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Two Steps Left

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The thing that Yugi liked most about having Kaiba Seto for a rival, aside from the whole duelling thing, was that first and foremost, he saw her as an equal. He saw her as competition, as someone to measure himself against and challenge himself to get better. Her gender never really entered the equation.

It was one of the reason that she liked about him, something the Jounouchi or Honda could never really understand. The world was fundamentally different as a woman than a man, despite what people said about gender equality. You were treated differently, and everything you did was judged by it. There was always that little extra added to ‘a great duellist’ ‘…for a woman.’

But Kaiba Seto? He could care less if she was an alien from space, let alone a woman. One thing that really changed things for her, that took him that extra step from ‘rival’ to ‘friend,’ was from an interview he gave.

He’d obviously been ambushed, though Yugi could only tell that because she knew how to read him, as he’d looked perfectly calm and in control. The interviewer had asked a few questions about Battle City, if Kaiba Corp was planning on holding more tournaments, before it moved onto her. (She was still not used to being a bit of a celebrity.)

Kaiba answered that she was a great duellist, and yes, he did consider her his greatest rival. The interviewer pounced on that (and it was a bit obvious, in hindsight, that this had been his goal all along) and asked if they were romantically involved. She’d blushed horribly at the time, watching it on TV.

Kaiba had narrowed his eyes, and his smirk turned slightly more sinister. “Your worldview is narrow and disgusting. Get that fucking microphone out of my face.” His trench coat had swirled with his usual flair as Kaiba spun and walked away, leaving the interviewer spluttering.

It was one of the reasons why she now called him a friend, despite how things had started out. The fact that she was a woman never had an effect on how saw her, on his opinion of her as a duellist.

Her other self, living within her, saw this as well. It was a bit strange having a guy there all the time, but he was…different. A part of her, and the lines blurred where she ended and he began. He’d seen it as well, the difference between how the world treated men and woman, and seeing it from the eyes of a woman made it obvious. To see that Kaiba treated her no different for a gender had melted the ice a bit, opening a crack for Kaiba to worm his way into her other self’s esteem without either of them realizing it. (It made her giggle a bit, how confused her other self had been when he had discovered he considered Kaiba a friend.)

She remembered how Anzu had smiled at her, at school the day after the interview, and she had smiled back. They’d talked about it, at lunch, and Yugi and struggled to get out exactly how much it meant to her, what Kaiba had said. Anzu had understood though – her best friend had always been good at getting what she was trying to say when she tripped over her own tongue.

Of course, that didn’t stop her from bringing him up at their next sleepover, when they were ranking the boys they knew by attractiveness. Yugi giggled and agreed with her, because she wasn’t blind. Just because he was her rival, didn’t mean she couldn’t see he was quite handsome. Her other self, tucked away in her mind, was radiating bemusement, which only made her laugh harder.

Still, Kaiba Seto was first and foremost her rival, and to know that he saw her same way was a comforting thought.

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This was not what Yugi had expected.


Granted, she hadn’t expected anything. After all, Battle City was just another Duel Monsters tournament to most of the world. A Kaiba Corp tournament to be sure, but there honestly couldn’t be that many people in the world as obsessed with card games as they were.


At the moment, however, it seemed like the whole world cared a lot.


The corner of the wall was uncomfortable where it was pressing into her back, but there was no room for her to shift away from it. Jounouchi and Honda were so close that the slightest movement would bring them into contact. Considering they were the only thing standing between her and the crowd of people all fighting for her attention, she was not included to move.


There had to be at least a hundred people, all shouting and pushing to get to her. From the words she could pick out, most of them wanted to duel her or get their hands on the God cards, but there were a few unsavoury comments tossed out that she was choosing to ignore.


Another shove and Honda was pressing back against her now, and a hand slipped through to grab at her and landed in an… unfortunate place. She squeaked and slapped it away, but if they didn’t do something drastic soon, well, she didn’t want to think about what would happen.


Yugi’s eyes darted to the one place nearby where she could possibly seek sanctuary, and she caught Jounouchi glancing that way as well, a grimace of distaste on his face. But they both knew it was the only option.


Years of friendship between the two boys in front of her had the plan worked out in a matter of seconds without speaking a word, and the next shift of the crowd was their chance.


