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P̶a̶r̶t̶n̶e̶r̶s̶ And Coworkers

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"Subtle. Got it."

Sam grinned before he fell out of the plane, mechanical wings spreading out behind him. He loved the rush he got from it, knowing certain death was only a thousand or so feet below him.

But he trusted his wings. Trusted them to keep him in the air and keep him from falling.

Unlike his heart.

Sam flew through the air, through the low clouds that blocked his vision when he saw it. Another plane in the air, flying straight ahead.

"I got eyes on the plane," Sam stated into his com, his jet propelling him faster through the air. He landed on top of it, carefully glancing through the front window and held back a curse. "They've already hijacked the plane."

The man sitting in one seat was clearly dead, blood running from his hairline and mouth. Another man sat in the other seat, completely unconcerned about the deadman next to him. Sam drew back, biting hard at his lip as he thought what to do next.

What would Bucky do?

Sam gritted his teeth, hating himself for even thinking of him in the first place. He didn't need him. Especially not now. He could figure it out on his own.

"Oh, we're gonna need to call some people," a man said into his com.

Sam rolled his eyes, glancing in through the window again, just as the man looked up, eyes going wide when he saw Sam's face looking in.

This time, Sam really did swear, letting the side of the plane go as his wings extended again, keeping him just behind the plane and out of sight.

"Redwing, engage," Sam ordered. He watched as his 'bird' flew to the side of the plane, a laser firing as it outlined the bolts of the door until it burst off its hinges, flying right off.

Sam flew into the plane, kicking the nearest person as he did, making them hit the wall. Another man aimed his gun but Sam was too fast, grabbing the man's wrist so the shot went wild, missing Sam who grabbed his shoulder and shoved him out the plane's open door.


Sam extended his wing in front of him as he was shot at again, the bullets deflecting off it. One shot went around Sam, hitting the pilot and suddenly, the plane was tilting.

Sam slid across the ground, grabbing the shooter's leg and dragging him to the floor. One punch and he was out like a flashlight.

The plane tightened itself, going on autopilot as Sam stood again, walking over to the only person left alive when the plane was hijacked.

"Lieutenant," Sam said, nodding to the man. "Let's get you out of here."

Sam didn't see the kick coming until it hit him in the face. Quite literally.

He shouted, turning to another enemy, clenching his hands into fists. The man only grinned, urging Sam on as he swung his fist, Sam ducking under it. He blocked the next punch, kicking the man away from him.

It was too small a space to fly but his wings spread out anyway as he lunged at the man who grabbed Sam around the torso and slammed him to the ground.

"Sam?" The voice spoke into his com, sounding concerned.

Man, he wished they'd shut up. He was trying to concentrate here!

He struggled to his feet, glancing over to see their man had the lieutenant strapped to another man who jumped out the plane, the other men behind them. The last man shot at Sam who again, used his wings to deflect the blow before jumping out the plane, Sam hot at his heels.

Sam dodge a man firing at him, flying around them and activating their parachute so he flew up rather than down. He wasn't going to be a problem for the now.

Sam flew after the other men, all equipped with those wings flying squirrel had, soaring through the air and down into a canyon.

Sam dived down into it, scraping his wings in a narrow gap between the rocks, nearly falling out of the air as he did.

Just as he was catching up with the men, two helicopters appeared out of nowhere, shooting at him and he had to swerve in order not to be shot.

He flew as fast as he could but the damn bastards were persistent to the point that Sam was going to be shot out of the air any second. "Redwing, get them off our ass!"

The bird flew off to do his job and less than a few seconds later an explosion was heard which Sam took as a good sign.

Now to deal with the other helicopter.

Sam flew straight at it, Redwing shooting at the shooter for the helicopter but couldn't make a hit. Sam flew under and around before shooting a rope and hook that wrapped around the shooter and yanked him out the helicopter while Redwing finally managed a shot at the rotor blades, blasting it clean off the helicopter which went down.

Sam flew back the way he came, blinking at the third helicopter he hadn't even noticed that was collecting the escaped men from the sky.

But that wasn't important. He could see the lieutenant on one of the men's backs and reached for him but another man crashed into him, spinning him off course.

Sam yelled, throwing them off of him and into the side of a rock fissure before taking back off for the lieutenant now inside the copter.

He landed inside, nodding to them all. "What's up?"

One pulled out a gun, another lunging at him who Sam kicked out the helicopter. Sam barely had time to react before the lieutenant was grabbed and pulled out the helicopter with another man.

Sam sighed. Why couldn't they just stay still? It would make things so much easier!

Another man grabbed Sam from behind but he twisted, kicking out and it was enough to send him out the helicopter, shooting a miniature bomb which stuck to the side and exploded the helicopter to bits.

Sam took after the other man.

"Heads up, you're about to fly into Libya air space," the person spoke into coms.

"And I assume they have a problem with that?" Sam guessed, nearing the other man.

"Yeah, a big problem," the voice said firmly. "A big problem."

Sam swore once more when he saw another helicopter. Where did these helicopters keep coming from? Where were their helicopters?

The man and lieutenant flew into it and Sam sighed. "How long I got?"

"Ninety seconds."

An explosion went off behind Sam who glanced back, letting out a long string of curses at the sight of another helicopter. This was so unfair.

He dodged another shot, rock raining down on him as it exploded into the rocky walls around him.

"Aw, shit," the man in coms spoke, almost to himself. "He's outnumbered."

'No shit, Sherlock,' Sam thought to himself.

At least four missile's were following him, Sam twisting around and flying back the way he'd come, heading straight for the helicopter and at the last second, flying up so the missile's hit the helicopter, not him.

"Sam, we gotta fall back! We gotta call it off, find another way!"

Sam flew back around to the (hopefully) last helicopter, jets going full blast as he flew towards it. "I just did."

He dived through it, shoving the lieutenant out the helicopter, arms wrapping around him and flew off, just as the other missile's made impact with the copter.

Sam grinned, flying down to meet the men in the car who were glad to have their friend back safe and sound.

Another job well done.

And all without Bucky.

Sam didn't need him and he never ever would ever again.