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Try Something

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"Okay, one more try. Let's see if it works."

"Cherry, we've been at this for days, trust me, it won't work."

"Oh, come on, just one more! On the lips this time."

He hesitated, but sighed, scooting closer to her. "I swear, if Dyna finds out about this, it was all your idea."

She nodded, smiling sweetly as she leaned toward him, legs crossed and eyes half-lidded.

He rolled his eyes when he leaned down to kiss her (he was so much taller than her, even sitting down, that it was laughable), and hummed lightly. Cherry Chapstick, nice touch.

They each pulled away, a slight smack from Cherry's lips...

And that was it.

Cherry grinned and nodded, jumping down from the bench in what seemed like triumph. "Nope, I'm still really gay."

Goldie snickered, repositioning his glasses and nodding back. "Yep."