Jounouchi surged forward while Honda went to the left, and Yugi moved.


She was small, and even though they were all here for her, she managed to slip by enough people so she could begin sprinting.


The noise rose in volume, but she didn’t look back – she literally had one chance with the opportunity Jounouchi and Honda had given her, and there was no way they could reach her again before the crowd did. A hand swiped at her jacket, and she let it slide from her shoulders rather than risk being slowed down. She could replace it.


Her destination was in reach now, and with a last burst of speed she slid through the automatic doors of the Kaiba Corporation building. There were startled glances being thrown at her from those present in the lobby, then recognition as they realized who she was. (She was still not used to that)


However, even though she was inside Yugi didn’t stop moving as she glanced around for where she could hide. The noise level increased suddenly as the doors slid open again and the crowd attempted to fit through the doors. Almost immediately security was moving forward to intercept them, but a few slipped past.


She was drawn from her glance backwards by a hand grabbing her wrist, and she automatically tried to pull free before she realized it was the receptionist from the front desk.


“This way!” The young women told her, and as the elevator opened and more security guards came spilling forth, they slid to each side to create a path for them. Soon she was inside the elevator, and one of the security guards slid inside with her as the receptionist swiped her card through the reader and hit one of the buttons before she slid out again.


The doors shut with a quiet snick and she found herself trying to catch her breath and shivering. She was only wearing a tank top now that she had lost her jacket, and the air conditioning was cold on her skin. It was quiet inside the elevator with just her and the security guard – one of the men who had been on the battleship, she realized after a moment.


Before she could ask where they were going, the elevator came to a stop and the security guard held out a hand in a gesture for her to exit. She was lead to a pair of grand double doors, and the guard knocked. She had an idea of where they were, which was confirmed when she heard Kaiba’s voice calling out ‘Enter!


The CEO glanced up when the doors opened, and raised an eyebrow when he saw who it was. Yugi smiled at him as the guard ushered her inside and closed the door behind him.


“Yugi, what are you doing here?” He asked, eyes scanning her from head to toe before he frowned and stood up.


“Muto-sama was being harassed outside by a crowd, Seto-sama. She sought sanctuary inside and Amano-san (that was the name of the receptionist, she assumed) called for security and escorted her into the elevator. Security is currently working to remove the intruders from the lobby and disperse them, but the crowd was rather large, Seto-sama,” The guard reported succinctly as Kaiba moved around his desk and towards them


“A crowd? What were they after?” Kaiba asked, gaze flickering between Yugi and the Guard.


“Um… I think most of them wanted to duel me? Oh, but a lot of them were saying stuff about the God cards, at least from the words I could pick out…” Yugi explained.


The guard glanced at her, then looked at his boss again, “Seto-Sama, there were also a few… indecent comments, from what I heard,” He added, and Yugi looked down so her bangs hid her eyes as she wrapped her arms around herself. She really didn’t want to think about that.


“You’re excused,” Kaiba told the guard, and she heard some rustling as he left. She startled as warm fabric was draped around her, and looked up. It was Kaiba’s coat, she realized as he moved back to his desk.


“What happened to your jacket?” He asked, and Yugi wondered how he knew she had been wearing one… well, he probably just assumed she had been given the weather.


“Um…” She bit her lip, then moved forward to sit in one of the chairs in the office as she drew the coat around her. It was warm, and she cringed a little when it dragged on the ground, (unavoidable, given the rather large height difference between them)


“Someone grabbed it, and it wasn’t worth getting caught in the crowd after Jounouchi and Honda gave me the chance to get inside. I’ll just buy a new one,” She added, and huddled in the chair.


She must look ridiculous, she thought, curled up in a chair and swamped in a too big coat after seeking sanctuary with her rival. Her other self was fuming inside her head, but not at Kaiba. No, he just had some rather choice words to say about people in general; specifically those currently outside.


“Hmm,” Kaiba muttered, and went back to whatever it was he had been doing before she had arrived. “Wait for the crowd to die down, and I’ll have someone escort you home,” He ordered, and she nodded.


“Thank you, Kaiba-kun,” she said softly, but he made no notion that he had heard her. She took the hint and let him return to his work.


