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Across the country, high school volleyball captains give their all on- and off-court. Find out which of these top six captains you are with this quiz! Choose the number that best suits you and add your points in the end to find your result. Have fun!

What do you believe is the best form of potato?

  1. Regular french fries
  2. Hash brown
  3. Sweet potato french fries
  4. Potato chips/crisps
  5. Baked potato
  6. Raw

What is your role in a group project?

  1. The Brains (you do all the research)
  2. Group Leader (you organize everything and everyone)
  3. Team Player (you do what you gotta to get things done)
  4. Slacker (you do the least amount possible)
  5. Perfectionist (you make sure everything is correct)
  6. Presenter (you do most of the talking at presentations)

What do the tabs on your internet browser look like?

  1. A tab with Spotify and/or SNS of choice is usually open
  2. You only have one tab open at a time
  3. You’re about to lose your mind because you can’t find that one tab that has autoplay on
  4. You can no longer read the title on the tabs because there are too many
  5. Several tabs are open but grouped into different categories/subjects
  6. Incognito mode

What are your manga reading habits like?

  1. Moderate Pop (you keep up with a few popular manga)
  2. None (you would rather read something else)
  3. Moderate Niche (you keep up with some of the lesser-known manga)
  4. High Pop (you read all the manga all the time!)
  5. High Niche (you read only for specific manga/genres)
  6. Low (you only read what your friends recommend)

Choose which style of texting suits you most.

  1. Almost perfect syntax but occasionally slip with typos
  2. Completely perfect grammar with capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure
  3. Very casual typing with things capitalized or punctuated for Comedic Effect
  5. You don’t mind getting cute with it. Emojis and emoticons are everywhere~~! (>3•)b
  6. A strange combination of everything above

Someone just confessed to you. What’s your reaction?

  1. You don’t realize it’s a confession until someone tells you afterwards
  2. Politely decline because you’re not looking for a relationship right now
  3. (Finger guns)
  4. Accept and excitedly ask where your first date should be
  5. Turn on the charm and flirt back to cover up your own excitement
  6. (Left on read)

A difficult assignment is due tomorrow, but you haven’t started yet. What do you do?

  1. Get into a study group with others who haven’t finished either
  2. Nothing, because you finished that right after it was assigned
  3. Beg a friend to copy off them
  4. Nothing. You accept your fate and take that L
  5. Stay up late finishing the assignment but make it look like you didn’t spend all night working on it
  6. Calmly spend the evening completing what you can and still receive a good grade

What Hogwarts house do you belong in?

  1. Gryffindor
  2. I never got into Harry Potter
  3. Slytherin
  4. Hufflepuff
  5. Ravenclaw
  6. A different school altogether

What is your opinion on superhero movies?

  1. Completely neutral
  2. Dislike
  3. They’re pretty good, but it’s too easy to piss of a superhero fan
  4. Love, love, love, LOVE them!
  5. Sci-fi (or another genre) is better
  6. You’d rather watch something else

Choose an opposing team.

  1. Shinzen High
  2. Date Tech High
  3. Nohebi Academy
  4. Johzenji High
  5. Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High
  6. Itachiyama Academy