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Prideful Incorrect Quotes Randomly Found On Our Lord And Savior :

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Marinette, coming out to her friend group : So I would identify as bisexual.

Alya : So that means you would have a male partner?

Marinette : Yes

Rose : Or a female partner?

Marinette : Yes

Mylène : Or a Non-Binary partner?

Marinette : Yes

Alix : So that means, if you don’t find a partner, you’re a standbi?

Marinette : …

Alya : …

Mylene : …

Rose : …

Juleka : Did you just-


Nino : When people say that Jesus was actually born on christmas day, I have to laugh

Nino : because there’s no way a capricornis sacrificing themselves for all of humankind’s sins

Alya : And people have the balls to say that I’m the deap one

Adrien : *Whisper Shouts* What does that have to do with question 2 !?


Kagami : So, if we understood corectly, being bisexual is being “half straight, half gay” ?

Marinette : Of course not !

Adrien : It’s no-

Marinette : *Closes eyes* you gotta leave room for the depression !

Adrien/Kagami : *Share a look*

Adrien : *Picks up a pen* where can we sign ?


Juleka : I’m a lesbian

Kim : Damn, without me ?


Nadia : We’ve ask all parisians to submit a question for next week’s interview with Ladybug and Chat Noir

Nadia : But we need a different question than “Is Chat Noir a furry?”...

Nadia : ...Or “Does he have a leather kink?”…


Alya : What’s the biggest scam you can name?

Chat Noir : Mobile game adds

Ladybug : Finally being able to fall asleep on time, but then you start to dream about the problems you face everyday being a 14 year old superhero, or the fact that you’re whole entire existence is practically pointless across space and time, because eventually one day, nobody will remember who you were, and possibly that this precise moment in the space time continuum could be sucked into a black whole, and it would go so fast that nobody would ever know…

Ladybug : ...and then waking up tired

Alya : *Recording* …

Chat Noir : That scarely pressice…

Chat Noir : I was just gonna say mobile game ads…


Marinette : *Hand brushes against Kagami’s*

Kagami : *Grabs Marinette’s hand* COMMIT, YOU COWARD !!!



Adrien : S-I-T-T-I-N-G

Adrien : Please call the fire department

Adrien : We are stuck

Alix : We came here for the cat and now we can’t get down

Amusement park employee : Make sure all your small things are safe !

Adrien/Kim/Juleka : You feel safe ?

Marinette : *Tries to get out of her seat violently* someoNE GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!

Alix : Fuck off!

Rose : Aww! Yes, thank you !


Marinette : This is my boyfriend, Adrien

Marinette : And this is my girlfriend, Kagami

Marinette : And this my other boyfriend, Luka


Nino : How much time did you sleep last night ?

Marinette : 6-8…

Nino : *Breathes in releaf* Oh thank god!

Alya : Wait for it…

Marinette : ...seconds


*NY Special*

Alya/Nino : Aww, those two are adorable together !

Aeon : They’re made for each other !


Marinette : *Waving hands frantically* WHY WON’T YOU LET US PASS, YOU GOD FORSAKEN DOOR !

Adrien : *Tearing up* I think we’ve offended it...


Marinette : *Hair Down*

Adrien/Kagami : *Nosebleed*


Zoe/Vespera : *Exist*

Chloe: *Blasts ‘Real Slim Shady'*


Felix : I don’t get why people think that depression magicly goes away on Christmas

Felix : Like “Ho Ho Ho, I’m still feliz navi-dying”.


*If Miraculous Ships Were Proposing*

Juleka : Nobody loves me…

Rose : *Literally on one knee, ring in hand, surrounded by black and pink rose scented candles shaped in a heart around them* AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!


Alya/Nino : *Just staring at each other*

Alya/Nino : Sounds like a plan! *high five*


Kagami/Chloe : *Both getting on one knee* Will you marry m-

Kagami/Chloe : *Dumbfounded*

Kagami : I think this is a sign…

Chloe : Oh, definitely!


Kagami : Chloe Bourgeois, will you accept my demand for your hand?

Chloe : Maybe.


Ivan : Wi-

Milène : YES!!! *Jumps in his arms and kiss*


Nathaniel : *Fidgeting the ring box in his hands*

Marc : *Overthinking*

Marc : *Sighs Sadly* Okay, I’ll stay away from you and I respect your breakup demand…

Nathaniel : WAIT- NO!


