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Header for a fake yelp page for Coney Island Design and Construction Katie M.  Fort Greene Okay, so these guys did a beautiful job on my kitchen (I love my new cabinets!), but seriously this is not the reason to hire them. Take it from me, ladies, you want to take a couple of days off and supervise your renovation *personally* Not that they are not trustworthy - the guy with the glasses in particular is a real sweetheart - but I am telling you, take a couple of days off because you are WORTH IT.    Jody A.  Kensington What Katie said!!! I live a few blocks away on Church but sometimes I get off the train at Beverly and walk home past the garage in case they’re hanging out outside loading up concrete or something.  TBH I don’t really need any work done but I think I am going to save up and then take a sledgehammer to my walls.   Peter K.  Greenwich Village CID&C were recommended to me by my architect. They look like a nothing place but they’re getting a real reputation for sensitivity to period detail.  My restaurant has an elaborate mahogany bar and I’ve been terrified of the usual run of contractor breaking or damaging it. But James took his time and got it right. This is real carpentry by a real craftsman. The whole place looks like it’s come back to life. Get in now before the restoration blogs get a hold of them and they quadruple their prices.   Margo M.  Inwood HIRE THEM IN THE SUMMER. My AC broke and they fixed it, which was almost a letdown. I’ve never been more grateful for how hot our living room gets, or our nanny-cam. ;) Also, they complimented my lemonade.   Brad G.  Staten Island These guys did a good job and all - drywalled my basement into a rec room for my kids - but I don’t understand the level of enthusiasm on this page.  I came here to leave them a good review because they answered phone calls promptly, showed up when they said, and cleaned up after themselves. The price was reasonable. I would use them again. But I wouldn’t take the day off to supervise or anything. (?)   L. Markov New Jersey My sister recommended this company because she said that unlike many so-called “design” companies this one had real artistic ability. After hiring CID&C to renovate my son’s room (new closets, new floor, plaster and NONTOXIC paint) I ended up hiring Steve to paint a mural on his wall (an underwater scene - my son’s room was done in a nautical theme with a porthole mirror and lobster nets in the corners - adorable!) It just made sense to finish the room with a custom Captain’s bed (in RECLAIMED timber!) The whole project came out beautifully. My only issue was that they were reluctant to come out to Jersey.   Javier P.   Bay Ridge Repeat customer, and still thrilled! At first I was disappointed when Steve didn’t show up again like he had the last two times, but his partner James not only fixed my broken sink, but also fixed the leak in the ceiling of my wine cellar! I offered him a glass, but sadly tripped and spilled it all over him. He didn’t even mind! photo attached. [Photo flagged and deleted] Would definitely recommend!   Sara R.   Queens I wasn’t going to comment because I don’t want anyone taking advantage of these guys, but they have really blessed our home. My husband lost his job in the middle of our project (doggie run for Sputnik, our three-legged pitbull rescue) and they offered a payment plan option without me even asking. Angels, I say.   Latoya M.   East Harlem Our new bathroom looks amazing but you haven’t lived until they’ve called you ma’am.  Sandra K.   Midwood I didn’t think they made men like this anymore - hire them and you’ll see what I mean. Not to mention that I haven’t seen work this good this since my grandpa’s day. Real know-how and real class besides.    Samantha C., Jane N, and Dorothy K.   Astoria So for what it’s worth our old sprinkler system went off by mistake while the guys from CID&C were gutting the first floor of our Steinway Street store and we have to tell you, we  have never seen anything so beautiful in our entire lives. We suffered a little damage and our insurance premium went up but you know, it was so worth it. Elizabeth S.   Manhattan This comment has violated the yelp terms and conditions and has been deleted.   Hildegard W.   Bronx A near disaster turned into one of the best days of my life! After those heavy rains last summer, our kitchen ceiling had extensive water damage. The guys from CID&C were there installing our new washer-dryer unit, and just as they were carrying it down the hall, the kitchen ceiling started to cave in—and I didn’t even notice until a piece of plaster fell into my frittata pan! I looked up and saw a huge piece of the ceiling falling and then suddenly I was in the hall. The blond one—Steve, I think— saved my life! And the other one was still holding the washer-dryer. Everybody thinks I’m exaggerating, but I’m telling you, these two are real heroes! Not only did they install the washer-dryer, but they helped clean up all the damage in the kitchen and gave me a reduced rate on fixing the ceiling. I’m recommending them to all my friends. Insider tip: give them cookies.