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Idiosyncrasy 특질

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“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey



“Oh come on, Taehyung-ah, it will be fun,” the voice on the other end of the line said and the young man wearing a medical coat shifted the cell phone it from one ear to the other.

“I can’t, So-Hee-nah.” The man checked his watch and frowned. “I can’t turn up hung over tomorrow, besides, these are your friends more than mine.”
“They are your friends as well, you just are too far into the closet to see that.”

“So-Hee-ssi!” the young doctor exclaimed sharply, then lowered his voice when he saw the head nurse frowning at him. He bowed apologetically at her, then turned away from the nurse station and walked a few step towards the elevators. “I will not discuss my sexual orientation with you.”

“Oh come on, Kim Taehyung-ssi. You should have come out of that closet ages ago. When we were both thirteen years old you got hard by fondling my brother’s biceps instead of ogling my titties,” the voice taunted again and Kim bit his lips. His best friend was right. Still, up till now he had managed to keep his sexual life discreetly under wraps outside his tightly knit friends’ circle. He was not about to change that now that he was an intern at one of the biggest and most famous children’s medical care units in the country.

“Minho and Taejin will love seeing you again, you are the person who brought them together, remember?”

“Just because I ditched Minho-nah years ago doesn’t mean I am responsible for their relationship, noona,” Kim replied and checked his watch again. “I need to go. Tell them hi from me and congratulations.”

“No, I won’t! We meet at 10 PM at the night café in Itaewon. Be there or else.”

Taehyung knew So-Hee long enough that she would be pissed off beyond belief, so he relented.

“Alright, but only for two hours. What can be so bad about two hours at the night café,” Taehyung replied, trying to persuade himself.

“Right?! ’Laters.”

With a sigh, Kim stared at the cell phone in his hand when he could only hear the disconnect signal.

“Aish!” he said underneath his breath. Lim So-Hee was his oldest friend. They were like siblings of different parents and while So-Hee was out to her parents, Kim Taehyung was still in the closet. His parents would have a fit and disown him if they ever knew and because of his chosen professional path of a future paediatrician he also had to keep his mouth shut. He had worked too hard for the past five years to endanger it all. Besides, the medical profession was so time-consuming he had hardly a moment to do anything outside his studies, let alone date someone. So from to time when he had the time and enough alcohol in his blood, he had discreet hook-ups that could not even be specified as one-nightstands. However, his good friend So-Hee was adamant that he should have fun tonight and the partnership party of two of their friends seemed to be the right opportunity. With a sigh, he added the party time and location into his cell phone calendar and was about to turn when he almost bumped into two nursing students.

“How are you, Kim Taehyung-ssi,” both girls said and giggled. “Some of the interns and nursing students want to get some drinks tonight and we wondered if you would join us.”

For a second Taehyung was confused. The two young women had presented their offer in complete unison, as if they had practised the little speech for hours on end beforehand.

“I’m sorry, but I have a prior commitment,” he replied and bowed slightly to hurry back to his ward.

The two girls sighed and watched him go. “He probably has a girl-friend …”

“One?” the other nurse in training asked. “He is so handsome he could get away with more than one and both girls would be happy about it.”


You know what they say about best-laid plans? Yeah, they often go awry.

Like Taehyung’s plan to stay for one drink only and then return home to well-deserved sleep. After Taehyung’s friend group had met at the night café the whole party had then decided there should be dancing and by the time they arrived at the little hole in the wall secret gay club they usually frequented, Taehyung was well into his cups after several Tequila Sunrises and shots.

The dance club was dark. Only tiny strobe lights illuminated the darkness on the while same-sex couples of various genders either gyrated on the dance floor or sat at small tables kissing, flirting or engaging in other activities.

Taehyung was swaying to the music while he stood at the bar, So-Hee by his side. His friend watched him with a fond smile.

“See, it was good that you came,” So-Hee leant over and shouted into his ear. Tae just nodded and smiled while wiggling his fingers to the beat of the music. He was a lightweight where alcohol was concerned and his happy state now would be paid heavily the following day with a huge hangover. Swaying his hips he bit his bottom lip and with a graceful turn he shuffled onto the dance floor.