Adrien : *Gets on one knee* Marinette…

Marinette : OH MY GOSH !!!

Adrien : ...will you Mari me ?

Marinette : *Walking away* Oh fuck no

Adrien : I count that as a yes!


Luka, age 15 : *Sings a whole song*

Marinette, age 14 : *Didn’t get it*

*10 years later*

Marinette : *Finally understood* OH MY GOD, YES !!

Luka : What the hell, it’s 2 in the morning?!


Chloe : Okay, you can propose now.

Sabrine : *Ring in hand* I thought you'd never ask !


Kagami : I still don’t get the concepts of zoos. The animals never did anything to end up in prison.

Marinette : …

Kagami : Well, probably exept zebras and penguins

Marinette : …

Kagami : Anyways, will you marry me ?


Luka : Yo, you ever thought about marriage?

Adrien : Every day

Adrien : Why?

Luka : You wanna get married?

Luka : But like, just homie

Adrien : ALL RIGHT! Let’s get this party started!


Alya : Did you ever realize that, for the past 2 years, neither Marinette nor Adrien have EVER been visible during an akuma attack…

Nino : You’re right…

Alya : But that can only mean one thing…

Nino : You’re right! How could we have missed it!

Marinette/Adrien, looking at each other : *Sweating Intensify*

Nino : They must have found the best hiding spot!

Alya : And they didn't even share! *Arms crossed, haking her head*


Tikki : Why did you stab him !?

Sass : You didn’t hear what he said

Tikki : And what did he say ?!

Sass : “What are you gonna do, stab me?”

Plagg : Fair point.


Rose : *Sees cute girl* oh no what if if I’m accually gay and I’ve been lying to myself and everyone this whole time for attention ?!?

Also Rose : *Sees cute guy* oh no what if I’m actually straight and I’ve been lying to myself and everyone this whole time for attention !?!

Also Also Rose : *Sees cute girl* oh no what if I’ve been-


Alya : So, Ladybug and Chat Noir, what’s the worst secret you know about the other?

Chat Noir : *Smirks*

Ladybug : I dare you

Chat Noir : She went to juvie

Alya : Wha-

Ladybug : I will neither confirm nor deny these accusations without the presence of my layer

Chat Noir : See ! She’s a natural !


Juleka : but now everything’s awkward because I don’t know if she is straight or not is our friendship ruined ?


Chat Noir : Here you go Ladybug, a nice hot cup of coffee

Ladybug : It’s cold

Chat Noir : Nice cup of coffee

Ladybug : It’s horrible !

Chat Noir : Cup of coffee


Chat Noir : Cup.


Adrien : What’s a thot ?

Nino : It’s a thoughtful person

*later in battle*

Ladybug : Caution, Chat!

Chat Noir : Thanks Ladybug, you’re such a thot!

Ladybug : *flies into Eiffel Tower*


Max : Why are you smiling ?

Alix : Can’t I just be happy ?

Max : Kim tripped and fell into the parking lot…


Alix : Dear Santa, I’ve been a good child this year.

Alix : ...well, a nice enough child.

Alix : ...okay, somewhat troublesome child.

Alix : …

Alix : Oh fuck you, I’ll just buy my own darn presents


*NY Special*

Jess : Why can’t these two ever open doors !?


Nino : Marinette, Adrien, we want to give you some advice.

Adrien : ...go on.

Alya : If a door ever says ‘push’ you pull

Alya : It’s not direction, it’s a challenge

*End Flashback*

Alya/Nino : Nope, no idea


*NY Special*

Night Owl : I commend you two to give me the source of your powers, NOW !

Ladybug : Lol, nope *Runs away*


Clara : *Face 2 inches from Marinette’s*

Marinette : *Bi panic*


Adrien : Wow, I never saw you with your hair like this, Marinette

Kagami : He’s right, you look beautiful with your hair down

Marinette : *Bi Panic*


Marinette : How can I compete with Kagami! She’s talented, strong AND CUTE!

Marinette : *Realising what she said*

Marinette *BI PANIC*


Viperion : Hey, I just wanted to-

Ladybug/Chat Noir : *Blushing mess*


Luka : I think I’m hiding my crush very well

Adrien : Hey Luka!