His coat was very warm, she thought, and it smelled like him – masculine, though she wasn’t quite sure what exactly ‘masculine’ smelt like, only that it was the only word she could think of. She ducked her head and drew the coat tighter around her to hide her blush and closed her eyes, turning her thoughts inward to try to calm her other self down.




The next morning, she peeked out the back door of the game shop and while there were a few people loitering around, she was most surprised by the dark suited man standing with his arms behind his back in front of a dark car. He moved toward the door when she opened it and when he stopped in front of her she realized it was the same guard from yesterday – the one who had taken her to Kaiba’s office and driven her home.


“Um…” She began, only to squeak a little as he bowed to her.


“Muto-sama, Seto-sama has assigned me as your bodyguard. Are you ready to leave for school?”




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“Hmmm, I think I like the purple one better.”


“It does go better with your skin tone.”


“It’s more comfortable too.”


“I still don’t see how a corset is comfortable.”


“Like you can talk, I’ve seen some of the clothing you’ve been eyeing up.”


“Oh! And you can wear that bracelet with the purple gem too, and the necklace with Maat on it.”


“You know, I should be more surprised that I know who that is than I am.”


“I’ve taught you well.”


“You’ve taught me something, alright.”


“Well, thanks to you I know more about female bodily functions than I ever wanted to.”


“It’s called a period, get over it.”


“You bleed. Every month.”


“Yes. Women have been bleeding every month for thousands of years.”


“Okay okay, sorry I bought it up.”


“You should be. Now, the black lace skirt or the black leather skirt with lace?”


“Hmm, the lace skirt I think, if you’re going to wear the knee high boots.”


“Oooh, good point.”


“Yes, I have many of those.”


“Hahahaha, you’re hilarious.”


“I know, but you should hurry up if you want to make it in time, with how long you take doing your makeup.”


“Eyeliner is hard, okay. It doesn’t help that you’re such a perfectionist about it either.”


“If you’re going to do something, you should do it right.”


“Yeah yeah, now shush and let me concentrate.”


“Yes, your highness.”


“That’s ‘Your Majesty’ thank you very much, I am the Duel King.”

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“Hello! Welcome everyone to this very special program! Today, we are very pleased to announce we have a very important guest, appearing for the first time on a talk show like ours! Please, everyone join me in welcoming the King of Games herself, Muto Yugi!”


The live studio audience cheered and clapped in anticipation, and the cheers only grew louder when the young duellist walked out from backstage. She was smiling, though the host noticed as she drew closer and waved at the audience, that she was shaking slightly. That was okay; many new guests were nervous in these situations, and she had become quite adept at calming them down.


Muto Yugi was shorter that she had expected – in the televised duels, in all the promotional materials she had seen the young duellist in she seemed much taller than she was. Her clothing style, however, was spot on.


Heeled, knee high boots with shining buckles, a black lace skirt and two studded belts. A dark purple corset hugged her torso, and a cropped black jacket with elbow length sleeves covered her shoulders. A necklace that looked Egyptian took the place of her normal collar and several silver bracelets circled her right wrist. A larger silver bracelet with a shining purple gem covered her left wrist. And, of course, the upside down golden pyramid she always wore completed the look, hanging from a chain around her neck.


She had been ecstatic when her show had been chosen for the King of Games appearance –her ratings were going to be through the roof. Duel Monsters was a very popular game all over the world, and Muto Yugi was considered by many to be the best duellist in the world. She had burst onto the official tournament scene when she won Duellist Kingdom and defeated the creator of the game Maximillion Pegasus, following rumours that she had beaten former Japanese champion Kaiba Seto in a duel. She went on to win Duel City and then defended her title at the first KC Grand Prix.


That wasn’t even bringing up the fact that she was an attractive young woman, or her connection to billionaire Kaiba Seto. Having Muto Yugi guaranteed that she would have the highest rating in this time slot by a large margin. Today was a great day.


It started off like many other interviews, and the host was happy to note that Yugi calmed down fairly quickly, and gained confidence as the interview continued. They talked about Duel Monsters (of course) and about the tournaments she’d competed in. There were no questions about her relationship with Kaiba Seto outside of their rivalry – they had been vetoed by the duellist’s PR team.  Soon enough they came to the section she knew most of her audience was anxious for - the fan submitted questions. Of course, they had been pre-selected and looked over by the duellist’s PR team beforehand, but Yugi didn’t know them ahead of time.