So-Hee watched Taehyung and she had to admit that her childhood friend had indeed become a very handsome man. While she still saw the awkward skinny kid with his flyaway ears in him, it always threw her off a little bit when she saw him as he was now. At twenty-five he still sported the almost boyish looks with a slightly longer haircut that curled over his eyebrows and ears. A head full of black hair that curled as it reached his ears that she knew had aggravated him during their school years when everyone else had straight hair and all of his friends had sported the popular mushroom haircut or the Justin Bieber fringe and all he had was the fluffy mullet.

The little beauty marks on his cheek, underneath his nose and right underneath his right eye enhanced his beauty and made his face interesting. This with a slightly muscled body and long legs that were currently clad in skinny black jeans, and a black button up long-sleeved dress shirt and you had a very handsome and sexy package. Even she as a lesbian could see the appeal of Taehyung as a sexual partner. When she turned towards the bar to get their drinks she saw a tall young man watching Tae mesmerized. This guy had an aura of both savageness as well as sexiness around him. He was clad in leather, and when he turned and his face was illuminated by one of the strobe lights, there was a scar on his left cheekbone. An undercut finishwd up the image of the bad boy perfectly. She decided to keep an eye on him because she did not like the way he looked at Tae as if he was breakfast, lunch and a five star dinner all rolled into one with dessert to boot.


Taehyung danced hard. He loved to move to music, any kind of music. But when the beats hit hard and the lyrics were suggestive, and he had a comfortable buzz going on he loved it even more. Thrusting his hips and caressing himself while dancing to the beat, he forgot everything around him. He gyrated his hips sensuously, his hands slowly trailing along his thighs, skimming over the front of his trousers before a flutter of fingertips brushed over his chest and up to his lips.
Suddenly, Taehyung felt another pair of hands, slowly brushing up from his hips. He turned around with a smile. The young doctor liked what he saw.


A short undercut under long black curly hair that reached a clear jawline framed the face which was currently in profile so Tae’s eyes wandered lower. A muscled chest underneath a similar black shirt he was wearing. Sinewy arms that showed a sleeve of tattoos on the right. Tae wondered if the tattoos would go all the way up to the shoulder, the pectorals and beyond. His gaze dipped lower. Muscled thighs were encased in soft leather pants that hugged a bulge and a small waist. But what had him staring was the face, a beautiful face with bright doe eyes, a prominent nose and bottom heavy lips that were currently quirked into an intriguing smile.

Taehyung couldn’t help but to return the smile and both men swayed to the hard beat of the music. Their dance moves were provoking, sinful and highly erotic bordering on the indecent and yet, there was an almost innocent playful vibe to it. People stopped and watched, some so mesmerized to see these two beautiful males making out without actually making out on the dance floor that only a few were still dancing.

The two men circled each other as the strobe light engulfed the dance floor with iridescent light, bouncing off muscles and skin in prominent display. When the man reached out a hand to draw Tae nearer he willingly let him. He groaned when their crotches met and the stranger slipped one strong thigh between his legs. Shamelessly, Taehyung rubbed his crotch against the other man’s thigh who let his head roll back, exposing the long column of his throat and his Adam’s apple. With a smirk Taehyung dipped his head forward and traced a line from the base of the throat up to the chin with his tongue, tasting saltiness. The man gripped his hips harder. Capturing his mouth with his lips, Taehyung groaned and licked the other’s man’s plump bottom lip.


Later Kim Taehyung couldn’t quite recall how they ended up in that dark corridor leading to the back door of the club. All he knew was that probing, hot tongue on his dick and strong hands that kept his hips steady. His hands curled and combed through those soft, silky strands of hair, making sure the stranger currently on his knees in front of him and sucking his dick kept a steady rhythm. He would never have made the man to be one of the top but bottom types, as he exuded so many dominant vibes. However, Taehyung was more than happy that the guy liked to suck cock, especially his cock.

“Fuck, I’m coming,” he cried and he felt the other man’s mouth sucking him in even deeper. That and the vibration of humming against his cock and he was spurting ream after ream of his cum down the man’s throat.

His breath caught in his throat and when he opened his eyes, the man looked up at him with a quirked eyebrow. He slowly stood up while his hands neatly packed away Taehyung’s cock and zipped him up.

“So goddamn hot,” the guy said near his ear and rubbed his own erection against Tae’s crotch.

“Let me,” Tae whispered, straining against the other man’s body. He reached out his hands towards the stranger’s bulge, but he shook his head and captured his hands and held them captive above Tae’s head.