Luka : Uh, I gotta gay… I mean go!


Bunnix : *Reveals herself as futur Alix*

Alix : Oh my god…

Futur Alix : Yeah, I know

Alix : I’M TALL !!


Emilie : *Wakes up for reasons*

Gabriel : Oh, my love, now we can-

Nathalie : Hey Em.

Nathalie : Wanna get together and leave this asshole?

Emile : I thought you'd never ask!


Shadowmoth : *Makes wish, then dies*

Emile : *Looks around* Wha- What happened here?

Nathalie : *Checking with her foot* Well he’s a goner, that’s for sure

Emilie : Oh…

Nathalie : Yeah…

Emilie : …

Nathalie : wanna get married and escape ?

Emilie : Sounds like a plan!


Me : So imagine this ;

Me : Mari as Ladybug

Me : Sabrine as Chat

Me : Alya as Rena

Me : Chloe as Queen B

Me : Juleka with the moth miraculous

Me : and Rose gets the turtle miraculous

Me : And it would be a bunch of lesbians saving Paris!

My friend : Dude, I just asked you what you wanted for McDonalds…


Alya : *Looking at her phone* You ever wish murder was legal?

Marinette : No, not really…

Lila : Hey guys!

Marinette ; ...okay maybe sometimes


Season 4 Tikki : Kwamis can’t fall in love…

Season 1-2-3 Tikki, around Plagg : Are you sure about that ?


Nino : So…

Alya : *Sending daggers with her eyes* Yes ?!

Nino : Nevermind!


Nathaniel/Marc : *Interact*

Ladybug : Oh my god, these bitches gay! Good for them, good for them.


Me again : Did you ever realise that Marinette’s jeans are cuffed up ?

My other friend : One dinner. ONE DINNER!


Carapace : *Screams in distress*

Ladybug : Rena, stop pushing Carapace

Pegasus : *Screams in fear*

Ladybug : Queen Bee, stop saying ‘fuck’ in english

Chat Noir : *Sreams in dolphin*

Ladybug : King Monkey, stop telling Chat Noir funny jokes

Everyone except Ladybug : *Sreams collectively*



Luka : Hey, do you have a map ?

Mari : Why, you lost ?

Luka : Yeah, in your eyes

Mari : Bro

Luka : Bro

*Meanwhile, on Adrien’s side*

Adrien : Do you have a map ?

Kagami : Why the fuck are you asking me for a map you have a phone open the damn map app. What happened to “Adrien being absolutely fully capable?” I guess they really were rumors around the world, damn can’t even think to use the map app on his phone for directions how are you going to achieve your dreams and goals like this? get it together


Chat Noir : You belive me ?

Ladybug : No Chat, I’d believe cartoon birds did your hair this morning.


Chat Noir : If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump as well?

Queen Bee/Ladybug : I’m the friend who jumps off the bridge

Chat Noir : Oh okay

Chat Noir : …

Chat Noir : waiT NO-



Marinette, hoping for a normal day : Good Morning kitty !

Adrien : I’m trying to become left-handed !


Ladybug : You’re in charge while I’m away

Chat Noir : I’m your man!

Ladybug : Don’t do anything stupid

Chat Noir : Okay, I’m kinda your man

Ladybug : And keep Ruyko and Queen Bee from bullying anyone

Chat Noir :’ll need another man


Queen Bee, to Ruyko : I’m not scared of you ! None of us are !

Carapace : Actually, I kinda am

Chat Noir : Me too

Rena Rouge : I think we all a-

Queen Bee : Guys, shut up



Kim : Don’t take this the wrong way, but I feel like I’m being threatened by a cupcake.


Nathalie : What are you doing ?

Gabriel : I’m confronting the person who ruined my life

Nathalie : Sir, you’re yelling at a mirror


Marinette : Oh no

Nino : Oh no

Alya/Chat Noir, crashing through a wall : OH YEAAAAAAAH


Marinette : Migrain?

Chat Noir : *Wincing with hand on his temples* Superglue, actually


Chat Noir, propping his feet on a table : So I heard you like bad boys ?

Ladybug : What? No?

Chat Noir, immediately taking his feet off the table : Oh thank god, that felt terrible!


Queen Bee : There’s no ‘i’ in team but there’s a ‘i’ in pizza

Carapace : *Sighs* So you're not going to share?

