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Between Clean Sheets

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James was sitting on their bed answering emails on his laptop and listening to the sound of John getting ready for bed. He could tell that he just finished brushing his teeth and was now getting into the shower to wash off the day's sweat before getting in between the clean sheets.

He was just finishing up the message he was writing when he heard John walk into their room. Shutting his laptop, he looked up at his partner. His Johnny was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and his lean body looked especially toned in their shadowy room. He gazed at his body unashamedly, not even trying to hide the fact that he was staring. He caught John's eyes who smiled at him knowingly and swayed his hips just to teas him a little. Walking over to the wardrobe and taking out a pair of pants, he dropped his towel.

"Underwear can wait Johnny. Come over here." He patted his lap to indicate where he wanted the other man. He watched as John started to walk towards him excitedly and let his eyes wonder downwards.

John's physique was magnificent and he had confidence to go with it. He let his bare hips sway and roll as he walked towards the bed, but that's not what caught James's eyes. He looked lower and lower until his sight landed on John's two delicate feet.

They were leaving small, wet footprints as he walked on the hardwood floor and in that moment James felt like that was the most endearing thing he has ever seen. He has known for a long time that he had a thing for John's feet and it wasn't something he kept secret. They have experimented with this specific kink of his in the past, but it just never became a staple in their sex life.

John reached their bed and lowered himself into James's lap and the criminal was momentarily distracted by his bare body. He ran his hands up and down his back and pulled him closer by his waist. He kissed him passionately, running his tongue over his lips and asking for permission to enter. John opened his mouth a little and he took advantage of that, pushing his tongue in his mouth and exploring it thoroughly.

With John straddling him, he could run his hands down his hips then thighs and finally reach his foot. He smoothed along the arch of it with his thumb and felt him shiver at the sensation.

They kissed for a long time like that, nipping and licking at eacother, just enjoying the other's company until John moaned into his mouth. "James, I need you." He was grinding his erection on James's thigh desperately.

He quickly discarded his own pants and gently rolled them over, looking down at his lover. "I've got you, Johnny." He whispered in his ear reassuringly and started to move down his panting chest. He kissed his neck and sucked a bruise right under his collarbone to remind his John of this moment when tomorrow came. He licked his nipple and then his navel before moving lower until he was between John's open thighs.

He dragged his lips over the valleys of John's hips before taking his erection in his mouth. He sucked at the head and hearing his lover's pleasure filled moan he started to move. He could feel John clinging to his hair so he hollowed his cheeks and gradually took more in his mouth until his nose was touching the little blond hairs scattered around John's groin. He could feel him getting impossibly harder and after tasting a fresh drop of precome on his tongue he pulled off with a smirk on his lips.

John whined at the loss of his warm mouth, his hips moving against his will, trying to fuck the air. "Not yet, baby." He smiled at him and sucked a bruise on the inside of his left thigh for good measure.

As he kneeled up he finnaly noticed his own desperate state. He was hard and he knew exacy what he wanted. He moved lower on the bed until he could take Johnny's right foot in his lap. He smoothed along the arch of it with his thumb one more time before dragging his hard length along John's sole. He moaned at the sight of his leaking cock leaving a wet trail along the foot. He moved slowly, just rubbing himself with it as he pleased.

He watched John lean up on his elbows and start moving his leg porpusefully. He was looking at him from half lidded eyes and James watched him as he reached for his own member and started tuching himself eagerly. He was writing on their shared bed, sweating and moaning sinfully and James knew he will never see a more beautiful sight than that. Letting go of himself, John reached for the lube that they kept under their pillows and slicked up two of his fingers. He quickly bent his otherwise unoccupied leg and pushed into his hole with his digits. With his other hand he went back to working his cock and continued to pleasure himself like that.

James cursed under his breath at the sight, fucking John's foot harder. The combination of seeing John finger himself and the feeling of rubbing himself on his sole was sending him dangerous closer to the edge.

As he watched John's fingers disappear in his body over and over again a feeling of desperation took over him. "I need to be inside you now, baby." He said and quickly grabbed John by the hips and pulled him closer until his bottom rested on his lap. He reached for the lube and slicked himslef up, then carefully guided John's fingers out of his body and moved them higher until he was tweaking his own nipples. He circled John's hole with his head, urging him to relax then finnaly pushed into his warm body with one swift movement.

John cried out in pleasure and James waited for him to get used to the strech, only circling his hips. As John settled down, he started slowly moving in and out of him in smooth slides. He marveled at the sight of his cock disappearing in John's body over and over again and he snapped his hips forward in quick succession just to make his lover moan.

His Johnny was so hot and tight, his body could have drove any man crazy and James wasn't immune to his charms either. He held his hips in place and pounded into the small body beneath him, watching as John's legs shook with pleasure.

He kept his thrushes quick and hard, not trying to stall for time, seeing that John was getting closer. He couldn't take his eyes off of his Johnny's pink lips, rhythmically opening and closing in pleasured little sighs. He wanted to taste them again, so he slowed down and leaned forward, cowering John's body with his own. They were face to face now and he kissed Johnny deeply, licking into his mouth and claiming it thoroughly. He started moving his hips again, still just slowly circling his hips and swallowing his lover's little sighs and moans.

He released John's mouth reluctantly, but started licking at his beautiful neck right away. As he started to suck a new bruise into his glistering skin he accelerated his thrushes, aiming for Johnny's sweat spot. Sinking his teath into that soft skin he grabbed John by his waist and shoulder and fucked him relentlessly.

John's moans have gotten admittedly louder and he was starting to stutter now. He was clawing at James's back, leawing angry red lines running down his shoulder and spine. His cock was rubbing at James's stomach when suddenly he tensed up, crying out in pleasure. He came over his stomach in long white streaks of liquid as James continued to fuck him through it.

His moans were obscenely pornographic as he tried to writhe and buck under the criminal's body, pushing James over the edge with his struggling. He slammed into his body one last time and released inside his tight heath with a snarl as pleasure washed over his body, taking over all his senses.

He let himself enjoy this moment, circling his hips gently, even as he started to soften inside Johnny's arse. Finally he pulled out and before going boneless over his lover, looked down and watched as his come trickled out of his relaxed passage. He checked the bite mark that he has left on John's neck for bleeding, noting that he didn't break skin this time and it didn't require disinfecting, insted he licked at it, almost in a soothing manner.

John was calm now, his breathing back to normal after the act and James moved up so he could kiss his soft lips. He slipped his tonge into his mouth but didn't let it get too filthy. He tired to convey all he felt for this brilliant man with the reverant kisses he left on his lips. As he gazed into his Johnny's eyes he thought he could make out understanding and patience in those deep blue irises.

At last, he rolled off of John, and reached for some tissues to clean up the mess John has made. He wiped him down as much as he could with what he had on hand and lied down on his side as the other did the same.

When John shuffled closer and burried his face in the crook of his neck he didn't protest, just locked his arms around his companion's smaller frame and bid him good night. He listened to John's breathing getting slower, until he was sure the other was asleep, and only then did he let himself relax and reflect on the effects this small army doctor had on him. He was such an enigma, a hidden gem camouflaged in the dull masses. James could only thank the universe for giving him a chance to have him like this: comfortable and sleeping peacefully in his arms.