“Not tonight, handsome,” he said and gave Tae a deep lingering kiss. The mixture of his own cum with the bitter sweet tangy taste of an old fashioned cocktail drove him wild.
The man released him and Tae noticed for the first time a man standing behind him, a man with silver-grey hair and black rimmed glasses.

The stranger held up a hand towards the man with the glasses, then leant forward, his breath hot on Tae’s earlobe.

“Give me your cell,” he demanded as hands caressed Taehyung’s waist. The young doctor fumbled his cell phone out of his back pocket and after unlocking it shoved it into the stranger’s hands. Quickly the stranger took out his own cell and sent Tae’s number via Bluetooth and handed the phone back to Tae.

“We need to go,” the guy said behind them and the stranger nodded.

“I’ll call,” he said and after one last kiss on Taehyung’s lips, both men disappeared through the back door while Tae was still leaning against the wall, blinking.

When he returned to the bar a little while later to find his friends, So-Hee caught his wrist and she dragged him to a much quieter corner of the club.

“What happened to you?” she inquired, seeing the dishevelled look and swollen lips. “One second you were dancing with that hot piece of ass and then you were gone. Did you hook up?”

Tae just nodded, too stunned to formulate an oral reply. He was still in some kind of afterglow but it slowly dawned on him what had just happened. First, he had an unprotected blow-job, second, the other guy got his number and third, he just had a blowjob in public. Life was pretty much fantastic right this minute if he wasn’t so petrified. That guy with the glasses … he hoped he had not been made part of some kinky open relationship shit right now.

“You are such a little whore, TaeTae,” So-Hee said and pinched his cheek. “What ever happened to sweet awkward and shy Tae?”

“I gave him tequila shots and a Tequila Sunrise,” Tae groaned into her ear and let his head rest against the bar. When someone touched his bum, he jerked up and saw a relatively good-looking guy smiling invitingly at him.

“No,” he shook his head and made an X sign with his arms across his chest. “I’m going home.”


The following morning dawned bright and clear for Taehyung while he was sporting a headache and a hangover from hell. With only a few minutes to spare before he had to be at his ward doing his morning rounds, he shrugged into his lab coat and slung the stethoscope around his neck. He winced when he pushed his locker door shut with a loud rattle. Good thing his bangs were now long enough to obscure his red-rimmed eyes though he really needed a hair cut otherwise he had to sport a man bun soon.

The day started off with two little patients having broken bones and scrapes after an altercation on a school yard. Then a rubella outbreak in one of the pre-schools downtown. Due to that, by the afternoon, the past night was a distant and somewhat obscure memory to Tae when he entered the cafeteria of the hospital. There was a monitor showing a news report about a robbery and Taehyung grabbed a tray and got himself something to eat while he listened to the report with half an ear.

“-Seoul PD was called upon the scene late last night in popular entertainment district Itaewon after a robbery had taken place. Well-known business tycoon and CEO Park Sanghoon is known for his pop-up jewellery displays. Last night he held one of these events at a club in Itaewon. However, the tycoon and his guests were allegedly held at gun point at the club in Itaewon. Witnesses reported several masked men took valuables in both jewellery and cash of more than 1.3 billion won. Police officials assume the Raven Sun Faction is connected to the crime. Police and National Intelligence Service are investigating, so far neither associates of the Raven Sun Faction nor its leader Jeon Kwan could be implicated.”

The young doctor held his cell phone at the cashier’s check out and paid for his orange juice and small sweet bun. Then he looked for a table to sit in peace. Drinking his juice and watching the news report Tae noticed that the robbery had taken place right beside the gay dance club he had been in. He made a mental note to keep away from these areas from now on.

Last night had been risky. If anyone at the hospital from the senior doctors to the parents of his patients found out he was gay, he would lose his job. What had he been thinking not only going dancing at a gay club in Itaewon but also getting a blow job in public of all places? He had been acting so stupid he deserved to get caught. He knew he was a lightweight where booze was concerned, his utmost limit was a glass of wine or half a cocktail. Anything above this limit and Tae became this libidinous creature who could rarely stop himself. Wincing internally and disgusted of himself, he dropped the bun back onto the tray half-eaten, put the tray on the return belt and walked back to his ward.