thank you. You dont look bad yourself." He said. I took his hand and i took his hand in mine.
"You got a nice car, by the way." He said smiling.
"Oh yeah, i love her a lot." I said and we got in the car.
"So where are we going?" He asked.
"I know a diner down town, the foods are pretty good." I said he nodded and after a few minutes we arrived.
"We're here." We got out of the car.
"Oh this a lovely place." Jared said.
"You should taste the foods." I took his hand and we went into the diner.
"Hello sirs, what do you want to order." The waitress asked.
"A cheeseburger with frid fries and a slice of cherry pie if you have or apple pie.... What do you want sweetheart?" I looked at Jared and saw he is looking at me with wide eyes.
"Umm a chicken salad." He said, i waited a moment for him to say the rest of his order but then i found out thats all.
"Are you kidding? Get something more interesting would you?" I said and he laughed.
"Well i cant eat more then that, how can you eat all those food by the way." I rolled my eyes and looked up to the waitress.
"And a chicken salad with a vanilla milkshake for him, and a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese." She nodded and left.
"What was the pizza for?" He asked confusedly.
"You." I said simply.
"But i cant.... Well ok I'll try dont look at me like that." I nodded and laughed.
"So why dont you tell me about yourself a little bit?" I asked.
"Umm... Nothing interesting, i left home a year ago, i couldn't get along with my dad, my mom died when i was 10 in an accident.
I have a sister who is four years younger then me.... And... Nothing else, thats pretty much it. What about you?" He said. Its not nice that i cant tell him the truth about me, i will but not right now.
"Well im a mechanic and thats what my dad is doing, i used to live at san Antonio. Im 23 and im traveling around all the time." I said and he nodded.
"You are not going to stay here?" He asked quietly.
"Well... I dont know i dont have anywhere to stay, but i like you a lot... I really don't know what am i going to do." I said with a sad smile.
"So... Ummm you know... I know we just met and everything but.... I dont want you to leave, so if you are leaving because you dont have any place to stay... You can stay at mine."
I looked up at him surprisely.
"Jared.... We dont know each other that much... What if things wont work between us?" I asked.
"Nothing, then we can get back to what we did before, nothing will happen, i want you to move in." I stayed silent for a moment.
"Then lets move in." I said nodding and smiling. He smiled happily and kissed my cheek.
Well it was fast, so fast. It was our first date, we slept together just once. But it doesnt matter, everything will be fine.
I packed my clothes in three boxes and then left the motel room.
I got to Jared's home and knocked the door.
"Coming." He said and then he opened the door.
"Hey you." He said and i can hear excitement in his voice. I smiled and kisses his lips.
He kissed back and i put the boxes on the table and continued kissed him on the lips and neck. He moaned sweetly when i bit his neck hard enough to leave marks. I dont know but i feel possessive over him and i want everyone to know that he is mine.
I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around my wais. Holding his small body is so easy. I carried him to his-no our bedroom and placed him on the bed.
"Take your dors off Jay." I said and then i undressed myself too.
"God i love when wear these big clothes without and pants. This makes so little...and small...and cute." I said between kisses.
I grabbed his silky soft hair and pulled his head back a little and he moaned lauder. We get that as he likes hair pulling. I sucked on his neck and then held my own fingers against his lips and he started sucking on them.
"Get on your hands and knees, elbow down ass up baby doll." He did as i said and then started sucking on my fingers again. "Im going to eat you out sweetheart, stick my tongue in this pretty hole of yours and eat you out untill you cant do anything but begging and screaming my name." After a moment i pulled my fingers out of his mouth and spreaded his ass cheeks with my hands and dragged my tongue over his hole and he moaned loudly."oh god Jen..." He moaned.
"Umm.... Doll you taste unbelievable." I pushed my tongue in and fucked him with my tongue.
"Jensen...please... Fuck me, i need.... I need to cum." He said breathless.
I dragged me tongue out and he made a sad noise.
"Im going to fuck you doll but first you should suck me up." I said he nodded and got out of the bed and got on his knees. I sat on the bed and he took my cock in his mouth and sucked.
"Thats it doll... Just like that." I said moaning.
"Doll stop it or im going to cum." He stoped and came into bed again.
"On your stomach." He did and i got on top of him and pushed myself in slowly.
"You ok?" I asked and kissed his ear.
"Yea...yes Jen, you can move." I started moving my hips and he started to make those pretty sexy noises again.
"God Jen you're... So so big.... Oh god." He said and I sucked on his neck and chest more, i can see they are turning Purple.
"Fuck you're so fucking tight." I said and came.
"Come Jay... Come for me." And he did.
We lay down together and i kissed his lips.
"So... We are living together now so everyday is going to be like this." He said smiling.
"Everyday and night." I smiled and kissed his lips one more time and we fell sleep.