“Okay! We’re coming to the end of our program today, so it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for – our fan submitted questions!” The audience cheered and Yugi laughed, blushing slightly. Damn, the host thought, her makeup was minimal aside from her rather on point eyeliner, and she looked stunning under the studio lights. The host found herself a little jealous.


“Mah, that makes me a little nervous,” Yugi said, and the host smiled at her. “We’ll start off with an easy one then: What got you interested in Duel Monsters in the first place?”


“Oh! That is an easy one, thanks for the assist.”


The host laughed along with the audience, glad that Yugi was still had the confidence she’d gained over the course of the show.


“Well, I grew up living above my grandfather’s game store. He would always play games with me, teaching me how to play all kinds of different games from all over the world. Duel Monsters was one of them. Actually, he gave me my very first card, which I still have in my deck to this day.”


“Oh? What card is that?”


“Kuriboh, of course!”


“So is it sentimental reasons that keep him in your deck?”


“Partly, but sentiment wouldn’t be enough to keep it in my competitive deck. Kuriboh is a very useful card if you use it right.”


And the King of Games knew how to use it. It was one of the hotly debated topics, the host knew, the fact that a duellist like Muto Yugi kept the weakest monster in the game in her deck.


“Next question! Why do you call yourself the King of Games and not the Queen?”


“You know, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me that for a while now, so thanks to whoever submitted that question! I won the title when I defeated Pegasus at Duellist Kingdom. Before the semi-final, Pegasus gave the finalists a speech and told us the title of ‘King of Games’ would be ours if we won. One of the other finalists made a comment toward my fellow duellist and friend Kujaku Mai, that when he won he was willing to make her his Queen. Mai and I had the exact same look on our faces according to one of my friends. We talked about it later, so I know we had the same thought as well. We would never be anyone’s Queen. Whoever won would be King, regardless of gender.”


“Wow, that’s quite a story. Thank you for sharing! I think I speak for many of our viewers when I say that I would have done the same.”


Yugi grinned at her and the host felt a certain kinship with her at the moment – they both knew what it was to be a woman in a man’s world.


“Our next question is a bit different: what is your favourite band?” Laughter from Yugi again, and the audience joined in. Always a good sign.


“Well, that is different! My favourite band, hmm. That’s a tough one. I like a lot of different music, but I’m not really a big fan of any one band. If I had to choose… probably Dark Moon Rising.”


“Oh, excellent choice. They do make some amazing music. Okay, we’re down to our final two questions! First, do you plan on making duelling a career, or do you have any plans for university or work after high school?”


“Wow, that’s the sort of question I usually get from my family, not my fans!” More laughter – it seemed Muto Yugi had learned quite quickly how to act in front of an audience like this one. That bode well for any future public appearances she would make.


“I do plan to continue duelling, but there are other things I want to do too. My grandfather has actually already started looking into correspondence courses and classes that would accommodate my duelling schedule for me. I hope everyone doesn’t mind if I keep those plans to myself – I have to leave some mystery, after all!”


A good response – it gave them an answer without giving away too much about her personal life and plans. She really was becoming quite adept at handling herself like this.


“Fair enough, fair enough. Onto our final question, this one was weird enough that we just had to include it. Sorry if it’s a little too out there!”


“You’re making me nervous now.”


“Sorry! But here it is: if you had one day left to live, what would you do?”


“Wow! That is kinda weird, but it’s probably weirder that I already know what I’d do, right?”


“Really? I think it would take me more time than we have left to come up with something.”


“Yeah, the moment you asked the answer just popped into my head. I’m not sure if I should say it on live TV, there will be consequences for me.”


“Oh? That just makes me want to know even more.” The audience cheered their agreement.


“Honestly, I really want to tell you anyway, I can deal with what comes after. How does that saying go? ‘I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it’?”


“I think it’s ‘cross that bridge.”


“I think I like my version better.” More laughter, and a motion from her producer to hurry it along.


“So, do we get to know what you’d do?”


