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I Wouldn't Mind

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(A Moodboard for this Pair I see them being flirty and fluffy just overal softness and cuteness)


John and his boys had moved into town; they needed a fresh start from Kansas from the loss of Mary. It was time to settle and stop hopping from place to place; school to school. 


Sam and Dean were helping John put the various boxes and things into their new home; they never thought they'd live in a somewhat suburban area but it was a nice fresh start for them. 


John was about to pick up another box when he bumped into his neighbour, the things within the box clattering as he almost dropped it . 


"Sorry about that" The neighbour said as he helped John hold up the box properly . 


"Nah it's my fault I wasn't looking where I was going " John said as he set the box aside in the moving van before extending a hand out for his neighbour to take . 


"I'm John..John Winchester , my boys Sam and Dean are In the house helping us unpack, Dean insists on getting my youngest's room unpacked first " he chuckled softly . 


"Aw that's sweet of him , I'm Chuck Shurley , I just wanted to stop by and see the new neighbours. It's nice to meet you John " Chuck said as he shook the Winchester's hand gently . 


"Need a hand with anything?" He asked with a raised brow his blue eyes shimmering in the light . 


John was taken back for a moment those blue eyes were mesmerising he nodded softly without thinking " I uh ..just a few boxes need lifting but you don't have to " 


"Nonsense I'd love to help" Chuck said as he and John brought more boxes into the house. 


Dean and Sam ran downstairs past John and Chuck ,the brothers laughing softly as they had been watching the two men from upstairs. Sam knew right away something would happen Between Chuck and John he just had a gut feeling about the pair . 


"Hold on a second, where are you two going?" John asked with a raised brow the usual fatherly questioning expression . 


"Going to grab more Boxes Dad, " Dean said softly . 


"Ah right ...try not to run in the house you two" John said with a nod . 


"Will do ...cmon Sammy let's get your room sorted out first" Dean said as he led Sam outside . 


Chuck smiled warmly at the boys and at John " Ah so those are your boys , they're probably around the same age as my boys ..well some of them anyways " 


"Oh?, if you don't mind me asking Chuck many do you have ?" John asked softly. 


"Five wait ...six's honestly hard to keep track they're all over the place ...Michael is my oldest and Castiel is my youngest" Chuck said blushing a bit he loved his sons he really did but it was hard to keep track , Raphael and Balthazar stayed with Amara while Michael and Lucifer stayed together in an apartment down the road and Gabriel and Castiel were with Chuck .  


"Woah six boys huh ... must be a handful" John said as he set the last of the boxes down with a chuckle . 


Chuck nodded " believe me it's more than I'm cut out for ...but I try " 


John Patted Chuck's back gently " Don't we all ?"  He said with a smirk . The pair made their way back downstairs as Sam and Dean started to work on Sam's room . 


"Do you want to grab a beer or a bite to eat or something ?" Chuck suggested softly . 


John thought about it and nodded " Sure, I'm guessing you know a good place ?" . 


Chuck nodded softly " Yeah I know a place that has fries that are to die for ". 


"Well then lead the way " John said softly before calling out to his eldest son " Dean I'm going out with Chuck for some lunch You're in charge  till I get back!". 


"Alright good luck on your date dad!" Dean yelled back with a smirk. 


"It''s not a date !" John said, rolling his eyes and shaking his head . 


"Sorry about that .. Dean and Sam have this habit of playing matchmaker for me since they lost their mother's nice that they care but I'm not out to date anyone so quickly " he said softly . 


Chuck laughed softly " it's no biggie John really , My boys used to do the same .. in fact I'm sure Gabriel is still trying ... ". 



The pair made their way to a nearby saloon. It was a bit old but it had a nice homey feeling to it , Chuck and John sat at the bar and had some decent food . 


"So uh I don't mean to pry and forgive me if I'm pushing but When exactly did you lose your partner ?" Chuck asked gently . 


"It's fine I've had my time to heal and recover I mean sure I have my moments where I miss her but I know she'd want me to be happy in the end , her name was Mary and the boys and I lost her when Sam was still a kid she went peacefully but it still hurt seeing her go ... luckily the boys and I had some good people around us and since then we've  tried to start a new

life for ourselves but it was tough ... even now I'm unsure about moving but it felt like the right time .. this time " John said as he took a small sip of the beer in his hands . 


Chuck nodded " Ah I see .. Well I'm glad  you had some closure, I do hope you can grow to see this place as your home John and as your neighbour and hopefully a friend in the near future you're welcome anytime to drop by and visit, we can hang out here or do whatever you want ..." 


John smiled warmly he never had much of a welcome like this when moving around most people assumed the worst of him but not Chuck ... It was nice.  


"Thanks Chuck I uh I appreciate it " he said sincerely.  


Chuck patted John's back gently " No problem John anytime ". 


"I was wondering ...and now I'm afraid I'm being too forward but uh .. do you have a partner or ?" John asked cautiously.  


Chuck shook his head gently " No I've been divorced for a while now ...Amara and I never really saw eye to eye during our marriage so we thought it would be better for ourselves and the boys if we split up , better than trying to stay together and creating a toxic environment for our kids You know?" . 


John nodded softly " Well I'm sorry things didn't work out with her , but hopefully someday you'll get back out there and find someone who makes you happy again ". 


Chuck smiled wide " I hope so too John for the both of us ..." he said as he held his beer bottle out for John to clink . 


"For the both of us ..."John clicked his bottle with Chuck's, a sign of solidarity and the start of a new relationship .