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To Crave For

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There’s something awfully arousing about having Hua Cheng’s cock inside him. It doesn’t really matter if that cock is fucking him or just warming itself by staying still in the warm embrace of Xie Lian’s walls. He’s content with being filled in any way by Hua Cheng’s cock. Xie Lian is ashamed to admit it at first, that he likes to be used in such a debauched manner by Hua Cheng. The god tries to not let Hua Cheng know of this guilty pleasure of his but knowing how the ghost king is, he soon catches on.

It must be obvious, though. The way Xie Lian always rushes Hua Cheng when he’s preparing him by working his hole open with his long, wicked fingers to just enter him already. Or the way Xie Lian lets go of all his inhibitions once Hua Cheng is inside, letting out obscene moans and praises of how good San Lang’s cock feels inside him.

The first time Xie Lian refuses to allow Hua Cheng to pull out after a long, arduous session, Hua Cheng freezes. Xie Lian is worried for a moment, thinking his secret had been exposed but Hua Cheng just grins and complies. That night, they fall asleep like that, with Hua Cheng’s release inside him along with his cock.

Feeling bold after that first time, Xie Lian doesn’t hesitate to ask for Hua Cheng to remain inside him long after they’re done. The ghost king always easily complies. That is, until now.

The two had gone to the gambling den to oversee the games there. Eventually, Xie Lian had gotten bored and decided to sit in Hua Cheng’s lap to tease him a bit, placing his ass on Hua Cheng’s clothed dick and squirming in a provoking manner. The curtains obscured them but Hua Cheng still refused to give any outward reaction. Though, Xie Lian could see the turmoil in that dark eye of his. He’d continued tormenting Hua Cheng until the ghost king had pulled out his dice after having enough and taken them to Paradise Manor.

That is what leads up to Xie Lian being pressed up against the nearest flat surface as Hua Cheng firmly holds him against the wall with a hand keeping both of his wrists bound above his head while he uses the other hand to prepare Xie Lian. Hua Cheng had been too impatient, wetting his fingers with his spiritual energy. Xie Lian moans into Hua Cheng’s mouth as he continues kissing him fervently. Hua Cheng eventually pulls back from the kiss, smugly taking in the aroused state of Xie Lian as he adds a third finger. He resolutely refuses to let his fingers brush that sensitive bundle of nerves deep inside Xie Lian.

“Gege has been really daring these days. Has he finally given up on pretending to be so shy?” Hua Cheng trails off as he lets his gaze roam over Xie Lian’s body. The god squirms where he has his legs wrapped around Hua Cheng’s waist and grinds against Hua Cheng’s hardness, feeling impatient. He just wants to get fucked already. Hua Cheng senses the impatience and smirks. Xie Lian feels dread as he recognizes that look. Hua Cheng will give Xie Lian exactly what he wants, as long as he begs for it.

“San Lang… please,” Xie Lian pleads softly, hoping his husband would take mercy and feed him his cock like he wants but it seems like Hua Cheng isn’t willing to give up so soon, languidly stretching him out one last time with his clever fingers before pulling out. The emptiness leaves him with the desire to be filled once more.

“Oh? Wasn’t it your highness who was so adamant on teasing this San Lang just a few moments ago?” Hua Cheng raises an eyebrow and Xie Lian can’t help but whine petulantly at his words.

“San Lang is being unfair!” Xie Lian tries to move his hips in hopes of grinding harder against Hua Cheng’s own arousal to urge him on but Hua Cheng stops him with a bruising grip on his hip. The pressure has him gasping as he throbs at the thought of the mark that will be left there.

“Gege was unfair first. It’s only right that you pay the price of playing with me, that too in public.” Xie Lian wants to tell Hua Cheng that he is being unjust as the ghost always does those things to him yet acts coy whenever Xie Lian brings it up but he god knows it’s futile to argue with Hua Cheng so he chooses to give him what he wants.

“I’m sorry, San Lang… please, just fuck me already.” His words seem to satisfy Hua Cheng as a smirk appears on his lips.

“Hm… all right.” Xie Lian feels tears of relief prick his eyes as Hua Cheng slides his hand down to free his own cock, the sight of it making Xie Lian mewl wantonly. “I’ll give your highness what he wants but on one condition.”

“Anything!” It seems like Xie Lian had been too quick to say that as Hua Cheng flashes him a cocky grin.

“Anything, huh? Then why doesn’t gege tell me how much he likes having my cock inside him?” The obscene request has Xie Lian’s tears falling. There’s no way he can bring himself to say that, and to Hua Cheng’s face no less. But seeing how determined Hua Cheng seems, Xie Lian forces himself to say it, if only so he can get what he’s been wanting for so long already.

“I-I love having San Lang inside me!” The words are said in a rush. Xie Lian silently prays to no one for Hua Cheng to be satisfied but it seems like his husband has decided to be persistent today.

“Having my what inside you? My fingers, or my tongue? Or is it something else?” Hua Cheng laughs. Xie Lian has finally had enough.

“Your cock, San Lang. Your cock!” That seems to be the final push as Hua Cheng lets go of his wrists to grab his waist, holding him up steadily against the wall. The tip of his cock is placed against his wet entrance and Xie Lian tries to rub against it, wanting for it to slide inside.

“Good boy,” Hua Cheng’s praise has Xie Lian blushing and he blushes harder once Hua Cheng gently lowers him onto his hard cock.

The feeling of being penetrated by Hua Cheng always has Xie Lian sighing in pleasure. He truly is complete with Hua Cheng inside him. Once Hua Cheng is fully sheathed inside, Xie Lian lets out a moan and mindlessly praises him as the ghost king proceeds to fuck him in quick thrusts, Xie Lian’s ass slapping against Hua Cheng’s hips with each downward motion.

He’s coming soon and Hua Cheng follows shortly after, both of them having been winded for too long. Xie Lian lets out a happy sigh at the feeling of having Hua Cheng release inside him.

Hua Cheng doesn’t move to pull out, staying like that with his head pressed against Xie Lian’s chest and his legs around his waist, both of them a mess of rumpled clothes and shaky limbs.

Xie Lian is in the process of catching his breath when he feels the cock nestled inside him hardening again. He isn’t surprised, what with Hua Cheng having limitless stamina. The benefits of being a ghost king, probably.

“Gege, can we go again?” The question has Xie Lian looking away from the earnest look in Hua Cheng’s eye. He supposes he can go for another round… After all, being fucked by Hua Cheng’s cock is always welcome.