“Yup! I’m gunna tell you anyway. If I had only one day left I’d spend some time with my friends and family, of course, but I think anyone would. The other thing I’d do is call up Kaiba and challenge him to a duel. Is it arrogant to say I’d win? Well, it’s my last day on Earth so I’ll just go with it; I think I’d be even more motivated to win than usual. Sorry, I’m getting off track. Anyway, I’d beat Kaiba in a duel and then die, I guess. That way it’s my ultimate victory- he can never beat me after that so I remain the unbeaten King of Games and he has to live with never having won it off me.”


There was dead silence throughout the studio – the host, the audience; even the crew was silent, just staring at the grinning King of Games. She began to laugh, and slowly the others began to laugh along with her.


“Oh, that’s hilarious! I had no idea you had such a great sense of humour.”


Yugi calmed down and stopped laughing, but kept grinning at her.


“Oh, I was dead serious. That is absolutely what I’d do. I was just imaging Kaiba’s face when he heard me say that, because if he’s not watching now Mokuba will certainly make him watch it later. Oh, he is going to hunt me down and yell at me for this, and probably challenge me to a duel. I’m looking forward to it!”


The audience laughed even harder, and the host found herself joining in. There truly was no one else in the world who would be so happy about angering one of the richest men in the world.


People were going to be talking about this show for years.

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It had been an intense duel. One of the most interesting and challenging she’d had in a while, and she was glad she’d managed to convince everyone that she was fine to compete.


Nothing was going to stop her from defending her titles. Nothing was going to stop the thrill of facing duellists, of fighting someone she knew well or someone brand new in a competition. There was nothing quite like it in the world, no matter how many times she had done it before. Nothing would stop her; not even the fact that she was nine months pregnant.


It was the final match now, and the only concession she’d made to her pregnant state was her clothing. In place of her usual leather and lace she wore a loose, flowing dark purple shirt and soft black leggings. Her heeled boots were replaced with flat black slip on shoes, though her jewellery remained the same.


She had refused the chair they’d offered. In competitions, she’d always duelled on her feet; she wanted no special considerations during her duels despite her state. She had, however, returned to a private waiting room between duels where she could watch the duels on the TV there, instead of in person as she usually did. She had her pride as a duellist and was determined, not stupid.


The duel had been going on for almost two hours now, and was finally nearing its end. She knew the longer it dragged on the more concerned her friends and partner had gotten, despite that fact that she hadn’t looked at them once. She just knew them well.


The sense of victory she felt as her opponent’s life points drained away to zero made her grin. Victory was sweet, but it was even sweeter when it was hard to achieve. A difficult duel was always more satisfying than an easy one.


She took careful steps down from the platform they’d been duelling on and shook her opponent’s hand, happy to see that they looked just as exhilarated as she felt. They had lost, but it was gratifying to know that they had enjoyed the duel as much as she had.


They were soon joined by the director of the event, the other duellist’s friends and family and her own. There were congratulations and she felt her partners hand come to rest on her back. The director was smiling as he invited them both up for the awards ceremony.


“Ah, I’m sorry Director, but I’m afraid I’ll have to miss the ceremony this time,” Yugi apologised, trying not to blush at the confused looks she got. She just knew how this was going to end.


Yugi lifted a hand to rub at the small of her back, and she felt her partner stiffen as he noticed the motion. Several others did as well.


“Ah, of course, I’m sorry for not thinking of your comfort. I’m sure no one would mind if you sat during the ceremony,” The Director assured her. Yugi smiled again, though to be honest it probably looked more like a grimace.


“Thank you, but I’m afraid that’s not it,” Yugi took a deep breath before setting off the bomb. “My water broke an hour ago and my contractions are getting quite close now. I’m afraid I have a baby to deliver.”




Than pandemonium.


Her opponent gaped at her, as did many others; dumbstruck that she had continued to duel despite her condition. Not to mention the fact that she had won. Her friends were going quite crazy, like headless chickens. Her partner was frozen behind her, but jolted out of it quickly to scoop her up in his arms and stride towards the exit. From the look on his face, she would be hearing about this later.


Oh well, at least she won.



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Yugi was glad that Mai had the time to catch up with them. Growing up, Anzu had been her only true female friend. Miho had sort of been her friend, but they hadn’t been very close. Plus, Mai was a completive duellist like herself, consistently keeping her place in the top 20 duellists in the world – and usually in the top ten. She was older but didn’t look down on them, and had taken Yugi under her wing almost the moment they met.