Queen Bee : I’m not going to share.


Nino : So I’ve just heard they confirmed celebrities can see the texts you send to their number…

Nino : I’d just like to make a personal apology to Gabriel Agreste.

Nino : I only slightly meant it all the time I’ve called you a bitch


Alya : Mari, you passed out. Do you remember anything ?

Marinette : Only the ambulance ride to the hospital

Alya : That wasn’t an ambulance, I drove you

Marinette : But I heard sirens ?

Nino : That was Adrien

Adrien : *Crying mess* I WAS WORRIED !!!

(You can actually replace Marinette with Rose, and Adrien with Juleka. Or even with Marc and Nathaniel… Or a lot of ships…)


Random officer : Can you tell me your names ?

Kim : Don’t tell him, Alix !

Random officer : So this is Alix

Alix : Nice job, Kim !

Random officer : And this is Kim. Great


Nadia : What’s it like to work with Chat Noir ?

Ladybug : Imagine having the most serious and civilised person there is

Nadia : Oh, that must be very nice the-

Ladybug : Now throw it out the window


*How Adrien and Chloe met*

Adrien : Hi, I’m Adrien

Chloe : I’m Chloe with a B

Adrien : Where’s the B ?

Chloe : THERE’S A BEE ?!


*If Marinette, Adrien, Alya and Nino lived together*

Nino/Adrien : We’re out of lamb !

Marinette/Alya : Then grill the chicken !

Nino/Adrien : *Shining flashlight on the chicken* Tell us where the lamb is, you son of a bitch !

Marinette/Alya : …


Ladybug : Guys let’s take a vote !

Rena Rouge : A secret vote! Everyone, cover your eyes!

Carapace : We won’t know the results

Chat Noir : Tell your votes out loud !

Queen Bee : But we can’t all recognise each other’s voices.

Ruyko : She’s got a point.


Chat Noir : This is a yes or no question, so please answer accordingly

Ladybug : What is it ?

Chat Noir : Why do you always call me dumb ?

Ladybug : Yes


Ladybug : Yes


Alya : Ladybug, do you support gay rights ?

Ladybug : I’m gay

Queen Bee : *In the distance* SHE’S AVOIDING THE QUESTION !!!


Marinette : Sometime i wanna die

Adrien : Oh no !

Marinette : But then I remember I won’t see your beautiful face again

Adrien : *Blushes* aww!


Nino : Sometimes I wanna die

Alya : Good for you


Ladybug : Call Queen Bee.

Chat Noir : *Dialing*

Chat Noir : *Listening* Okay !

Chat Noir : *End Call*

Ladybug : So ?

Chat Noir : She told me, and I quote :

Chat Noir : “Go fuck yourself”


Juleka : Remember that time I told you you were too friendly to everyone ?

Rose, making tea : No

Burglar : Two sugars, please


Marinette : I can’t believe we’re stuck in this room together

Kagami, swallowing the key : Truly unfortunate...


Adrien : I only take pictures of things that are beautiful

Nino : Your entire camera roll is filled with pictures of Ladybug

Adrien : *Blushing* What’s your point ?


Kagami : I only take pictures of things that are beautiful

Adrien : Your entire camera roll is filled with pictures of Marinette with her hair down

Kagami : What’s your point ?


Marinette : So apparently Kagami’s hungry and wants a meal to eat.

Marinette : Or at least I think that’s what she said. My japanese isn’t that good.

Kagami, in japanese : I actually called you a snack, but okay


Alya : Hey Mari! Are you free this Friday at 8Pm ?

Marinette : I… No I think I’m not, why ?

Alya : That’s nice

Alya : *Turns to Adrien* what about you ?

Adrien : Nah, I’m all free

Alya : Nice! I’m actually quite busy that day so what about you two go on a date, yeah? Nice *Casually walks away towards Nino*

Adrien : …

Marinette : Did she just-


Chat Noir : Can we go get food pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease ???

Ladybug : No.

Chat Noir : You give me no choise *gives kitten eyes* PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE ????

Ladybug : *handing over money* god fucking dammit !


Chat Noir : I’ve always knew that Tangle was my favorite dizney movie

Chat Noir : Now I realise that it’s because I relate to Rapunzel way too much

Chat Noir : and that Mother Gothlel reminds me of my dad on every aspect

Ladybug : WHO ARE YOU ?!?


