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The Miya Twins in 60 Seconds

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A 60-Second Interview with twin brothers, Miya Atsumu and Miya Osamu. Both Miyas play for Inarizaki High’s Boys’ Volleyball Club. On the starting line-up, Atsumu plays setter while Osamu plays wing spiker.

When did you start playing volleyball? How did that happen?
MO: Fourth grade.
MA: We went to a junior volleyball workshop and just kept playing after that.
MO: Met our senpai, Aran-kun*, there.
* Ojiro Aran is Inarizaki’s other starting wing spiker and the team’s ace.

Do you have any pre-game rituals you have to do before playing?
MA: I practice setting by myself; 20 sets against the wall, 20 sets lying on the floor.
MO: No.

What was the last exercise you did?
MA: Dumbbell squats.
MO: Lunges.

What’s the best meal after a game?
MO: A meal. Preferably with rice.
MA: Bentou box that has chutoro sushi.

What’s the best thing to put in a smoothie or protein shake?
MA: Peanut butter or vanilla flavouring.
MO: The protein powder.

What was your worst injury from volleyball?
MA: I deal with ongoing back stuff.
MO: Sprained my ankle once.

If you played a different position on a different team, which team would it be and what position would you play?
MA: Played libero during the youth training camp for a match and that was kinda cool. Also, I think it’d be fun to play on Karasuno, but I’d want to play as setter if I did.
MO: I used to play setter, so maybe that. And maybe Itachiyama? (shrugs)

What’s the best thing about playing with a team like Inarizaki?
MA: I love playing with and representing a strong team like ours. We also have great fans.
MO: They’re supportive, but a little loud sometimes.

Do you have a favourite volleyball player? If yes, who?
MO: (looking at Atsumu) Kita-senpai*?
MA: (nods) Yeah, probably him.
* Kita Shinsuke is the captain of the Inarizaki Boys’ Volleyball Club.

Who’s the better twin?
MA + MO: Me.
MA: (quiet glaring at Osamu)
MO: (quiet glaring at Atsumu)

Be sure to catch the Miya Twins playing with the rest of Inarizaki High’s Boys’ Volleyball Club in Tokyo’s Spring Tournament!