Mai had taught her a lot about the duelling circuit – especially how she could be expect to be treated as a ‘pretty young girl,’ in Mai’s words. Mai’s experience had been invaluable and she was really glad Mai was their friend.


Right now, Mai, Anzu and herself were sitting in the one of the lounges at Domino’s Kaiba Land skyscraper. It was a good place to meet up actually – they had refreshments and snacks available, and Kaiba Land security was very good, so they didn’t have to worry about fans or the public disturbing them. Ito, the bodyguard Kaiba had assigned her, stood outside the room just in case, and to give them privacy.


Mai was recounting to them the tale of one of her previous boyfriends, Yugi and Anzu listening intently.


“So I text him and ask him to pick me up some pads from the supermarket on his way over, but when he gets over he’s got squat. When I asked him why he didn’t get them, he told me that ‘it was too embarrassing to buy them.’”


Anzu and Yugi rolled their eyes practically in unison. “Ugh, what is it with guys and periods? They’re so immature about them,” Anzu complained.


“Word of advice girls, if the guy you’re seeing can’t deal with your period, he doesn’t deserve you. Trust me, it’s a warning sign. You’re gunna have to deal with it for most of your life and if he can’t, than he’s not worth it,” Mai told them knowingly. Anzu and Yugi grinned back at her.


“My other self was a bit freaked out by my period,” Yugi confided in them, and Mai and Anzu leaned in towards her.


“Oh? How’d it go?” Anzu asked.


“Well, it wasn’t until I was really aware of him and we’d started to talk that it happened, but he’d taken over because I was teaching him how to play a video game. It was the first time he’d taken over during my time of the month and he got worried because he thought I was sick because he said ‘my body felt weird.’ Once I explained that I was fine but that I was menstruating he just stared off into the distance for a full minute before I was suddenly back in control of my body. I could feel his blush it was so intense.”


Anzu and Mai laughed, but there was a speculative gleam in both their eyes. “How’s he deal with it now?” Anzu asked.


“Pretty well, actually. He deals with the disparity between us quite well now. He said it was strange to be suddenly in control of a female body, but he’s gotten used to it. Periods are still weird to him though, and while they make him uncomfortable I think that has more to do with the fact he can feel it like I do that weirds him out. Actually, a few times when I’ve had some really bad cramps he’s taken over to give me a break,” Yugi explained to them.


“Ugh, lucky you,” Anzu replied, but both her and Mai were smiling at Yugi. They were both happy for her, she knew. There were so many ways sharing a body with a guy could go horribly, horribly wrong. She had been extremely fortunate that her other self was the way he was. She couldn’t help but send some warm, happy feelings towards him. She felt his confused but warm reply, as he’d distanced himself within his soul room to give them some privacy.


“So, since he didn’t buy me any pads I had to cancel our plans and he got mad at me. Mad! At me! I told him that if he’d wanted to go see the movie he should have bought me some pads. I told him there and then that we weren’t going to work. He stomped off in a huff and I went to buy some pads and ice cream, because why not?” Mai shrugged.


Yugi and Anzu laughed.


“Well, what about you guys? Any similar stories?” Mai asked.


Anzu shook her head. “Not me, I’ve only gone on a few dates and it never got that far. I’ve never asked anyone to buy some for me, well, apart from my mom,” she explained.


Both of the other women turned to look at Yugi, and she blushed a little. “I’ve never really dated anyone,” she admitted, “But Jounouchi’s bought me pads before,” she continued. Mai’s eyes widened in surprise, and Anzu jerked a little.


“Jounouchi? Really?” Anzu said, and Mai nodded in agreement.


“How did that happen?” Mai asked, curiosity clear in her voice.


Yugi rubbed the back of her neck, ducking her head a little before she replied.


“He came over to hang out and play some games and when I went to the bathroom I realized what was happening. I was trying to be discrete but I couldn’t find my pads. Jounouchi realized pretty quickly something was up and asked me about it and I sort of just… blurted it out? I didn’t mean to, but I was panicking a little and he was concerned. Then he just sort of… offered? To go buy me some. Like, he was completely casual and serious and not a little bit embarrassed. He basically took off while I stood there stammering. He came back ten minutes later with pads, ice cream and chocolate. I knew than that he really was one of my best friends.”