Felix : Hey

Adrien : Hey

Felix : How are you ?

Adrien : How are you ?

Felix : Stop copying me

Adrien : Stop copying me

Felix : I love Ladybug

Adrien : She’s mine and you should start running. 1…. 2…


Adrien : Let’s play “2 truths, 1 Lie” !

Kagami : Sure, I’ll go first. I love you, I’m Japanese and I’m loved by the fandom

Adrien : …

Kagami : That was too easy, wasn’t it?


Marc : I’m gay and confused

Nathaniel : About your sexuality?

Marc : No, not about being gay.

Marc : I just never know what’s going on


Queen Bee, dramatically : She was poetry, but she couldn’t read

Ladybug : His name was Jarred and he’s 19

Rena Rouge : When his parents built a very strange machine

Bunnix : Watch that scene dig the dancing queen !


Queen Bee : …horrible job, everyone.


Chloe : *Flirting* I made tea

Marinette : I don’t want tea

Chloe : I didn’t make you tea. This is my tea

Marinette : Then why did you tell me?

Chloe : It’s a conversation starter

Marinette : It’s a horrible conversation starter

Chloe : *Flings ponytail* Oh, is it? We’re conversing. Checkmate


Adrien : two brooooos! chilling in a hot tub! five feet appart ‘cause they not gay !

Luka : You’re my boyfriend

Adrien : …

Luka : We’re not in water

Adrien : …

Luka : And you’re sitting on my lap right now

Adrien : …

Luka : Literally everything you said was inaccurate


Adrien : So how did the date with Marinette go ?

Kagami : It was great until I tried to compliment her. I wanted to say “You have the most wonderful smile. Your eyes are gorgeous”.

Adrien : And what did you say ?

Kagami : She smiled and I panicked. I said “You have eyes.”


Marinette : Are you a cuddler ?



Rena Rouge : *Hands over comm* It’s your boyfriend, Chat

Ladybug : He’s not my boyfriend *takes coms*

Ladybug : Hi, babe


Ivan : I’m literally going to fight the next person who hates Milène

Milène : I hate myself



Sabrina : *Kisses Chloe on check*

Chloe : What. The. HECK WAS THAT ??!!

Sabrina : Affection

Chloe : Disgusting

Sabrina : …

Chloe : …

Sabrina : …

Chloe : Do it again


Adrien : *Stubs toe on chair*

Chloe : *breaks chair*

Kagami : *Ignites lightsaber and smashes it into sawdust*

Marinette : *Sets sawdust on fire*


Alya : Just ask Adrien out. What’s the worst that can happen ?

Marinette : Humiliation, embarrassment, fire, explosions, collisions, tears and death.


Adrien : I’m going to finish what you started Father

Adrien : I’m going to fall in love with 2 girls who are way too good for me


Marinette : Are you saying you like me, or not ?

Chloe : Are YOU saying you like ME, or not ?

Marinette : I’m saying I like you !

Chloe : Well, then I’m saying I like YOU !

Marinette : Fine!

Chloe : FINE!! Then I guess we’re dating!

Marinette : FINE!!

Chloe : FINE!!!


Alya : Wow, this swords really long

Nino : Not as long as my-



Adrien : That's ridiculous! Marinette doesn’t have a crush on me!

Alya : Yes she does

Nino : Yes she does

Kagami : Yes she does

Chloe : Yes she does

Marinette : Yes I do


Juleka, at Rose : I heard you liked bad girls. Well I’m bad

Juleka : At everything

Juleka : *Winks with both eyes, then falls down trying to lean on a wall*


*Set after Marinette revealed herself as Ladybug to Alya*

Marinette : *Taking a shower*

Alya : *Yanks shower curtains*

Alya : So what do you want to talk about today like Shadowmoth’s identity ---stop screaming, it’s just me--- or how kwamis are created or


Chloe : You’re the most beautiful person I know

Sabrina : What?



Ladybug/Ryuko : *Badass fighting*

Chat Noir : I’ll help Ladybug !

Viperion : Chat, sweetdove, light of my life, NO that’s dANGEROUS!

Chat Noir : Viper, darling, lovehearth, we taLKED about tHIS !

