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Glory Ride

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What better way to spend a rainy Texas day then rimming his lover... Jared slides on to the bed and kneels behind Jensen, his husband face down and ass up, already trembling with anticipation. Jared kisses up the inside of his thigh, his lips dragging wet and soft over the freckled flesh. It tickles,

Jensen giggles softly while he rocks back and forth slightly, rubbing is swelling cock against the bed sheets. Pleasure coils in his belly while his lover licks up the inside of his thigh as goosebumps peppered his soft skin.

Jared nuzzled between his legs before he gently noses his balls, licking the silky sac with a slow, wet swipe of his tongue. Jared puckers his lips and blows, the warm air brushing over Jensen’s balls and making his cock twitch hot and hard.

Jensen starts to beg Jared to stop teasing him, but his words are lost on the tip of his tongue as his lover drags his wet and warm tongue over the little pink pucker. Jensen starts making a series of whimpering, needy noises, and Jared goes to town eating Jensen out like he was the sweetest treat.

Jared's hands parted Jensen shaking thighs, shoving his legs wide apart to expose his most intimate place.

Jensen cried out in pleasure as Jared dove between his legs. Jared began licking and sucking, and kissing his tight pretty pink hole, face pressing between the cheeks of his ass, eating him out hungrily as if Jared was starving for it.

Jensen whimpered when a burst of sensual pleasure shot through him—it was so sharp and powerful and it took his breath away.

He licks Jensen's hole, grinning widely when his lover whimpers under his touch, Jensen's hole fluttering as he valiantly tries not to squirm. Jared pushes his tongue against the tight hole repeatedly probing it, then he licks long stripes up and down the crack, licking inside Jensen wetly and getting him sloppy and soaking wet, sucking and nibbling on the pretty pink pucker with enthusiasm as he enjoys his delicious treat.

Jensen moans louder, biting his bottom lip as he got lost in the pleasurable ecstasy. He shudders hard, his cock throbbing painfully as pleasure shoots up his spine.

Jared rimmed Jensen, giving him a filthy tongue fucking that had Jensen whimpering helplessly. Jensen was all but presenting himself to Jared, his pert ass pushed out against the welcome heat of Jared’s mouth and his legs spread, cock bobbing hard and hot between his thighs.

Jared licked and sucked at the pucker, dragging the flat of his tongue against the wrinkled skin before sucking kisses into the wet flesh and nipping at it with his teeth. Jensen ruts on the bed as Jared tongue fucked him, his body shuddering with pleasure as Jared sealed his wet warm mouth over his hole, circling his tongue around the rim.

Jared grabbed the cheeks of Jensen’s ass and pulled them wider apart, giving him easer access. He kissed and nibbled on the pucker as Jensen tried to hold back a whimper that slipped through anyway.

Again, he swiped his tongue, warm and wet, over Jensen’s hole, each lick got Jensen even sloppily. Jared blew a hot breath across the slick hole and chuckled as it twitched in response. Jared’s large hand went to Jensen’s balls, gently rolling them in his palm. Squeezing now and then, hearing Jensen moan louder.

He got Jensen close to the edge, Jensen’s bow legs quake as he begs, "Please, d-don’t stop. Please…”

Jared had no plans to stop. The weather was going to be rainy all day, and what better way to spend a Texas day then making his love come again, and again, and again...

♥ END ♥