Anzu was smiling at her softly by the time she finished her little spiel, no doubt glad the Yugi was no longer as alone as she had been. Mai was still looking surprised, but Yugi could see a contemplative look in her eyes that made Yugi grin to herself and mentally upped Jounouchi’s esteem in the beautiful duellist’s eyes.


“Well, at least any future girlfriend he was won’t have to worry about him being too embarrassed to buy her pads when she’s on her period,” Anzu said, “Now all we need to do is find men who’ll do the same.”


“I’ll drink to that,” Yugi agreed, lifting her cup.


“To men who aren’t embarrassed by periods,” Mai exclaimed, raising her cup along with Anzu to clink them all together, “And bleeding from our vaginas every month!”


In the middle of the toast the door to the room opened and Kaiba strode in like he owned the place (which he did, actually). He got a few steps into the room before Mai’s words registered and he did a 180 and strode right back out of the room without saying a word.


The three women burst into laughter.



Chapter Text

Honda and Jounouchi were desperately stifling their laughter. They were both hunched over, covering their mouths and shaking with their suppressed laughter. Anzu was torn between giving them a disappointed look and laughing along with them.


The source of their humour was Yugi, standing a little way in front of them. She was surrounded by excited children and looked to be quite happy – the opposite of her usual response to being surrounded by people all focused on her. But Yugi had always had a soft spot for children, especially children who loved Duel Monsters. She was quite content to answer their question, and signed some autographs and took some photos with them with only a little embarrassment.


That wasn’t what the boys found so amusing though. What was so funny to them was despite the fact that most of these kids were half Yugi’s age, she was only a little taller than them and that was because she was wearing a pair of her heeled black boots.


They were desperately trying not to draw Yugi’s attention to them because they knew how much she hated having how short she was bought up. The duellist favoured boots with heels, and rarely wore flat shoes. It was part of her style of course, but the fact that they made her taller didn’t hurt.


Yugi appeared to be finishing up with the gaggle of children. She was handing out a few cards to some of them, something she had taken to doing. She usually carried quite a few extra cards around with her for occasions such as this. They weren’t rare or powerful or expensive, but Yugi had a knack for reading people and the kind of decks they had; or in the case of children, were in the process of building. She usually picked just the right card to help them.


It got a little expensive giving away cards, even if it was just one or two here it happened quite often. But Yugi liked doing it, and once Industrial Illusions (Or, more precisely, Pegasus) had learned what she was doing, they began providing her with the simple, starter cards in bulk. It was an investment – getting a card from Yugi Muto was something special to these kids, and in the long run it paid off from them. Those kids were much more likely to keep playing Duel Monsters, therefore buying more cards.


Yugi had been wary of it at first, not really trusting Pegasus, but this had also been around the time that Kaiba had saddled her with a PR team and they had handled the issue, drawing up a contract and sorting everything out. Jounochi hadn’t been too happy about that, but by then he’d gotten used to Yugi’s bodyguard and he hadn’t made too big a deal about it. He tended to just ignore the fact that Yugi’s bodyguard and PR team were employed by Kaiba Corp, or that they had anything to do with Kaiba.


Yugi herself didn’t work for Kaiba, but it was fairly obvious that she was associated with the company. Even outside of her weird friendship/rivalry with Kaiba Seto himself, Yugi had on more than one occasion done something of her own volition to help out Kaiba and his company if she thought it was needed. It was kind of funny to watch Kaiba try to thank her for her help without actually thanking her.


Yugi had managed to detach herself from the group of happy children, who were now heading off in a cloud of excited chatter. She was smiling as she returned to them, but it turned into more of a pout as she saw the state Jounouchi and Honda were in. Anzu strangled her own laughter and grin down into a smile, but a giggle escaped her as Yugi stomped the heel of her boot onto Jounouchi’s foot.


Jounouchi’s laughter turned into a groan as he hopped on one foot to clutch at the injured one. Honda had managed to calm himself down in the meantime and managed to avoid the same fate.


“Aw, Yugs,” Jounouchi whined, but Yugi ignored him to begin walking away.


Just another day in Domino City.