Ladybug/Ruyko : …

Ryuko : Do you see this shit

Ladybug : *Nodding* fucking incredible


Lila : I’m so useless

Adrien : Nah, you’re not

Adrien : You can be used as a bad exemple


Kim : I hate the way you pack my lunch

Max : Then pack your own lunch !

Kim : *Packs 32 Oreos*

Max : ...maybe I should pack you lunch


Nino, quoting a line he read in a book to Alya : I will remember as a thought from an emerging word, building an its own empire of emotions, as we turn to our madness, in love, or for the substance of a memory, that somehow you will not disappear or take me for granted.

Alya : I’m just…

Alya : I’m just going to the supermarket…

Nino, hugging Alya : I know

Alya : *Smiling softly and embarrassing him* I’ll be back soon.


Chloe : *Sighs really loudly*

Kagami : What is it?

Chloe : You haven’t looked at me in in a whole… 47,24 seconds

Kagami : ...are you kidding me? We’re watching a movie, how am I supposed to-

Chloe : I didn’t ask for your lame stupid ass excuse !


*13 years in the future (So Marinette and Adrien are 27)*

Nadia : So Ladybug, you’re the married woman, how’s Chat Noir?

Ladybug : Well, last week he was supposed to bring back gas but he came back home with novelty cookie cutters

Ladybug : Now everything we eat is shaped like dinosaurs

Ladybug : *Fondly* He's amazing. I love him.


Ladybug : Oh, there was also the time when I came home late and he was on the ground in the star position

Ladybug : When I asked him, he said I had told him that stars are one of the most beautiful things in the universe.

Ladybug : But I don’t think he got that I ment he was the number one thing.

Ladybug : *Blushing and smilling* He’s cute like that.


Alix : When I was little-

Kim : *Snorts* “Was”

Alix : *Glares*

Kim : Aw, Alix, come on-

Alix : *Glare intensifies*

Kim : Okay, okay, you’re a big person

Alix : *In english* thank you

Alix : As I was saying


Nino, flirting with Alya : Well hello there, you’re looking very-

Nino : *Seductively takes glasses off*

Nino : Blurry


Alya : Okay Chloe, truth or dare ?

Chloe : Dare

Alya : Kiss the most beautiful person in this room

Chloe : Sabrina ?

Sabrina : *Blushes* Yes?

Chloe : How do I kiss myself ?



Max : Calm down Alix. Go find your happy place

Alix : *Storms out the room*

Alix : *Forces into Kim’s arms*

Kim : You okay?

Alix : Max said go find your happy place.

Kim : So you came to me?

Alix : …

Kim : *Hugs tighter* you’re so fucking cute


Juleka : What no way, I don’t like Rose pfff yall are crazy. I don’t even like gurls lmao

Rose : *In the distance*

Juleka : Yes, honey ?

Juleka : I mean homie

Juleka : shit-



Adrien : Every time I had a crush on someone and didn’t know how to handle it, I would just fill there locker with with tiny heart shaped confettis


Marinette : WAIT YOU TOO


Adrien : shit

Adrien : Who added you guys back into the gc? they’re dead.




Marinette : Hey Emma, we’re Dad?

Emma : Upstairs with Hugo

Marinette : Oh? He’s putting him to sleep?

Emma : No

Emma : He forgot how to undo the child security lock on the gate.

*Adrien’s cry echoing through the house*


Alix : I got detention today

Max, who was absent : Why?

Alix : Well Miss Bustier was going on about how the class was impossible to teach since we were all talking about that new puppy video.

Alix : Which lead to her saying that one of us should come up and try to teach the class one day

Max : And?

Alix : I stood up, walked in front of the class and said “class dismissed”

Max : ...I don’t like to encourage bad behaviors, but that was genius.


Airport security : No liquids allowed on the plane please

Alix/Kim : okay *starts drinking it*

Airport security : …

Airport security : People usually throw away the shampoo



Marinette : Wait what?

Alix : I accidentally bought 442 kazoos so I did the math and sold them for 2$ each, I made BANK! Milène never bought any tho

Juleka : Shaaaaaade- don’t talk to me unless you stand kazoos

Rose : Saaaaaaame- what a shame

Milène : I won’t buy any kazoos

Alya : She’ll find a way to to force you eventually

Marinette : How… how did you accidentally buy 442 kazoos!?