Two year later.

Jared's pov

"Jeeeen... Wake up you are gonna be late." I tried to wake Jensen up but he acts like he is dead.
Its been two years since we started living together, this two years were the best two years in my life. I have to admit Jensen is a little different from what i thought he is. He is rough and hard sometimes, specially when we fight. It was a year ago when we were fighting and he got so angry and punched me on the cheek. I couldn't blieve what happened for a few days, I stopped talking to him for over a week, but i couldn't stand it when i saw him pretty drunk every night, so i forgave him. But that was just one time and it never happened again. He is the best boyfriend in the world and i cant ask for anyone better. He have my back all the time. He is gorgeously possessive over me and i love it... Well most of the time i love it.
"Oh for god's sakes Jared let me sleep." He said in a deep sleepy voice that i love so much. I leaned down and kissed his lips.
"Come on baby you'll be late for work and i have classes today." He finally responded to my kissed and kissed me back. After a moment he opened his eyes and dragged me to the bed and started kissing my neck and biting on it and i moaned softly.
"You have classes today?" He asked sleepy.
"Yeah,i have to be at school for a few hours." He hummed softly and bit my neck harder that i can feel blood on my neck and he sucked the blood slowly, sure it'll leave marks, and i know thats exactly what he wants to do.
"Ohh Jen... You'll leave marks." I said moaning.
"Good.... So everyone in your school will know who you belong to." He said and pushed his hand in my pants and dragged his thumb over my hole.
"Ohhh god... Jensen." He smirked and stroked my hole faster and harder.
"Oh Jay youre getting wet.... Just like an omega in heat." He smirked and pushed his thumb inside.
"Jeen... Im" Im so high right know that i cant even finish my own sentence.
"What my baby doll?you coming??" He asked in a deep voice and moved his fingers faster and i came so hard.
"Morning to you too." I said smiling. He chuckled and kissed me softly.
"Come on we'll be late. Lets shower." I said and got up to clean the sheets.
"Yaay , shower together." He said like he is kid.
"Let me clean them baby." He said and took the sheets from me.
After he cleaned them we went into the shower.
He grabbed the coconut shampoo and pour some of it on his hands and started washing my hair. It feels so nice when he wash me. When my hair was clean he grabbed the green apple soup and dragged it all over my body and washed me so softly that i almost moaned from how relaxing it is.
"Alright, all clean now." He said smiled and kissed my lips and i smiled into the kiss.
"Ok let me do yours." I offered,
"No doll we are already late, you can do it the next time. Ok?" He said softly.
"Ok." I smiled and kissed his lips. After a few hours we got out of the shower.
I dressed in a very big black thine hoodie because its almost hot out there, and a tight black jeans that could show my ass pretty good but it wont because my hoodie is long, then i brushed my hair and got out of the room.
"Jen... Im ready." I said and Jensen looked at me up and down and came closer.
"What the are you wearing?" He asked in a serious voice.
"Well... Hoodie??... What do you mean?" I didnt mean to sound scared but he is dead serious.
"You know Jay.... These big hoodies makes you too cute for your own good, everyone will want to make a move on you... Make a move on whats MINE, i dont like it." He said in a law voice.
"Jen.... The last time you said im always wearing something to show my ass, now im wearing something long and you are saying this, what should i wear?" I asked.
"I dont know just change it ok?" He said a little softer.
"Jen, lets go for now ok? Im late." I said softly and pleading he looked at me for secon but nodded and we left our home.


"Hey chad" I waved to my best friend.
"Hey jaybird. How ya doing?" He asked kindly.
"Nothing much.... Studying, being with Jensen, pretty much it." I answered.
"Oh yeah... That boyfriend of yours." He said annoyed.
"God chad, why dont you like him?" I asked laughing.
"There is something wrong with him Jay im telling you." He said.
"Chad, I've been with him for two years, there is nothing wrong with him." I said. If i want to be honest with myself i gotta say i know Jensen is hiding something from me, something about his past. But i dont think he have to explain his past to me so if he is thats ok.
"I hope what you're saying is right Jaybird." Chad said smiling and i smiled back.
"You know stephen is into you?" Chad said smirking.
"Really??" He nodded.
"Oh god Jensen will kill himself." I said laughing.
After a few hours my classes finished. I wanted to call Jen to come and pick me up but then i decided it'll be good if i take a walk. Its 30 minutes from here to home but i really need it. So i started walking and after 30 minutes i got home.
I opened the door and got into house, i thought Jensen would be sleep so i didnt call him, but i heard some noises from bedroom so i went to see whats going on.
"Jensen wh..." I froze.