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Art for Season 16 E08 Meat Market

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Episode 8 already! This season is cracking along nicely!

S16E08 Sam teaser

Divider and the first thing I did
*S16E08 Winchester builder divider scan

Hart House/mansion
Hart House

The Winchesters on the case
Bulder Winchesters composite

Progress stuff
Sketch for the divider
Divider sketch
The sketchbook pages before I painted the boys
Sketchbook spread

I had a lot of trouble both scanning and photographing this set for some reason, so there was a lot of cursing while fiddling in Affinity to try and get the pics adjusted to be close to the originals. Sadly this was the best I could manage - the photos have a blue cast and the scans lost details... Argh.

Obviously I also made the main pic out of a composite of the boys and the house, but that was intent not necessity LOL