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The sound of metal and machinery clatter and bang in the distance, echoing throughout the large factory as you sit in silence on an old chair into the corner of the room, watching the older man at his work bench tinker with some scrap metal he found. He had actually been working on this one for a while. It must be quite important or powerful, especially for it to be so small.
He preferred to work alone, so you didn't dare disturb him.

It also brought you peace and a flutter in your heart every now and then as you admire the other hard at work.

Smoke filled the metallic air and your lungs.
Heisenberg had just lit a cigar and kept his attention towards his work as if you weren't there, because you were doing a good job keeping quiet. Keeping your optics glued to his form, admiring the expression on his mouth as he grins with the cigar wedged inbetween pearly whites.
Raising a brow at his expression, you turned your gaze towards whatever he was building, not quite sure of what it was. Mainly from the distance you sat at and your vision wasn't all that great either to pick up small details, but it looked to be some kind of box.
Finally rising to your feet to approach Heisenberg, he stops what he's doing abruptly and points his finger at you.
"Sit the fuck back down!" He yelled, startling you as you were not expecting that kind of reaction from him. So you did as you were told and sat back in the chair, almost frightened but strangely aroused by his demand.
Your heart skipped a few beats.
His expression softened when he realised that he raised his voice at you, clenching his fist in regret and immediately apologized.
"Sorry..." He lowered his voice afterwards. "I'm not done yet, and I don't want to show you until it's done."
"Okay." You reply and continue to longingly stare at the other with the sweet sound of metal ringing in your ear.

What exactly could he be building?


Eyes fluttering open, you realise you had just fallen asleep at some point, jolting out of the chair and gaining full consciousness.
The older man looks up at you, sitting on another chair by the work bench, he was finished and didn't want to disturb your rest.
Not knowing how long you were asleep for, you sit up slightly and open your mouth to speak to the other. But before you could even inch a word out, Heisenberg stands from the chair and approaches you, extending a hand out, keeping the other behind his back.
You accept his hand and stand to his level. Trying your best to see his eyes behind circled glasses. He pulls your hand out flat and places a small metal box in the palm of your hand.
"I- hope you like it..." He mutters and rubs the back of his neck nervously.
You lift the lid of the box to see a small metal bird spring to life and flap it's wings, spinning in a clockwise motion in a circle and soft music begins to play a calming melody.
"Karl..." You begin, admiring the detail in every part of the music box. "You made this for me?" Looking up with a glimmer in your eye, heart full.
"It's nothing really. Just found a cylinder and made the rest to go with it-" he stops mid sentence because his lips were currently preoccupied with yours pressed firmly against his own.
"Thankyou.." you whispered and continued to place kisses on his lips, "God I love you.."
"I love you so fuckin' much."